Too Many Games Convention Post

What a weekend!

Firstly, a big hello to all the people that visited us at our booth at Too Many Games! We really enjoyed seeing all your smiling faces and showing you all our new game!

Secondly, thank you to our devoted community. So regularly are we able to find volunteers from our game to help us at our booths, and it really speaks volumes to how awesome you all are.

As for the details, we had some awesome neighbors all around us down in Indie Row, and it was a real treat to just go around and try everyone else’s games, show off our own, and practice our pitches before we were open to the public. The sense of indie community was fantastic, with lots of us going around just to say hi and watching after each other’s booths when those inevitable bathroom breaks needed to take place. We even got invited to an indie dinner, where we all went out to grab some food after the con and really got to talk about the nitty-gritty bits and pieces of game development. It was a great time.

That’s in no way to take away from the attendees, who were also excellent. We had a whole plan to show our game trailer when there was nobody actually playing the game, and we probably got to play it for 2 minutes total. Everyone was super active and engaged, and we saw several faces coming back time and time again! We had a few special guests appear at the booth as well, and it was great to be able to talk to them and show off our game.

I love being able to show off the game in person, and I really feel like Guns of Icarus shines extra bright when a whole ship is sitting in the same room. Seeing groups of friends playing for the first time, getting excited in the chaos and screaming to ‘get on the hull!’, only to hear ‘I don’t know where the hull is!’, watching them explode, hearing them all laugh, and then watching them turn around and asking if they can try again was truly magical; I can’t wait to show off Guns of Icarus: Alliance at the next convention!

Clear Skies!