Weekly Progress Report 7/18/2014

The Yeshan Sniper Ship in all its glory.

So, there’s this little thing called MLG that we’re now a part of!
Sign up your team now! This is super important. The more people sign up the more time and effort from MLG we’ll get. We’ll get more press, more player, and more attention. That means bigger and better games for you! 

Beyond the popping of corks due to MLG, Muse has been busy at work putting the final touches on the next patch, testing, fixing, and improving the game. To get a sneak peek at what we’ve been working on join us at twitch.tv/gunsoficarus at 3 pm eastern, 7 pm gmt. We’ll also have Dan from the Rob and Dan Show to talk about competitive and the next exciting games.

The team’s work and progress after the jump.

The tedious side of things – paperwork.  Getting set to make some big improvements to progression.  Helping people wrap up this sprint and transition to the next one.  Working with a couple of distributors and starting Pax Prime Planning.

Testing and tweaking co-op Defense mode.  Getting 1.3.7 ready for testing on the dev app.  Also, fixing some bugs.

Japanese VO mixing and implementing, new armor destruction effects for planes, new features for performance testing tool.

Adding the feature of publishing items in the currently workshop tool.

Testing new radial UI shader, working on wireframes for the new progression  system.

Bug fixing, improving AI testing environment.

Matt (Queso):
Fixing bugs related to falling off the ship and some bugs with new ammo modifiers, and working on a new secret inorganic heavy metal compound for Eric.

Matthew (Keyvias):
MLG planning and matchmaking testing. This Saturday we test matchmaking! Come join us and get access to the development steam app here!