The Pilot steers the airship and normally serves as the captain of the vessel and is responsible for outfitting the right ship with the most suitable weaponry for the task at hand.  Will the mission require in-your-face firefights?  Or will it require slipping behind enemy?  Whatever needs to be done, the Pilot has control of what ship and what guns are brought as well as where the ship is during the fight.

If something is amiss, then crew members better let their pilots know! Maybe after a failure, it’s wise to try out new loadouts. Or maybe try out a new pilot instead!

When the ship is falling out of the sky (and it will be often), it’s up to the trusty Engineer to patch up any holes. The Engineer specializes in rebuilding and repairing the various components aboard the airship. From guns, engines, and balloons, a lot of things will be taking damage during your time in the air. Bring the right repair tools for each situation like a trusty extinguisher to deal with fires or special wrenches that increase weapon firepower.

Without engineers, the ship is going to have a hard time keeping afloat because everything will be on fire. Make sure to give your engineers a whole lot of love!

Ah, how could you forget a Gunner? Even though the pilot and engineer can also jump on guns, or vice versa, no one can handle a gun better than those who have the right ammunition for a trick shot. Gunners carry specialty ammo that can be loaded into the ship’s armaments to increase their power. Maybe there will be times where a little extra kick is needed to snipe a target in the distance. Maybe the next rounds need to explode with a little more oomph. Leave it to a gunner to figure out all the difference between this explosion and that explosion.

Me? I can’t tell you you the difference. It all looks deadly to me.