Guns of Icarus 1.4.5B Alliance Release Notes

Hi everyone!

In this new update, we’re excited to unveil another big batch of new and major things for your testing enjoyment! In addition to a new map in the retrieve mode family, we’ve also added a new faction ship and 2 more faction weapons. Another major system added is dynamic weather and time of day effects that vary across different map climates. Bases are now more threatening, with defenses and a more dynamic weak point design.

We’re now hosting regular group test sessions every Saturday at 12pm EST, and we’ll be collecting feedback afterwards. If you have questions or issues with the update, you can always email us at

If you haven’t pre-order Alliance yet, you can do that on the Humble Store, and we’re working on getting pre-order up on Steam as well. Thanks for supporting us!

Once you pre-order, just send us an email at We’ll give you a code to join us in the prototype, and you can have an exclusive first look at everything yourself and give us feedback!

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NEW FACTION SHIP:  Chaladonian Shrike

The Order of Chaladon have been known as peaceful and reclusive, but the pull of war and the planet’s dilapidated state are starting to change traditional Chaladonian values.  Being the mad scientists, the Shrike uses heavily modified balloon gas technology in order to support the ship’s heavy armaments on such a small frame.  If you look closely, you may see some of this gas leaking from various pipes on the ship—a common issue with this new substance.  The Shrike’s movement is and durability comparable to that of the Squid’s but with additional firepower.


NEW MAP:  Oblivion Approach

Similar areas like this one lay scattered across the world, but no route is more deadly than Oblivion Approach.  Its deep ravine cuts a narrow passage that’s too risky for most traders to fly in.  The low traffic and multitude of nooks makes it an ideal place for marauders to hide or even be used as an escape route.  There have been tales of robbers successfully making their getaway through the approach, using the jagged terrain to lose their pursuants.  Must feel terrible to get robbed and crash your ship in a single day.  Hope that doesn’t happen to you anytime soon.



NEW BARONITE WEAPON:  Heyoka Guided Missiles

The Fjord Baronies have always had a distinct flair to every aspect of their culture from their attitude, dress, and even weaponry.  Taking a cue from this tradition, the Heyoka Guided Missiles not only provide a spectacle to behold but also excellent support capabilities.  The missiles’ movement are known to trick enemies into thinking that shots have been missed, but with a guided aim the missiles will travel to its intended target despite taking a few detours along the way.

Use its unique aiming mechanic to dodge obstacles and hit enemy mechanical components to disable them.  If the enemy’s armor is down, the Heyoka Guided Missiles also do substantial damage to hulls.




Even though Chaladonian researchers tend to not exclusively focus their work on war applications, many of their experiments have unintended side effects.  When trying to find new ways to disperse aerosols, and new environmentally safe pesticides, something went awry.  The dispersal method worked fine, but the pesticide didn’t work as intended.  Instead of killing deadly insects, it was better at corroding metals and gunking up intricate mechanical parts.

When the specially designed shells make impact, chemicals are released in the form of a deadly green cloud that will slow down any ship that gets caught.  The cloud will slowly eat away at metal armors, engines, and weapons.  There’s even a handy early detonation function on the shells too.



New Features

  • Improved visuals and behavior for dynamic storms. Sky and lighting changes give a clue to coming weather, and storm behavior varies across different map climates – dust storms on desert maps, thunderstorms on wet ones, snowstorms on cold ones.

  • Time-of-day lighting variants for some Alliance maps (Parous Glen and Devil’s Eye)

  • Escape Pods now escape!  Catch them for bonuses before they disappear.

  • Enemy outposts and bases now have weak points arranged around their structures.  Keep an eye out on which is active to deal damage to them.  Watch out for mines!

  • Tip for how to pick up and drop off Barge

  • Travel sound effects (wind noise) for bullets/projectiles/airplanes/destroyed airplane parts

  • Oblivion Approach now features breakable walls.  Choose your shortcuts wisely!

Balance changes:

  • Apollo Lens Array: Reduced range to 1500m (from a lot) and added damage falloff starting at 750m range at a rate of 1% damage reduction per additional 1000m.


  • Better AI plane maneuverability to handle narrow spaces

  • Change flavor text to bulleted objective list on Loading Screen

  • Faction switching at match startup

Issues Fixed:

  • The brief version of debug overlay disables the “prototype” banner

  • Debug text is under the gradient background on the match end screen

  • Beam cannon fire sound effect doesn’t have 3D positioning

  • Match end UI is zoomed in way too much

  • Hand positioning on the beam gun

  • End match sequence failed on Parous Glen

  • Directional hit edge indicators in the new ui get stuck center-screen

  • Misplaced smoke on boss ship

  • AI ships don’t deal with mines well in clearing them

  • Boss Ship Guns Particles missing for destruction

  • Captain command UI looks too stretched on structures

  • Deploy screen effect remains on screen

  • Medium gun factory is missing Stand, and Launch Point for config

  • Exit button on loading screen doesn’t work properly

  • Numerous performance improvements, particularly with regards to enemy aeroplanes