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Feedback and Suggestions / 1v1, yea or nay?
« on: April 14, 2019, 05:54:03 pm »
The question of 1v1 lobby size has once again come up. With the addition of Brawl (2v2v2v2), we do have an easier mechanic that can be used to 'downsize' an existing map with an alternate score. This uses another map, and adds an alternate kill count for lower number of ships. For example, if you were to start a 1v1 of Dunes, it would say '5 kills' in the lobby, but would switch to 3 kills on entering the match.

This would use all existing 2v2 Deathmatch maps as is.

If you downsize from a 2v2 to the 1v1 via the Start Match button, the lobby will be permanently converted to a 1v1. There is no current way to upscale a lobby.

The other option is to create all new versions of each map, catered to 1v1. These would be smaller chunks of each map that would be better suited for single ship combat. Dunes Ribs, for example, which is just the 3x3 grid around the rib-like structure in the SE second of Battle on the Dunes. Downsizing from larger lobbies should still work, though. These will take more time and work, and need a unique map region and map image created for them.

Community Events / Sunday Community Skirmish #240 (24th March)
« on: March 23, 2019, 01:54:34 pm »

24th March @ 8pm UTC

Please join the Discord
to talk to the event organizers, referees, other teams, and find valuable information.

SCS is a 2v2, time limited, competitive event for not only veterans. Teams consist of 2 ships (8 players). The event lasts from 1-3 hours depending on how many teams sign up.

Sign up requirements:
Reply to this post with your Team Name and a Point of Contact that can be reached in game or through Discord before 5pm UTC (2hrs before the event starts).
Lobby passwords are sent to the team's point of contact.
Please do not sign up if you will not be able to produce at least 2 captains and 2 crew members. Playing with some AI crew is permitted but not recommended.

Please list your team's preferred maps as well (this week only).

All Interested in being a Referee or Caster this week please go to the SCS Discord.

Official Rules
Tournament Information (updated an hour before the event)

Feedback and Suggestions / Remove coin limits.
« on: May 06, 2018, 05:52:09 pm »
1. Remove the coin cap for all players.
2. Remove the faction bank restriction. Your coins go with you when joining another faction.

Argument against: People could strategically pool and then dump their coins to rapidly flip territories.

Argument for: People could strategically pool and then dump their coins to rapidly flip territories.

Feedback and Suggestions / Change Buff Hammer to Buff Spray
« on: March 25, 2018, 05:17:46 pm »
The buff hammer has always been a confusing issue, especially for new players. If something is broken, you hit it with something. This leads to quite a few people accidentally whacking things with the buff hammer when they are broken. Even vets do this by mistake on occasion.

My suggestion is to remove the buff from the 'whack it' category and add to the 'spray application' catagory.

Change from DynaBuff Industries Kit to DynaBuff Miracle Oil. Basically, WD-40 or whatever your favorite brand may be. It is universally known to make things operate faster and more smoothly. Simple to understand, unmistakable, and innuendo friendly to boot.

*Power-lube is an actual brand of motor oil. I found this image when looking for old oil cans.

Muse has requested a wishlist of the top PvE to PvP map conversions. The following is an image of all 10 available PvE maps (one is WIP in devapp).  I am trying something new, so click this VOTE LINK to rank the maps you would like to see converted to PvP from most to least. It would also be helpful to leave a post below with ideas on which sections of maps to use and for what modes.

Example: Devil's Eye B8 to E4 would make a great VIP (no it wouldn't, that is just an example).

Or, if you want to get more detailed, you can use the Zero Zero marker on the map to give coordinates for bounds. Left and down are negative numbers. This is an example of a detailed map.

Smaller sections of Voyagers Cove and Parous Glen have already been made into the Misty Mutiny and Ashen PvP maps, but could have potential for maps made from other areas.

Feedback and Suggestions / Desert Scrap point increase and 4v4
« on: February 18, 2018, 09:32:19 am »
The topic of Desert Scrap has been raised, with a request to increase the point limit to 450. The suggestion to add to 4v4 to join Breach as the second 4v4 Koth has also been suggested. Vote and comment.

Feedback and Suggestions / Fortress mode revisited (PvP asymmetrical)
« on: February 10, 2018, 11:09:41 pm »
While testing the new 4v4 Blackcliff spawns and stress testing the map, I started playing around with some spawn commands. The results were 'fortifying' the northwest refinery and added two drills. Red team had the close spawn, so started defending the area, while blue team tried to destroy the drills. Any time blue lost a ship, I added another wall. Blue had to destroy all targets before running out of lives (9 deaths).

These were just rough, on the fly rules, but everyone had a blast. We are thinking of suggesting an actual asymmetrical fortress mode (3v3 and 4v4 only) with refined rules and dedicated maps. What rules would work well with this game mode?

A screenshot from right before blue achieved 'victory' by destroying the second drill.

Feedback and Suggestions / MKII Mercury
« on: January 22, 2018, 05:38:11 pm »
There have been a few suggestions floating around for some time now on Mercury balance. One of the main ones is bringing back the fabled 'noodley merc'. This version come from 2012. Another wish people had expressed is more of a turret type gun that is less restricted by its position on the ship. We have decided to do a test run by combining these two wishes.

Mercury MKII stats

Primary damage: 60 Piercing
Secondary damage: 250 Shatter.
Turn speed: 100deg/s
Up arc: 20 (from 15)
Down arc: 20 (from 5)
Horizontal arcs: 180 (from 15) (360deg of coverage)
To combat these buffs, we are removing the zoom function.

The resulting gun will be able to quickly acquire targets in any direction around the ship.

Feedback and Suggestions / Return of Resource Race
« on: January 04, 2018, 11:43:06 pm »
A long time ago, in a playerbase far far away......

It was a time of long travels, Squid pilots, Engineers gnashing teeth, buff hammers, and very little strife.
There was a mode, avoided by all but those few that liked long, arduous journeys through virtually empty skies.

It was the time of 'Resource Race'.

Many 'always active' capture points were scattered through the skies, far flung so only the fastest of ships could reach them,
only to move on to the next point. On and on this would go, until someone finally won through attrition alone.
Resource Race was canceled, finally defeated by a vast, great yawn from the playerbase. There it has sat, gathering dust,
Until now....

I have always liked the idea of multiple active points, but in the end, Resource Race failed due to other mechanics of the game, namely the ships, number of points, and the distance. I thought for some time on this issue, and have devised a way to bring back Resource Race by removing one word, "race", and replacing it with "King". Thus, Resource King is born (better name, of course). By combining the fun of King of the Hill with the multiple capture points of Resource Race, a unique mode is created. This new modes eliminates all points but 3, as well as most of the distance. In fact, the points would be overlapping, instead of on the far corners of the map.

Here is an example of how Labyrinth could look with 'Resource King' rules instead of the standard KotH.

The three points surround the central area, just overlapping. This allows a single ship to attempt to capture all three points at once if they find that 'sweet spot'. Once points are capped, the team needs to decide to hold what they have, or try for more. Do you keep the two points you have, or risk your position to go for all three? Is the enemy weaker on Point A or B? Points could cycle quite often between teams as they are pushed off one point and on to another. The battles would dynamically follow a much larger area.

On paper, it sounds like a lot of fun. What are your thoughts?

Community Guide / Ship Scale Guide
« on: November 26, 2017, 01:14:30 pm »
Knowing the scale of ships can be crucial in judging their range in combat. Below, you will find an image of exact scale ships, engines, and the male player character for reference. There are also individual ship features.

The images are quite large. They are grayscale png format to reduce file size while retaining the crisp lines needed for measuring. In order to measure individual ships, import the image into any program that allows you to measure pixels. I use GIMP with the selection tool (which tells you how large the selection is) or the measure tool. Once you have the pixel count, divide by 20. This will give you the dimension in meters.

You are free to use the silhouettes or images in your own projects.

Feedback and Suggestions / PvP night maps. Remove or leave?
« on: September 05, 2017, 09:35:46 pm »
This question came up in Discord.

As some of you know, we have been testing and tweaking the Judgement for inclusion in pvp for the past few weeks. We have made substantial changes to the stats to bring it in line with the Skirmish ships. It is now substantially slower with double the perma hull. The feedback on these changes is that it is well balanced in every category but one. It is awful to crew on.

The issues are the very wide spread components and difficulty in getting to them. The engines are at the 4 corners of the ship. The hull is mid ship out of any path and far from the engines. The balloon is unreachable from the hull area by any survivable means. And the pilot is not close enough to anything to help.

Have ideas on how to improve this situation that does not require a major art rework? A ladder here and there, move the hull, balloon, or both?

This came out of the discussion on the lobby autoswitch poll. The image below is what you see if you try to join a running match in slots 2, 3, and 4 as PILOT.

With this change, players trying to join a running match as GUNNER in slots 3 and 4 would also get that message, regardless of what the other crew are. Gunner trying to join in slot 1 would get the message "You will be switched to Pilot. Continue?"

Engineers will be free to midmatch join in any slot.

To be clear, classes allowed to midmatch join are as follows:

Slot 1. Pilot, Engineer, NO Gunner
Slot 2. Gunner, Engineer, NO Pilot
Slot 3. Engineer, NO Gunner or Pilot
Slot 4. Engineer, NO Gunner or Pilot

This would have NO effect on lobbies. In a lobby, you could still fill your ship with gunners if you wish.

This is a change being discussed for ease of use and possibly frustration reduction.

There are two options being discussed.

1. Visual change only. This is a gentle nudge telling players what classes are recommended, with the exception of the Captain slot which will still auto-switch players to pilot like it does now.

2. Apply Captain logic to slot 3 and 4 for Engineer default. This would auto-switch players to Engineer. It is a 'soft' change, like the pilot slot, allowing players to switch back to gunner after they have been switched to engineer. Slot 2 would have no auto-switch logic other than a pilot joining auto-switching to engineer.

These changes do not (yet) extend into running matches, since you can join a running match as a gunner or engineer pilot. I need to confirm with the programmers if it would be easily possible to apply the pilot trying to join slots 2, 3, and 4 to gunner, so a second gunner could never join a running match in slots 3 and 4. That is another topic, however.

The main concerns are if the text is changed, but no logic (option 1), this would be confusing to players. It would be just as easy to join as a second gunner. The concern with option 2 is that it might annoy players.

Gameplay / The Meta is dead, long live the Meta.
« on: June 30, 2017, 08:53:38 am »
In the coming week (July 3+), just in time for the real life fireworks, you will notice a major shift in our own 'fireworks'. The Experiential Crew, a group of old and new players, masters to casuals alike, has been hard at work crafting, testing, reworking, and retesting (repeat for weeks) a long awaited change to ammo balance in a co-effort with the Muse team. The goal of the changes has been to further define each ammo in its role, rather than the current meta based on the some of the secondary features of each ammo. It is designed to change the mentality of just one ammo 'always' being the right ammo for a certain gun. This has led to a stagnation of the meta, and calls for something new.

This will be the second major update that has large aspects almost completely created by players. The previous effort brought the Nemesis Heavy Carronade to our arsenal. The concept, stats, and function of the weapon were designed by players, while the devs worked hard to create the assets to match our vision. It was an amazing 5 week journey of ups, downs, celebration, and heated debates. We are quite happy with the result.

Following on this succees, Muse has entrusted us with a community generated balance patch at our request. The ammo rebalance will come in two stages. Stage 1 will involve changes to Burst and Greased, the most ubiquitous offenders in the game, Heatsink, the ammo that is rarely used for its supposed main use, and Charged, often collecting dust and forgotten. The following gives a basic outline of the changes.

Burst and Heastsink will lose their extra ammo capacity, and instead focus on their main function. For Burst, this means more damage on AOE per shot, without the extra shots. Heatsink will now remove all fire stacks on reload, and have some of its negative stats removed.

Greased and Charged will shift their focus, literally. Greased has long occupied too much of its bigger sibling's DPS space. Both are DPS increasing ammos, so compete directly with each other while lacking a real distinction in function. This most often leads to simply taking the ammo with more DPS, Greased. The new focus, however, will present a conscious and meaning choice between the two. The new focus of Greased will be short range, high DPS with the addition of high jitter. Charged, on the other hand, will have its focus on slightly longer range targets with the addition of velocity and reduction of jitter. Lesmok and Heavy Clip will not be encroached on, since the changes are minor. Just a little further, a little faster.

We will also have new content ported from PvE to PvP, including a ship, gun, and two new map modifications.

Stage 2 of the ammo balance will come later, after the dust has settled on this one. We are planning on presenting two new ammos. One to fill the +ammo role vacated by Burst and Heatsink, while the other will effectively be the opposite of Lesmok. Incendary and Lochnagar will also be getting very close scrutiny of the next month.

We know there will be people unhappy with the changes, with a lot of "Why....?" questions. The Experimental Crew will do our best to answer those questions.

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