Guns of Icarus Alliance 1.4.5 Release Notes


Hi everyone!

While last Alliance prototype update was focused on improving balance, performance, and enemy behavior based on your feedback, this update is more focused on contents.  We’ve been working on a number of things, and we’re excited to finally share some of them with you!  We have quite a few things for you to play around with and test, and you’ll also see a work in progress first version of the world map and progression. As you’ll see, it’s not fully functional yet, but it’s for you to get a first glimpse of the direction we’re taking.

We’ll be hosting another group test session this Saturday, 12.19.15, at 1pm EST, and we’ll send another survey your way after the test session to collect feedback.  In the meantime, if you have questions or issues with the update, you can also email us at

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Alliance Welcomes Kickstarter Backers for Early Testing!

Alliance Faction Ships
Alliance Faction Ships

This is it folks! The moment you’ve been waiting for is coming. After two years of hard work, we’re ready to unveil Guns of Icarus: Alliance, the PvE version of Guns of Icarus to our Kickstarter backers for early prototype testing. Not a backer? Don’t worry! You can pre-order and get access in the second round of testing on the Humble store:

(We’re working with Steam on pre-ordering as well, so stay tuned.)

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Progress Update on Expansion

Hi everyone!

Whether it be on social media, twitch, or our site (Weekly Progress), our updates on expansions have been more in streams and shorter blurbs, and people have been asking for more snapshot summary updates that are more comprehensive, so here we are!

Before I even start babbling, let me first show everyone what we’re up to.  I figured showing is nearly always more effective than telling.

Caption: Pax East 2015 Live Stream of Defense and Retrieve Modes

Follow the jump to hear everything we’ve been working on and everything you can start expecting in Co-Op mode.

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Flight into Firnfeld

Today we’re going to get a look at another region of the world: snowy Firnfeld, long known to residents of Burren as simply “The Frozen North.”

Map of Firnfeld

The world has changed since the years of war, and as the skies darkened and the climate grew colder, the polar ice cap expanded and descended to cover over what once was a temperate region in the old world with permafrost and snow, burying its cities and their secrets and driving out all but the most hardened survivors.

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The Measure of a Map

There’s a map floating around that some enterprising ludic cartographer made showing the comparative sizes of a few particularly expansive game worlds. You may have seen it — it ranges all the way from Grand Theft Auto III at about three square miles to Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall at 62,394 square miles. That’s a lotta land.

(click for full size/source)

I’ll hold off on revealing precise figures just now, but let’s just say that on that list, the map of Guns of Icarus Online should fall somewhere in between Fuel and Guild Wars: Nightfall, which is a pretty sizable chunk of real estate.

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