Internal Testing- Community Notes 2/16/2017

Hello everyone,

For the past couple weeks we’ve talked about some of the changes we’ve made balance wise and the issues we’ve tried to tackle.

The big part when we make these changes is we have to go back and make sure we didn’t break something.




First on the docket was making sure all of the changes and tweaks to the director didn’t create any oddities on one of favorites: Assault. Despite some interesting tactical choices, we were able to muddle through on Normal while still facing a challenge. Very happy with those results!

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With some gravity changes the biggest thing we wanted to see the effect of lumberjack and lens array as we chased down convoys. The weapon was a massive success! At least, at destroying the surrounding ships. With the impact damage reduction on bosses and convoys it took a while to kill, but definitely still good for locking down.




We split up our Muse staff to make a three ship retrieve game with new balancing factors that Eric put in. It was a mess! We had zero communication (despite being in the same office) and took 3 different styles, one rushing forward, one disabling, and one killing the backline. This actually worked out though with a well placed tar cloud shutting down almost the entire convoy and everyone regrouping for an early victory. Disabling wins the game!