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The Lounge / Re: Be Careful when Recording
« on: May 07, 2016, 10:20:05 pm »
is is from 2012...I have quite a few GoIO game videos...but yeesh
It made me laugh

I'm not blaming Muse...but in honesty, the game is wayyy to fun to NOT record now and then.

The thing I'm worried about are my tutorials that I plan to rewrite and rerecord...

The Lounge / Be Careful when Recording
« on: May 07, 2016, 02:30:47 am »
so..we all know youtube is messed up but I just opened my email and got not one...but four claims...

The thing is, I have more GoIO vids in this account.....
and...I have no clue how to file a dispute.

I'm not gonna say anything, I'll still play this game when I got time...and Ressorious is still a great guy, and this is most likely a bot who found the album on iTunes...and no one in production...

These are all IN GAME SONGS...
and I love the songs in the game...

Good thing I'm not a major person in the social network

The Pit / Re: First Thought Game
« on: March 27, 2016, 05:24:29 am »
French Archers

Jedi said many things I would.  (I really need to email more,) but I'd just add one thing about Squid since he stated he wasn't a Squid Pilot:
The rear gun change makes it heavily leathal in open maps...'cause all you have to do is fly straight and brake, and unlike Paritan Rumble or Canyon, in the open maps, you don't have to worry about running into a wall.  I know many don't fly like me...I rarely phoenix claw, but the deal is Tar Barrel.

With the old gun...if you were to use was an awkward position and rather hard to judge, and using a tar barrel for your disabling power required a quite bit of turning and you had to line up your butt onto their face...but with the gun angled slightly, you can keep your Squid Straighter, which allows for easier escape (as if Squid escaping wasn't easy before.)

This means you can have two Gatling guns and a mortar with your initial pass being an armour strip, only to unleash a pile of tar and mortar practically on top of them because...shooting squids require guns pointing at them...but suddenly, they have tar in their face that they couldn't escape from...and a gat mortar.

So before, if I was running a gat + banshee + gat + tar barrel, the tar barrel was often a hit and miss as it would form with enough time for a pilot to go "oh shit" and turn away....meaning that a hit was a pass into a reverse into a tar, which could...because I suck...kill my engines.

I have no clue if any of this is making sense...

Followed by the speed.  I love the speed...almost feel like the old squid again (though still not the same turning.)

The Lounge / Re: The game you mostly play
« on: March 23, 2016, 03:39:26 am »
Depressingly Lion Head Studios is not looking too good business wise, now I already own the Fable games, but having discovered Fable on Steam I picked it up.
Cheesy humour, cheesy game, great fun.

...wish Fable 2 got ported to PC...

General Discussion / Re: Heavy Clip: What is it good for anyway?
« on: March 22, 2016, 02:24:57 am »
Why would the muzzle speed change make heavy clip hwacha any more viable? The hwacha now has the same muzzle speed as the heavy flak, and heavy flak is difficult enough to hit even without jitter.

Just did a couple shots against target ships (I know...wooooooo really not viable)

The medium placed ship with burst had about a 50% chance to disable all the components in one clip, where the heavy clip did.
...but when are we going to see hwatcha used at 500m+ engagements again? :V  At 1km, heavy clip is viable, but will require a little bit more lead than usual...
...but who uses hwatcha at 1km...

(like...the last time I did that was during that community VIP Saturday thing...and it was to knock out a lumberjack so we could bust closer..)

General Discussion / Re: Heavy Clip: What is it good for anyway?
« on: March 22, 2016, 01:43:02 am »
Have we been able to see how useful it is in Hwatcha yet now that Hwatcha is now slower at travel?  I haven't really seen it in action ...from gunner end... due to the chaos of Lochnagar, and with the speed, I'm assuming the idea of hwatcha anything hasn't changed: just get in their faces and burst.  So, no clue if heavy clip hwatcha sniping is viable again.

The Lounge / Re: The game you mostly play
« on: March 21, 2016, 01:38:01 pm »
saying I've been there since day 1..

If the Dev Ap Loch was its own ammo type, I'd be fine.

But I'm enjoying the nerf on blenderfishes with the 100% damage to gun....(too be honest, if your complaint is "____ is harder to use now" then I say "good riddance" in return...I didn't bitch when the Lumberjack got it's arming time, I mastered it, the easy fix is get your engineers ready and don't fly straight into that hwatcha..

I think Old loch could still be viable if it did, say...80-90% damage to gun per shot with its 1 shot; something enough to make it a more team-based shot like it was after its first fix (remember when we had -90% turning at it came down to communication?)

The Dev-Ap Loch can work still work if it was its own was just not the same and punished other guns (I feel like they made it that way for the Heavy Flak, like how they reduced the Hwatcha Jitter when they nerfed Heavy Clip...they look at two components, not the entire game..) but I almost wonder about clip size...-50% clip or -60% clip with its +62.5%?

Gameplay / Re: New Lochnagar - Math and speculation
« on: March 19, 2016, 10:55:33 pm »
The magic number is not changing loch, and making blenderfish useless.

Well if it became useless, I won't miss it :V
I always used loch when I nailed out balloon, and if you're blendering WELL, have at least ONE engineer who can help rebuild the gun...

For me, Blendering became useless when heavy clip got changed, because my tactic against another blenderfish: heavy out their carronade first.  Then Blendering became an anti-Spire / Galleon, where, if you had a decent ally, or decent crew, you wouldn't need Lochnagar, because you can just do a little dance, charge round carronade with a flammer bifecta....not much they can do.  Granted that first pop is great, and that first pop is always great, it just comes down to "Okay, Engies, prep for gun rebuild"

Otherwise, now I'm gonna have my gunners put a Loch on my squid's carronade to nail out big guns with :D

Gameplay / Re: New Lochnagar - Math and speculation
« on: March 19, 2016, 10:44:42 pm »

I mean...look I know why they wanted the +62.5% damage, but that hindered every gun that used it immensely due to the damage and the RoF decrease..
and I still am happy its +125% damage, but that seems insane...the question is, what is the magic number?

I don't think making the heavy flak have 4 shots makes the ceiling less.
As an example:
If a novice gunner has a 25% hit rate
Old Flak: There's a good chance he hits nothing.
New Flak: Statistically, he hits once.

If an expert gunner has a 75% hit rate
Old Flak: A good chance he hits both.
New Flak: Statistically, he misses one.

So I don't think this change sacrifices our expert gunners. People may like the feel of the old 2 shot better, and they definitely can feel that way, but I'd have a hard time believing that the weapon can be just as effective in lesser hands due to this change.

I'll throw in my two cents (other than the AoE and Direct should be either swapped around, or get rid of the arming time because nobody is going to notice / miss 50 explosive damage...)

People say I'm a great Lumberjack Gunner, but when it came to the Heavy Flak, it was a noticeable difference...mainly because 1, sights are weird, and 2.) two shots annoying...the pressure of missing and hitting and a relatively hard visual cue...I eventually did get better, but my skills definitely shine with the Lumberjack, mostly because I have an entire clip to guage my shots, where Heavy really felt like a hit or miss with it.

It's not a gun I got to play with, really, but with the fact that you have slightly more room for error, it'll be interesting to see if it'll get used more.

...great I have to rewrite that guide the top...and I don't have much time except for sunday...


Heavy flak sounds awesome. Lochnager changes are confusing and need some real-game examples provided.

Well, it still has it's 125% damage

Every gun that fires it that has 1 shot (say Heavy Carronade, mine launcher, and merc field cannon) Blows up on that one shot.
All the other guns take damage over time equivilant to rounds in the gun: Example: Hwatcha has 10 rounds, so 10% self-gun damage per round.

Damage remains the same,'re gonna break your gun (which will only be a nerf to Blenderfish, but that's easy to work around...)

I never loched a Lumberjack, but now I probably might include it, 'cause you only need one shot to do good balloon damage :V rounds and gun stamina can get your basic carronade + flamer + mine launcher a trifecta...which for a disabler build...adds more insult to injury.

Flack...Why does flack have AoE Arming time now?  The reason why it had the AoE Arming time was because the AoE was bloody strong.  With the strong punch in entire clip of just burst rounds can deal 575 Explosive damage, which, yes, against armour is not much...but now you can just willy-nilly shoot flaks without thought.

Might just see Gat Hwatcha Flak galleons now.

The Pit / Re: GoI haikus
« on: March 17, 2016, 03:59:58 am »
The best Engie load:
Extinguisher, Chem Spray, and
Handy Buff Hammer.

The Pit / Re: GoI haikus
« on: March 17, 2016, 03:10:15 am »
Balloon is burning
Why is that balloon burning?

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