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General Discussion / Ok i think its time for guns of icarus 2
« on: December 03, 2019, 08:14:01 pm »
Well enough time has passed and the game is dead enough that i think the only way to bring it back is with a reboot. I dont think the expectations will be super high, just you know make something, and dont do mandatory team swaps.

In all seriousness I do miss the game and the truth is that nothing has been able to really replace it, I know a bunch of us went over to foxhole, or at least thats where ive run into the most guns players. What do you say muse is it time yet? Youve sold or given the game to tens if not over a hundered thousand people, you should have enough feedback on guns to make a squeal that will do even better. Id even be willing to kick start it.

PS i think people really wanted boarding so maybe put that in this one.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Remove mandatory tutorials
« on: May 30, 2018, 11:55:52 am »
I joined in 2013 and learned the game with no tutorial. I’m not saying delete it entirely just don’t make it mandatory.

The old way of learning the game is you would play with noobs maybe win maybe lose, fight a vet every 3rd or 4th round, and get stomped. Usually the vet would pass some jewel of advice to you and you took it to your next noob game and slowly got better. I don’t see anything wrong with using that system now that we have the players, if people would rather opt out of the tutorial.

And yea I was trolling you ravioli, I guess that says something about your cognitive abilities :p

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Remove mandatory tutorials
« on: May 29, 2018, 11:32:09 am »
Ok Mr. Potty Mouth let’s try to keep it g rated and not bash on handicap people k thx.

What I’m saying is there are enough new players with f2p they can learn by doing in a safer environment than before when we only had 100 players. They don’t need to start out playing at a higher level so we can let people just get into the game and have fun, like the good old days.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Remove mandatory tutorials
« on: May 29, 2018, 07:43:05 am »
It’s a roadblock in the sense that a lot of people think it’s stupid and bugged, and imo it is a pretty annoying tutorial, I’ve done it many times for my smurf accounts. 

I’m also hurt that you would say people with cognitive abilities shouldn’t be able to play the game ravioli.

Feedback and Suggestions / Remove mandatory tutorials
« on: May 27, 2018, 09:14:28 pm »
I noticed a lot of f2p accounts aren’t sticking. There are enough noobs now that I think the tutorials aren’t needed, and could be creating a roadblock.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Restore stackable crew form
« on: November 30, 2017, 08:30:48 pm »
Classic crew form means that if your lobby ends all ships from your original crew form will be returned there instead of split up into different crew forms.

Feedback and Suggestions / Restore stackable crew form
« on: November 29, 2017, 07:23:34 pm »
You know while I believe it was done with the best intentions I think a revival of crew form classic could help restore large clans and general enjoyment to guns of Icarus.

While it was on the surface a good anti stack measure I think all of us can agree than no anti stack measure will ever work in this game. Also there is a severe lack of large mid level clans that used to exist somewhere between grox and skbo. Think srep, ra, cake, dagz, sm. I think some of the reason that is lacking is because there is no way for 8-16 people to play consistently together for a long stretch of time, make friends and get good together.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: 2nd Gunner Midmatch Join
« on: October 15, 2017, 03:47:10 am »
Well there is an old saying, "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink". Even if you switch new players to engineer you may not be able to get them to repair or get off guns. That's why I still think slot lock would be superior.

some mobas seem to give rank and then spereate people in matchmaker based on that, seems pretty fair.  Guns doesn't have that kinda pop tho, but if we did something like that would be good. Guns is more like a middle school dodgeball fight. The weak get picked last for teams. We all know the consequences of a low level player in a high level match. Even a noob not on your ship, but on an ally ship can cost you the match. Slot lock would help fix the stacking. Most vets imo would choose ai over a noob in a high level lobby, freeing up the noobs for their own lobby.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Slot Locking
« on: September 01, 2017, 09:48:45 pm »
Give it up.  Your high horse accusations Narayan and SKBO come from being not publicly opposed by many people over time, so you think your continued arguments actually mean something.  They dont.  They never have.  They never will.  Being drunk on occasion never affected those in the "so called respected clan".  Only those not respected by so called "masters of the Goio universe".   But what you and everyone dont understand is you masters are in a minority.  Always have been.  Always will be.  Noone likes you.  Noone gives a shit what you say or in the community because you didnt give a shit what they said.  Just like muse.

Get out breathe.  Get out of the drama filled bullshit you created in this community.   You failed on so many levels.  I will never come back based on your stupidty.  Revel in your crap.

First of all are you fucking kidding me? Nearly everyone opposes me.

Second with the average player count according to the steamcharts of both games being around 50 the big 3 clans, that's zlot, rydr, and skbo do make up a very sizable minority if not the majority of the current game pop 

Third you're an idiot xii and now everyone knows your an idiot.

This thread is about slot locking to balance the game and give a consistent match to everyone.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Slot Locking
« on: September 01, 2017, 02:33:31 pm »
I recall full-well attempting to swap ships with Narayan and multiple other high-prestige pilots in order to balance lobbies only to be met with a cold shoulder and inevitable stomp.

I'll second that crock of shit.

So I'm not sure if you play under a different name but I don't really recall playing with you ever. That being said.

Slot lock is not about ending stacks or criticizing people who do stack, it's about creating a level playing field with consistent crew for veteran captains who don't have a full crew going up against a stack. Slot locking is about improving match quality and creating consistancy for veteran pilots and mid level pilots.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Slot Locking
« on: August 31, 2017, 09:53:28 pm »
No we tried lowering the vet lobby threshold already and it didn't work, and to be fair not all noobs are bad and some people want to play with low level friends. Also late night there isn't really enough pop for a vet lobby.

Slot lock lets you keep the slots empty and screen potential players it's sort of the best of both worlds.

Also ravioli somewhere in the jumble above was a reply to your points about a negative impact from slot locking.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Slot Locking
« on: August 31, 2017, 08:59:43 pm »
Naryan as u said the game is dead, so can u just go away now and not come back plz thx bai.

And people Call Narayan Toxic. You lot did nothing but destroy every ship with new players on it every sale just like a free lunch. I have been there when yours and other so called respected clans did this & laughed about it.

The majority of you are rude to new players and don't teach them anything, in fact you tend to ignore questions from new players when asked. How do I know this? I have flown with skbo clan members on several occasions, when able to get on a stacked ship.... How you can look in the mirror whilst slagging of Narayan in the same breath for putting forward ideas is a joke, and only serves to highlight how toxic you actually are.

When I think of the hundreds of hours I spent teaching only for the top clans to smash the new players makes my effort null and void. Even had a Rydr surrender and still keep fighting to kill a level  5 pilot I was teaching. Oh yes elitism is alive and well. The majority of you have helped kill this game with stack after stack after stack never offering a rematch; when the stack was not in your favor. Players and clans of this douchery should only ever be in events and should not be in gen pop. All giggling like prepubescent teens getting moist over a fresh batch of noobs to kill.

A CA that did what was needed of them.

     I understand how my joke was toxic, as the intention was a stab at Naryan (stabs in nature being toxic). I did not mean to cause you any personal offense from it.
     As for your statement towards SkBo, and other "so called respected" clans (I thank you for the new title) destroying ships during "every sale just like a free lunch," you are correct. But I think that this has no negative connotation as you phrased it to have. You have, just told me that us Respected Clans, play the game during sales, and end up killing people, and have fun~! And yes, its true! During some sales I will play the game and sometimes there will be an enemy ship with new players on it, and (oh the horror) I will LAUGH, I will have FUN. I will enjoy the game. (Shame on me?)
Now I am assuming that your intention behind this claim is that we were stacking, and that stacking is inherently bad, and we were having fun doing so, and this therefore causes us to go from respectable, to "so called respected". I understand where you are coming from with this. Stacking and crushing lower levels obviously deters them away from the game, and I believe that everyone really has stacked. You yourself have said so. But, I can say from experience that on this, and my novice level alternate accounts, I still see strong effort from vets to swap ships and balance lobbies in almost every match. For if they dont, someone usually calls them out on it, and they then do. They have reason and initiative to keep lobbies balanced. Even if I personally find stacking and winning, a fun and enjoyable activity, that not only makes me "giggle like" a "prepubescent teen," and "moist," but also makes my throbbing dick rock hard with pure ecstasy, I still put forth effort to balance lobbies. But of course you can only balance a lobby so much in a game where people want to fly with their friends, and as is the nature of the game; one team wins and is happy, and another team loses and is sad. I apologize that this happens. But you have to look past this fact, and realize that people try al the time to stop stacks, but sometimes, they do happen... and yes... not everyone is upset when it happens... (reference my throbbing cock statement)
As for your statement that you "once saw" a member of the so called respectable Storm Ryder's clan surrender and still keep fighting to kill a level 5 pilot I was teaching;" If he surrendered, then the captain was Lue and he had a novice on his crew he was upset with (Lue does as Lue does), and yes, I am just as surprised as you that he didn't suicide into a cliff until the novice stopped being AFK or trolling (I dont blame him). But you seem to be trying to say with this statement that, he was being an "Elitist" "Douche," by playing in a match that resulted in a loss for a novice, that you were teaching. I cannot tell if you are humoring us here, or if you actually think that everyone in the game should just be able to win all the time and no one should lose as it makes people sad.

     And as for your signature "A CA that did what was needed of them," I will tell you that I did not know that proper CA's add fire to toxic people like Sir Captain Slork Glork of the Most So Called Respected Clan The Skyborne That is Actually a Bunch of Silly Goof Gaffs Stackers, and in doing so unarguably break Code of Conduct rules #1 for Profanity/Obscenity, and rule #2 for Harassment. And you might be thinking, oh my, but captain Sir Slork Glork of the Most So Called Respected Clan The Skyborne, your whole post has been rude and defamatory and has included rude and coarse language, oh my, and people do this all the time on the forum, how come you are calling my out here for it!? But I never made a post with the intention of saying I was a proper noobie loving CA, who has done everything in his power to help the community, while fierce wolves of top tier clans struck them down, oh my!

TL;DR/ To sum things up:
                        I feel like you are trying to glorify yourself as a beautiful and righteous acting CA (ur signature in last post lol) who deserves more for his hard work to keep the game alive, and everyone else is a horrible person, as they are war mongrels hungry for stomping the enemy, and worst of all like having fun. And you believe that Vets have killed this game, and we need to reform them into good doing machines for the sake of the community, that will always let the newbies win. IMO its amazing that the game has lived so long, and developed such a dedicated community as is, when many other games of Guns' stature have already fallen to the grave.
                       And i don't necessarily think Naryan is toxic i just think his ideas are often kinda lackluster in reason[ing]. Though I find myself actually agreeing with his tone here (and the reasoning for having this idea [not the idea itself]) in the sentence  "...i would like to suggest to help balance out lobbies and game play for everyone in our low pop state." As I said previously this game is amazing and the fact that it has made it this far is a miracle in itself. but the game had fallen (not even an angelic community would have stopped this, every game dies out at some point), to a low pop state and creating ideas to deal with balance in the current state is much better than complaining about how we got to this state. Kudos to you Naryan.

I will be happy to respond to any retort you have to this jumble of text written by a horrible so called respectable stacker. me.

Edit: Dmitrij K., has voiced that where you said "Players and clans of this !#$%@$ should only ever be in events and should not be in gen pop," he is in full agreement. Plz get us vets some cool events

For the record I was thinking of just PMing this retort as a private reply, with the intention of not stirring up fuss that has nothing to do with the thread it is in, but Mr. Briss, as a CA that does "what is needed of them," I figured he must have taken this into consideration with his original defaming post, and come to the conclusion that stirring up a fuss in public on the forums [and breaking the CoC] was the way to go, so I am merely following in his prestigious example. (I also didnt want to ruin any "so called respectable" Clan's rep by not making a statement on the matter)

I have over 3/4's on my time as engineer. So all I do is repair the ship and stop if from dying. The worst thing you can say about me is firing some mines in between fixing things. On occasion when doing just that engineering fixing the ship. I have been accused of staking; so stopped repairing the ship. I don't make stacks and never have, I am just the greasemonkey.

I only echo what new players in lobby's have said after a thorough drubbing off named clans. Can't handle the truth. That's your issue not mine. Stackers should really be ashamed. A Good vet stacked match V stack is fair. But the clans I mentioned Rydr's Skbo and others still never offered rematches. Hell as a Dagz we always used ask for a rematch type it in chat ' vote for rematch for team scramble' Then sneer as you were not fair enough to stay for a rematch when the teams were scrambled. That was and still is pathetic.

This is a great example of why the community has died.  Every thing you said,  the way you said it,  is condescending, trolling, disrespectful, and extremely pompous.  And the way you conduct yourself in lobby, in forums, and in games reflects that.  I never respected SKBO or Rydrs, only certain members of each.  Only in your social circle are you respected.  Just remember that.  You think you can talk to people like that and it doesn't seep into every other person around you and those you play with?  Your quest to have noble of you. 

The problem, AS HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE PROBLEM  (insert bold highlighted comment here so I can accentuate my carry-it-over face to your juvenile messages  ::) ) is THIS COMMUNITY WAS SMALL FROM THE GET GO.  And you go and smash people---novices and the like.  You created this circle, this small community so you can revel in it.  You choked the life out of the bloodstream of new folks by yelling at them on your ships, being assholes, stacking, and laughing at their expense.  You did not train or help.  You told someone priorities on your ship and you consider that a lesson in the game and expect them to do your bidding.  You commanded respect but did NOT EARN IT.  Self reflection would do you a world of good.  But wait,  you are too sarcastic and cynical to do that,  I'm sure that would be a waste of your time. ::)

Anyone that truly helped the community were those that jumped on board a ship,  observed, and helped where needed.  To any and all those people that did that as much as humanly possible,  and turned the tide to an enjoyable experience, I'm grateful because I returned the favor.  Anyone that still wishes we could increase the player base, I'm sorry that time has passed.  This has now become a cynical circle jerk with only a certain few that think it really matters how well they play.  ;D

Dear Red-xii, you seem to have missed my writing style that I like to call: "Satire". The "condescending, trolling, disrespectful, and extremely pompous," was directly intentional, as a response to Sir "CA who did what was needed of him."

<START JOKE/MOCKERY-FREE ZONE [limited time offer]> (feel free to have legitimate arguments to this point, I would actually like to talk about this, plz dont skim actually read it if you want to respond to this part)
Jokes aside, I will try to more clearly state the main reason why I ever chip into any conversation, or how any convo actually grabs my attention:
     I often see on the forums, threads relating to, or about; bringing the community back to life, or Why this game is dead (mean people and bad devs *angryfaceangryfaceangryface*). This finger pointing needs to stop if you want a serious conversation. As I stated previously in this convo;
Quote from: myself
I find myself actually agreeing with his [Naryan's] tone here (and the reasoning for having this idea [not the idea itself]) in the sentence  "...i would like to suggest to help balance out lobbies and game play for everyone in our low pop state." ...the game has fallen to a low pop state and creating ideas to deal with balance in the current state is much better than complaining about how we got to this state. Kudos to you Naryan.

I find it crazy that I must actually point this out, but video game populations die off. Guess what? Old Call of Duty games... have a low populaiton. Someday... Overwatch... will have a low population. Things die. Jumping to the conclusion that OMG THIS GAME DIED BECAUSE OF THE COMMUNITY, or HOLY SMOKES THESE DEVS CANT KEEP A COMMUNITY ALIVE. Are, in my opinion, absolutely ridiculous. Calm down and open your eyes. This game came out in [Late?] 2013. It is now the year 2017. It has been 4 years since its initial release. This is an indie game. They [Muse] have a 1 person [fact check?], probably under-qualified Public Relations "team". The fact that this game has lasted so long, and has created such a communally involved player-base, or people who care about the game, is a crazy achievement for this game, and Muse, that is has lasted for SO LONG. Stop complaning about the past. Come up with a solution for the Present. Once again I dont agree with Naryan but the son of a bitch seems to have the right tone.


I understand, stackers are bad, people are dicks, Red-xii gets drunk and yells at people until you hear his wife tell him to calm down in the background, people call him a dick for it, and then he forgets about it in the morning, and pretends his clan mates still love him the same [Just check one of their public twitch channels lol, quality content], then goes on to make fun of someone for satire-ing what Hillary with one L, without realizing the post was satire, and so in the end he really just made fun of Hilary with one L, and in doing so ended up doing the same things himself; saying he is rightous and has "returned the favor" of being kind, and attempted to pointed all fingers away from him {"The worst thing you can say about me is firing some mines in between fixing things...I am just the greasemonkey"}, begins harassing yours truly [which he just tried to say i did (and if you coudnt tell i am not denying that fact, just pointing out Hypocrisy)]. Naryan, the sometimes debatable human being (intended in the the nicest rude way) has even said  "Oh and xii you can get off your high horse I've heard some horror stories about you from gamer girl, in addition to my first hand knowledge of you being a no skill prick. You and your clan had to have stomped noobs cause I couldn't imagine you beating anyone else.", which I could not agree with more.

P.S. keep the quote stack going guys!

See muse see what happens when the community gets to small. I told you about this in my open letter and free to play posts.

Look muse I like you I really do but let's be strait with each other for a second.

In hindsight (foresight for me) alliance didn't do that great. Not your fault it's a competitive maket with pulsar and minecraft and garys mod or whatever kids are playing now.

Here is the point with the base game you literally created a genre, multicrew vehicle pvp which doesn't really exist anywhere else as far as I know. Is the game hard? Sure can be. Is that bad? Not one bit.

We love it, a lot of people love it, more people that are actually playing right now love your game, and they want to play it (online not alliance, you need to let alliance go). You had more success with online than anything else because the game is a winner and it still is.

Here's the thing we players playing it are telling you stuff and you're not hearing it. I can give suggestions all day but here it is.

The pop is low, too low

No one wants noobs on their ship that they have never played with before in a tough match. I mean look at this thread, you think when these people meet in a lobby they don't go to war? Oh they do and the last thing that want in this fight that decides shit talk and bragging rights is to have some guy who doesn't know where the engine is to repair it.

Noobs like your game too, but they can't be good at it if they get smokers by unbalanced lobbies, and they won't wanna play a game they suck at, so you gotta figure out some way to give them some breathing room till like lvl 18. It's not just clan stacks here sometimes vets go into noob lobbies just to be the cool guy awesome at the game or for an easy match.

Take my ideas or don't but don't throw away your good game that has no other equal.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Slot Locking
« on: August 31, 2017, 05:35:11 pm »
How would this drive out new players ravioli

Guns has enough of a population deficit that it often becomes challenging to find /a/ game - /a single game/ - to join. Under your model, one lone player may find themselves barred from joining a 15 of 16 player lobby, and would have to wait for another whole mass of players to populate another pvp lobby in order to play at all. Often, this ranges from overly-optimistic to /impossible/. Giving players the ability to exclude others from matches that may in themselves be scrapped together tooth and nail with whomever is online is positively stupid and unfair.

You're looking at this feature proposal with prestige-tinted glasses. What happens when the level 1 pilot utilizes this feature and locks their entire ship, refusing guidance from anyone and ruining a match? As well, what the hell is gong to stop any unbalanced team from /not/ using this feature, their fucking conscience? You can't assume that this is a feature that will be utilized by only those who will fairly apply it; in game design you have to consider all circumstances, even the ones that don't rub your belly and ask you to stay.

Well in the case of a noob locking all his ship slots you just move to a new lobby.

As far as excluding players with limited lobbies available this tool could be used to help screen people joining the lobby. If someone in lobby is lower level but communicates well you would probably open up a slot for them.

As far as people locking slots to stomp others that's already happening with stacks so I don't think it would really be an issue.

Someone being bared from joining a lobby isn't a huge issue the lobbies already have maximum sizes this just lowers that threshold. I'd rather have someone not able to join the lobby that for a brand new player to ruin a match for the other 15 people, when that new player could just find a lower level lobby.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Slot Locking
« on: August 31, 2017, 04:19:23 pm »
I don't want anyone to stop stacking all I'm asking for is slot lock so that I can have a reasonable chance of fighting a stacked ship. I know stacking is fun I get it, just give other vets a chance at winning when we can't stack every ship in the lobby.

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