Alliance Welcomes Kickstarter Backers for Early Testing!

Alliance Faction Ships
Alliance Faction Ships

This is it folks! The moment you’ve been waiting for is coming. After two years of hard work, we’re ready to unveil Guns of Icarus: Alliance, the PvE version of Guns of Icarus to our Kickstarter backers for early prototype testing. Not a backer? Don’t worry! You can pre-order and get access in the second round of testing on the Humble store:

(We’re working with Steam on pre-ordering as well, so stay tuned.)

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Live on Humble Store, 75% Off! 30% Goes to Charity

Humble Store

Greetings everyone!

We’re excited and proud to announce that Guns of Icarus Online is live on the Humble Store! Not only is the Humble Store giving us an awesome banner feature on their front page with a 75% launch discount, they have also allowed us to increase the percentage of proceeds to charity to 30%! That’s right, 30% of all sales of the game will go to the great charities that Humble Bundle selected. Continue reading “Live on Humble Store, 75% Off! 30% Goes to Charity”