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Feedback and Suggestions / Re: A "ranked" event..
« on: May 13, 2015, 07:34:11 pm »
Nice idea, and folks wont be able to farm wins very effectively if you use something like MMR because those kinds of ratings only change substantially in response to unexpected outcomes. If you were to set up a burn account, repeatedly smash it in a custom lobby your MMR would go up a bit, but you would suffer serious diminishing returns because the burn accounts MMR would drop to the point where new matches against it (which weren't losses) wouldn't change your rating much.

The problem is that long term the visible MMR of this new system would end up matching your actual MMR, which Muse have tried to keep secret. That plus the underdog system is enough information for me to reverse engineer how the matchmaker works which Muse have said they don't want happening (technically I could do it now with the underdog system by keeping a hand tally of results in game, but in practical terms this is a lot of effort).

One way to avoid this would be to have the tournament be short, since then the tournament MMR is less informative, but then the tournament MMR is less informative.

Well mostly it was just another idea I had for more bounty hunter like events.. Basically in game events that just happen regularly..

So there would have to be a time limit, so it ends in a reasonable space of time.. and even if it did match our real MMR, within a month (or whatever was the events length).. We wouldn't know so its not really important to much.. But would let you see what MMR does at some level which could be nice.. While adding another side objective you could chose to pursue..

As for cheating.. Is only so much people can do about it. Depending how MMR works it may not be an issue (as the above post says).. I'd like to assume it wouldn't be a big issue with our current community.. If it seemed like someone was actually cheating.. It could probably be looked into and dealt with..

Feedback and Suggestions / A "ranked" event..
« on: May 12, 2015, 06:22:26 pm »
The idea if for another event like bounty hunter.. Time limit and stuff could be longer or shorter depending on what seems better..

The general idea is... During the event everyone gets a second MMR.. This MMR starts at 0, when the event starts and resets when the event ends.. for the next time.. It is visible and acts just like normal MMR though during the event..

Then whoever at the end of the event has the highest MMR, would win.. Perhaps some "brackets" to make it a little more fair to lower level people to still have the ability to win.. (Levels don't mean anything sure but.. They do a little?)..

The second MMR can be named something else for the purpose of the event of course..

Do you think this can work? Maybe with some changes/limits? Feel free to suggest..

The side benefit of this event is, we can see how MMR actually works with out showing us our actual MMR..

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: More prestigious badges!
« on: April 05, 2015, 09:16:48 pm »
3rd can be The Old Guard...  Sounds better then General.. and is a step ahead of Veteran.. I think..

I always wanted badges for really hard or just weird challenges.. but they aren't as interesting since you can cheat it.. but things like a flare kill or rebuild a hull that has 1 hp left.. or maybe ultra long distance kill.. Destroy 1000 parts after your ship died..

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Clouds are getting riddiculous
« on: March 29, 2015, 12:40:49 pm »
I never noticed clouds as a big issue.. aside from sometimes giving fps issues.. but that's probably cause I don't usually get to pay attention to whats going on..

.. I'd be for a map smaller then dual but is entirely clouds... with a fair bit of obstacles.. It might be fun..

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Extinguisher Buff
« on: March 26, 2015, 02:49:04 pm »
Not entirely serious about this reply but...

Just make fire extinguisher a default tool everyone has (like normal ammo).. and remove its fire immunity..

Yay fire extinguisher is now useful... and fire is even easier to handle..

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Make team colors more visible
« on: March 25, 2015, 10:41:58 pm »
Bind MAP to Q. And use map often to be tacticaly aware of your ships surrounding no matter what class you are. That way you will know and be more aware of where your ally is. Team colours never were visible, it is suppoused to be vague to a degree. But we may as well.

I still have map on m.. and use it all the time.. as engi - so I agree with this... It is a pretty effective way to know if someone is or isn't an enemy very quickly.. - Just being aware of where your ally is will help a lot to..

That said I am for "more" team colors.. (like in the lobby pick from a list).. As.. why not?... If picking the same color is an issue.. (and it shouldn't need to be.. haha..) Just make each team have its own list to chose from...

I think the reason they don't is partly do to how the UI works .. like CP maps and the bars would all need updated to match it.. and system put in to check it.. all for a very minor thing..

The Gallery / Re: GOIO memes
« on: March 25, 2015, 10:34:18 pm »

As for meme?

make it so muse.

I haven't seen Outlaw Star in a long time...

As for the MM stuff... I think its fine..  Its not prefect sure.. People forget how bad the old match list was.. I don't think MM is prefect.. But it does a good enough job when it can... and when it can't then it's no worse then the match list was.. I don't really get what people expect it to do..

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Energy weapons pls
« on: March 23, 2015, 11:12:41 pm »
Well.. there is a lightning gun on one of the ships in co-op.. weather we will get that in skirmish though .. Is probably not decided yet haha..

I use both (Scroll and numbers)... Just depends.. So I support making an option.

Though doesn't effect me either way I don't plan on piloting haha..

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: 45 club?
« on: March 18, 2015, 05:18:59 pm »
This game isn't really about leveling and showing off.

I agree with that, but if I remember correctly the whole point of the lvls next to your name in the chat was so that players can show off.
No that's just where they decided to show the levels instead of the lobby itself. So that people wouldn't leave before a match started based on levels of opponents.

Yet its still easy to just check manually..

I think they should just remove levels entirely.. At lest make them completely invisible to everyone else.. I'd even be for them hiding matches played from everyone else.. Then we can start discriminating against people because they played bad/good instead of numbers..

I'd be fine if they had an indication someone was still novice though, as its handy to know when you need to tell them very basic things before the match starts and not midway..

As for the actual topic.. I am always for more cosmetics - regardless how they are distributed..

Because it is relevant, awkm already voiced his opinion on that changing damage type thing:

RE: Changing Damage Types

I've thought about it but realized it is incredibly risky.  Why?  It's because of information and response.  As a Captain, I can generally understand what kind of strategy you're going to employ by your ship, its loadout, and your crew's loadout.  If suddenly your guns are doing something not what I expected then it can become unpredictable (in the bad way).  Even if I know that your Gunner has these ammo types, each gun could potentially have 4 functions.  Multiple that by the number of guns then you get a possibility space that is almost impossible to predict.

If you imagine Poker, it's like if you had your hand and also a supplementary 2-3 cards where you could switch a card in your hand with a supplementary card whenever you wanted.  Poke suddenly becomes very difficult.

Even with the ammos we have now.  The gun and its damage types defines much of its role.  The ammo only augments their uses slightly.

I fear that if we completely change the role of each gun just because we have this or that ammo, then why bother looking at your enemy's loadout?  Why bother having different guns in the first place?  Ammo will become the defining element.

Well that's a sensible reply. It would probably have a lot of unintended? consequences. - As someone above said balance would be difficult - if only because of so many different kinds of guns to consider.

Also it maybe fall in to just making guns even better at what they do.. by giving them the same secondary.. so they pop balloons easier, or break armor quicker.. or a part or the hull.. etc.. Which wouldn't actually help so much.

Basically one ammo per damage type, and using it in a gun would change its secondary damage to that of the ammo..

If the gun doesn't have one.. Then un.. It does nothing or it adds it.. (probably nothing).

Another random thought.. How much effect do you think it would have and would it be useful or to useful or not useful?

If not useful .. Qh well..
If useful then ok.
If to useful then, what if it included a x% reduction in the secondary damage to compensate the change..

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Oh boy, another gunner balance thread
« on: March 10, 2015, 05:47:43 pm »
I think the gun buff should be changed from damage to anti-snipe (via more health or a damage reduction mechanic).. As anti-snipe would be useful and it makes ammo the only source to change gun damage which is what I think it should be..

That said I don't know how much it would effect the class balance as.. The spot the gunner isn't used now - is the spots he still wouldn't be useful... as buff balloon or engines or hull is more valuable then useless ammo you won't be using.. right? It may buff him in some spots though. But depending on the new gun buff it may not change if that buff is to useful..

I feel like The thing that makes the gunner the least usefull class is because of how having multiple ammo is not like having multiple engie tools.

A pilot only has one position, and that is on the helm. You dont need anyone else on there.
Then you have engineers who can repair and shoot guns.
And gunners who can shoot guns and repair.

How gunners have more ammoe does not make them more effective across all guns versus how engineers are effective across all ships.
This is the braking point where gunners are weak compared to the other two classes.

The stamina thingy magig on the dev app made me want to bring 2 gunners in sacrificing repair.
Cant this be a thing? Because right now, we have less uses of the gunner, i mean there are uses of the gunner. Its not like hes useless, hes just not as effective to be used on all corners like the engie or the pilot.

Even pilot is exchanged for engi at times.. When you don't needing to move around to much.. Just not as often..

The current issue with ammo is that - as I say elsewhere.. is pretty much range advantage.. Multiple ammo types are more useful the more a gun needs to use multiple ranges effectively..

So all they need to do is figure out some way to make ammo effect gun efficiency in a way beside range but is still useful through out an engagement..

Issue is .. what would actually work..

They did start to try to make ammo specific and less mix bag.. - and that may of helped if it was finished..

Any word on what stamina does or doesn't do?

It maybe in the dev for testing again (Idk I didn't check.. but I think read it was.... err).. If not it will be eventually..

Basically it makes engineer run faster and jump higher..

Pilot can make the ship move around faster

Gunner can turn a gun more to the sides then normal(I think they said they removed the up and down ark changes) and reload a gun quicker.

Stamina recharges overtime.. Kinda slowly + when you get a ship kill everyone gets some back.. When an engineer rebuilds something they get some back.. when a gunner breaks a part they get some.. and I have no idea for pilot.

While I continue to disagree that gunners need anything to make them a more viable option on a ship, I will still offer a suggestion (even while contending that it is unnecessary).

My idea is very simple in principle: remove the pilot and engie item slots, and replace them with wildcard slots that can be from any of the three classes.  This would allow gunners to take, for example, a repair tool and a fire suppression tool, at the expense of leaving behind a spyglass.  The caveat to this might be that it could also allow engies the ability to also trade off their spyglass for a second ammo, so even if I thought gunners needed a buff, I would still be conflicted about this change.

I dunno, maybe one of you who find gunners lacking can bat that idea around until inspiration conceives a better one.

A better way to achieve this is.. to allow gunner to select either 3 ammo and 1 engi tool or.. 2 of each - so a gunner can full-fill the role of "gungineers" but be a more offensive type.. (while engineers are the defensive type).. As well as their current role..

I have suggested this directly.. and they say:

We've looked at this idea before.  We feel like it hurts the distinct flavors of the classes.  The big issue right now is a weakness of gunners and hopefully the new stamina system will make them a lot more interesting.

So yeah. More or less they want to make gunner more interesting by making ammo more interesting (idk what happened to the ammo tests though.. they were doing that for a bit.. a bit ago).. and through stamina..

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