Guns come in a variety of slot sizes as well as carry numerous Damage Types. Pick from balloon engulfing flamethrowers, long range flak artillery, to more experimental munitions like acidic gas clouds to arcing bolts of electricity. Learn what combination of guns work on each ship to carry out a variety of strategies from disabling enemy engines, taking out balloons, or going in straight for the kill.

Damage Types

  • Piercing—Highly effective against armor and mechanical components like engines and guns.
  • Explosive—Once the hull armor is down, it will rip the hull to shreds but little else.
  • Shatter—Extremely effective against mechanical components, but ineffective against everything else.
  • Flechette—For those who like popping balloons.
  • Fire—Wreaks havoc on balloons and the hull. Less effective against armor.
  • Impact—What happens when your pilot misbehaves and crashes. Deals a handful of damage to balloons and hull.