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General Discussion / Ok i think its time for guns of icarus 2
« on: December 03, 2019, 08:14:01 pm »
Well enough time has passed and the game is dead enough that i think the only way to bring it back is with a reboot. I dont think the expectations will be super high, just you know make something, and dont do mandatory team swaps.

In all seriousness I do miss the game and the truth is that nothing has been able to really replace it, I know a bunch of us went over to foxhole, or at least thats where ive run into the most guns players. What do you say muse is it time yet? Youve sold or given the game to tens if not over a hundered thousand people, you should have enough feedback on guns to make a squeal that will do even better. Id even be willing to kick start it.

PS i think people really wanted boarding so maybe put that in this one.

Feedback and Suggestions / Remove mandatory tutorials
« on: May 27, 2018, 09:14:28 pm »
I noticed a lot of f2p accounts aren’t sticking. There are enough noobs now that I think the tutorials aren’t needed, and could be creating a roadblock.

Feedback and Suggestions / Restore stackable crew form
« on: November 29, 2017, 07:23:34 pm »
You know while I believe it was done with the best intentions I think a revival of crew form classic could help restore large clans and general enjoyment to guns of Icarus.

While it was on the surface a good anti stack measure I think all of us can agree than no anti stack measure will ever work in this game. Also there is a severe lack of large mid level clans that used to exist somewhere between grox and skbo. Think srep, ra, cake, dagz, sm. I think some of the reason that is lacking is because there is no way for 8-16 people to play consistently together for a long stretch of time, make friends and get good together.

Feedback and Suggestions / Slot Locking
« on: August 29, 2017, 01:18:44 am »
Ive given up on vote kick so what i would like to suggest to help balance out lobbies and game play for everyone in our low pop state is slot locking, to help ive made a faq.

What is slot locking?

Slot locking is a captain ability that allows the captain to lock empty crew slots on his ship, so that no players can enter that slot either during the lobby or match phase. The purpose is to allow players who dont want to train and need to be able to focus on a high level match the ability to do so. It also allows for veteran captain to overcome a crew stack on the opposite team by having reliable ai that dont steal his focus away from the match.

How would slot locking allow a captain not to train?

Instead of having to explain to very new players the difference between tools, tell them where to go on the ship, and beg them to get of the guns when the hull is down the captain would just hit F3.

How would this balance the lobby for a captain against a high level stack?

Instead of not getting his hull and engines repair or being needled with a thousand questions in a high pressure situation, or having the guns shoot off because the engineer really wanted to shoot and was just testing arc by shooting at cloud, inevitably giving away your position, the captain would be able to focus on maneuvering the ship, avoiding fire and allowing the gunner to deal damage. This would also give the veteran captain time to talk to his fellow captain to coordinate strategy.

Isnt this anti-social or something?

Thats a dumb question what are you a physiologist? Sounds like you need to quit relying on friends to carry you and get some skill.

I became a CA for the profile badge, ca chat, status, ect. I cant stand teaching some autistic Lithuanian about cooldowns, can I use this tool to avoid noobs when my stack mates arent on?


What if my stack mate left the lobby and will be right back cause they crashed or something can i lock it and wait for them?

Also yes!

Im currently part of a stack group and I almost never lose a game, does this mean ill go back to being a mediocre player like i was 2 years ago?

It quite possibly could

I dont really believe in fair fights thats why we take mine launchers against noobs on lab and call it a "fun build". What!? Its fun for us, dont judge

Then feel free to voice your negative criticism on the thread.

Ok but this could decrease our lobby time if you dont have to beg noobs to take your loadout, and i love hearing you squirm on the other end knowing were gonna kill you when the match starts because your engie has spanner buff chem!

Yes this would eliminate that problem in high level lobbies, and yes a fair fight is something to fear ill grant you.

I haven't played the game in a year or two but still hang around on the forums, and I think this idea is horrible and destroys the spirit of the game, even tho im only lvl 24 in my highest class. We had to grind achievements back then and lobbies were sideways.


If you do this its gonna destroy the popularity = skill component of the game that only rewards those who are popular, I dont like it, cause im popular in the game (In real life not so much).

Maybe if you put down the fork people would like you in real life and you wouldn't have to seek validation in this game, and recognize that the game should reward skill and not stacks.

What of the noobs.........

Sundstrom is a CA they can fill up his ship for all I care. This is about making the game playable for the vets who arent part of a stack group, large clan, or are returning to the game with limited social connections. This also gives mid level captains that are newer to the game and not part of a stack group the ability to have a stable crew so they can focus on improving their own skills. The noobs have novice vs ai stuff they can do.

I had 2 slots locked but a girl just joined the lobby and I want to get her on my ship what do you suggest?

Youre banned jedi get off the forums and quit smurfing in the game.

General Discussion / How to fix lobbies of Icarus and maybe the game
« on: August 03, 2017, 12:30:09 am »
Hey Ive suggested many things before that i think would help stop the death spiral, and those have been rejected. I understand the devs reluctance to implement vote kick or slot locking, and to be fair the system they had worked well in a higher player base, however it is failing miserably as its stands. I have a suggestion that i think could help with some of the larger issues of the game, and some of the most complained about. Long start times in lobbies, and team imbalance in those lobbies. here is my suggestion, a lobby ranking system.

Typically when any player looks for a lobby in any game they are looking at 2 factors, population of the server or lobby, and lag. Guns doesn't display lag in its lobby search however it does display player count, and that has become the only information available to a new player who has no friends in the game. What im proposing im going to call the Lobby friendliness meter would be a green bar or a numeric representations that judges the lobby based on its friendliness of play for new players. It would be implemented in conjunction with other lobby control factors such as vote kick and captain slot locking on ships. The more friendly the server the higher it would be displayed on the server list, and a pretty full green bar would be displayed next to it to encourage people to join. The factors that would be taken into account would be this:

Average player level: 40%

The more high level players in a lobby the lower the score would be, this is somewhat intuitive, but vets join games in the matchmaker or off their friends list basted on who, and not how many people are in the match generally. As this system is meant to segregate newer players from older ones it would lower the lobby level to keep them away from your Sundstroms, Xedeons, and Narayans.

Vote kick: 30%

Vote kick would automatically deduct 30 points from the score as this is an indication that whoever made the lobby was generally looking for a more organized match or to play with friends and this might not be as new player friendly. The reason for adding vote kick is self evident, based on the effect trolls can have in a smaller community where it might not always be practical to find or make another lobby, especially since there may only be 2 lobbies. In this scenario vote kick would be an option available to be enabled by a lobby creator.

Pilot slot lock: 30%

With the rise in mid match joins, and also the imbalanced effect that a new player can have in a veteran lobby the ability to lock slots would allow a veteran captain without a full crew to have some measure of control over his own ship, by knowing what the ai are capable of as engineers most veteran players can find a more predictable match with ai vs new players. It also will give them the ability to fight a higher level opponent and full crew without having to worry about training and just being able to focus on the match. This would also have the pleasant side effect of disabling mid match joins. However this isn't conducive to making new friends so it would result in a 30 point drop in the score.

So how will this decrease lobby time and increase play time?

By segregating newer players into their own lobby they will generally start the match faster with less pre planning. For vets this will give the tools to get rid of a disruptive player and not have to beg or wait for him to leave. It will also give you the ability to close slots and not have to wait for a full crew, which is necessary now as there are consequences to mid match joins. It will also allow you to take what you consider the optimal number of ai be that 1,3 or , 3. This will allow veteran pilots to be able to organize their lobbies and ships much more quickly than is currently realistic, and decrease lobby time.

How will this help new players?

New players currently are forced to play lobbies of icarus without really knowing how it works as there is no clear information as to the etiquette, and no tutorial for it, even tho its a huge part of the game. This system will allow new players to glean information from the match list about what lobby would be perfect for them. This will also give them the ability to really experience the game in their own way and not have to be forced into the way vets play it until they are ready. It will also alow them to start at the faster pace many of them want.

What does this score mean?

At 90-100 percent in means your in a lobby of new players without vote kick or lock slots, the way many of us experience the game when we first started playing. However a lobby that scores a 60-70 percent means that its filled with vet players, however they have no vote kick or lock slots so they are probably more willing to work with and train new players. As a player progresses in level and skill he can move to harder lobbies, sort of a more natural progression in the game.

What about CA's?

CA level would be exempt from the lobby calculations so they can go into newer lobbies and help?

Wont this just end up being abused and all lobbies turned into vote kick lobbies?

My intention is that the default lobby will remain vote kick and lock slot free. Any lobby created by matchmaker, hopefully which will become relevant again would be created in the default status. Also match maker searches would default to lobbies that are not vote kick or slot locked in order to keep players away from that. Those lobbies could be searched for thru matchmaker with edits in the filters. Hopefully once the population gets back to the point the matchmaker is relevant again these features would no longer be as necessary.

How will this help the game?

By decreasing player frustration of both vets and new players we can retain new players, and bring back vets who have left out of frustration with the current lobby scenario. I want to be clear that the current standard will remain the default and these lobbies would be the less preferred but still available option. If you created a lobby with vote kick or slot lock you would have to populate it and it wouldn't exist without the consent of those playing in the lobby.

I want to commend muse for their recent efforts in trying to revive the game. Ive seen the new content, tho to be fair i haven't played it a lot. I also saw the price cut for alliance in an attempt to bring new players. While i still think free to play for the base game would be best, I think that these changes would have a huge and immediate effect on the pvp side. I hope that the devs can understand just how important pvp is to the entire guns of icarus ecosystem. The friends most people play with in alliance are the ones they made in pvp, and pvp is what provides the best content in the game, other people. The system worked without vote kick and slot lock before, but was with a much larger players base, and I hope you will consider these changes now that the average pop is well below 100. I now leave it to the forum to be flamed.

General Discussion / My renewed argument for Free to play
« on: May 07, 2017, 09:34:27 pm »
Here are the steamcharts for guns of icarus

Here is what it sells for on g2a

Here is what a balanced lobby looks like

Its time for free to play for the base game, and sell the expansion. You cant steam sale a game thats a buck on g2a, and you cant bring people back for alliance beta as its released.

Feedback and Suggestions / How about an op ship or weapon?
« on: May 05, 2017, 04:01:25 pm »
What if for a few months we brought back the old pyra and disabled the arming time on the light flack. The idea would be it might give new players a couple of tools they could use to learn the game. Kinda like most of us vets had the op pyra back in the day.

It could give them the chance to learn to pilot that we had and be a little more forgiving for new crew as the pyra is one of the easier ships to crew. This could help with new player retention.

Feedback and Suggestions / Disable mine friendly fire for team mates
« on: April 30, 2017, 05:28:54 pm »
I was just killed by an ally who was intentionally trolling me with mines, trying to kill me. If you arent going to put in a punishment for that kinda of behavior, besides i assume some kind of slap on the wrist, then please disable that particular method of trolling.

General Discussion / If you play blackwake
« on: March 02, 2017, 08:11:11 pm »
Come play on my server and ill throw you mod if i see you, Narayan's Tavern is the name of the server

General Discussion / My (Long)Open Letter to Muse
« on: January 26, 2017, 07:52:21 pm »
Dear Muse,

So I talked about some of the stuff that's really annoying me, and I think some of my concerns do represent a border silent majority in the community, however this what i believe are the causes and the solutions they only represents my opinions. Thats being said I want to tell the Dev's how I became a high level pilot in this game, in the hopes that it wall make them understand whats right with the game, and hopefully make them understand what I see that is wrong with it that they arent fixing.

So when i came back to guns in 2014 and after floundering as a gunner for a while, I discovered the meta pyra, and after a few bad lobbies decided i couldn't be any worse of a pilot than the incompetent people around me. It turns out I was wrong, after a little initial success I developed a suck that lasted all the way into my late teens of captain level, but eventually I did get good. The matches I played back then were unique, because with around 500-600 players on I would play about 50 percent of my matches with noobs who were clueless like me, and the other half with vets who would give me tips about loadouts and piloting, while they were beating the pants off of me.

It turns out that mix was just right, I would lose matches to the vets, but the lessons I learned I could take into the more care free and stress free lower level lobbies to play with people at my skill level. Those lessons applied there allowed me to start winning and experimenting and I continued to get better and better. As I did I started to make friends who wanted to crew on my ship, people that were my level, but we were all going up together. Thats where I learned how important crew was, and the people I continued to play with were becoming key to my wins, because they could keep up with damage, and were well drilled with gat mortar and didnt fire at the wrong time. Once in my 20s I joined a clan and that carried me all the way to lvl 45 in a very vibrant game full of people, with about 20 or so active large clans at the time.

I couldnt become the same kind of pilot i am today if I was just starting out. I couldnt because the game has changed, It has a major problem and thats what I want to talk to you guys about. We see this problem in every aspect of the games core systems, the matchmaker, lobbies, trolls, and we fail to address it. Im going to give you my opinions on how to change the downward spiral, and how to treat not only the disease but the symptoms. I hope that you guys will read this and take it seriously, because I take this game seriously enough to write a super long post.

So what is the disease?

Put plain and simply, population. Players are the lubrication that keeps this game running smoothly without it you start to see friction like we do today. I know a lot of the complaining about vote kick wanst so urgent a few years ago, and I can honestly say the community was more friendly and less toxic. The reason in my mind for all the change is the loss of players, and the effect is huge on the game, once the number drops below 200 we start to see stress on the games systems, once it goes below 100 players online the games systems start to break down. Population is unfortunately is one of those things that feeds on it self, sometimes you can get lower pop just because you have lower pop, and I have observed during periods of high population some players will return to check the game out. Whatever the cause is and Im not going to go into here, the most simple and straiforward solution for fixing this game is just to increase the population. Here is what populations effects in my mind:


Low population means trouble finding matches that's plain and simple

2. Lobby Balance

Low population unfortunately leads to new players interacting with vets in their lobbys, and the new players get unevenly distributed.  What happens is you get a lot of 2 v 1 games, that is 2 vets on one side and 1 vet on the other with a noob ally. These matches suck, and a lot of time no matter what the other team does to balance things out you really can never win these, and they are just very frustrating to play.

3. Trolls

This kinda goes back to hard to find games, when there are only 3-5 lobbies as is the case now that the populations is dipping back down, reforming or leaving the lobby isnt really an option. The troll will be forced back to the match list and chances are he will end up back in your game. Trolls also can be created inadvertently from interaction with vets, who they see as talking down to them, this again goes back to vets and noobs mixing.

4. Ability of players to learn the game

As I said before my leveling up I never really needed a CA, because there were always people for me to play with in an environment that was at my skill level where I could actually learn. This is extremely important. Anecdotally one of the things I hear about this game from new players who didnt like it is they seemed to enjoy the newbie lobbies the most. They like the chaos in the disorganization of it compared to a meta pyra killing them in under 5 seconds. I think this sort of falls under the category of let kids be kids, but its important to remember we need a shallow end of the pool for people to get into, and we cant provide that with a population lower than about 500-600 people.

5. Toxicity

A lot of this games flavor and lack of repetition comes from playing with and playing against different people with different play styles. Once you start removing population you start removing variety from the game. The truth is not all of us get along, unfortunate as that is, and players I might avoid in a larger population im forced to play with in a lower population. Also trashing the same players over and over again, and getting trashed in return gets old.  You guys made a hell of a team game, its so good that one player thats an engineer on another ship not pulling his weight can cause me to lose the match. When everyone stepping up and doing their part is so important, when giving something your all and still losing just because you got the new guy on your team and they didnt, it can be a frustrating experience, and thats not even with a troll. What gets even older is losing a match because you had some troll on your ship who wouldnt take your loadout, or a low level ally who went merc mine launcher, and swore he knew what he was doing because hes a smurf. Lets just call it friction, and say the experience of losing despite your best efforts, in what isnt a fair match causes some issues with players, and that friction builds up the lower the pop gets.

So whats the Cure?

So now that Ive said that, finding the answer in the end is up to you. I can give you my suggestion for fixing it and thats free to play. We need a massive influx of players, thousands of players if we can, and the only way I can think of to get that many bodies is to make the game, and by the game i mean base guns of icarus skirmish mode, free. I know there are some reservations

1. The money

From a fiscal point of view I can see how you might no think this is a good idea, however if we eliminate costumes for all but certain community achievements that encourage good play (ie underdog, teaching, tutorials, ect) then we could make it to where all paints and dyes have to be bought. Ive seen you sell the game pretty close to 1 dollar, Im sure that you can wring a dollar out of a lot of people thru the costume shop. Also all of these new players, who would have never bought guns of icarus for even 1 dollar, are now all of the sudden candidates to buy alliance. Once they've been exposed to skirmish they will be much more likely to buy alliance than if they had never played at all, so you are in effect increasing your sales pool for the alliance, with a group of people you would have never had access too.

2. The Trolls

This is one the vets are scared of, but not me. We already have a huge troll problem in this game, and the average guns of icarus troll already has the advantage of free to play in the sense that a smurf account is free to create. All you have to do is create a free steam account log into it and family share, bam youre a new player. If we could put systems in place like vote kick in the lobbies that would alleviate some of this, and it would be much easier to find a lobby if we were back up to 1k players, so if you did want to reform you could. The truth is not all of these players would be bad trolls, and fairly soon we would all be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. The good ones would be added to our friends lists invited into our clans, and our lobbies. The bad ones would go on our block lists, be vote kicked from our lobbies, and probably quit playing the game.

Again its your game and its really up to you to figure out how to get more people, however this in my mind is the reason for the continuing decline of the game, and the spirits of those who play it. Take my advice or dont, but I hope you do. In the mean time we can try to address the symptoms of a low population.

Symptoms and the treatment

Vote kick and trolls

We need vote kick, we neeeeeed it. The troll situation is horrible. One guy can come in and ruin a lobby and a match, and many of us just wont play it, and it kills the lobby, or puts the noobs in a bad stack with a troll. Unfortunately with game population so low you cant just reform every time you get a troll, you might not fill your new lobby, and even worse the troll might just follow you in there. The report feature in my mind at least when it comes to trolls is just a placebo, something to make me feel better that doesnt actually do anything and I have given up on it.

One important thing to remember about lobbies is they dont last foverver, they do die, and a lot of things can kill them. Anything that causes people to log off is a bad thing for a lobby.  Losing too many matches in a row, extremely long lobby times, and even reforming can kill a lobby. People might just look at the clock and say hey im gonna stop here or go do something else, and a troll can be the catalyst for that. So with that said here is how a vote kick system in the game would look like to me.

-Vote kick ability is given to lvl 45s only

Initially I think this is the best option, I know a lot of people are worried about abuse especially at muse, and I know a lot of the concern for that abuse is from high level players, but I dont think thats going to be the case and here is why

A. Lvl 45's are basically CA's like it our not. Every level 45 has spent a lot of time teaching new players, be it dont take spyglass as a pilot, use a gat mortar instead of 2 mortars, shoot at hull and not balloon with the gat. All level 45's are teachers in some respect. We are all also part of the community, and generally have friends and social connections that keep us in the game, and that would tend to dissuade most lvl 45's from abusing their power.

B. Lvl 45's can be held to account. If someone random join the game and abuses vote kick and gets banned, he could care less, he has nothing invested in the account and he can just go smurf or something else. A lvl45 on the other hand has costumes and achievements to loose, and as a result will be very likely not to abuse vote kick, as their account is very important to them.

C. I dont see a situation where vets will gang up on noobs to kick them off ships, mostly because ive never been in a lobby where every vet hated a noob, and wouldnt try to help them. A lot of us will go thru phases where we dont want to be around new players, however someone in that lobby will report you for acting like a jerk if you abuse vote kick.

So how would the mechanics work?

Basically a vote kick could be initiated by a level 45 and it would be a team only vote, the passing threshold would be at 50 percent. This would mean that if i had 3 guys on my ship and wanted to clear a spot for my buddy who is in spectate someone on the other ship would have to vote yes. Which would I hope make it less likely to succeed. However 50 percent is also low enough that a kick could succeed with afk players in the lobby, which often happens. I believe strongly vote kick should be a team only vote, as it is an issue that effects only that team. After the kick is successful the player would hopefully get a 5 min ban from the lobby.

I think this implementation of vote kick would be enough to seriously allow consideration of free to play, the mechanics would also be a reward for lvl 45 players, and would still be in the hands of people who could be held accountable, thru a ban if necessary. Also it would significantly cut down on the amount of reports you have to read, if you even do read them because players would have some ability to self police.

General Discussion / lol@muse
« on: January 25, 2017, 10:46:04 am »
Muse I'm frustrated with you, not at the noobs anymore or the trolls. Not at the unbalanced lobbies or the lack of players and I'm fairly sure I'm not alone. This may earn me a ban but here goes.

lol@muse for thinking alliance is the future, no one is gonna log as many hours in that game as skirmish, I would be surprised if someone plays more than 100hrs.

lol@muse for no votekick you hav literally ruined thousands of matches, raged vets, and made people quit the game.

lol@muse for loving Jedi sooo much even tho all of us who actually play the game have known what he's been up too for months.

lol@muse for looking like you just dont give a crap anymore about quality just look at this alliance costumes.

lol@muse for your ca's that don't log on and train and your mods  that are never around when you need them.

lol@muse for punishing vets and not noobs and smurfs.

lol@muse for no new ships or guns in skirmish for years, oh yea and skyball.

lol@muse for selling all those games and no one is online, and still not figuring out your doing something wrong.

lol@muse for you attempt to stop match stacking that doesn't work even a little.

lol@muse for not respecting the opinions of the people keeping your 5 year old game alive.

lol@muse for not playing your own game.

General Discussion / Disable mid match joins
« on: January 20, 2017, 12:39:07 pm »
As the title says, what do you guys think about the option to disallow players from joining your ship once the match has started?

The problem with mid match joiners in my mind is this, while it used to be just friends who would join me now I'm noticing more and more random players, which means some of the etiquette I traditionally expect isn't there. Mid match players joining as a second gunner has been something I've noticed more which I would say is the first and most annoying issue 

The second is when you are in the middle of a fight you can't know for sure what loadout a person has and it it's the one you want for your ship, and it's usually a pain to make their person leave to get another loadout, and sometimes people aren't willing to do it.

Sort of the last thing is you can get a minor delay in their person losing in and getting a chance to familiarize themselves with what's going on and the loss of your ai engine. This can be fairly significant if someone joins in the middle of a very intense fight. Or someone could join and if they don't have a mic or don't say anything you are operating under the assumption you have an ai when you don't, and now you have a player who thinks they are gungie when they are in fact main.

This is a feature I would like to see I'm just curious how the community feels.

General Discussion / free to play needed
« on: October 28, 2016, 03:14:29 am »
Im gonna try this again, and hopefully we can have a constructive conversation without it turning into flaming, keeping in mind that this is a conversation for the good of the community, and therefore the common good, and not a place to grieve petty differences.

The steam charts average is below 100, and late night it gets down to 2 very unbalanced lobbies. There needs to be some way to get people into the game, the steam sale has worn off and left the game no better than where it was before, skyball has not brought people back and made them stay. There is in my mind only one option and that is free to play, for the pvp or skirmish side.

Ive seen the game with numbers at 4k and that is amazing, really it is you have so many people to play with and against it gives the game a reputability that it just doesnt have right now, when you are playing against the same people over and over again. It also makes the game feel alive, you get to see new clans and make new friends. Please if for no other reason free to play would be amazing for just that.

Muse you already have an item store in place, the infrastructure is already there, and I know youre counting on alliance to make the game happening again, but Im not 100 percent sure thats the answer. Ive meet a lot of people who are excited about a alliance, but ive meet more who arent. Even then the game really only appeals to people who already play pvp, so lets give pvp away and you can sell more copies of alliance.

The other fun part of f2p is it could give you more time to iron out alliance instead of feeling like you are rushed to get it out in order to save the game (although in all fairness i dont think anyone here would accuse you of rushing alliance lol).

To those who are worried about player quality drop due to free to play that already happened with 3 dollar guns of icarus.

I understand that you gave a way a bunch of free keys, i havent seen that reflected in the server pop. If it goes free to play the game will get the free to play tag in the steam store which is basically free advertisement.

In conclusion game population is critically low, skyball was fail, free to play is needed.

With less than 100 active players in the game most US weeknights the block relocate report method of dealing with trolls is no longer effective for a few reasons. First report doesn't do anything as everyone knows. Second blocking a bad player may solve the problem for you but he can still hurt whatever ship he's on and if it's your ship blocking him is almost a garunteed loss.

Relocating is the last option given by muse and one that I think is especially interesting now. So it can take up to 10 mins to get a match going from starting the lobby to when the timer runs out, it could in theory take longer if you have to keep remaking the lobby. Why you ask would you keep remaking? Well the answer to that is that with only 3 or 4 lobbies in the game the troll will find you again. What if you password protect? Well that's good unless you still need more players from matchmaker or want to get achievements, I know my friends list starts to dwindle. Also we are getting into a situation where there are one or two good full high lvl lobbies that all your friends are in and they probably won't leave to join yours.

Spending 15 or 20 mins between matches is unacceptable even for lobbies of Icarus we need to get that time down by allowing ourselves vote kick options.

General Discussion / Easy idea to help lobbies
« on: July 26, 2016, 04:28:38 pm »
Let's decrease the veteran match lvl requirement to 20. I know on the surface it seems low however if you're in a match and some random level 20 joins vs a random lvl 2 with 0 matches it makes you feel a lot better. I also am starting to see a lot of mid level players who seems cool, heck we could even consider lvl 16+. Then start forcing the vet lobby and you would get immediate segregation of noobs and people who can actually play the game.

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