It’s not a good day until a ship is outfitted with the latest weapons. Guns of Icarus Online features a slew of guns, cannons, rockets, and shells that players can use to defend themselves against whatever’s hidden in the clouds.

All guns are based on five basic damage types:

  • Explosive
  • Fire
  • Shatter
  • Piercing
  • Flechette

Some damage types are extra effective against particular types of ship components. For example, flechette is great against a ship’s balloon. At the same time, some ship components are resistant to damage types.

Different weapons also have different firing mechanics. Some have recoil, some fire shells in arcs, others use fuel-propelled rockets. Part of the Gunner’s job is to understand how each gun operates and be able to aim, lead, and shoot effectively.

Depending on a ship’s weapons loadout, different strategies will arise.


Damage Matrix

Impact damage is dealt on collision with other ships or terrain. Damage amounts are also modified by the speed at which collisions take place. E.g. the faster you ram into something, the greater the damage is.

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