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Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Lochnagar
« on: February 24, 2016, 12:58:14 pm »
I don't think every ammo needs be useful on every gun... But I'd not mind seeing other "Experimental" ammo that works well for different guns in certain cases..

Like an ammo that makes the projectile much faster and has piercing (ie goes through multiple targets) but reduces the ammo to 1 and breaks the gun (or does like 90% damage and reload is slowed a bit? idk depends how broken it was)... So like makes art or merc super point and click and able to break multiple parts with one shot.. but missing or hitting one thing is costly.. cause you need to rebuild between shots..

Super Burst ammo that makes the shot hit everything on a ship basically but breaks the gun.. .. Thinking about mines maybe this idea should stop here..

Anyway you get the idea.. I'd support more ammos over changing current ammos.. Loch is fine imo where it is..

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: old 15 award
« on: January 02, 2016, 12:48:18 pm »
If there was a meaningful reward for getting level 15 I might actually want to play gunner/pilot but since there isn't .. There is little reason to play them (for me at lest since I don't really like either).

They could even have a toggle where you can chose to display your class level or your achievement level.. Achievement levels could have a *  or some minor icon by them to differentiate the two..

I don't know if custom AI is the right reward though... Maybe some special cosmetics like tool skins and special death animations could be unlocked (If those will ever be a thing).. Something more class specific..

A long time ago when Muse was talking about new ammo types, I realized the biggest issue with gunner value was gun ranges... The gunner class is more useful on longer range guns then short ones because of ammo giving variable ranges.. (long mid and short).. But lots of guns don't actually have this use because the ranges they work at, don't have a lot of situational value (or just good at one specific thing like the merc).. One ammo is basically sufficient.. In other words more ammo doesn't really change that..

This idea, could possibly create that value on more guns that lack longer range options(like guns that are mid-short range) because "closer" range would have a different value then just close range(if that makes sense)... If so more ammos would be useful on various guns (depending what you wanted to do).. and maybe open more possibilities on what loadouts to bring even for full engi ships..

I can't make suggestions on use though because I don't really understand it enough to..  But your ideas sound fine to me..

Community Events / Re: An SCS idea.
« on: November 13, 2015, 08:56:35 pm »
so what you are saying is that small teams need motivation to play, basicly handing out a handicap and making competitive casual?
I dont know how that would work since competitive is the opposite of casual.
honestly if you want to play on a team in competitive isn't that enough motivation?

your best bet is the stickied thread for clans to team up, but even then I'm almost 100% sure that no one will use it, since this is normally done through player on player interaction on steam.

Lets just face it, the competitive scene is slowly fading, and there are no competitive players who wants to get in on it.
All the veterans have burned out or are burning out at the moment, they wont come back and even if they do it wont be for long anyway.
They are still around sure, but they dont participate.
Making it all casual and helpful to new teams isn't the solution, but rather the death of competitive
Teams should be expected to give their best and practice hard to be able to compete and not just be handed a handicap where they can feel secure and have fun in a casual enviroment.

I'm not saying that your suggestion will not work, maybe it will attract new teams and players to try it out, but it would effectively be the death of competitive, due to the lack of actual competitive spirit.

the playersbase isn't big enough to divide into skilled and unskilled, that's the main problem. You could easily have some event that allowed random players to play an scs like event and let that be the kickstart for them to enter competitive play, by either joining or creating a team.
For this to work you would need the following: organizers, streamers, casters and most of all players.
goio supports around 150 online on average during the day, could you inform them all about this and make them participate? I don't believe because nothing have worked since day one of goio's release.
Competitive have always been scheduled through the forum, and new players do not use the forum. This is why no new players join competitive unless they are recruited ingame.

I can guarantee you, that if you put in effort to try and get new players/teams into competitive you will be wasting your time. If they want to compete they will seek it themselves like any other team has done.

On making it casual, I don't think we can get a more casual competitive event then SCS really.. Which purpose is to more be like practice then an actual event.. Like an in-between of pub lobbies and an actual event an can try less conventional stuff to see if it actually would work against competent players.. An there are things to learn from different teams since people do a lot of different things, that you might learn playing with them, an be useful for what you normally do.. So its not like it has no value to mix teams, or that it necessarily makes it more casual or less serious.. It'd just be different once in awhile..

The fact that the community has shrunk back down so much, and muse not really doing anything currently or for awhile to really address that(I think more then just another sale is really needed but you know.. co-op).. Making or changing events can't help that on its own. So it wouldn't necessarily fit now as the teams who could be interested, from people who use to play (none of which posted, except TB of course) seem not to be interested anyways (or not paying attention)... Which you'd need a certain amount of support before even doing it realisiticly...

You probably can take me as the person who tries to deny everything and always stay in opposition, but I simply consider all ideas in terms of what is most important for this competitive scene - Participants - which means Teams as we don't have many of those left today and we keep losing them. Whatever is unhealthy for teams is unhealthy for competitive.

Nah I can understand your point of view and don't entirely disagree. I am probably the most casual person in competitive though and am not a team leader or have to organize or anything(just show up at the right times and play), so I am not as heavily invested as some of you are.

Mostly it was just an idea I've considered for awhile but didn't think of a way it could be done, that wasn't so complicated till now..

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Please make rematch the default option
« on: November 13, 2015, 07:54:13 pm »
I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't want auto-rematch.. But when population is very low like now it may as well since your likely to end up with similar teams anyway..

Community Events / Re: An SCS idea.
« on: November 11, 2015, 10:21:55 pm »
While first I don't think it needs to be an EVERY scs thing, just sometimes thing.. As unlike normal tournaments the scs is consistent and one day..  Committing to a several week tournament  vs a one day event is a bit different..

Clearly there is still a need the SCS remains unchanged most of the time though. Would be silly to fully switch to this idea.

why would  a team/Clan signup for something if they cannot play together?

Why subject your own team to mixed teams if you can fill 2 boats yourself.

and more to the point

how hard is it for a team with 4 players to contact another team with 4 players and make a mixed team for scs.- I honestly dont get how hard this can be? a leader or organizer should be fully capable of putting Work into his own team, rather than having 8 player teams forced to split up into mixed teams.

To mix it up? but more to make it possible for more people to participate an have a -possibly- higher chance to actually win some.

It's less an issue that smaller teams could play its a more a matter if it would motivate them to play.

also i dont see your point in how this would affect the current decline in event participation.

specially when the current belief is that the cause of this is:
the age of goio
the constant player retention after ever sale (this goes for most multiplayer games these days)
new teams believing that they can be competitive without giving an effort. - 8 players per team, they dont practice and they split up because they got 5-0'ed to a team that actually is a competitive team.

It may not help at all, but the current isn't really doing it any better right? Its more an issue if there are teams interested but unable to or unwilling to play because whats the point to lose twice?

furthermore the amount of Work that the organizers have to put into this is immensely larger than anyone seem to believe. Any event organizer in goio knows how much time you have to put into this.
ranging from  organization to being in contact with various parties to making it run.
Just the notion of them also having to team different ships up with eachother and dealing with the blowback from people WHO dont like flying with eachother. - and if the teams themselves have to mix up, then good luck they Arent gonna bother trying to find someone to teamup with ;)

Thomas is currently working on something for mixed teams, i´d give that a go before changing scs into this.

While its possible that more people wouldn't be interested at all - the opportunity isn't really given currently. But it would have to be on the individual teams not organizers..

I don't think - again a full tournament is the same as a one off event... As there is only a single day time commitment vs several weeks.  So that's beside the point.

I don't deny it may be a pointless effort, which is why I'd be more interested in smaller or less consistent teams thoughts then our teams who can play practically every event with out much issue. If it would make them willing to play/be able to play then it'd be worth it imo.. But if not then its not worth it.

Community Events / An SCS idea.
« on: November 11, 2015, 12:08:48 pm »
SCS goes through spouts of interest currently.. then dies off to where no one is really playing.. Be it due to real life issues or just not wanting to bother.. So an idea how to maybe add some more life to it...

What if you had some weeks where teams had to be mixed teams and no two teams could be the same mix.. IE Team Predators could mix with Clan Clan once, but you can't have two Team Predators + Clan Clan teams.. To promote more team mixes..

More points could be given to teams who's parts are further apart in the ranking + more for pairing with teams who didn't play in the scs at all.. If something fair could be decided..

Since each clan participating only needs 4 people per team, it should be easier to take part.. and less hassle..

Thoughts? For smaller or less interested in scs parties would this make you more likely to participate in these weeks?

-I assume this topic goes here-

Personally .. I kinda liked the blind pick matches since they felt a little less serious. People tended to do weirder things then they do with out it, which lead to some interesting matches.. I'd like to see a muse made blind pick mode.. Optional of course..

I don't think its bad if it makes a "good" team lose to a "bad" team personally, but rather a good thing.

The only downside to blind picks from my point of view is it was more work to set up a lobby..

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Block Notes
« on: November 09, 2015, 03:55:27 pm »
For some reason all I could think of was the music blocks in like Mario... An how they would be useful... or fun.. Totally different topic clearly..

On topic though.. I wouldn't use it really but not against having it.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Hull repair tool: Welding Torch
« on: November 08, 2015, 09:23:14 pm »
Personally.. I don't think they should add ways to restore hull health at all..

For co-op though? Sure why not.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Ship change indicators
« on: October 25, 2015, 12:41:38 pm »
Maybe not un-readied but timer reset would be good, especially useful to those who change ship late just because they're short on time and still learning the ropes, all too often does it pose a problem learner pilots changing last second due to a basic lack of time thanks to the pub "ready up scrub" attitude...

Reason for unready is because otherwise the lobby will start in .. is it 5? secs cause everyone is already readied up.. If half are then 30sec lobby start.. You can't easily reset-the timer and avoid this without unreadying people..

As for player changed due to needing time.. This would only benefit them, as now they have a min more.

Granted it does cause the issue of people trolling with it by constantly changing ships creating an endless lobby... which wouldn't be easily addressed..

Maybe not a default 60 second addition. If there was a change, the Add Time button could become active with an indication that a ship changed. Then it is your choice on whether you need to add time or not. Otherwise, this could be abused quite a bit.

Issue would then be, if its very last sec, do you have enough time left to see the change and click the add time button? Is it worth the effort to put it in, if it can be easily bypassed? Adding any amount of time will cause the same issue of troll guy switching his ship often enough to create an endless lobby..

Maybe a better thought is, you can't switch ships if you ready up.. This way you can easily tell if a ship is able to try to last sec switch. Coupled with the topic idea(which is useful for more then last second switches in general) might be sufficient to spot and deal with last second switches with out more complicated systems..

Another idea is if you last second switch, your ship becomes locked and unreadied and time is reset to 30secs?.. This way you stop the lobby from starting quickly (30 secs is given) only once per ship per lobby and you can no longer switch your ship so you can't try to do it twice in the same lobby..

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Ship change indicators
« on: October 25, 2015, 10:56:40 am »
Make it so if ships change when the timer is below 60secs, the time auto resets to 60secs and everyone is unreadyed..?

I am for the ship change highlight though, would be useful - even with out any complicated reset rules..

Community Events / Re: TimmyB Tournament: week 3 sign-ups 10/3
« on: October 03, 2015, 08:49:56 pm »
In the future if you re-do this event .. For the race I'd really like if you said in chat a bit of commentary or something that it was time to turn in.. I feel like we beat Clan clan(I think it was clan clan, I'm sorry if I got that incorrect :P) partly, if not completely, because they were confused.. (We were also unsure if it was time, and just did it anyway)..

Likewise in the second match that I watched, looked like a lot of teams didn't know it was time And lost first and other places because of it likely..

Or perhaps have the race in a figure 8 this way you pass through the middle every lap and the final lap you will already be going through the middle.

Otherwise I think I like these less standard match styles then the normal competitive deathmatches..

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Let's deal with clan invites spam
« on: September 17, 2015, 01:19:06 am »
Or make it so once your in a clan.. You can't be invited to another clan with out first leaving your current clan...

When trying it can just say "SoanSo is already in a clan" .. An no invite is sent to the person..

Personally.. I actually don't care.. (like most things).. I can see the benefits of having or not having them..

But in my experience.. I have only seen 2 pauses that were really unfortunate for one of the teams.. An one was an unofficial pause(the pause was denied, but the players paused anyways, that might have ruined a good ambush... Though it was the team doing the ambush who requested the pause.

The other one just the clouds issue, where people who weren't spotted and could of been closer before being see were seen early...

I think it should just be.. If both teams agree to a pause (IE one captain from both teams says pause), the clock stops for 1min max(or is the current rule 2? I don't even know).. Otherwise no clock stop. This way the teams themselves decide.. But their is no clock penalty for being nice.

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