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General Discussion / Re: Heavy Clip: What is it good for anyway?
« on: March 17, 2016, 09:25:47 am »
Heavy ammo is kind of in a tough spot balancing wise. Previously the ammo was a dire necessity and one that you "needed" to use. Back forever ago the gat was too inaccurate to hit anything without it. More recently (still like a year ago) you needed it on caronades to snipe components and be able to pop balloons at its maximum range. Back then if you wanted to use hwacha at mid- or long range you needed to use it too. And guess what? It was really fun and not overpowered in any way on the hwacha. The only reason hwacha is the way it is now is because they felt they had to buff it when they nerf the heavy clip. IMO they should just keep the shatter the way it is now on the caronade and bring heavy clip back.

Regardless, this brings up the question: if an ammo is "needed" on a gun or increases its effectiveness exponentially like burst on hwacha or Artemis, is that overpowered?

General Discussion / Heavy Clip: What is it good for anyway?
« on: March 16, 2016, 08:13:51 pm »
While I was thinking about the upcoming balance changes, it reminded me of the heavy clip change a while ago. Is heavy clip actually optimal at anything anymore? How the hwacha works means it can do mid-ish range without heavy clip anyway. It loses on heavy caronade to lochnagar or charged. Light caronades don't do much shatter damage anymore, and with heavy clip is not enough to destroy a balloon. On gatling you're better off using lesmok for range or greased for short range. The only thing I can think of is minotaur, and that gun isn't really good enough to utilize it either. At this point it's basically a dead ammo. I miss sniping components with caronade and I know they won't bring it back, but they need to change something to make it viable again. Maybe lessen it's clip reduction? I fear that if the lochnagar changes in dev app go through, loch will go the way of heavy clip and be only somewhat effective on one gun. Does anyone have any suggestions for making heavy clip useful again?

Edit: Not sure if this should be on Feedback and Suggestions, but I'm not really suggesting anything anyway, just starting a discussion.

The Lounge / Re: Prove you're oldfag
« on: March 15, 2016, 11:29:52 pm »
I was a gunner on a mortar on pyra.

Achievement farming

Chem spray useless

Polaris destroying us with double fishes and we couldn't understand why

Okay, so instead of delineating why I disagree with many of the changes I'm going to give a proposal.

Revert hwacha to previous state before buff. Revert caronade to previous state before nerf.

Keep the shatter damage for the caro the way it is now. (Also keep the direct damage the same obviously) Keep the downwards arcs for the caronade as it is now. Don't nerf heavy clip. Don't nerf caronades upwards arcs.
Done, hwacha's fine.

For pyra: put health at 600. Revert back to old acceleration. Also, don't change its mass. It does something weird to ramming that has somehow made it easy to knock off your target even with moonshine.

For Mobula: don't mess with gun arcs- it's a weapons platform. Nerf its maneuverability, or punish it for taking damage more. Either reduce it's hull armor to 500, or reduce its vertical acceleration to 6.5 m/s².

Heavy flak change is okay.

Harpoon change is okay.

Squid change is fine, although somewhat unnecessary.

Spire needs a massive change. The idea of "glass cannon" does not really work in this game. All guns are accessible by all ships, and it's not like Spire has a passive buff on damage or something. Give Spire a niche maneuverability to use, like mobula has. Maybe exceptionally high acceleration and speed? If not give its weapons some protection, or give it a slimmer profile. Something needs to be done, and giving it better armor, hull, or otherwise just won't work due to the shape of the thing, and also its less than optimal engineering routes.

Don't touch lochnagar. Add more niche ammos.

These changes are simple, and fix the problem in an isolated way that does not affect the whole system (a problem Muse has had with balancing for a long while).

Dev App Testing / Re: Sunday testing release notes.
« on: February 27, 2016, 10:29:49 pm »
Ehh, I don't really think the galleon is too weak right now tbh. The heavy use of mobulas in the meta means that the galleon's reliable output of hades and lumberjack damage does really well against mobula at midrange. You can see this by watching the Cronus League today, with Team Predators taking a galleon a number of times against mobulas  with great results. The galleons main benefit is dat lumberjack. Lumberjack counters the idea of blending down the galleon because as long as its ally is nearby and the galleon is turned in the right direction, lj has ridiculous upwards arcs and can aid their ally and turn the tide, thereby saving themselves. Unlike on the goldfish or spire, where when you are blending down you can easily rammed or killed, galleon can tank for a while and still help its ally with lumberjack. I haven't actually tested what the gravity means in terms of survivability for the Galleon, but if being on the ground gets you killed very fast and the galleon can't tank, that's a massive nerf. Apparently I read that at height ceiling of dunes you fall nearly to the ground in one rebuild time? That is way too much.

But honestly, I don't understand the need for gravity anyway. What is it trying to balance? Is it trying to balance mobula by making it fall faster? That doesn't make sense because Mobula is extremely light, and why would you use a game wide balance for one ship? It's just like they looked at what mechanic they had for gravity and thought, "why the hell not". If this gravity patch does go through I will expect to see caronades everywhere again, and just like that we're back to people complaining about the blending meta.

Dev App Testing / Re: Sunday testing release notes.
« on: February 27, 2016, 07:33:06 pm »
The one thing that hasn't been mentioned is the flawed idea of increasing the pyramidion hull and not changing acceleration. Before this patch it seemed we were all in consensus that the pyramidion should be relegated to a ship that does well in a planned ambush and fails when you just throw yourself at the enemy. Adding the hull value only prolongs the death of the ship and gives pilots false confidence. It seems that we've taken a step back and obviously muse is not on the same page.

Muse needs to decide whether they want the pyramidion to be a new player friendly ship or a hard ship that can only succeed well with good understanding of positionin and skill. Although the layout of the ship promotes well and easily defined roles, it's complete and utter lack of acceleration and maneuverability make it frustrating and not fun to fly to say the least. If muse is aiming at making squid an "easy and more accessible" ship, they need to make pyramidion a harder ship that can be extremely effective in capable hands. However, due to the squid's engineering layout lending itself towards chaos and confusion for most new players, I must disagree with this "squidimidion" idea.

On the whole, I do not understand these patch ideas. If you just nerfed caronades, why are you buffing gravity and fall time? If you understand that gat mortar combo+ maneuverable ship is a balancing nightmare, why are you doing it again? Why is the spire being nerfed???

The only sensible ideas in this change list is the flak buff and maybe the harpoon buff, although I see that gun as a lost cause besides backgalleonharpoonOP™. But honesty on the other hand, I'm kinda just interested in a change at this point. So part of me, although I dislike these changes, just wants to see a different era of GOIO meta. Normally this could be done with just adding a new gun,ship, tool etc (that is actually effective-  :( Minotaur), but since muse are too busy with alliance that won't happen anytime soon.

Gameplay / Re: How good is the Minotaur Heavy cannon?
« on: October 11, 2015, 08:27:38 pm »
The thing about the Minotaur is that I don't doubt it can be useable or even effective in certain situations, but why the hell would you pick it instead of any other heavy gun? A hwacha can completely disable an entire ships components. A caronade can take down a balloon in one shot or two. A lumberjack can also take down a balloon in one shot, but more importantly it can take down a balloon at long range. A heavy flak can kill just about every ship with two charged shots. A Minotaur can maybe sometimes spin a ship around if a pilot isn't paying attention and disable a few components. Heavy guns are meant to be devastating. I just don't see the place of a Minotaur except for when you are bored of other guns completely (and want to nerf yourself). Muse does say it's a "support gun" but hell I don't think I've ever said "thank god my ally has a Minotaur" in any situation.

The Gallery / Re: Selfie Thread
« on: August 01, 2015, 10:26:50 pm »


Company: Rydr Moving Company
Mission Statement: Even Better
Base of Operations: The Highways of Anglea and Beyond
Logo coming soon
CEO: Mysterious Medic
IGN: Mysterious Medic
Contract Requested: Contract 5- Water Hazard
Willing to Merc: Yes

Company: Rydr Moving Company
Mission Statement: Even Better
Base of Operations: The Highways of Anglea and Beyond
Logo coming soon
CEO: Mysterious Medic
IGN: Mysterious Medic
Contract Requested: Contract 5- Water Hazard
Willing to Merc: Yes

I think it's also kind of important to understand the original purpose of the Sunday Rumble (and the SCS) was to have a casual and slightly competitive tournament and experiment on things. The new format for double elimination was an experiment, and in the SCS you don't have to be super serious and only take predictable builds. Trust me, I understand that the SCS (and Sunday Rumble) can become extremely competitive and the idea of "casual" can and inevitably will lose focus in your mind while crewing or piloting, but we do have to remember that one of the important reasons for the Sunday Rumble's existence was to have a less serious event than the Saturday Box Social. Granted, when the SCS came about there was no weekly Saturday event besides the occasional tournaments, still the purpose of the SCS was never really to be the most supreme hardcore and official competitive icarus tournament there ever was. For that reason I see it as a good tournament to use for testing of new maps like Clash at Blackcliff. However, the lack of any serious tournament in the foreseeable future makes the whole "testing" of such a map pointless as we're not really "testing" for anything. I've wanted to post and maybe even help concerning the making of another more serious Saturday tournament, but considering the drought in teams lately I was kind of dreading the negative feedback for such an event as many would probably prefer getting the SCS to a comfortable team pool before starting another tournament that would need more responsibilities for casters, referees, and teams which seems to be a problem lately. Regardless, I hope things go well and the new map brings some interesting things into play.

The Lounge / Re: The first Clan that you joined?
« on: June 01, 2015, 02:22:24 pm »
Must have been my like 8th or 10th game when I joined bladestrike's ship and for some reason I remember having greased on the mortar (this was before the pyramidion/metamidion nerf when the gat mortar was basically mid-range) and basically killing a bunch of ships. He invited me after that match and I remember being surprised about the whole joining the steam group thing as the clan joining process was something I've never done before (I usually suck at multiplayer games and never really "got" mmo's). I was a member of CsM during the whole "CsRy" thing (which geo and I actually came up with) and then I was a bit disaffected with everything going on with CsM and how organized we were if we could even be called that. Anyway all drama aside it was a pretty great experience and I'll not forget some of the great players in that clan.

The Gallery / Re: GOIO Logo Jewelry
« on: April 06, 2015, 10:50:58 pm »
I got the black one and it is glorious. I guess the brown one's are more steam punk-y, but I still like the black one better. Also, goddamnit, tiny clasps on necklaces are horrible when you have fat fingers, so it's basically impossible for me to put it on by myself -_- Still, these are awesome- Good work dolly  :D

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Pyramidion and minotaur cannon - feedback.
« on: February 26, 2015, 11:37:20 am »
Thing is you have to damage your own ship to deal with weapons all the time. Moonshine should also be used against mines, which have even more push back, but you probably haven't had to deal with a good mine gunner in the game yet. Also, it's not "constant moonshine" because that's not how you use shine, you use it in bursts of what your engineers can handle. Hydrogen is often used to dodge mortars or other weapons, too. All heavy weapons should be a pain to deal with, it's just that the Minotaur is quite easy to shoot and newer player friendly right now, which I'm not sure is the best thing considering the only heavy weapons that are very easy to shoot are only at close range.

Going off Crafeksterty's comment, the reason pyra side guns were not used wasn't because they weren't necessary, it's because it opens up your entire broadside and makes your ship a much huger target, along with usually positioning your crew away from the balloon unless the main engineer is shooting. If anything, with the nerf to hull health, using the side guns should be even less of an option. The devs designed the pyra so that it would be a big target if it wasn't using it's front guns and being the "vanguard" ship. You can't be sneaky when you accelerate like a flying bowl of pudding. If I start playing the game a lot I probably just won't fly pyra anymore, because honestly it just sounds boring and stressful to fly now.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: About the Minotaur
« on: February 24, 2015, 05:17:39 pm »
You get used to charging broadsides because HF and LJ can't do squat.
lol. Just because your gunners can't hit doesn't mean two of the most damaging guns in the game are useless. A metagalleon with a hades,lj, and flak with good gunners will mess up just about any ship and I don't think many people would refute that. From what I remember from the dev app (haven't played the recent patch yet) the minotaur was realllly easy to shoot and had a bit of range. Make it a bit harder to shoot with slower projectile speed perhaps (not too much though) and voila people actually have to learn how to shoot another gun for effectiveness.

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