Store sale over and balance update

Warning: Math incoming

The sale is over and we’d like to thank everyone for supporting Guns of Icarus.  Fun fact there are now 248 players sporting a top hat.

We also patched to squash a bug and fix the Lumberjack.  There was a crash at start up bug that some players ran into that has been fixed.

To maintain the Hellhound Heavy Twin Carronade’s effective at destroying balloons at close range, we’ve implemented something called arming time that has been added to the Lumberjack.  The Lumberjack will only deal its direct hit damage (shatter) if it hits something before its arming time is reached.  Once arming time has been reached, it will deal both is direct hit and AoE (flechette) damages and thus deal massive damage to the balloon.

Math after the jump…

Since the Lumberjack has a 1.2s Arming Time and Projectile travel at 250m/s  you get a 300m Arming Range.  Within that 1.2s, or below 300m, the Lumberjack only deals its direct hit damage making it ineffective against balloons.  Outside of the 300m arming range, the Lumberjack will deal its full potential of damage, both direct hit and AoE.

Arming Time will always be 1.2s on Lumberjack so if you use any projectile speed modifying ammunition, make sure you take that into account.