The Alliance War Survival Guide, expect the unexpected!

A world of steam, grease, and blood.

There’s no place for peace. The┬áprecarious ceasefire between the factions has crumbled and this time war gets bigger, more vicious, and with true leaders. With months since the last engagements new areas of conflict have opened up, new ships have been spotted in the skies, and new leadership has ushered in vital missions that will decide the fate of the world.

If you want to survive read on.

Survival Guide

Pre-War and War

Be Prepared for two distinct phases of this conflict. The pre-war will be a free for all with all territory up for grabs. Complete missions and capture resource-rich territory to gain enough material to start the war!

Once the quota of resources has been reached two factions will start forming sides, the remaining two factions will have the option to vote to be in either one. This is the chance for the smaller factions to join forces and turn into a massive powerhouse.

With that, war begins and so does the true level of destruction. Four factions turn into two alliances willing to rip the world apart to win. Capture and defend territory at an increased rate so buy soldiers, fight battles, and defeat anything that dares stand against you.

On November 23rd, when the open period ends, the data and stories that crop up will become part of the permanent lore of the world. Your actions have weight and will scar the world.

Missions, Resources, and You

Resources are the most important factor in war. Men need water, engines, need fuel, and the wounded need medicine. These resources and others are scarce and you’ll have to fight to get them. You can gather these resources by taking territory, but there are even more resources for completing missions.

Every couple days new missions will unlock for the factions. These will have unique goals such as taking or defending territory, gaining certain resources and territory, and more. These missions will grant huge boons that your faction will need to start the war.

Make sure bloodlust doesn’t blind you to the tactical options available to you. Few wars are won with brute force

Faction Leaders

Feedback from our alpha period showed us that leaders didn’t feel like powerful playmakers and we decided to change that. Every two days (after the first day seeding period) the players with the largest effect will become the faction leaders.

This isn’t just a title to show off though, leaders will be able to set rally points on the map. When at least two leaders put a rally point on the same location, every player who fight at that locations earns bonus points towards their faction. If six leaders set their rally point on the same territory, all unallocated points earned from your less tactical brethren, who didn’t choose an attack point, will be applied to that point along with the bonus that multiple rally points gives you.

Fight hard, but fight smart!

Fund the war, expand the conflict

Your war chest does more than pay for soldiers and build walls this time around. Make tactical and decisive maneuvers by spending points to expand where your faction can fight. This is your chance to recover exotic war materials and open a new front for the war. This choice is a bit pricy so only higher faction leveled players will be able to take advantage, but use this new option to surround and dismantle your opponents.