Internal Testing- Community Notes 1/26/2017

Hello everyone,

We wanted to start a new idea where we show what we’ve been testing. As we get close to Alliance release, we have a lot of cool things to show off and tease! We’ll be posting these up every Thursday. The format and timing may change, and let’s see what everyone thinks!



First match was Ambush. This is a completely new game mode where you have to ambush enemy ships as they try to rush and sneak to your base. Despite the fiery death at the end we were able to squeeze out a solid victory!

The current balance features a tankier enemy “VIP” ships designed to overwhelm player bases. It’s perhaps a bit too tanky, but the over tension felt very satisfying.

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nightmap 2


Night map returns today with some improved effects and better vision of what’s happening. It’s looking amazing, and we’re really enjoying honing in on the perfect lighting solution to make everything visible, but still keep that dark menace.

The look and feel of the map is very different. The enemies are more ominous, and the spotlighting, boss glow, and bullet tracers are greatly accentuated.  The darkness makes discoverability more of an integral element of any match.  With the night map project, we are close to our first one being ready.




We also went back to testing Oblivion today, trying out different enemy strengths.  In Normal difficulty, we were able to win pretty readily early in the match, which is likely a positive for getting Normal’s overall difficulty level to be more in line with novice to intermediate play.  In Hard difficulty testing, we made a valiant effort and lost.  And that was likely the expected outcome for us given our skill level.  Overall, the balance adjustments for Oblivion seemed to be more on track, and ready for more Dev App testing for everyone.



Proximal Detonation Ability in action. This is how our ideas start with simple colored boxes. Tripling the AoE of explosions, this ability is a game changer! This is its ugly ugly beginning of our ideas, but great for testing a bunch of ideas quickly!


gun abilities


Another gunner ability on the chopping block. The Gigaton Blast Ability lives up to its name and is a blast to use! In our test, I shattered 2 ships armor with one shot by piercing through their hulls. Step out of the way Cataclysm Rounds, a new favorite steps up!