Hello there, fellow sky captains and crew!

We are honored to announce that we are participating in a fundraising effort in support of the victims of the recent hurricanes.

Humans aren’t perfect – but our drive to help others in times of need, in spite of all of our differences, is one of the most amazing things about us. There are millions of people, at this exact moment, feeling the lasting impact of the recent hurricanes. We are limited in what we can do individually, but have no doubt that we can make an impact when we all work together.

In times like these, we see communities join forces and become so much stronger than the sum of their parts. A single donation may not do much on its own, but as part of a combined effort by many different kind-hearted people, it can contribute to something life-changing, and even life-saving. In that spirit, we are happy to participate in this effort in cooperation with our own wonderful community.

We already have many Muse and community-organized events, and we’re happy to confirm that we will be using those times to try to raise money for everyone impacted by the storms. Now through September 30, we will be hosting these community events on our Twitch channel – https://www.twitch.tv/gunsoficarus – and will be dedicating our regularly scheduled streams to this cause as well.
You can read more about what we’re doing on the donation page here.