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Community Events / Re: Guns of Icarus - League
« on: February 21, 2015, 06:52:41 pm »
Jub Jub, the thing about this league that I think makes it different from say, the Hephaestus or Sky League, is that it is a lot more new player friendly as far as I can tell. Unlike Hephaestus and Sky League which were all organized within the forums, this league has a website apart from the forums that seems pretty well organized. I think the forums are sort of intimidating for newer players but with this new site players will be able to see all the groups and such. Sky League was just not really a good tournament for newer players because at the beginning it was double elimination and then single elimination so newer teams basically played once, lost, and couldn't play again. Hephaestus was a little bit better, but often teams like TAW didn't really have a team on their level so they ended up just getting continuously 5-0'd. I'm hoping that teams who have not signed up for tournaments before will join this league and get paired up against equal teams that they won't get consistently destroyed by. Also, 404 has a new team that was in last weeks SCS, MM usually resurrects their old members to play in big events, and although cake has not been active I think they might be able to field the members. Besides that there are a lot of exciting new teams and clans that seem to be emerging from out of nowhere. When it comes to the combination teams I think they can just be seeded at the lower end depending on experience and honestly I know from experience that when you play with another clan long enough it's easy to start gelling pretty well with them.

All in all I'm confident with this new league if not only for it having its own website that's more friendly for people who aren't used to the forums. If we could somehow get this linked in the game events itself that would be a great advancement towards this leagues success. I'd really like MUSE to work out the leaderboards and maybe even implement a nice competitive section to interact with in the game but they are very busy at the moment with Co-op and the next patch. Newer players really need to be able to  easily see the competitive side of GOIO because I'm sure many would be interested but in reality fairly little even know about GOIO's competitive scene. Hopefully this league will serve as a step towards GOIO having a much bigger competitive scene.

Uhh, if anyone's been paying attention to SCS or basically any other recent tournament it's pretty clear that there are so many ways to counter a metamidion. Many times it's the case that the team that doesn't bring the pyra wins nowadays. However, that's when it's a very well practiced team like Rydr or Spqr. I can see how newer teams might have a problem against metamidions but really I think the best way to progress as a team is knowing how to deal with different tactics, and that doesn't even mean you have to "lobby counter" but rather refine your play style to counter the other teams'.

In regards to pick order and banning, it makes me very nervous. Essentially, it would just further divide the skill gap in competitive as I see it. The only teams that would be so versatile as to not be affected by the ban are the top teams who have been playing the game forever. Newer teams will be forced to do things they're not comfortable with, and in the end it will just increase the chances of their failure. It seems to me that whoever made this ban thought that top teams only used metamidion or something, and this would put the top teams on par with the lower ones. However, that is simply not the case. Being on the Rydr team I can tell you we have practiced Mobula, Pyra, Junker, Galleon, Goldfish, and Lue even flew a squid at one point. SPQR have the same amount of versatility. Compare that with newer teams like Mad Hatters or WoD and it's clear that they have less room for things they are comfortable with. The thing is, as a new team starting out it makes perfectly legitimate sense to specialize because there is no way you'll be able to just get as much experience with every ship as the top teams. But if you specialize, you stand much more of a chance by having the same amount of experience with one ship.

As to the pick order? Meh. From what I can tell things just get more counter-y and I'm not a fan of the lobby counter game. You can implement it but I think it will just make people more wary of counters.

Gameplay / Re: Junker viability and builds
« on: January 31, 2015, 09:40:14 am »
What I'm more surprised by is that someone is confused by the concept of a "main engineer" or hull engineer shooting. Basically every ship with high firepower needs a hull engineer shooting. Spire top deck, mobula hull side, and galleon main engineer are all examples of this. If anything, it's a lot harder on those ships, and the engineer is punished more for not being on point. The mobulas hull is so much farther in compared to the 2 steps it takes on a junker. If you think your engineer won't know to stop shooting when taking too much damage then you should simply not take a ship with high firepower. If I have pubs on my ship I basically usually limit myself to goldfish or pyra. I used to have the patience for explaining everything but that was lost long ago. So really, I agree this setup could be bad for novice crew members, but to be honest I really doubt novice crew members would take or know what a "meta junker" is, or they would think it's a junker with two symmetrical gat mortar sides. Judging by this it's pretty fair to say it's usually not the best to compare pubs to doing things at the height of efficiency.

The Lounge / Re: Ship Names
« on: January 05, 2015, 12:57:05 am »
Eh, why not. Although, I have to admit that sometimes when I name a ship after an African general, it's just because his name sounds cool  ;)

Pyramidion: Ulfberht- strongest viking sword, there are a few good documentaries about how ahead of its time it was. I've named my Pyramidion after it mainly because of its known ability to thrust through shields (poke poke hehe).

Goldfish: Mansa Musa- one of the richest emperors of all time, he ruled over Mali during the peak of its wealth. Essentially, the Goldfish looks very regal in appearance, almost like the expensive car of the Icarus world. I like to imagine I'm just carrying sacks and sacks of merchant gold on this ship.

Junker: Lex Celera/Ignis Ferrumque/Dolly's Hoax Celery- There was a point very early on in my piloting career where I named ships in Latin (This was a while before SPQR was a thing though  ;D). The first was Lex Celera, which means "swift justice". Back in those days before the nerf it was mainly a triple artemis junker, because really what justice is more swift than having all your components taken out as your armor slowly dies and you can't do anything about it? The next addition was the Ignis Ferrumque which means "Fire and Sword", as with this build (hades art art) the "Fire" was the hades and the "Sword" was the artemis. Finally, most recently it was called "Dolly's Hoax Celery" because Daniel reinvented his Hoax clan we all joined and Dolly thought "Celera" sounded too similar to celery.

Mobula: Luna Descendens- this ship changed names a few times but this name is mainly a play on Hillerton's "Solis Ortum" which means Rising Sun. We were practicing on Fjords or something and I decided to take a mobula to compliment his Pyra and I decided to call it the "Falling Moon" in latin. It also makes sense as the Mobula has a lot of white space and it has plenty of vertical acceleration so the "moon is falling on you" so-to-speak hehe.

Galleon: Nkunda- named after the African general. Not much to say other than it sounded cool and scary. I think he may or may not be accused of war crimes....

Squid: Kabila- African general again. Still sounds cool. War crimes...?

Spire: An Bas- I'm not entirely sure what it was called before this, but at some point before the light flak buff, me and Geo were in a lumber spire and I decided to add a hades and two flaks (sorta semi-inspired by Crafeksterty's Hwacha Hades-flak-flak spire). While were playing in pubs since the two flaks killed so quickly, someone called it the "Death ship" or something to that effect in match chat, so I decided to look up the what the grim reaper was in Celtic, and came up with this name. Turns out, google was wrong, and someone told me this ship actually means "Grim Reaper Fish". We thought it was funny so I kept the name.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: In game pre match start timer.
« on: January 01, 2015, 05:52:01 pm »
If you look back at older competitive games they're solution used to be to have all the captains "ready" and then start the match. I think we stopped doing that because the time difference in loading in became more minimal (it could have been way longer back then).

The Signal Tower / Re: Game Grumps Play GoIO
« on: December 25, 2014, 09:40:27 am »
Why would someone not wanna practice to make MLG360LUMBERACROSSTHEFJORDSTRICKSHOTS
I believe the GOIO version of this is XxMLG3000MIRONSIGHTxX

Gameplay / Re: It's The Clawwwwwww!
« on: December 06, 2014, 08:05:50 am »
One thing I've always liked about this game is that every ship *can* theoretically 1v1 any other ship with enough skill. Like, a blenderfish *can* take on a metamidion (despite being countered) if it knows how to handle a metamidion (back up a lot and pray to icarus your gunner knows how to take the balloon out from the front). However if some ships simply won out against others in 1v1's (squids constantly circling you with you having no ability to turn)I would simply not play that ship honestly. In pubs it's not like the communication is impeccable with your gunner pilot ally and in competitive you're expected even more-so to be able to hold your own. Piloting a pyra already feels like piloting a fat hunk of metal. It already feels slow and clunky. If your Phoenix claw nerf and what the devs are doing to its acceleration happens, I just won't have any joy piloting the damn thing anymore.

Edit: To clarify I do understand that is too powerful to the point of being necessary for all ships, and how it does not punish enough, but I just think it should be nerfed in a different way. I also understand that nerfing the pyras turning ability does not make it automatically lose, as it can back up to keep its guns in arc, but if the pyras acceleration is nerfed it won't be able to even do that. ( Don't take my moonshine backwards trick away from me devs pls)

Meta complaining is simply trite and always will be. I remember when triple artemis ruled the skies and "Oh god stupid triple artemis! Oh god stupid sniping, I am tired of these 3 hour long games!" was the cool thing to complain about. (I will admit playing against the gents during this time was super frustrating when I was subbing for thralls). BUT as soooooon as the aerodrome and pyra came back into play and, "OHHHH god stupid metamidions. Oh god stupid brawling, I am tired of these boring unoriginal games" was the cool thing to complain about. It's like a fashionable fad. Who knows what we'll be complaining about in a few months. Personally, I am pretty alright with where the game stands meta wise. I think many teams know how to exploit the pyra well enough that it isn't a constantly annoying problem. Bottom-line is, people will complain about whatever seems to be the meta because it is the meta.

P.S.- I personally don't understand how gat-mortar brawling is boring. If ya think its boring, maybe we SHOULD go back to 2 hr long triple artemis sniping games. kids these days sheesh

The Pit / Re: Guns of Icarus Puns Online
« on: August 09, 2014, 05:07:33 pm »
On daniels ship, the Deicide, when dying to a metamidion. "What is this? I cannot die to mere mortars!"

The Pit / Guns of Icarus Puns Online
« on: July 24, 2014, 07:32:16 pm »
A thread devoted to guns of icarus puns!

On all hwacha galleon and your crew doesn't shoot the hwachas:
"Hwacha doin"

The Gallery / Re: Ryder Art
« on: July 23, 2014, 08:47:08 pm »
Good work, Dolly. This is great.

The Lounge / Re: The most glorious Quotes ever
« on: July 20, 2014, 12:10:35 am »
D.lo-res, Extirm, and I in mumble.

Ex: "Alright, I think I'm gonna go now, guys. Errr guys and dolly."

Me: "Huh. That's a play on words."

Dolly: "!!!!!!!!!!!"

Community Events / Re: Hammer Division VoDs
« on: July 16, 2014, 12:18:39 am »
Let me clear something up now about that interview, I was not engineer only in competitive previously! I shot a lumberjack for thralls damnit!

Aerodrome was cool. Second Aerodrome time?

But.... to say that the current meta of GOIO is long range sniping.... ummm no... This was a complete anomaly. The top 4 teams in Hephaestus right now  GwTh, HRA, Rydr, and SIR do not snipe. Thank God the time of 2 hr long snipe matches are long gone.

Gameplay / Re: Countering Blender Goldfish
« on: July 12, 2014, 01:29:56 am »
As someone who flies a blenderfish quite often- the only way to really hard counter a blenderfish is take a pyramidion and don't let the blender get behind you.

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