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Current Available Clans
« on: March 12, 2013, 05:02:43 pm »
Below is the official listing of GoIO clans. Fill in the info, and I'll add it to this post. This is not a recruitment thread. Each clan can put up their own. You'll find links to them in the names of each clan below. Otherwise, contacting them via websites/clan leaders is a good way to express interest in joining.

NOTE: This list is in no way tied to the clan system in-game, which has its own clan creation process. This thread is mainly meant as an index and summary of the Docks board.

Clan Name:

Clan Leader(s): (or founder)
Clan Tag: Note which tag you use.
Members: The number of members currently in your clan
Website: Also make sure to mention Steam Groups.
Location: Where you are/where you want players from
Looking For: Any skills or qualities you're seeking
Other Assets: Other stuff worth mentioning
Recruitment Thread: A link to your recruitment thread on the GoIO forum.

Clan List:


Clan Leader: Ceresbane
Clan Tag: AI
Members: Members numbering 14ish. Many of which are rather inactive. Essential I am the only main member (for now)
Location: Global. Though trying for a Europe team to spearhead.
Looking For: Have knowledge of the game that is freely available to everyone, including the tutorials, the manual and knowing some common tricks that are openly taught by the vets. To have that knowledge and to demonstrate it.
Other Assets: Many inactive members, but each and every member of AI is highly capable of intermediate play, if not higher.

Airborne Legion

Clan Founder: Neatgood
Clan Leader(s): Neatgood and Epicgoldspartan
Clan Tag: ABLG
Members: 7
Location: Canada, although it doesn't matter
Looking For: Doesn't matter, open to most skill levels.
Other Assets: None in particular.

The AirForce Squad

Founder: Joness
Co-Founder: Nonac
Clan Tag: TAS
Location: All over the world
Looking For: Looking for players all over the world, that like to play the Game!!
Recruitment: Look in steam group and add Admin to join.

-TAW- The Art of Warfare

Clan Leader: Icarus
Division Leader: Andrewki
Division Officer: MetzgerHorst
Clan Tag: -TAW-
Members: 2400+ worldwide in over 30+ games. Our Guns of Icarus team consists of 40 people, growing nice and steady.
Location: Global over all regions and timezones
Looking for: Any mature members who just want to have some fun in a huge, and perfectly organized, gaming community
Other Assets: We have a Large (1024 slot) TeamSpeak 3 server where we host all of our games, as well as a website portal and a private steam group for members.

Bad Moonz Flyin Gits

Clan Leader: DaOrks
Clan Tag: Wagh
Members: Around 10
Website: Orks don't need deez things.
Steam Group: Didn't make one. might make one, prolly will make one. Maybe.
Location: Most gits are from the U.S but we accept any gits!
Requirements: Be an Ork. Worship Mork/Gork.

Balls of Steel

Clan Leaders: Vladimir Andronov, DrakeMithras
Clan Tag: BoS
Members: 8
Websites: none currently
Location: Hungary
Looking For: Hungarian speaking players of all skill levels
Other Assets: We have our own TS3 Server
Clan Description: A small band of players originating from the Star Trek Online fleet of the same name.

Battalion of Brony Battle Blimps

Clan Leaders: Vojox Boggyman/Admiral Applejack/Commander Fluttershy/Merlin of Cloudsdale
Clan Tag: BBBB
Members: 8
Location: Equestria
Looking For: Any and all Pegasus,Unicorns, and Earth Ponies wanting to fly for the glory of equestria!

The Bards

Clan Founder: DJ Tipz n Trix
Clan Leader: DJ Logicalia
Clan Tag: [♫]
Members: 50+
Location: Preferably planet Earth, but we're willing to compromise
Looking For: A love of music and the ability to not be a jerk. No skill required, just a willingness to learn :D

Bloody Demons

Clan Leaders: Sedrion, DarkChiyo
Clan Tag: [BlD]
Members: 15
Location: We are from Germany but we search german and english members.
Looking For: The skill is not important but you must be a teamplayer.
Other Assets: If you want to come on our Ts³-Server ( so you can join.


Clan Leaders: Mahakali, CaptainEdIV, Kon Drites, Lika
Clan Tag: ~BC~
Members: Mahakali, CaptainEdIV, Kon Drites, Lika
Location: We are in New Hampshire, USA but we'll accept players from all over the known verse.
Looking For: We are open to anyone looking for fun.

The Bully Boys

Founders: Brick Hardcastle and Gilder Unfettered
Members: 80+
Clan Tag: TBB
Location: We are a Mainly European Clan, though we have members from all parts of the world.
Info: Our competitive team Black Flight Squadron are the Sky Tournament Champions, and have also won other smaller events and titles, so we have a rich history in GOIO competitive play. However, we have grown into a multi-gaming clan since our founding and we play a variety of games together, including tabletop roleplay over RollD20. We frown on abusive behaviour but encourage having a laugh. We are a close-knit group, like a family, and above all we're looking for cool people to play games and have fun with.
Requirements: Applicants must have mumble installed, have a friendly attitude and must sign-up via the website.


Clan Founder: -Muse- Cullen
Clan Leader: James T. Kirk
Clan Tag: Cake
Location: Global
Members: 85
Looking For: ANY fun loving player regardless of skill or experience. Must not be afraid of fire weapons.

Captain Blad's Children

Clan Leader: IvKir
Clan Tag: CBC
Members: 4
Website: None at the moment
Location: Russia, but can play with English speaking players.
Looking For: Open for all skill levels, and second pilot
Other Assets: Using Mumble and Skype... also, for a moment, playing mostly on weekends.

Demons of Razgriz

Clan Leader: Varsthal
Clan Tag: [DoR]
Members: 17
Website: &
Location: EU
Looking For: Mature players, no matter the class
Other Assets: We're an international multi-game clan and we have our own TeamSpeak 3

Donq Clan

Clan Leader(s): aerialAstronomer, Zivlok
Clan Tag: Donq
Members: 23 and growing
Location: USA, but we're looking for any English speakers.
Looking For: Anyone of any skill or commitment level.
Other Assets: We're all-inclusive as long as you can have fun and play well with others.

The Ducks

Founder: Squash
Head of Clan Relations: Sammy B. T.
Head of Recruitment and Competition: Frogger
Chief of Art Assets (and Metal Detector): Morblitz
Duck Judge: Moriarty
Clan Tag: Duck
Members: 113
Location: Global
Looking For: Anybody, whether skilled and experienced ornew and striving for improvement. As long as you're good at working with other players, we have a spot for you. Oh yeah, we also want breadcrumbs. Lots of them.
Achievements: -3rd in Claiming The Fjords tournament
-Duck teams held the Champion Cog of the Cogs Weekly Scrimmage undefeated from week 1 of season 1 until the end of season 2. The Paddling was undefeated throughout 14 weeks of play.
-The Paddling were the Weekly, Tournament, and Grand Champions of Cogs season 1.
-The Brood took second place in the first end-of-season Cogs tournament
-The RAFT were the Weekly Champions in Cogs Season 2, and The Paddling were the Tournament Champions.
-Our founder, Squash, was victorious in the Captain's Tournament.
-The Paddling took first place in the Baptism by Spire tournament.
-The Ducks were the highest scoring clan in the first two seasons of competitive standings.
-The Mandarins were the champion of the first Fabria Conclusion.
-The Mandarins were the Supreme Champions of the Saturday Box Social 2, 4, 5, and 7.
-The Mandarins were the champions of the Community eSports Sky League, held from March 22 to April 26 2014.
Other Assets: We have a TeamSpeak 3 server for use in tournaments and general play.


Clan Leader(s): JeffmcBob
Clan Tag: EFF
Members: 5
Location: United States of America
Looking For: Fun timers

Federation of Gamers

Clan Leader: emuleman
Clan Tag: PoF for Pilots of FoG (Federation of Gamers)
Members: currently just a few, but we are actively recruiting for more players, regardless of your skill level
Website: Our main website is located at   Our Steam Group is at
Location: We have members from around the world, so location is not important.
Looking For: We welcome everyone regardless of your skill level.  We only ask that you treat other members with respect.  We also request that all members have a headset/mic so that we can communicate with each other in game.  We use a Teamspeak 3 server which can be found at
Other Assets: The Federation of Gamers is a PC gaming community of people who love to hang out and play games together.  We hope you will come by and say hello, and hopefully play a few games as well. 

Flibustiers d'Icarus

Clan Leader: VVhite Angel
Clan Tag: [Flib]
Members: 70+
Steam group:
Location: France
Looking For: New members, Challenges, Official events
Other Assets: Using mumble, using steam group too : "forum" side

Flebe's Army

Clan Leader: Flebe Tyronian
Clan Tag: Fire
Members: 115 (currently)
Website: Will My YouTube do :')
Steam Group:
Location: I'm In the UK and so are some of the members but we have a wide variety of members from different regions and countries
Requirements: Be a Friendly and cooperative person who can play for fun and to be competitive whilst not being an arse
Other assets: A hella fly clan tag and hopefully some one online for you to play with

The Flying Dutchmen

Clan Leader: Captain Coldcurse
Co-Leader: Captain Lockheart
Clan Tag: TFD
Members: 29
Steam Group:
Location: International
Preferred Timezone: UTC
Requirements: Fun, Creativity, understand english and speak english, being active. Negative Attitude will not be allowed.
Clan Description: The Flying Dutchmen is a Clan that everyone can join. We enjoy our battles and we share our knowledge with others. We are a great competitive/Fun Clan that have been flying around for a very long time. Some of our players are real veterans of GoIo. We want to give the oppertunity to others to join us in battle and learn from us, so they can join us in more experienced matches.

The Gentlemen

Clan founder: Captain Roy (In our clan we don't have a ''great Lord and master'' In our clan we are all equal)
Clan Tag: -G- in ship names, Gent in member names, and Tgnt in Trial Gent names.
Members: About 50
Website: &
Location: Global
Looking For: We are looking for social, classy gentlemen and ladies who are willing to learn, willing to cooperate, and more than all willing to share a cup of tea with some very fine people.  Individuality is a must - no one here is greater than anyone else, we are all Gentlemen!
Other Assets: An assortment of fine ladies and gentlemen, willing to work with you to not only enhance your abilities, but to also ehance your experience in the game.  We frequently talk together on Skype, play in games other than Guns of Icarus, and would be very happy to have you join us for many adventures.  There are no ranks in the Gentlemen; we are all equal, and we are all Gents.
Known Exploits
Winners of the "Claiming the Fjords" tournament acquiring the title "Lords of the Fjords", 2nd place in the COGs season 2 end of season tournament, 1st place in Anvalan Conflict

Glowwater Thralls

Clan Leaders: Skrimskraw
Clan Tag: GwTh
Members: 16
Location: EU/US
Looking For: contact Skrimskraw, Grayknight or Crafeksterty if you are interested. - However we are a small clan and like to stay like that.
Other Assets: We have a forum for clan related information, a steam group for contacting each other and a teamspeak 3 server. Training every Sunday and occasionally in the weekdays.

Grey Skies

Clan Leader: Audere
Clan Tag: Grey
Members: 5
Location: Anywhere but Venus. God, that place is horrible.
Looking For: Regulars, cool people. Don't have to be especially experienced just so long as you can listen; we're always willing to teach.

The Grim Reapers

Clan Leader: Grimick
Clan Tag: Grim
Members: 50
Location: International (Americas and Europe Primarily)
Looking For: Tight knit, community focused weirdos.
Other Assets: Teamspeak: ~~~

The Gypsy Fleet

Clan Leaders: OG_Quy
Clan Tag: GFS
Members: 6
Location: the USA
Looking For: Any and all


Clan Leader(s): AimSharp and OrigonReaper
Clan Tag: -HR- and "Honey" in ship name
Members: 25
Steam Group:
Location: Anywhere and Everywhere
Looking For: As a clan we are a very talkative bunch. We are looking to play for fun, joining in on competitions is a bonus :)
Other Assets: - TeamSpeak
- Microphone


Clan Leader: Vekz
Co-leader: Beypocket
Members: 2 (recruiting)
Website: N/A
Location: Currently have members in Scotland and the us.
Info: We are a newly started clan looking for recuits of any level that want to have fun and try hard.


Clan Leader: Goosling
Clan Tag: [IRSQ]
Members: 4 in two Months
Location: Worldwide
Looking for: A squad that will be Iron!!! Iron hearts!!! Iron Minds!!! Iron Souls!!! You will have to work as hard as iron and not stop working!!!
-Fast Internet!
Other Assets:
-We use Skype
-Can speak French, But speak English Most of the time

The Knights of Icarus

Founder: Aer Fixus
Members: 100+
Clan Tag:
Steam group:
Location: International
Requirements: There are no requirements to join the Knights.
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Current Available Clans
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2013, 05:54:09 pm »
The Legion

Clan Leader: Pmuecke
Clan Tag: [TL]
Members: 45
Location: International, but mostly EU
Looking For: nothing specific, as long as you aren't an immature gamer seeking serious gaming, you will always find a place in our hearts!
Other Assets: We have play nights at times, and we offer a minecraft server, along a Teamspeak 3 server to get better communication between members

lol Clan

Clan Leader(s): Administrative leader Silky. Spiritual leader Horus. Lol!
Clan Tag: [lol]  << we like to think it looks like one of those ships from Star Wars.
Members: Plenty of members (in excess of 20).
Website: No website and no Steam group, find us via the Clan list in-game.
Location: Truly international.
Looking For: Players who take the time to get to know us, and have a giggle with us. Players who are adaptable and trust in the team concept.
Recruitment Thread: We don't have a recruitment thread, but you can PM Silky here on the Forum and you can use the Clan request button in-game. After you make the request one of us will friend you and invite you to play with us, then if the giggles are good and we see respect and commitment you're in.
Other Assets: Hmm, other assets...? Well, we don't have a Ferrari airship, or a penthouse in Water Hazard yet, but we're working on it.


Clan Leader: Undertaker
Clan Tag: |MIA|
Members: Volvoartictech. Deadtuna, ,more to come
Location: Multinational
Looking For: Family oriented....absolutely no foul language in our TS
Other Assets: We use Team Speak


Clan Leader: michael.hauda
Clan Tag: MisF
Member Count: 27, this is fluctuating a lot as we are recruiting and dropping old members
Location: Our members are largely American or Canadian but we will take anyone capable of communicating with us (English speaking)
Looking for: anyone willing to improve with friends, we especially need more gunners
Other Assets: Fun playing atmosphere and aggressive play style

Penguins Gone Wild

Clan Leaders: ALovelySurprise, co founder Zachofalltrades
Clan Tag: (PGW)- Penguins, taking off their hats since 1985
Members: 68
Website: (invite only, friend an officer or pgw leader and tell them your guns name if different from steam. Also state you are in the clan on guns)
Location: Isn't location restricted, anyone from anywhere can join
Looking For: New players who want a fun, friendly atmosphere, all skill levels welcome.
Other Assets: Fun, Friendly clan, willing to teach new members, help out and chat

Per Aspera Ad Astra

Clan Leaders: Dan Lenson, Valen Swift, Falazure
Clan Tag: [PAAA]
Members: About a dozen so far.
Steam Group:
Location: UK & Europe mainly, though we have one member in the US as well
Requirements: We're a clan looking to get into the competitive scene, though we also regularly play casual games as well. The number one and only requirement is that you're polite, friendly and willing to play as part of a team. Experience is not an issue, we'll happily show you the ropes and help you learn the game.
Other assets: We communicate through ingame chat.

Red Coat Clan

Clan Leader: Audere
Clan Tag: RCC
Members: 2 (At time of post)
Location: We accept players from all around the world.
Looking for: Somewhat skilled players who wear a red coat in-game and wish to associate with other red-coat-donning individuals.

Ryders (also Storm Riders, Wind Riders)

Clan leaders: Archriel, GeoRmr, Hillerton
Location: Primarily Europe
Looking For: Good spirited players who are looking to make friends and competent allies while practising this game.
Members: We have approximately 40 core members, not including a large number of associate members due to our close alliance with the Crimson sky Menace.
Clan tags: Rydr sRyd wRyd
By association: CRRy CsRy FTK
By alliance: CsM
Achievements: The Crimson Rhino Ryder Alliance [CRRy] were the highest scoring team and undefeated victors of the Aerodrome tournament. The Crimson Sky Ryder Alliance [CsRy] have been victors in Sunday Rumbles and Saturday Box Socials.
Other Assets: We use a private Mumble server during competitive and casual gaming.


Clan Founders: Yoloswagjesus, Tropo
Clan Contact: Tropo, Goldenglade and communistpony
Clan Tag: SAC
Website: We use a private steam group
Location: Global

Sandstorm Republic

Clan Leaders: aDuStNiNjA, ScheerBH, MrDev, and BarryC
Clan Tag: SREP
Members: 67
Website: Sandstorm Republic Steam Group
Location: We have a base of North American, European, and some Oceanic players.
Looking For: We open our doors to any level player; as long as they are active, friendly, compatible and willing to listen & learn.
Other Assets: Official YouTube and Twitch are currently under development, and will be linked soon! We aim to be a positive, fun, and encouraging member of the GoIO Community! If you'd like to join, please refer to the Recruitment Thread. Also, if you want to contact Sandstorm Republic for anything, contact anyone on the Leadership, or contact me (ScheerBH) personally. 

Señorío de Cumulonimbus

Clan Founder: Dresdom
Clan Tag: [Don]
Members: Work in progress
Website: Work in progress
Location: Any spanish-speaking country
Looking For: Jugadores de habla hispana.
Other Assets: Se aconseja el uso de micrófono pero no es imprescindible. Cualquier rol preferido, nivel de habilidad, frecuencia de juego y competitividad/no competitivo. Básicamente aceptamos a cualquiera simpático y amistoso con ganas de formar una comunidad unida de jugadores.

SMAC (Suicidal Maniacs and Crew)

Leaders: Pinkamena Diane Pie (Aer Fixus) and Spasmic Monkey (Spasmic Monkey)
Clan Tag: SMAC
Members: [It's complicated, 14 "activeish" members]
Website: (Steam group)
Location: International
Other Assets: One of the oldest GoI clans
Recruitment Thread: Members are hand picked. There is no recruitment thread.


Clan Leader: Jub Jub
Clan Tag: [SPQR]
Members: 10 and growing
Location: Based primarily in the United States, though GB/EU players are also prevalent.
Looking For: Players who wish to be a stronger part of the Guns of Icarus community, both rookies and veterans. Clan membership is based largely on personality, rather than skill level (though that doesn't mean we're bad at the game).
Other Assets: We frequently use Steam chat, have a Steam Group, and are in the process of setting up a Teamspeak 3 server.

The Celestial Dragons

Clan Leader(s): Fade Dragontear
Clan Tag: TCD
Members: approx. 22
Website: Steam group
Location: International (English speaking)
Looking For: Communicative and friendly players, particularly those who are interested in playing at a competitive standard although this is optional.
Other Assets: Most communication is through our Skype group. We came second in that "Baptism By Spire" tournament.

The Seventh Legion

Clan Leader(s): GearsW (Assisted by Knight Voss)
Clan Tag: VII
Members: 9
Location: We accept players from all over the world, times will be noted in EST and GMT.
Looking For: Skilled, dedicated and active members who enjoy competitive play.

Three Flames

Clan Leader(s): Duktig
Clan Tag: TF
Members: At the moment 4
Location: Europe / Germany
Looking For: All who like to play and have fun


Clan Leaders: Vincentiusx, Badcrow, Rhakshata
Clan Tag: TRID
Members: 31
Location: We're an international gaming clan, mostly from Europe.
Looking For: A social person, who likes to play the game in a coordinated fashion.
Other Assets: We have our own awesome site, Mumble server and IRC server. We also play a lot of other games together in which we have assets.


Founder: Jamini
Members: 8
Clan tag: [NEV]
Steamgroup: None currently
Primary Communication: Skype
Location: US, Canada, UK
Requirements: Fly with us. Prove you can communicate and be a team-player. Be willing to man up to your own mistakes. Accept your teammates for what they are, and respect them for what they can do.
Info: We are a group of friends with a true love of games related to aviation, space exploration, building, teamwork, and roleplay. We play a great number of games together, and are often looking for new multiplayer pastimes to become involved in. Everyone in Unity knows that the other members have their back when the going gets rough. As a group we respect resourcefulness, teamplay, and humility.  We don't brag. We don't blame. We simply accept what happened and learn from it.

Wicked Wolfz

Clan Leader: AlfaLykos
Clan Tag: |WWz|
Members: We need more
Steam Group:
Location: United States of America
Looking For: Friendly people who are willing to be apart of a new clan. We hope to grow and prosper.
Other Assets: We will have a Starbound and Teamspeak 3 server next month.

Zill's Merry Men

Clan Leader: RearAdmiralZill
Clan Tag: MM (not mandatory)
Members: 24
Location: The majority of us are American
Looking For: We are looking for any and all players that show they have potential, and are able to listen to commands.
Other Assets: We placed 2nd in the Fjords tournament, and our coalition team with Corvus won the Hemlock-Rejkva 3v3 Tournament. Emerged victorious in the "We Hate Field Trips" Mini Rumble
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Re: Current Available Clans
« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2013, 05:54:29 pm »
it was more a contest of getting the first post :p

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Re: Current Available Clans
« Reply #3 on: March 12, 2013, 06:03:05 pm »
All right, The Gents and MoC are in the OP. Doing all that formatting and copying on my phone was tiring.

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Re: Current Available Clans
« Reply #4 on: March 12, 2013, 07:14:05 pm »
I've added a new field for clan tags. Please correct me if I made any mistakes for the clan tags above.

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Re: Current Available Clans
« Reply #5 on: March 12, 2013, 08:56:58 pm »
Just a tiny heads up;- our clan tag in Gentlemen can both be [G] and -G-  and ships you'll encounter will have either tag!

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Re: Current Available Clans
« Reply #6 on: March 12, 2013, 09:03:18 pm »
Just a tiny heads up;- our clan tag in Gentlemen can both be [G] and -G-  and ships you'll encounter will have either tag!

Thanks for that, Phoebe :)

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Re: Current Available Clans
« Reply #7 on: March 15, 2013, 07:18:41 am »
Clan Name: The Pastafarians

Clan Leader(s): zwaene and Capt. Falco
Clan Tag: PaFa
Number of Members: 9 ( we are growing :p)
Location: Global, we mostly play around 20.00 PM +1 GMT
Looking For: Crew members who use voice chat, are mature and are willing to learn.
Assets: We are Sky Pirates and we are the newbies on the cogs :D
Clan Tag: PaFa (Götterdämmerung was to long to add any special characters)
Recruitment Thread:,188.0.html
Steam Community :: Group :: The Pastafarians

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Re: Current Available Clans
« Reply #8 on: March 15, 2013, 08:02:00 am »
Added the Pastafarians in.

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Re: Current Available Clans
« Reply #9 on: March 15, 2013, 11:10:10 am »
Added the Pastafarians in.
Forgetting about His Holy Noodliness would be blashpemy!
So thanks N-Sunderland :D

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Re: Current Available Clans
« Reply #10 on: March 17, 2013, 06:26:35 pm »

Clan Name: Northern Air Fleet
Commanding officer: Lehran
Clan Tag:NAFS (Northern Air Fleet Ship)
Number of Members:14
Website:Steam group:
Location:Global, though active mostly in United States
Looking for: Talented players that a captain can depend on under the most strenuous circumstances
Assets: We have a cogs team with Rear Admiral Zill and are at the top cog at the moment for the first week
recruit url:,

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Re: Current Available Clans
« Reply #11 on: March 18, 2013, 06:15:13 pm »
good to finally have forum access

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Re: Current Available Clans
« Reply #12 on: March 21, 2013, 07:14:54 pm »
Can a CA update our details? We've hit 40 players.

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Re: Current Available Clans
« Reply #13 on: March 21, 2013, 07:46:23 pm »

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Re: Current Available Clans
« Reply #14 on: March 26, 2013, 08:33:53 am »
Clan Name:
The Flying Dutchmen

Clan Leader(s): Coldcurse
Clan Tag: -TFD-
Number of Members: 1 (still growing)
Location: Global
Looking For: Salty members that want to fight for glory YARRRRR!
Other Assets: We only use skype now.
Recruitment Thread:,