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The Gallery / MsPaint logos
« on: November 23, 2014, 06:30:51 pm »
been doing some shitty logos for SCS participating clans.

Les Flibustiers

Inspired by their frenchness, so I found a skull on google that was easy to make, and basicly added things to it.
baguettes in the bacground by design from Aayra


Inspired by roman army eagle, found something on google and traced it, then added the leaves.


Inspired by old ryder logo, and it being an american trucking firm. truck found on google.


Inspired by cake with eyes found on google. Initial drawing by aayra, I basicly just traced it and smoothened the lines.
apparently its the ukranian flag in the background, so yea no initial reason but it happened.

General Discussion / How to create an experienced lobby with mmr
« on: November 03, 2014, 09:42:02 am »
Here is a short guide on how to get an experienced lobby going.

as a prerequisite you need to following:
A large amount of high level players on your friends list
Clan leaders and other prominent officers, ca's, active players etc. on your steam friends list.
The ability to be the friendly host.

How to get players on your ingame friendslist?
Add every player that you enjoy playing with to your friendslist.
Add every active experienced players to your friendslist.
Add Clan leader and their members to your friendslist.

How to get players on your steamfriendslist?

You: "Hey can I add your to steam for future game purposes?"
other guy: "Yea just add me, feel free to invite any time."
simple as that.

Why do you have to be friendly?

When you invite players to your lobby, they are joining because they want to play with you and other experienced players. If you are a grumpy player with a tendency to behave in a not so friendly manner other players wont join your lobbies.

Now to the good part:
How to set up the lobby, and how to get people to join.

First go to custom game, setup your lobby.
look through your ingame friendslist and invite everyone not currently ingame.
-some will say they cant, or will join later. That doesnt matter just get people in.
now a few have joined, maybe 5-7 players but you are missing the rest.
tell the people in your lobby to go through their friendslist and steam list and invite players.
now go on steam friends yourself and look for clan leaders and your friends. Invite them.
Some will join, if you are still missing people ask the clan leaders to invite their members.

at this point you might be missing 2-3 players, click on open up to queue and let 2-3 players join through MM.

It works.

Remember people joined to play with you and other experienced players, if you dont behave or do an effort to balance it out, they get bored and leave. It takes effort to get good lobbies going, always have always will ;)

Community Events / Proposed SCS testing event.
« on: October 02, 2014, 10:57:36 am »
Event starts on saturday 4th of october at: 3pm edt / 9pm cest / 7pm gmt

The Sunday Community Skirmish is slowly taking steps into becoming tightly organized and all that good stuff.
However we see the event as an event run by every part of the competitive community, the organizers, the referees, the streamers, the casters and the teams themselves who participate. We are trying to make it fair and fun for everyone participating and in doing so we often get proposed changes to rulesets etc.
There are some rules we aren’t willing to implement without testing them firsthand.
This Saturday has no major events running, so we quickly set up a closed event for 4 teams.
The event is running with standard SCS rules, however we are going to test the following rule changes:

A change in the time limit with 10 minutes per map and a total of 10 minutes of extra time spanning over the entire best of 3.

A ship pick order using the following rules:

In the lobby red team is granted 1 minute to first pick 1 ship, when they have picked a ship the captain who picked signal it by pressing ready on that ship.

Blue team is then granted 2 minutes to pick 2 ships, when they have picked a ship the captain on the left ship pressed ready.

Red team is then granted 1 minute to pick their last ship, when they have picked a ship the captain on the ship presses ready and the countdown timer starts.

If teams fail to pick before the timer ends, they can ask for additional time if there are problems in the lobby, if not they must use the ship they had when the timer ran out.

In map 2 blue team picks first, then red and then blue again.

In map 3 red team picks first, then blue and then red again.

It’s a simple pick order of: 1:2:1 – it will be explained in the lobby if there is still confusion about it. Or contact me prior to event to clarify.

This change requires a more professional approach from referees than we have had beforehand. However teams are expected to keep track of the time ingame themselves. Asking the referee for remaining time is still allowed, but do not expect the referee to give the information if not asked.
The changes we are testing are based on a severe dissatisfaction from teams, refs and casters saying that the event total time is too long, as well in lobby as in ingame.

When this event is over I will require feedback from every participant on the teams, the referee and the casters.

I will also need feedback from the viewers who are attending the event or rewatching it. I will read it and I will be unbiased while doing so. Neither velvet nor I are willing to implement changes of this magnitude if the teams, refs and casters thinks it’s a bad idea. However I only accept feedback given after the event. I hope you guys will take part in giving feedback, if not enjoy the show 
Feedback can be given in this thread or through forum pm.

Now the event is unfortunately closed, and instead of hoping that teams would signup in due time I decided to personally ask 4 clans to take part.

The bracket will be:
Game 1:
SPQR vs Rydr, SPQR have red spawn.
Map 1: battle on the dunes.
Map 2:  paritan rumble.
Map 3: Canyon ambush.

Game 2:
Gents vs Cake, Gents have red spawn.
Map 1: Canyon ambush.
Map 2: duel at dawn.
Map 3: Northern fjords

Game 1 winner vs game 2 winner, game 1 winner has red spawn.
Map 1: Northern fjords.
Map 2: battle on the dunes.
Map 3: paritan rumble.

Streaming will be at: with Sir Morty and Brick Hardcastle.

The Lounge / Super Smash bros 3ds
« on: September 21, 2014, 03:08:46 pm »
Hey goio players!

So super smash bros gets released for nintendo 3ds on october 3rd in US and EU.

However the everlasting problem with nintendo games is that you have to create your own communities in order to play games together over the internet.

For anyone interested in playing this game, and wanting to participate in a small community of brawling, simply leave your nintendo 3ds id, which you find under the friends section:
add eachother and when the game releases we will have actual opponents to play and have fun with.

my Id: 1091-9013-6308

The following is a theory based on personal ideas and experience. It is as to be seen as a theory and nothing more. It is not an attack on anyone, but is only a theoretical thought process of the birth and potential death of Goio’s competitive scene.

The entire topic is open to discussion, further theories on the subject are welcome. Critique and addition is only making the debate better.

Before a brief description of the birth of the competitive scene can be made, I will introduce you to my theory of the current competitive scene in goio. I have named the theory as such: The pillar theory. The name comes from old discussions with various clan leaders, that the community’s active clans each represent a pillar of foundation holding up the roof which represents the competitive scene. It can be visualized as such:

A few definitions are needed to be understood before the theory will be explained.

The competitive scene: Is defined by the total amount of events happening currently and henceforth, this is not including inter-clan scrimmages or practices. An event that has happened is in the past and part of the history, and bears no relevance to the current competitive scene.

Active clan: Is a clan that is actively participating in the competitive scene. It does not involve clans that are casual and not participating, or clans that used to participate.

Strong pillar: Does not refer to clans being stronger than other clans, it refers to the amount of events the clan participates in. The more events being participated in, the stronger the clan is in the foundation.

Weak pillar: Does not refer to clans being weaker than other clans, it refers to the amount of event the clan participates in. The lesser events being participated in, the weaker the clan is in the foundation.

Team/clan/pillar: essentially the same in this theory, teams are products of clans or cooperation, no distinction will be made.

Understanding the theory can be simplified by the figure, if the pillars disappear the roof falls to the ground and breaks. The competitive scene survives and is only supported by the clans that are holding it up, each being a pillar of support.
It is also to be understood that pillars hold different strengths of foundation, Active clans that participate more than the other clans, represents a stronger and wider pillar, like the ones seen on each side. While active clans that only participate in some events, and biweekly or even more rarely represents a weaker and thinner pillar.
Together the wider pillars can hold the roof, but the foundation will be weak in the middle, whereas the thinner pillars can hold the roof, but the foundation would be weak from left to right. The former and current competitive scene in goio has had a mixture of both wide and thin pillars, which is what will be discussed in the analysis.
The theory can be summed up as such: The competitive scene is supported by both strong and weak pillars, each making the foundation for the survival of the competitive scene. It is supported from beneath and not from above. Simply: If there is no interest in participating in the competitive scene, it will crash to the ground.

Historic perspective:
I have arranged goio’s competitive history into three parts, the beginning, the expansion and what I call the professionalization. All of goios competitive history can be found here:,8.0.html starting on the last page is the beginning of the cogs, while for events like claiming the fjords, you have to visit the old forums.

The beginning:
The beginning of the competitive scene was characterized by an overall weak foundation, with uncertainty of the future. A few strong clans was represented, amongst these clans was what we call the Old Gents, the Old ducks and zills merry men/merry northern storm. These three clans were regarded as the best and the strongest. In between then a lot of weaker clans were represented such as Kings Gambit (later Corvus), SMAC, Pastafarians, falconeers, polaris etc. weak clans that hadn’t reached the same level of consistency as the more organized and experienced clans.
The competitive scene itself was a weak roof, based on initial events such as claiming the fjords which was a onetime event, and the cogs which permitted more skilled teams to play regularly while lesser skilled teams were unable to play weekly. This was heavily criticized, and Cogs entered a process of change, to the point where the system in some players eyes were regarded as good, and in others regarded as confusing. Meanwhile the onetime events happening were characterized by a failing amateurism. The cogs were put on ice eventually and that marked the end of the beginning.

The expansion:
As a counter to the cogs the consistent weekly event the Sunday Rumble was introduced, and later the Saturday box special. Both events based on best of three, single elimination tournament style. It was run by Urz who alone scheduled and organized the events, with help from his usual caster staff. The events were set up as the current Sunday community skirmish. Teams signup weekly and then participate only that week, until they sign up again. A slow shift in the pillars happened during this period. The old ducks and old gents slowly became weaker pillars, and eventually disappeared due to no longer participating in the events for various reasons. Zills merry men aswell became a weak pillar, but is still occasionally participating. This however spawned new and stronger pillars in a bigger quantity. Clans like bully boys, glowwater thralls (former corvus at this point), new gents, overwatch and new ducks (the mandarins) all became strong pillars for a long period of time, with weaker pillars such as the flying Dutchmen, the celestial dragons all were weak pillars, and often shortlived teams. The competitive scene in itself became bigger and vaster, needing stronger pillars to hold it up. Eventually interest was lost from different teams, and eventually Urz stopped organizing and left the competitive scene, leaving the pillars left with no roof to support. This marked the end of the expansion.

The professionalization:
When there was nothing in the competitive scene, a few organizers and former competitive players started the Hephaestus challenge. This was greatly supported by Letonator, who came in and brought together the casting community for events like this. This era was marked by a more professional tone, and a shift away from casual handling of events. Teams themselves became obvious to this change and in some way swapped from casual play to a more professional style, in order to participate. Ranking was introduced in the competitive scene and marked a more elitist way of playing. Teams like Ryder, Thralls, Sacrilege became strong pillars holding the foundation with various weak pillars such as now overwatch, mad hatters, the clamour, holy roman army etc. Hephaestus challenge was criticized in various ways, some of them being that no event should take place while the game has problems with bugs and lag. However the competitive scene waits for no one, it is a continuous process if it stops working every pillar becomes irrelevant.
Later in the professionalization the idea of MLG was introduced as the ultimate professionalization of the competitive scene. No longer is it in the hands of the teams to be the ones organizing or discussing what they wanted, but rather an above standing institution would decide the rules and specifications wiping away the former amateurism of organization. Teams are now regarded as participants only, while organizers decide the format. It can be perceived as both a bad and a good change, bad in the way that some teams will find themselves overseen, while other teams are happy that they no longer have to discuss rule sets prior to events. This professionalization marks our current competitive scene.
The following analysis will first be based on how clans act in this game, and why they will or won’t be interested in the professionalization of the competitive scene. Using the pillar theory, if more clans won’t be interested the competitive scene will crash to the ground, whereas if there are more and sufficient teams wanting professionalization, then it will not crash.

Before giving my suggestion of what will happen, I want to briefly discuss and analyze why clans act like they do.
I am using the definition of weak and strong clans, as they are the only relevant clans when analyzing the competitive scene.
However weak and strong clans do not refer to their internal structure or their behavior towards the competitive scene. Some clans like to play casually in events, these clans are usually defined as weak. Other clans like to play with elitism, these clans are usually defined as strong. Between the two kinds of clans, we find a third kind. The third kind like to mix casual with elitist behavior, they compete to do their best, but in the process are casual towards elitist teams, the rivalry to be the best does not influence their mindset.
In the professionalization of the competitive scene, the casual clan will feel like they are not being able to participate and have fun, the weak pillar they represent will disappear. Whereas both casual/elitist and pure elitist clans will have different opinions. They are not alike in any way, they all act differently and shall be seen as individuals. The strong clans will either perish in this professional system, or become even stronger than before. This attitude stems not from participation in events, but a personal decision between each and every clan of what they want.

But why will some clans perish in this system? And why do some clans prevail? Before I give my perspective on the matter I want to stress the importance of: You cannot please each and every one, someone will always feel left behind.  Progress is something that divides players.

The internal clan issues:

Clans on the outside are easily seen as competitive or casual in their way of competing. However when you dig under the surface the clan is a living being of discussion and common goals. Every clan has individuals with different ideals, some want to be elitist while other just enjoy playing. Pressuring each other too much ends with conflict. A clan with many casual minded players will dominate the elitist players and can eventually cause a divide where the elitist players leave the clan to join or create new ones.
Analyzing internal clan issues is a hard process and can only be done vaguely. Member to member relation are an important factor, but the individual inspiration and drive to compete might be the defining factor. Clans that have been competing for a long time will eventually lose interest and inspiration in both the game and the competitive scene; it is a natural process that you cannot play the same game forever. This lack of inspiration or drive can easily be fixed by change in roster, but the nail in the coffin for the clan is when the leadership no longer shares the interest.

The external clan issues:
We are here to have fun! Or we are here to win! It is all perspective. Some players have fun by participating, and some players have fun by winning. What is important is that the player and the clan have fun playing.
I argue that a more serious tone in the competitive scene will take away the fun from the teams that just want to participate; just as well as a more serious tone will cater to the elitist teams and raise the competitive rivalry. It is good entertainment, but the teams unable or unwilling to play up to this level will be left behind.
This problem give thought to both sides, as the progress can be seen positive in an e-sports environment, but also be seen negative as the change can be too sudden and too professional. This analysis does not support a specific side of the matter; it rather states that it is an undiscussed problem. With the analysis in mind I want to discuss the future of the competitive scene, and why this sudden shift might mean its death.

Future prediction:
As with any part of the competitive scenes history strong pillars become weak or eventually disappear. The current foundation for the competitive roof is weak as a whole; there are few strong pillars and not many weak pillars holding it up.  The Hephaestus challenge was placed at a time where a lot of players were on summer vacation, and thus had more time to play the game, however the professionalization continues even after the vacation is over. The old guard from the expansion is slowly dwindling. Former strong teams like SIR, OVW, DUCKS, SAC are no longer consistent and has become weak pillars. There has been only a few new teams entering the team, and of those teams only one has shown current potential to become a strong pillar.
I argue that the disappearance of the strong pillars and the lack of new strong pillars entering the scene, ultimately leads to the death of the competitive scene. If a new guard was created it would survive, but be at the brink of crashing. I do not know what the future holds, but there are not many new teams participating in the competitive scene. New teams usually go two ways, they either become a weak pillar, or they disappear before they even stated themselves as a foundation.  The professionalization can be too much for them to handle, when the skill level is as high as it is. So they rather not play, than being beaten over and over, because there is a lack of equal skilled teams on all levels currently.

The competitive scene no longer has the same strong pillar foundation as found under the expansion era. The professionalization is a sudden change amongst both new and older teams. Where older teams can be defined as the old guard is losing interest in the game, while newer teams find themselves unable to participate. The professionalization poses a current threat with lack of newer teams’ unwillingness to participate, as the old guard is slowly dwindling away. It is uncertain if this change will be positive or negative, but concerns towards the latter have been analyzed and discussed with the use of the pillar theory.
There are more intricate factors that could be relevant to this topic, however the vague analysis of the clans and teams are not giving a definite explanation as to why there are lesser teams today, or even if this will lead to the death of the competitive scene. However I presented a theory and analysis for future discussion.

The Signal Tower / Streaming Day!
« on: August 13, 2014, 02:50:44 pm »
Ladies and Gentlemen!

This Friday we invite you to watch the official Guns of Icarus stream!

A variety of streamers will be broadcasting live from 1pm EST to 11pm EST.

From 1pm EST to 2.45pm EST our new and freshly made caster Goldenglade, will host a New player training session stream. Join in and learn a thing or two.

From 3pm EST to 3.45pm EST The devs will take over and broadcast their weekly dev hour, where you can ask questions and have them answered live.

From 4pm EST to 5.45pm EST The able-bodied Letonator will be joined by FourthOracle. Both will be streaming the Iron Fork of Friday hosted by the Cake Clan. It will be streamed on Letonators own channel: - And on the official GoIo channel at the same time.

From 6pm EST to 6.45pm EST Letonator will continue entertaining the viewers with his own show “Munitions Distributions: The Fine Art of Putting Shells Elsewhere”an informative hour on gunning and ammunitions.

From 7pm EST to 8.45pm EST the experienced Imagine will run his stream "Arashi Map Explorers League", A closer examination of the maps we fly on but never really see.

From 9pm EST to 11pm EST FourthOracle will make a return with his metamidion show. Tune in and witness the sometimes obscure theoretical discussions, and be your own critic on the matter.
This weeks guest: Skrimskraw
This weeks main topic: Changes in the Meta

Community Events / Contact Group - Guns of Icarus (Steam group)
« on: July 18, 2014, 10:26:40 am »
Hey everyone!

So after looking around on my Steam friendslist and having to use 2 minutes everytime to figure out wether someone is online, offline, playing etc. I just had enough.

When you are running an event or participating it can be frustrating to contact eachother, and often chaotic.
So I made this steam group:

Every clan is welcome to let 2-3 contact persons join it.
Every event is welcome to let its organizers join it.
Every referee in these events are strongly reccommended to join it.
All streamers are welcome to join it.

Everyone joining will be given officer position, so they can invite other people who would need to have access.
I hope you guys will use this.
And don't be shy as a new clan / team to join it and use it to get scrimmages vs other teams.

The Docks / Glowwater Thralls now recruiting.
« on: June 17, 2014, 01:29:57 pm »
Glowwater Thralls

Who are the Thralls?

The Thralls were formed by veterans of the competitive scene, along with new players that wanted to test their skill versus the other teams of GoIo. Some members have been playing competitively for well over a year. We are a GoIo only clan, which means that we only play GoIo together on a competitive level, however we enjoy ourselves to some different games once in a while. We participate in almost every event in GoIo and find ourselves on a high level of play and skills.  We see ourselves as a competitive clan and act as such. With that in mind, we are a tight knit group of players and we value friendship and camaraderie far more than competitive success. We do our best in fulfilling our competitive objectives while making sure to keep enjoyment and friendship at the forefront of our mission.

Where do you fit in?

As a successful competitive team, we aim to remain small and cohesive. Rarely do we hold open invitations such as this into our ranks. As such, when we do search for our newest members, we have very high expectations.

For starters, we all recruits must meet the following requirements:
Experience in playing Guns of Icarus Online.
A willingness to participate in the events the clan signs up for: Hephaestus challenge, Sunday community skirmish and the occasional practice scrimmage during the week.
That you first and foremost play for our team in these events.
That you are friendly and have a good behavior towards your fellow players.
That you have a microphone and are willing to communicate with the clan. (You will need Teamspeak 3 installed)
That you are of 16 years age or older.
That you live in the USA or in Europe. (it’s just not possible for us to schedule outside of these timezones).
That you are loyal towards the clan, and respect the clan leadership and chain of command.
That you are eager to discover, learn, and be a part of the Glowwater Thralls' system.

What we provide

We provide a tight organization where the leadership takes care of everything.
We are a clan that thinks embraces advanced tactics, which we see as the most fun and rewarding part of the game.
We train and teach our fellow members in these advanced play-styles and tactics. It is important that all our members knows what we are doing and why it works / doesn’t work.
We are a clan that socially interacts with each other, enjoying each others company and having fun while playing is important.
We are among the most experienced clans in the game, and our competitive history and success has deep roots.

We participate in almost every event and you will be required to play. We are a small group and as such all members fill a very important role in our organization.

What's next for you:

Hopefully by now, if you fit our bill, we've piqued your interest. Committing to competitive play with the Thralls is a decision that, when people make it, they stick around.

If you are excited about about a future with us, please contact Skrimskraw through these forums. We hope to see you in the skies.

The Gallery / The new MUSE team
« on: October 29, 2013, 05:12:42 pm »

Community Events / Ideas for an event.
« on: September 17, 2013, 07:04:50 am »
A little while back I hosted a 3v3 tournament as some of you might remember.

It was a little hectic, had a lot of bad decisions, but what I got backf rom feedback was that people had fun.

So instead of me planning a tournament on myself or something like that. I would like to hear what you the community would like to try.

As the cogs, rumble and urz upcoming tournament tend to be on the more competitive and side of the fence, I will have no trouble hosting events that are experimental (like the spire tournament or squid races).

There are some things I won't be doing again, like having a stream running for 5 hours straight or having a uncompleted ruleset.

If you wan't to pitch some ideas, feel free to discuss it in this thread, and If you'd like to help host/manage/referee/cast it also post here ;)

Here are some Ideas I have had myself:

A battle between americas vs. rest of the world (eu, asia, au etc. etc.)
a crazy kings event.
all-star event, community picks out teams of allstars and make them fight eachother.

Hope you'll all give some feedback, I'm not going off board planning something you guys have no interest in :)

Feedback and Suggestions / stomping pub matches
« on: July 30, 2013, 09:32:06 am »
So last saturday my team (corvus) played merry men and we lost several games vs merry men.

Merry men stomped us using double mercurys which completely locked down our ships one after another within few seconds.

After this match my team discussed the mercurys ability to pierce the hull and take out several components.

We took this to a random match, which happened to be a low leveled match. Knowing that we would probaly stomp these players we proceeded to play the match and completely stomped these guys without trouble, at a point my gunner killed 3 components on a galleon with 1 shot.

In the lobby afterwards my crew and I apologized to the enemy team for using mercurys, to which they replied that they understood that we were testing its abilities. But they also said that we had destroyed their morale to keep playing, and they logged out.

My point being here is that this kind of gun is capable of breaking morale and actually make people close down the game, is this something we really want in the game? Being shot to pieces in a matter of seconds and then not being able to do anything afterwards?

The Pit / no cats?
« on: July 10, 2013, 04:42:47 pm »

Community Events / 3v3 - The Hemlock-Rejkva Grand Tournament Brackets
« on: July 01, 2013, 12:22:26 pm »
Click here for tournament rules:,1482.0.html

Tournament date: friday 5th of July
Tournament start time: 4pm EST / 10pm CET (please be present 15 minutes before start)

Signed up Teams:
Merry Marauders
P&S Company
Quack Street Boys
The Valiant Northern Air Fleet

Tournament format:
The tournament will be: double elimination.
The tournament will be using the classic upper and lower bracket system.

All matches consists of a best of 1 except for the finals.
The finals consists of a best of 3. The winner of match E will have an advantage point score of 1-0.
This means that the winner of match E would only need to win 1 game, whereas the winner of match K would have to win 2 games.
The first match will be Northern Fjords, the second match if needed will be picked by the loser of the first game

Seeding is random.


Games will run in the order from top to down.

Game A / Game B - will run at the same time.

Game C / Game D - will run at the same time.

Game H / Game I - will run at the same time.

Game E / Game J - will run at the same time.

Game K

Game F

Which Map will the game be using?

upper bracket:
Game A - Water Hazard
Game B - Fight over Firnfield
Game C - Northern Fjords
Game D - Northern Fjords
Game E - Canyon Ambush

lower bracket:
Game H - Fight over Firnfield
Game I - Northern Fjords
Game J - Canyon Ambush
Game K - Water Hazard

Game F - Northern Fjords / Losers pick

Streaming Information:


Qwerty2Jam -

Imagine -

Each streamer and his cohost will stream the following games:

Game A - Qwerty2Jam
Game B - Imagine
Game C - Qwerty2Jam
Game D - Imagine
Game H - Qwerty2Jam
Game I - Imagine
Game E - Qwerty2Jam
Game J - Imagine
Game K - Qwerty2Jam
Game F - Qwerty2Jam

At last for those who found everything above confusing

Good luck, train hard and see you friday!


Poster by Azshes
Introducing The Hemlock-Rejkva Grand Tournament

To all Sky Lords and Brave souls!
Today marks the 75th year since the joining of the Houses of Hemlock and Rejkva! 75 years of peace, prosperity and progress!
T’was not so long ago that the first grand wedding festival took place. Although a generation may have passed, Lord Valebjorn Hemlock-Rejkva now annually honors his father and mother's Great joining with a grand tournament of dangerous displays.
The modern airships have reached the heights of mountains, the aerial display of dashing pilots combined with feared and famous gunning experts; the genius minds of the world greatest engineers, are sure to create a wonderful contest of grit and passion!
In the icy Fjordlands a man’s cold exterior wraps a heart of burning pride and ambition, fuel that burning need to be the best, join the games, fight for the glory of your House, your company or fight for your own banner!
The Grand Tournament of House Hemlock-Rejkva requires the participation of three ships per entered name. To the victor GLORY! To the loser, the limping walk back home.

Do you have the passion, the desire for power, for glory? Then travel to the great Fjordlands and fight for the Honor of House Hemlock and House Rejkva. This year is bound to be the best games there have ever been!
Our Great Lord ValeBborn Hemlock-Rejkva urges every participant to come in peace, as history has proven that no feud is too strong to carry on in these hopeless times.

Tournament information.

Tournament date and time:

•   The tournament will be a 1-day event taking place on:
       o   5th of July – 4pm EST / 10pm CET.


•   Signups closes on Sunday June 30, at 12pm CET / 6pm EST
       o   The tournament can go live if at least 4 teams signs up, if any less signs up the event will be moved.
       o   Sign up must use this form in a reply to this thread:

           Team name: (your team name)
           Participating players: (the ingame name of the players of your team)
           Representative: (your teams representative)
           Eventual team logos etc.

Tournament rules:

1.   Each played game will have a referee being present.
2.   The referee is in charge of maintaining the rules.
3.   Each team must consist of 12 human players.
4.   Each team must use 3 unique types of ships. Meaning teams are not allowed to bring 2 or 3 types of the same ship.
5.   Every participant is expected to have read and agreed to
6.   Every team has the right to use replacements / substitutes.
7.   Replacements / substitutes are not allowed to play for more than 1 team.
8.   Any violations of tournament rules will be enforced by the referee, as he and the tournament Host sees fit.
9.   Matches will be played on:
     a.   Northern Fjords.
     b.   Canyon Ambush.
     c.   Fight over Firnfield.
     d.   Water Hazard.

The format:

All formatting rules can be found here.


•   Tournament Participation: free costume.
        o   Everyone who participated receives this prize.

•   1st place prizes:
        o   Soundtrack.
        o   The choice between a free copy of the game or a copy of adventure mode.

On the subject of contacting:

•   Each team must choose one representative.

•   Each team representative must add the tournament host to his steam friends list:

•   On the tournament day every team representative will be invited to a steam chat to go over the schedule etc.

•   After the tournament, each representative must gather a list of prizes that each team member wishes and send it to the tournament host.
       o   Do not send an unfinished list.
       o   Do not send it to Muse! The tournament host will take care of it to spare Muse a million emails.

The Hemlock-Rejkva Tournament crew:

Tournament Host – Skrimskraw
Referees – Mattilald Anguisad / Kyren
Livestream responsible – QwertyJam (Qwerty2jam)
Art  – Azshes
Backstory -  Lord Dick Tim
Big thanks to everyone helping the tournament!

Want to participate, but lack the required player numbers?
Use this thread to find your mercenaries:,

All questions welcome!
Find any mistakes in the post? Please bring them to my attention.

Community Events / 3v3 tournament - looking for group
« on: June 21, 2013, 07:58:00 am »
Are you in need of a crew for the Hemlock-Rejvka tournament?

find hearty men and fierce mercenaries in this thread.

link to tournament:,

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