Price Drop on Alliance and Free Items for Previous Owners!

Hello everyone,

We have lowered the price on Guns of Icarus Alliance! This permanent price drop is intended to lower the gate of entry and to help us bring in more players and open more opportunities down the road.

This isn’t just good news for people looking to buy Guns of Icarus Alliance though.

To thank everyone who bought around release and supported us while you missed out on the $5 price drop, you will be receiving over $20 of free items. All you have to do is turn on your game and you’ll recieve items in the rewards section under special events and “full price celebration.”

Here’s a full list of the rewards.

  • Traveler Theme
  • Crimson dye x2
  • White dye x2
  • Eagle Figurehead
  • Garrison Cap (Male)
  • Garrison Cap (Female)
  • Jewelers eye (Male)
  • Jewelers eye (Female)
  • Maddyson  (Male)
  • Corsair (Female)
  • The Conductor (Male)
  • The Conductor (Female)

These items are the least we can do for our players who have supported us. We get to follow our dream of making games because of all of you!

So Long, and Thanks for All the (Gold)Fish

Dear Community,

For one of the first times I get to write in first person. To steal this blog away for purely selfish reasons and write as just Keyvias. It’s a new and alien experience, but don’t worry it’s just a one time thing.

It has been five years. Five years filled with true heroes, dastardly villains, charities to help out soldiers, doctors, the environment, and more. It has been five of the best years of my life.

As of August 1st I will no longer be with Muse Games. I am following a new opportunity, but I did not want to leave without an official goodbye.

The players past and present of Guns of Icarus have been the most important people in my life for five years. I’ve done my best to speak for you all inside the company and speak to you all in blogs, streams, tweets, and more. I’ve talked with, fought with, debated with, and laughed with more people than I can count. I’ve been a part of stories I will tell for the rest of my life.

I started in Guns of Icarus as just a player during the beta and the gameplay was sublime to me, but the people were exquisite. From flying with Qwerty2Jam and Swallow to getting in duels with Captain Roy and LordDickTim, I was hooked on the amazing players who wanted to joke in lobbies and blow each other out of the sky.

Fresh out of college, I was brought onto the Muse Games team and given the opportunity to work alongside some of the smartest and most creative people I’ve ever known. If you ever have the chance, sit down for a beer with any of them and you’ll get to hear great stories and raving rants, both of which are equally enjoyable.

I do not worry for the future of Icarus or our community. Mikko or as you know him Ayetach, has a passion equal to mine for Icarus and our newest marketing manager Liz has years of experience working for Escapist with contacts that put mine to shame.

I don’t want to make this super long so I’ll leave it with, it has truly been an honor and thank you for flying with Guns of Icarus Alliance.


We’ve started the war with the Magisterial Consortium made up of the Mercantile, Yeshan, and Baronies vs the Technocratic Union Anglea, Chaladon, and Arashi.
This is our first six faction war and a big factors when deciding the alliances were:
– Faction power and balance (resources and territorial control)
– Faction player interactions
– Dynamic borders
We took our time to look into the discord conversations and the factional messages to try to get the best sense of the world our players have been creating.
With war starting now, you have 2 days to vote for your reasons to violence.
Go forth, vote for war!


It’s a special weekend. A whole new slew of PvE MK2 weapons are in the dev app after we tested them all weekend.

Testing will be at 5 pm eastern today (July 14th) and 12 pm eastern tomorrow (July 15th.) To hear all the latest updates first, join our Discord Experimental Crew!

Our notes are below, but we can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

MK2 Light Weapons

Gas Mortar-
New effects have made this weapon stand out with it’s fading and dangerous clouds. Like WW2 flak it bursts in the sky in a brief moment of destruction.

Lightning Gun-
This one is definitely on the overpowered side, we’re doing our best to relook at this weapon.

Lens Array-
A cone of death! We spent the week tweaking the effects, but enjoy the new wide spread laser. True area clear.

Tempest Missiles-
Guided single missiles fired more rapidly, this weapon has gone from under to over powered then reigned in. Test it out and try for yourself!

MK2 Heavy Weapons

Cavitation Gun-
Amazing at stopping convoys, we used this to abuse ships that had a goal and control them. Can you?

Remote Launcher-
throwing out a storm of explosions and shrapnel. It looks cool, but are there any masters out there that will make the most of it?

Guns of Icarus 2.0.3 Update- Ammopocalypse


New content:

  • Monuments on the map for the last winning faction during war. Also special events such as the Pirate Week winners will be shown here. The world will now be permanently marked with the wins of your faction so try your hardest to dominate the world!

  • Ashen King—King of the hill version of Ashen Scuffle. More deadly than the leviathan the Ashen King tunnel is high value target, but also a deathtrap. Controlling the point guarantees victory, but also a bloody battle of attrition. Don’t let your claustrophobia get the best of you in this tight battleground

  • Voyager’s Cove Night Maps. Night descends on Voyager’s Cove. Bright greens and flora find themselves plunged into darkness with only explosions to light the landscape. Defend your base from a daring night raid and punish the invaders.

  • Misty Mutiny Night Maps. PvP also gets another night map. There’s danger around every corner as the darkness conceals your enemies. Do your best to hunt them down as you find yourself fighting shadows or light up the world with the false sun of flares.
  • Magnate now available for PVP. Our testers have put it through the wringer and now the Merchants find themselves in PvP. Take this unique golden ship into the skies against powerful crews. Extremely deadly and durable, push your enemies from the field.

  • Aten Lens Array Mk. S now available for PVP. Embrace laser life. Make the skies a deadly rave with the Aten Lens Array. Bringing piercing and fire damage there are few parts of the ship that can withstand a prolonged assault. Remember the gun can’t move while firing though, so as soon as you see that laser, DODGE!

  • Conductor Pride. Show your support for LGBT with these tweaked items. Proceeds will be donated to LGBT charities. So look stylish, help a good cause, and show off your pride!


  • Character Customizer now acts as class changer
  • World Map Territory Improvements: New UI to better inform players of progress, change, and movement in individual territories.  Periodic buffs can be unlocked for completing major ‘battles’ to increase sense of progression and achievement.  Buffs are activated when a Captain deploys at a territory where buffs have been unlocked for their entire ship.
  • Magnate (Player Council): -10% armor, 15m/s2 turn acceleration (from 21), 15m/s max turns peed (from 12.5), 3.5 vertical acceleration (from 3)
  • Burst Rounds (Player Council): +10% AoE damage (from none), -15% rate of fire (from none)
  • Heatsink Clip  (Player Council): Vanilla clip size (from +30%), extinguishes all fire on reload (from 3)
  • Charged Rounds  (Player Council): +20% projectile speed (from none), -20% jitter (from none)


  • Include BLOCKADE in rematch vote option
  • Fixed excessive hit lag on Aten Lens Array
  • Fixed inconsistent warm up time calculations (most obvious on Aten Lens Array – correct behavior is that the trigger must be held for 1.75 seconds before any shots are fired, resetting whenever the trigger is released or the gun reloads)
  • Fixed Aten Lens Array beam not appearing when fired more than 300 meters away
  • Anglean Raiders/Fight over Firnfeld maps are the wrong scale
  • “A Perfect World” achievement now correctly counts base health in Defense (base must be at 100% health when match ends, can have fallen below that and been repaired by cargo)
  • Fixed missing map for Misty Mutiny (practice)
  • Engine sound issue when turning
  • Banshee keeps emitting smoke after reloading
  • Windows: incorrect rendering API fallback order
  • Strange behavior (disappearing, lagging) of beams