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The Lounge / Be Careful when Recording
« on: May 07, 2016, 02:30:47 am »
so..we all know youtube is messed up but I just opened my email and got not one...but four claims...

The thing is, I have more GoIO vids in this account.....
and...I have no clue how to file a dispute.

I'm not gonna say anything, I'll still play this game when I got time...and Ressorious is still a great guy, and this is most likely a bot who found the album on iTunes...and no one in production...

These are all IN GAME SONGS...
and I love the songs in the game...

Good thing I'm not a major person in the social network

The Lounge / We Should Bring Back Skywhaling
« on: March 09, 2016, 04:09:55 pm »

Old and long Video is Old and Long.

Just a thought of return now that Mine Launchers exist.
Basically, two teams: One are the Poachers, the others are GreenPeace.  The Poachers and Green Peace are armed with Mines and Harpoons, the SkyWhale: which is on the GreenPeace side, can only use pilot tools (except for Kerosine and Moonshine.)

The maps used will be either Krazy King or King of the Hill, and the target is for the Poachers to Harpoon and Drag the Sky Whale across to a predetermined Point.

The SkyWhale can only move by Harpoons, so GreenPeace has to drag them back (we can probably make a compromise as in, Galleon can only go at the first tick speed forward and backwards and can turn.)

We'll need a Referee as a spectator, mainly to determine one thing:
If the Poachers kill the SkyWhale, they instantly lose.
If GreenPeace manages to kill the SkyWhale, they instantly loose.

Basically, the Ref has to keep an eye on who destroys the hull armour before the death.

The idea would be that GreenPeace not only needs to defend the SkyWhale from being dragged away, AND themselves as Poachers have no care for their lives...meaning, the Poachers can go off, disrupt the GreenPeace by also Harpooning them away from the Skywhale, and mining them...

Will the poachers go straight to the prize, hoping their mass in numbers can pull the win?
Will GreenPeace go on the offensive and do brutally murder the Poachers who are just trying to make a buck to feed their probably dead families?

Will we see Mobulas, will we see Squids?  Will we not see anything because everyone is using Tar Barrel?

The Lounge / Karaoke Night
« on: May 16, 2014, 02:31:21 am »
So this is what I'm thinking:

Just for the hell of it, we get a 3v3 lobby, everyone in the lobby MUST be in party chat (and that is the only voice you can use.)  Once the game gets going, you all sing while blasting each other out of the skies!

Just imagine the spectacle of 6 flare gun junkers in Raid of the Refinery all singing "Disco Inferno," or "Take On Me" while in a game of Desert Scrap...


It's just...kinda fitting....

The Pit / Ode of Heavy Weapons
« on: November 02, 2013, 07:30:08 am »
(To the tune of "Tick Tock" by Kesha)

Waking up in the morning feeling like an Engie,
Grab my goggles, out to dock, gonna board a Squddy
Shine my spanner, prime my retardant, and a wrench to whack
'Cause if we mess up there ain't no coming back.

A Galleon pointing her broadsides, sides
Her guns manned by her guys, guys
Tonight I feel fright
Grab my spanner real tight
Rockets lined in bound
Followed by the awful sound

Hwatcha, heavy load
Everything explodes!
Grab my spanner,
Rebuild faster.
Get those engines primed
So we can escape this time

Balloon Down -- Carronade
This is just bad day
"Maintain the hull,
Drogue chute prevents our fall"
Captain yells a lot
But our horror don't stop.

Working hard on ship, balloon got back its air
Engines got fixed, kerosine, and we're out of here
Far enough, but the Galleon soon lines up her left side
Showing us her ugly, long range surprise.

I'm talking about a Lumberjack, jack
Matched with Typhon Flak, flak
Mercury to add pain to the smack, smack.

Now, now we can survive this bout, bout.
Watch the shots come inbound, bound
Shots come inbound, bound
Shots inbound...

Lumberjack, holy crap
Balloon took a slap.
Hull steadily goes down
Wrench it fast, hard pound
Balloon just went pop
But the horror don't stop.

Hull down, Typhon Flak
Gives a hard smack.
Our Squid explodes
Yeah they got us.

The Pit / Happy Halloween
« on: October 31, 2013, 09:36:09 pm »
So, it's that time of year to kick back, grab some moonshine, scare kids away from your candy, all while playing the Stephen King Drinking Game....
Please note, it has been known to kill people...
So pick a Stephen King Movie and let's start!

An unexplained evil force without justifiction for it's existence.
A disabled child with magic powers.
The setting of the story taking place in Maine at some point.
An antagonist without any redeeming quality(s).
Bonus points if they're childhood bullies.
Details that teeter on the perverted.
Any traces of atheist or racist remarks.
Evil religious people espousing morality, especially when it comes to sex
Flashbacks. (You can skip this if you're watching It.)
Depraved Homosexuals
Animals being hurt or killed

The Pit / For all those Engineers out there
« on: September 30, 2013, 04:46:46 pm »

The Pit / Things that shouldn't exist
« on: August 29, 2013, 06:00:33 pm »
1.)  Me with an alt account below level 3.
2.)  Another player with an alt account below level 3.
3.)  Boredom
4.)  Mines....'s like kicking puppies...that's all I can say....

The Lounge / So I went to MetaCritic.....
« on: July 15, 2013, 03:59:36 am »
...was trying to use it to prove a point in why review sites are highly..........well I dislike them...then I went to look at my favourite game (this one) and found this

Needless to say I laughed.

Then I found one that I really agreed with

I'm still laughing for some reason....

The Pit / I'm not gone
« on: July 08, 2013, 02:43:35 am »
the hard drive on my laptop, the one that I use to play the game on and the only computer that I can play the game on well, died last tuesday.

It's in the repair shop...hopefully I'll be back next week.

Should've mentioned earlier, but a whole ton of crap happened called "holiday weekend."

Feedback and Suggestions / Idea for a Resource Race Map?
« on: June 19, 2013, 02:12:06 am »
Well, frankly, I think we need a new one....
I don't quite have a map design, but I think it would have the "middle" point be waterfall...and perhaps a 2v2 idea that requires 3 points instead of 2.

Just like Anglean, it's going to have five active points, however, the middle point won't be placed in the middle of the map, but between the two points at the top.  Why?  I plan this to be a real race instead of a scurry around a map.

We have two points at the bottom, where both teams spawn next to each point.  Red gets A, blue gets B right off the bat.  They then have the choice to race to the top corners of the map to get both C and D....and then......the brawl over E.  The 2v2 idea would be three points with C being in the middle of the top.  So both teams would spawn at A and B still, and race diagonally to C...

The "middle" point, again, I think should be just behind a waterfall, a massive waterfall...a waterfall that perhaps does flechette you have to fly through the waterfall...take balloon damage...and hope you can manage.  Why is there a waterfall?  Because you'd still need fresh water in this world...
that and it'd give good reason to use the manta ray as it would guard your balloon with it's hull from a waterfall!

The Pit / If we were to design the Devs their own outfits...
« on: June 13, 2013, 08:30:11 pm »
We should put our heads together and just throw out what WE think the Dev's should look like in game.  This thought came to me after work...driving home, and after almost hitting a moose..

I'll Start with the one I have


Frankly, I'm thinking he should have Trombone slides as a zipper for his jacket...but I came down to the fact of how awesome it would be to see a guy run around an Airship with just a sousaphone...

When he is a pilot...there is a sousaphone...
When he is fixing, there is a sousaphone...
when he is gunning...there is a sousaphone...

When he's climbing the ladders he'll get stuck the hell are you going to fit through that with a sousaphone!?

The Lounge / Casters vs Gamers
« on: June 04, 2013, 03:02:21 am »
What if, by some miracle of chance, we were able to get all those youtube video game fight us?

Qwerty and Papa would have to pick sides...
sucks when you're the middle of the Venn Diagram...

and I say "youtube video game guys" because I don't watch them...I use Youtube for cat videos, monty python sketches, and Whose Line is it Anyways? episodes...and probably a few Animaniacs in between...

Papa thinks it'd be a slaughter, but he didn't quite specify who would get slaughtered...

Gameplay / Lumberjack / Typhoon Arming Distances
« on: May 20, 2013, 10:46:40 pm »
Just going to put these down...I felt like doing some math.

Lumberjack Arming Time-distance-meters/second: .8 seconds :: 220m :: 275m/s
Typhoon Arming Time-distance-meters/second: 1 seconds :: 240m :: 240m/s


Lumberjack: 352m min distance (440m/s)
Typhoon: 384m min distance (384m/s)

Lumberjack: 220m min distance
Typhoon: 240m min distance

Lumberjack: 176m min distance (220m/s)
Typhoon: 198m min distance (198m/s)

Heavy Clip
Lumberjack: 165m min distance (206.25m/s)
Typhoon: 180m min distance (180m/s)

Lumberjack: 154m min distance (192.5m/s)
Typhoon:  168m min distance (168m/s)

Lumberjack:  110m min distance (137.5m/s)
Typhoon: 120m min distance (120m/s)

Gameplay / Drogue Chute
« on: May 19, 2013, 01:18:53 am »
Basically, I want to hear tactics with the Drogue Chute.  Recently, to me, it seems that people go as high as they can, get their balloons busted, and then Drogue Chute down, which I find irrelevant.

Since the Drogue Chute is used mostly when balloons are busted, that means the weapons in play would be the carronades or Lumberjack, and utilizing the chute at a high altitude just makes you an easy target for both of those guns, and any other gun out there.  Even with the Carronade fix, your slow decent can now easily be matched to any ship tailing you with a Carronade, thus keeping your balloon a nice target to blast out again.

So, when would you want to utilize this weapon?  For me, it seems to be right before you hit the ground nowadays....if I were to use this tool.

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