There are many types of weapons to put on your ship, each with their own specialties and nuances. The game features destructible components on every airship that will impair its effectiveness. Lose the balloon then you’ll fall out of the sky. If your engines are broke then you’ll drift out of control. Downed guns means you can’t return any fire. The most dangerous if your armor is down, then your ship will start taking permanent hull damage and inch closer to death.

Each weapon can have 2 damage types. Try them out in Practice Mode and pick your poison wisely

Damage Types

  • Piercing: Highly effective against armor and mechanical components like engines and guns.
  • Explosive: Once armor is down, it will rip the hull to shreds but little else.
  • Shatter: Extremely effective against mechanical components, but doesn’t do much else
  • Flechette: What you want to destroy balloons.
  • Fire: Wreaks havoc on balloons and the hull. Less effective against armor.
  • Impact: What happens when your pilot misbehaves and crashes. Deals a handful of damage to balloons and hull.

For a more detailed guide, head over to our Manual.

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