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Community Events / An SCS idea.
« on: November 11, 2015, 12:08:48 pm »
SCS goes through spouts of interest currently.. then dies off to where no one is really playing.. Be it due to real life issues or just not wanting to bother.. So an idea how to maybe add some more life to it...

What if you had some weeks where teams had to be mixed teams and no two teams could be the same mix.. IE Team Predators could mix with Clan Clan once, but you can't have two Team Predators + Clan Clan teams.. To promote more team mixes..

More points could be given to teams who's parts are further apart in the ranking + more for pairing with teams who didn't play in the scs at all.. If something fair could be decided..

Since each clan participating only needs 4 people per team, it should be easier to take part.. and less hassle..

Thoughts? For smaller or less interested in scs parties would this make you more likely to participate in these weeks?

-I assume this topic goes here-

Feedback and Suggestions / A more visable combat log
« on: September 15, 2015, 07:56:03 pm »
I don't play rocket league but I've seen it and when people  get goals (and maybe other stuff) you get a very viable pop up along the side.. Looks like this:

So something that shows this for part destruction rebuilds and kills.. To make it very visible.. - Not necessarily exactly that style or THAT visible.. But the same idea.

I think this should be optional, like a simple toggle between this idea and what we have now.. Cause I can see when you don't care or it might be distracting an some people just flat wouldn't like it.. So Options...

Maybe even an option it only shows this visible one for specific types .. So maybe just kills, not part breaks or rebuilds.. Or just rebuilds.. etc.


Feedback and Suggestions / Probably a bad idea but..
« on: July 31, 2015, 06:08:59 pm »
What if you could pick either a light or heavy gun for the heavy gun slots?

Would this be useful at all?

Double gatling hawcha galleon op?...

I am aware it will never be a thing.

Feedback and Suggestions / Silly tool idea...
« on: June 06, 2015, 09:56:15 pm »
A throwable hammer.. You could only throw it once every so often (no spamming it), and can be used while on the wheel.. The cool down to rethrow would be longer then at lest one mallet cooldown..

The purpose is so the captain can look at a part, and throw a hammer at it to fix it for the same as a mallet (or maybe a bit less).. Or rebuild equal to one spanner hit.. Would go in the engi tool slot..

I imagine I'm no the only one who thought about throwing tools..

Feedback and Suggestions / A "ranked" event..
« on: May 12, 2015, 06:22:26 pm »
The idea if for another event like bounty hunter.. Time limit and stuff could be longer or shorter depending on what seems better..

The general idea is... During the event everyone gets a second MMR.. This MMR starts at 0, when the event starts and resets when the event ends.. for the next time.. It is visible and acts just like normal MMR though during the event..

Then whoever at the end of the event has the highest MMR, would win.. Perhaps some "brackets" to make it a little more fair to lower level people to still have the ability to win.. (Levels don't mean anything sure but.. They do a little?)..

The second MMR can be named something else for the purpose of the event of course..

Do you think this can work? Maybe with some changes/limits? Feel free to suggest..

The side benefit of this event is, we can see how MMR actually works with out showing us our actual MMR..

Basically one ammo per damage type, and using it in a gun would change its secondary damage to that of the ammo..

If the gun doesn't have one.. Then un.. It does nothing or it adds it.. (probably nothing).

Another random thought.. How much effect do you think it would have and would it be useful or to useful or not useful?

If not useful .. Qh well..
If useful then ok.
If to useful then, what if it included a x% reduction in the secondary damage to compensate the change..

Several have said it, and idk what topics so un... People say gunner isn't fair because gunner has one less option then other classes.. because of standard ammo

Basically.. Engineer and pilot have 3 of their class, 1 of each others class, and then 2 ammo choices.. while gunner gets 1 of the other classes items + 3 ammo.. So only one less compared to them.

What if they just remove the pilot and engineer ammo choice, and let the pilot pick the ships "Standard ammo" on the ship loadout?

This way the pilot and engineer get one ammo (from the ship loadout) and the gunner gets his three choices..  Also make standard ammo an actual ammo.

This also has the added effect, that your engineers can't bring different ammo so the gunners options maybe more useful then a third engineer. Also I guess AI would use whatever ammo you have as "Standard"..


Feedback and Suggestions / Make all pilot tools usable by crew.
« on: March 08, 2015, 08:46:38 am »
What if you could use any pilot tool as another class, by using the item on its relevant part - moonshine on an engine - hydrogen on the balloon.. impact bumpers on the hull.. etc. Perhaps with some cool down between uses separate from the tool cool down for if there is a major balance issue..

For tools like tar and moonshine maybe it has to be used on all engines before it activates.. or maybe it just makes the one do it.. (tar being 1/3 or 1/4th the normal effect because its only one of three or 4 engines doing it).

Issue with stacking tools.. Either let it stack or just make it so the pilots overrides any crew used tool.

Do you think this would have a big effect on what you want crew to take in the pilot slot? Do you think it'd have a negative or positive effect on the game? Or maybe just not useful at all?..

I think it'd have a positive effect in that it opens more options... and maybe adds some useful things you couldn't normally do.. 

Feedback and Suggestions / Handicap system..
« on: March 04, 2015, 06:55:56 pm »
Since this game is pure pvp.. and this means the more skill discrepancy there is between to teams the more stomping there will be.. And since .. Just the way MM works (or even the old match list for that matter) - you will always get some stacked matches.. and it also means the game is pretty much user driven..

What if muse gave us the option to handicap our ship (after some level), like nerf tools, nerf ship stats.. nerf gun stats or maybe lower the standard for the other team to win (ie 2 kills the weaker team wins but still 5 for the strong one to..).. IE make it so its harder for you to easily stomp.. - and players could decide when to employ it.. (Some people will take bad loadouts and such to do this already I know)..

Would you use this if it were available or would it require some reward for using it to make you want to use it?

Would this be a possible way to let players deal with stacked lobbies themselves by turning them in to more of a challenge.. and be reasonable?..

Just a random thought..

Feedback and Suggestions / Merge gunner and engineer
« on: February 02, 2015, 10:37:54 pm »
What if they just removed both classes and replaced it with a class called "Crew" or something... and this class can take 4 items from the gunner or engineer slots. 3 max of one type.. (so either 3 tools + 1 ammo.. 2 of each or 1 tool + 3 ammo)..

How would that effect the game you think? Would it have any major negatives? I don't expect them to do it or anything.. just wondering what people think..

Feedback and Suggestions / Mid-match ship/loadout swapping..
« on: December 22, 2014, 12:59:56 pm »
How would you feel about mid-match ship/loadout swapping before respawning? But only in its own match type.. Like you die - and before you respawn you can change your ship and any crew load outs.. Then spawn in..

Do you think that could be a thing? Probably to much work involved in making it happen.. but it could make for interesting matches, I think..

Could there be an option  where a player is given the ability to set up event matches..

Basically set up exactly like a custom game except its a match list of event matches set up by certain people..

The difference being it could have a lot more options... Like maps to play and the order of them.. Maybe drums or customizable win conditions.. ship slot buff (think making vip ship harder to kill).. etc.. to really customize the match for an event..

I am sure event creators could give you a lot of "options" they'd like to make it really work for them.. I am sure this kinda thing has been suggested a lot of times by the people who make events..


Then also, like you have bounty hunter... What about a monthly event that's more clan vs clan..

This is a bit of a complicated idea so bare with me... An I might be thinking this out a little as I go...

The event could be held at a few hours of the day, like one hour  at three different times a day, so its more viable for people anywhere to get in to one of them.. Maybe at the peak hours for each region.. idk..

A clan can only play in an event game once per day...

To join the event , maybe like during the hour you have to set up a crew form, everyone in that crew form has to be from the same clan - MAYBE - if it needs to happen you could have one ship and its paired with another clan who only has one ship... to increase how many can participate..

Then if the criteria is met, you can join the event queue instead of the normal queue.. The queue would have like a join in this time frame.. So all the teams are in the queue at the same time before the event actually starts..

So now the match maker has a bunch of teams in it, and it tries to pair teams who are equally rated..

-In the lobby you cannot change your ship or ship load out that's decided in the crew form before you start the event. I think I would want this as a rule but it doesn't have to be.. My reasoning is though you can't just win because you know what ships beats the enemies load out.. So it makes it little more interesting maybe..-

Now everyone plays their match.. Matches end... Every team gets some points towards several goals, not just wins...

So have several goals.. So you don't have to win every game to win something... Like..

Deadliest team - has the most ship kills.. over the course of the event..

Days attended - so just a point for showing up..

Winners - Most wins

Losers - most loses? Is this ok?..

Disablers - most part breaks..

Rebuilders -  Most repairs.

Arsonists - Most fires set.

Rammer (that sounds wierd..) - Most ram kills

Snipers - Most longrange kills

Brawlers - Most close range kills

Maybe some.. rare badge ideas.. that aren't always given out..

Invincible - most games won with no deaths but ships are near death (like less then 10% health).. Only awarded if someone has like 5 games where it happens?..

Ship related - where every game was played with the same ship.. So like if someone plays every game with two galleons and wins like 5 of them, they get a galleon related badge..

Anyway you get the idea.. I'm sure you guys could come up with a lot of things like this.. That could be interesting to try to get..

Each team can only win a single badge in the event.. So if team A wins the most games and gets the most kills - they either get to pick which badge they want... And the other badge goes to the next in line.. Or.. The game just has a set order to hand them out to speed up the process..

This would make the event interesting for as long as there are more badges to earn.. and make it more likely more people actually get something... Cause .. Getting something is nice..

To me it sounds viable, but maybe I am over looking something.. or we really lack the clan support to make this work?.. Not sure. It would need more thought probably but that's generally the idea... Thoughts?

Steam Workshop / Bored with the workshop tool... No artistic ability?
« on: November 16, 2014, 04:13:33 pm »
Who needs artistic ability when its easy as... ABC.. or 123:

Can only draw stick man? No problem!

I think I saw a Hyrulian spire to..

..... anyways.. un yeah.

Feedback and Suggestions / Match type descriptions in the lobby screen.
« on: November 09, 2014, 12:17:24 am »
Since match maker thinks I am equal to a brand new player... I have been having a lot of games with new players, which is ok I don't mind.. But I have noticed that a lot of them do not understand how CP or CK works, and it might help if in the lobby there was some text box that explained how the current map type works.. Maybe in place of  where you have the "Levels or meaningless" text currently.. :P

So like for CP it could say "Try to hold the point in the center of the map while you fend off enemies".. or like CK you could say "Move from point to point, trying to capture as many points as you can. Active point always go in alphabetical order." and.. well everyone knows what death match is.. Some think every match is death match.. Which is the problem..

I am unsure if this is in the tutorials, because.. I haven't touched those in well over a year... but if it is, they aren't doing a good job. An having this text may not completely solve the problem..  but.. It can't hurt.. At lest people might be more aware of the match type and how it works..

Feedback and Suggestions / Crew cosmetic slots..
« on: May 08, 2014, 10:28:50 pm »
While the cosmetic stuff is nice and all, its pretty much pointless for anyone who doesn't pilot much/at all.. I thought about it the whole sale to buy or not buy.. and decided to not buy because I wasn't going to fly anyway so whats the point?...

Short version:
Consider adding cosmetic item slots on ships that are used by the crew.

Longer version:
So I think maybe you could add in 3 other decoration slots... tied to crew 1 2 and 3 slots.. And the item that crew has equipped will show up in those spots.. Items could be equipped in our character menu maybe.. tied to our class..

This way the entire crew is decorating the ship and not just the pilot.. making this feature relevant to everyone and not just the people who fly(or captain but refuse to be the pilot)..

This could be just small items that appear in certain spots on ships.. or something bigger - idk... I am sure if you think about it.. you can come up with ideas for it.

Some random ideas..

Smaller things (each crew slot could have a location for these kinds of items so no conflicts).
- Plants
- Vases
- Posters
- pornography collection(jk)
- Misc items like weapons or tools etc
- achievement related items (level 15 class item, winning most wanted.. etc).

Bigger things (maybe less easy/possible because it could cause conflicts when two people use the same type of item but a different one)
- Balloon pattern (I know people want to pick things like stripes/crosses etc.. but maybe this better to let the ship owner decide but... just random ideas)..
- Hull/part changes.. Whether color or graphic..
- Gun effects (like the firework thing from the birthday event)
- Weapon handles (It seems all guns have the same control handles.. ? I maybe miss remembering so maybe this could be a swappable thing idk)..
- Event prize related things.. (winning major competitive events could offer these prizes.. or any event).

The issues I foresee are..

First, regulating what item to use.. Like if me and someone else uses the balloon pattern what happens?.

Which may mean not doing bigger things.. Or implementing a system to deal with this issue.. (just use the first one or random pick and ignore any others.. or a way for the player to pick a few items and it uses the first one that it can if any... etc)..

Second issue is joining mid match, which can be either.. it just ignores you and displays nothing for your slot.. or it updates on re-spawn..

- This idea may have been brought up elsewhere but I didn't see and doesn't seem to be a topic (less I am blind) so.... yeah!-

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