Happy Four Year Anniversary!

Weeks of excitement!
Weeks of excitement!

Hey everyone!

We made it! We are 4 Years old! It has been an amazing adventure with great successes and great opportunities to learn. We want to thank everyone. From the people who played just a couple hours to the people who have literal months worth of play time, all of you have contributed to where we’re at today.

In-game right now you’ll find Fireworks turned on for this celebration! They’ll stay on for a bit and we hope you enjoy the colored skies. Also if you’ve previously signed up for our newsletter ┬ábefore November 1st (which you can do at the right side of the page.) You have received not only a FREE copy of the game, but also over $30 worth of in-game items. This isn’t the end of the goodies though. Some more special stuff will be coming the 7th to everyone in-game including exclusive items you can only get by signing on during our birthday celebrations.

Also starting the 7th is the Beta will be in-game! All players will get a chance to see all our new work and take part in Guns of Icarus’s first war! The faction map you played on has been completely revamped and during the Alpha players just got to play the pre-war stage. Be prepared for some ultra-violence!

Another special big thanks to everyone who has been testing with us over the past month and a half to try and improve the mobula, the squid, and skyball! We’re really close and we want to get ready for a creative test week. Basically every random idea that you ever murmured to yourself “I bet this would be fun.” Send in all your ideas to feedback@musegames.com and all the ones we can try we’ll put into the dev app. Things like changing numbers or like was suggested putting some of the stacks from the flare gun onto the secondary damage instead of just the primary (huge implications for things like burst.)