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Feedback and Suggestions / Ship Idea: Raider
« on: May 06, 2017, 05:44:34 pm »

similar to the pyrmadon, not exactly agile but has a high top speed. Slightly better turning, top speed, and acceleration but worse vertical manoeuvring.

also similar to pyrmadon with decent armour and perma hull

Fire power:
5 light guns total 2 on each side pointed slightly forward to give it better arcs when approaching an enemy ship, and one gun on the back for defence since it isn't very agile.

Unique features:
it has metal plating on the sides of its balloons making them harder to hit when attacking it from the sides but not front or rear.

+ relatively short run distance between guns on the same sides so one gunner can switch between them.
+ it has a gun pointing backwards to help it defend
+ armour protects its balloon

- its a bit of a run to switch from port or starboard guns compared to other ships.
- no front gun means its hard for the ship to advance or chase targets.
- poor vertical manoeuvrability make it vulnerable to balloon poppers.

Here is a rough floor plan of how the ship could be laid out

here is a side silhouette to see how the ship could look unique.

Feedback and Suggestions / An open defense map
« on: April 27, 2017, 12:15:20 am »
I find all the current alliance maps to be very mountainous with fighting in narrow valleys for the most part. I was thinking of if an open map could be used and would it be fun.

defence mode seems like the best candidate as i imagine a map based on a shoreline that the base is placed on in one corner of the map. So its very open because the majority of the map is over the water. not completely open some oil rigs and ship wrecks could provide low cover. To stop the drills being sniped from base they would spawn in protected coves or behind islands so the defenders have to push far out and get close before they can get an angle on the drills.

since its mainly open i think it would be best to have heavy cloud and fog so there is reason to bring a flare gun and so snipers arent the only way to play.

Do you guys think it could work, I really just want a change of scenery with gentle hills and sandy shores.

Feedback and Suggestions / Painting Hulls
« on: April 17, 2017, 09:46:29 pm »
Is there any word on adding the ability to paint more of the ships to customise the look? Not only to look cool but also so i can tell friend from foe, Ive shot at alot of allied crusaders when fighting the baronies cause of the ship design and colours. Same goes for all of the faction ships if they are brought in to fight the faction they belong to. It would be much easier to tell at a glance that a ship was friendly if they were blue instead of the baronies red, or using green sails instead of the yellow sails of the merchants. 

Feedback and Suggestions / New tools, guns and other ideas
« on: April 08, 2017, 10:57:03 am »
Just thought I would make a thread where i could post up some ideas and people could share theirs.

Pilot tools:
-Extinguishers: when the pilot selects this the engines stop working but all fire stacks start to tick down at 1 per second. This doesn't cause a cooldown on the components its just another fire fighting tool to help the engineers as they run around.

Gunner tools:
-Reload crank: UI is like an ammo with the gunner selecting it while on a gun, but all it does is speed up the reloading process. If you keep the tool selected when the process is done it will start over again to punish you for not paying attention and allow a skilled gunner to wait till the last second before swapping to the ammo they want. (NOTE I've brought this up plenty of times and Muse actually did respond to it once, they found it would be too confusing to have a tool that was selected like ammo but was not ammo. Which is fair but i still like the idea and maybe someone else can modify it in a way they might be willing to look at)
-Rocket ammo: Increased bullet speed 50%, adds a 20% fire chance, greatly reduced damage -50%. allows you to set fires from afar with almost any type of gun.

Engineer tools:
-repair drill: cooldown of 2 seconds heals 60hp, rebuild power 2: a tool that would have the fastest healing rate in game but would require someone to sit and nurse the component they are trying to fix. also very little rebuild power so would have to bring a different tool to do that.
-auto builder: 5 second cool down lasts 30 sec, placing it down on a component doesnt heal it but it will rebuild it if it breaks with a very strong rebuild power.

feel free to add your own ideas or anything.

Feedback and Suggestions / MK 2 weapons
« on: April 01, 2017, 03:26:39 pm »
So they have Mk 2 heavy flacks now that with one simple change of dropping their clip size from 4 to 2 changes the way the things work quite abit. Different ammos are better for each one and they feel different even though they do the same job.
I imagine its also a little easier to create then a brand new weapon from scratch since its the same coding just with different numbers and a different model. (OH HEY! SIDE NOTE: why don't muse ask the community to build alternate weapon models for their mk 2 weapons? It be provided to everyone for free so i don't think there are any legal issues.)

anyway what other MK 2 ideas can people come up with that might change the preferred ammo type for weapons or how the weapon functions.

MK 2 machine gun: increased range, less accurate, slower rate of fire
-taking heavy clip makes this one much more effective at knocking out components from afar but that comes at the cost of less dps.

MK 2 light flak: no arming time, change one of the damage types to shatter, less accuracy and removal of their explosion.
-allows it to be an alternate close explosive weapon but still counter component if you can score a direct hit even though its less accurate.

MK 2 mortar: farther and faster bullets, smaller clip:
-makes it easier to use but looses killing potential with a smaller clip.

MK 2 flamer: increase damage, fire particles are smaller and now have drop. (idea behind this is its spraying a thicker stickier ignited liquid that sprays out of the weapon, also might be harder to do than other guns cause the current fire effect might not look good with an arcing weapon.)
-better raw damage and killing potential but its effective range is reduced, unless the gunner knows how to arc it. 

General Discussion / Alliance factions
« on: March 31, 2017, 11:25:45 pm »
okay so there is 4 different factions each with 2 AI ship types and a unique flagship, but they all feel kinda samey when you fight them. A fast ship with 3 guns that charges you and a bigger ship that sits back and broadsides you with ranged weapons.
Is there any difference between the factions aside from aesthetics? Aside from the flagships their smaller ships all seem to be the same.

Feedback and Suggestions / Allainace Guns and ships in Skirmish
« on: February 08, 2017, 03:21:11 pm »
Is there any intention of making alternate stats for the the guns and ships available in the alliance modes to make them balanced in Skirmish? Seems a waste to have all that work only available in alliance when it shouldn't be that much more effort to make Skirmish versions of them.

Since I haven't played Alliance what weapons and ships are added and what do they currently do?

-I know there is the tesla gun which charges up to 6 seconds and jumps to multiple ships. More damage the longer you charge. Is it shatter damage?
-The laser gun deals more damage the longer it is on but. does it deal Fire damage?
-Homing rockets, well they home after travelling some distance and activating. I assume this does explosive.
-Gas mortors fires a gernade that explodes into a gas cloud that slows and damages enemy ships. No clue what damage it deals but i assume it works like the tar clouds gumming up engines and guns but not really affecting hull or Balloon.

- Already they look fairly balanced to me, and are not like anything currently in skirmish. They sacrifice either survivability or manoeuvrability to bring 6 guns in 3 of the 4 cases. The 4th only has 4 guns. So i really want to see these in Skirmish

-again these tools look sweet extra armour and self repair buffs, they fit and i don't see them being to strong plus you can only have 1 type of buff on a component so bringing multiple buff tools isn't very useful.

I've heard people say that they wont be bringing the Alliance content into Skirmish and I want to know why not? they seem really cool and tweaking could balance them, plus I want to fight people piloting the new corsairs or using the gas grenades or tesla guns. 

Feedback and Suggestions / Unlocking ships and weapons in Co-op
« on: April 11, 2015, 02:58:30 pm »
With Co-op approaching closer and closer I'm beginning to wonder if they are going to add a bit more world building and interactions into this expansion. One easy way they could do this is by having your little privateer crew only start out with limited equipment and have to purchase or earn access to the other ships or equipment.

ex when you start the game, you can only choose the Goldfish, pyra, or junker. The only light weapons you can put on them is chaingun, mortars, Artemis, medium carronade, and a flamer. The heavy guns you'd have access to would be heavy carronade and the heavy flak.

when you successfully beat a co-op mission you would gain money, favour from the faction you completed the mission for and experience.  The experience would just determine your level so people can judge when teaming up with you in the lobby, money is what you would use to actually unlock new equipment and some equipment would be locked until you earned enough favour with the factions that had access to it.

For example you first start out with your crew so you just run acouple games using the pyra with chainguns and mortors cause that's all you have access to. you earn 200 gold (or whatever is used as currency) and go to the shop and buy the light flak. Now you can put the light flak on any of your ships so you can run a junker with 4 flak canons if you really wanted to. Play a bunch more games for various factions earning a little favour for all of them and a bunch gold, so you buy yourself the hwatcha to use on your goldfish.

Now you have the hwatcha you think I should get the galleon so I can fire 2 at the same time, you may have enough money saved up but the galleon is a Yeasha warship and you have not been doing enough jobs for them to earn any large amount of favour. So now you have to do a bunch of jobs for them before they will let you into their shipyard so you can buy a galleon.

They could make the system more alive by adding other features as well such as a loyalty multiplier, so every consecutive job you do for a faction will multiply the favour you earn, EX first mission gives 10, second gives 20, 3rd would give 30 and so on. That way sticking with one faction earns favour faster, doing a mission for a different faction will reduce the loyalty multiplier by 1 and doing something against the faction will reset the loyalty multiplier to 1. EX you do 8 missions in a row for the yesha empire so you have a loyalty multiplier of 8 with them so completing another mission would give you 80 favour and increase the multiplier to 9. doing a job for the Arashi league against the Fjord Baronies would drop the loyalty multiplier for Yeasha to 7 and if you were to say raid a yeasha convoy or defend an Arashi base from Yeash attack then the Yeasha loyalty multiplier would drop all the way to 1.

Make it so that the the match rundown stats came in the form of a letter with some flavour text unique to the factions and I feel a lot of people could get invested in the world even if most of what we see is lobbies and match screens  ;D.

General Discussion / Ships from Co-op to Skrimish
« on: April 11, 2015, 12:25:53 am »
I am really excited about the upcoming co-op mode but that's not fully what this post is about. the Devs said that after Co-op mode was released they were going to look at tweaking some of the ships and bringing them over to skrimish mode. I haven't seen any new ships aside from the AI ones and alot of those don't seem like they would fit. Correct me if I'm wrong but what do you guys think?

Fjord Baronies:

light attack ship: probably not this one, it may move fast and and be extremely agile but it only has 2 guns on the front that's it. and its so small because the balloon is part of the body it d be very hard to hit this thing and would probably be easy to repair with such a small floor space. Then again it wouldnt be like anything currently in the game

Medium broadsider: This one looks on par with the ships currently in the game its got 2 light guns on both sides and turns very fast to keep them in arc. Its balloon is also in the body so I am not sure how you d hit it instead of the hull. all in all its like a weird junker without the front gun.

Boss ship, The Carrier: oh definitely not! this thing is huge like 4 times the size of a galleon no way we get to bring that into skirmish mode.

Arashi League:

light attack ship: even less likley since this one only has 1 front gun compared to the baronies some major tweaking would need to be done to bring these bad boys to the skirmish grounds.

medium sniper: very very nasty 3 light guns pointing forward gives it dominance at long range, but we already have the spire which is much more interesting with its heavy gun, unless this thing handled very differently I don't see it.

Boss ship, The bone fish: This is probably the most likely from what the Arashi have to offer, big and slow like a galleon but with 2 light guns on each side and one heavy gun on the front. doesn't work like a galleon or a goldfish, probably closer to a pyrmadon but still different. Only problem is muse said they weren't adding the boss ships cause they were designed to be OP to provide a challenge but I feel that with some tweaking the bone fish could fit. Just make it a little smaller than it currently is, slow like the galleon but not quite as tough since it has lots of firepower.

Order of Chaladon:

light attack ship: I don't know much about this one but it looks bigger than the Arashi and the baronies ones  so depending on its weapon load out it might have a place beside the goldfish and squid as another fast agile ship.

Medium combat ship: I think  this thing has like 5 guns on it in the mobula pattern providing some serious arcs of fire and variety of damage. That kinda puts it right in between the junker and the mobula so if it were brought in it might be infringing on one of those. If its stats are very different from those 2 originals then it might have a place but i dont think its different enough.

That's all the ships I know about I am sure there is at least 3 for every faction so that leaves 10 I don't know about.

Feedback and Suggestions / Ship Idea: CROW
« on: October 21, 2014, 10:18:33 pm »
It has been a very long time since Muse has come out with a new ship, granted with the current selection they have pretty much all bases covered. Still I have put some thought into ship designs that I feel would be able to fill a certain niche role not currently covered, or simply add variety with ships that would be fun to crew.


very poor, this ship has poor turning, speed, and vertical manoeuvrability
AKA like a galleon

fairly durable with decent armour and perma hull,
AKA similar to pyrmadon

Fire power:
2 heavy guns and 2 light guns total.Both heavy guns pointing forward bearing 0 allowing them to hit the same target. 1 light gun pointed to either side bearing 90 and 270 for defense.

Unique features:
- First ship to have 2 heavy front guns

+Both heavy front guns allow it to hit pretty hard from afar
+Durability and light guns allow it to defend itself when another ship gets on top of it

-Heavy guns stand out and are easily disabled, and difficult to rebuild due to distance for engineer to run.
-large target, about as wide as the mobula at its wides points
-large balloon and poor vertical manouevrability make it vulnerable to balloon poppers
-poor manoeuvrability makes it hard to relocate

Here is a rough floor plan of how the ship could be laid out

Here is a rear silhouette of how the ship could look unique

Feedback and Suggestions / Ship Idea: Barge
« on: October 21, 2014, 10:05:47 pm »
It has been a very long time since Muse has come out with a new ship, granted with the current selection they have pretty much all bases covered. Still I have put some thought into ship designs that I feel would be able to fill a certain niche role not currently covered, or simply add variety with ships that would be fun to crew.


More manoeuvrable than the galleon but still a relatively clunky ship.

slightly less armour and perma hull than the galleon but still a lot. Balloon is on the bottom and sides of the ship eliminating one of the galleons primary weakness and giving the ship a lot of survivability.

Fire power:
2 heavy guns and 2 light guns total. One on each side Bearing 90, and 270. The light guns are used to support the heavy guns, being more manoeuvrable than the galleon means it can switch sides a little easier, making up for its lack of firepower.

Unique features:
-Balloon is on the bottom with a metal shield protecting it from the front, there are side balloons that can also be hit
-Two large smoke stacks and compartments protect the primary engine making it only hittable form the front and rear.

+heavy and light gun combinations are very powerful and the ship is manoeuvrable enough to keep others in arc when using raven claw.
+To hit the balloon you have to be level with its weapons
+Easy to maintain the ship

-Heavy guns stand out and are easily disabled from any direction
-poor chasing ability due to slow acceleration and lack of front gun
-Balloon may be on the bottom but heavy gun, Balloon, and turning engines are all together making it vulnerable to Heavy carronade gunner that knows where to aim.
-long run from one heavy gun to the other when switching sides

Here is a rough floor plan of how the ship could be laid out

Here is a side silhouette of how the ship could look unique

Feedback and Suggestions / Ship Idea: Basilisk
« on: October 21, 2014, 09:45:59 pm »
It has been a very long time since Muse has come out with a new ship, granted with the current selection they have pretty much all bases covered. Still I have put some thought into ship designs that I feel would be able to fill a certain niche role not currently covered, or simply add variety with ships that would be fun to crew.


Slightly less then that of the squid but still a very agile ship

similar to the squid, very little armour but decent perma hull

Fire power:
3 light guns total, all facing forward making it very nasty when coming at you. Weapons are arcs are 15 degrees difference giving a lot of overlap but stopping the ship form having 2 merc guns sharing an arc. Bearings of 0, 15, and 345 allow for a trifecta but that would be risky as the hull armour is at the back of the ship away from the guns and is very fragile.

Unique features:
-It has wings! They dont do anything but it has them.

+lots of fire power in the front, it may be difficult to get all 3 guns firing at once, however they are close together allowing the gunner to run between them fairly quickly
+Massive manoeuvrability allow it to attack a ship and stay out of its weapon arcs
+canting the guns 15 degrees from each other give it a larger firing arc
+can use its ability to quickly relocate to make effective use of a sniper build

-No side gun means it cant effectively deal damage circling a ship
-Fragility makes it so it is unlikely to win a straight on fire fight
-hull armour being in the back makes it risky to use all 3 guns
-Turning engines are suspended on the back wings, being difficult to hit but can be shot at from all directions

Here is a rough floor plan of how the ship could be laid out

Here is a frontal silhouette of how the ship could look unique

Feedback and Suggestions / Ship Idea: Shark
« on: October 21, 2014, 09:24:13 pm »
It has been a very long time since Muse has come out with a new ship, granted with the current selection they have pretty much all bases covered. Still I have put some thought into ship designs that I feel would be able to fill a certain niche role not currently covered, or simply add variety with ships that would be fun to crew.


great turning, decent vertical manoeuvrability, But slow acceleration and incredibly low top speed even slower than junker.
AKA similar to the junker

fairly small armour amount that can be rebuilt quickly but large perma hull to allow it to survive fire fights.
AKA similar to the goldfish

Fire power:
4 light guns total, 2 facing forward bearing 0 degrees, and 2 pointing backwards bearing 180 degrees.

Unique features:
-Balloon is on the bottom
-First ship to have 2 rear guns
-4 engines like the squid

+great turning lets its 2 front guns stay in arc
+2 rear guns give it some serious firepower even when running directly away

-Low top speed means even when running away all other ships can catch up to it
-Engines being placed on the side makes them easy to destroy
-light weight so can not ram like the pyrmadon and is very vulnerable to being rammed
-hard to keep maintained and easy to disable, means that when taking fire it is unlikely to be able to have 2 guns firing due to both engineers needed on repairs.

Here is a rough floor plan of how the ship could be laid out

Here is a side silhouette of how the ship could look unique

If either of those do not work I have also attached the images

Feedback and Suggestions / Pilot Tool: extinguishers
« on: September 10, 2014, 10:46:40 am »
This would be a pilot tool for those still afraid of flame throwers. When the pilot activates it all components have all fire stacks removed but go on cooldown for 5 seconds and with no fire immunity so if your still taking heat the fire stacks will continue to rack up. Any component that is already on a cooldown from being hit by an engineer simply is not affected by the ship extinguishers. Exactly like when an engineer hits something with a mallet then thinks :oh NO, I should have chem sprayed" and feeble starts spraying it, as the fire stacks shoot to 20, with no effect cause its still on cooldown).

Here are some of my other ideas in case you never read them as they are very old

Game mode idea: Treasure hunt,3726.msg65088.html#msg65088

howling wolf shotgun,4496.msg75352.html#msg75352

harassment scrap gun,4488.msg75238.html#msg75238

shredder cannon,4487.msg75236.html#msg75236

light scorpion,4484.msg75159.html#msg75159

sonic weapon,4046.msg69823.html#msg69823

Feedback and Suggestions / New Weapon: Howling Wolf Shotgun
« on: July 12, 2014, 10:50:59 am »
This one isnt particularly creative on my part. Mechanically it would work pretty much like the Barking Dog light carronade but would do explosive damage instead of flechette. This would make it work like a more damaging but close range Artemis. The main reason I think a gun like this could be added to the game is to add a bit more variety to close up brawler builds that most go for chain gun mortor combo. This gun would take from its kill potential to give it more disable power, so the mortor could kill faster and more effectively than this gun would be able to, but this gun would be easier to hit with due to its projectiles and could break components to help secure the kill.

Plus i think this would be a good addition because i feel the mortor can only be paired with a chain gun to be effective since its only for killing. Because of this weapons shatter it could be paired with other short range weapons to allow different builds.
EX. a Holwing Wolf shotgun and a flamer, the shotgun is first used to disable components like guns while the flamer just burns everything and when the hull armour goes down the shotgun grabs the kill because of its damage.

The place i imagine this gun taking would be halfway between an Artemis and a mortor as a weapon that can disbale and kill up close.

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