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Re: The Skies have no Limit
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Yao Ling Pass, Several Days Later

"Ny, I see the pass coming up." says Syá over the radio.

After days of uneventful flying, both Yeshan Pyramidions are escorting a lone transport ship holding prisoners who survived the failed attack. It is mid morning when they spot Yeshan borders, but things are a little different at this entrance. Instead of the usual three Galleons, two Goldfish, a Pyramidion, a Junker, and four Squids. The checkpoint is heavily guarded with 6 Galleons and at least three other ship class.

Turning to the checkpoint's frequency, Ny-Lee notifies the guard station.

"Cut your throttles and state your business or we will shoot you out of the air" says the radio operator from the other line.

Wow, the hell happen here? she thinks but comply to the instructions and slows her ship to a halt. From the deck, her crew notices the Galleons are turning their broadsides towards them.

"This is Captain Zhao and Commander Syá returning from the Guild with a prisoner transport."

"Oh my apologise ma'am, I was told that you were returning but wasn't given a date."

"It's alright. It was an eventful excursion. I need to ask, why the extra security?"

"Well ma'am I umm.... The situation is complicated, Councilman Zhao should be able to explain once you return back to Chang-ning."

"My father? What happened here?"

"It's better to see it for yourself ma'am. I'll have he Squids escort your group all the way in. Yao Ling Station out."

Before she can get another word in, her radio cuts to static. Ny-Lee then switch over to Syá's frequency.

"Well that was...odd." she says to her.

"Yeah I heard the whole thing. Let's just head home and see what Mr.Zhao has."


When they finally reach the capital after several more hours of flying, it finally click to them what just had happened. The City of Eternal Tranquility is in ruins as the battle that had taken place still scars the city. Wreckage of tanks and airships litter the ground as well as entire buildings collapse into themselves. Flying overhead, both crews takes in the devastation that is all around them.

"My Gods" says Pān.

"Yeah" replies Wèi.

"Did all of this happen when we were in the Guild" wonders Ny-Lee out loud.

"Captain Zhao," says one of the Squids pilots over the radio, "We are almost back to base, your crews should prepare for docking. Once you land, there are vehicles waiting for your crews. Don't worry, we'll handle the prisoners."

"Roger, preparing docking procedure." she replies back.

After being guided into one of the few surviving berthings at the base, there are met with jeeps waiting at the end of the walkway.

One of the drivers goes up to Ny-Lee, "Ma'am, im here to bring you back to your Family's Manor."

"Ok, let me just see my crew off first."

Bowing, the driver walks to his jeep and sits patienly in the driver seat while Ny-Lee turns to the seven.

"Well, we manage to survive this whole thing. Everyone just try to rest up, I'll inform all of you when I get the whole story. You guys are dismissed."

A collection of "Thanks Captain", handshakes, and pats on the back, both crews goes over to their respective driver and are escorted to wherever they please. Seeing that they are being taken care off, Ny-Lee walks towards her jeep and gets into the passenger seat. Buckled in, the driver pulls the jeep out of the docks and onto the main base road.

Out of the base and onto the streets, Ny-Lee takes in a close look of the carnage. 

"Was this the Tiger's men doing?" she asks the driver.

"Yes, it started after your family and the Emperor escaped. The Major sent out troops roaming the streets just to search for them. Tensions quickly rose and then all out war broke out. Every base, soldier, air ship, vehicle, you name it, if it was in this city it was caught in the fighting for either the Tiger or Crane. Eventually, as you can see we, fighting for the Emperor, won. Now it's just clean up. If you still have questions, it's best if you wait until we are back, your father has all the answers."

"Ok," was all Ny-Lee can say as she thinks back to the well being of her family.

Pulling up to the manor, she can see that it is still intact as the building is made to withstand air raids and battles. Driving up to the gate house, she notices a familiar face.

"Lieutenant Chung? What are you still doing here?"

"Welcome back ma'am, well my men and I have been reassigned to be part of your home's security forces."

"Well its good to have you on. Everyone is ok, right?" she ask worryly.

Giving a reassuring smile, he replies, "All of your family is safe. After the battle we escorted your extended family back to their homes. Instead of waiting out here, there are several people waiting for you inside."

Smiling, "Thanks"

Passing the gate, the driver pulls up to the driveway and stops in front of the door letting her to get out. Running up the steps, Ny-Lee rips open the doors to her home and sees Roland sleeping in a chair looking towards the door. Without hesitating, she quickly goes over to him and digs her face into his chest, effectively waking him up.

"Oof, what th...? Ny? NY!!!!" Roland says as he gains his senses and tightly embraces his wife back.

"Oh thank the Gods you are alright," her voice muffled underneath the hug.

"I'm fine, thanks to Yiski and Chung, we all mange to get out safely." he reassures her as he runs a hand over her back.

From the stair, walks down Huan and Liu wondering what is all the commotion and notices Ny-Lee.

"Hey Ny! Welcome back!" exclaims her little brother as he slides down the banister.

Looking up from her current hug, she is embraced again by Huan.

"Its good to see you too little bro" as she ruffles his hair, "And mama."

"I'm glad you made it back safely Ny. This whole ordeal is a mess."

"I know, wait where is dad?" as she looks around the main room.

"Right here." a voice behind her says."

Letting go from her embrace with Roland and Huan, Ny-Lee turns around and sees here father. With arms open wide, she goes over and is again in another hug.

"Glad you are safe. So things went well in the Guild?"

"Yes, we manage to foil thier plot, also we have Councilman Fu and several others in custody."

"That's good news, better then what I received after the battle here, and the Tiger?"

"We received reports that he was killed in action. Wait, what happened after the battle?"

With a sorrow face, "Ny, you should take a seat."

Nodding, she takes the chair Roland was siting in as her father begins.


Anvala, Burning Skies Saloon

After relaxing on the transport that is taking his ship and crew back into Anvala, BdrLine and the others return back to some sort of normalcy. Once back inside the city, his Goldfish has been taken out and in docks for a major repair overhaul. Charles and Courage still help out at the Saloon, even with his recent amputation Courage still manage very well with a prosthetic. Althea still has her duty as being one of the City's Elites but still spends her downtime at the Saloon. For Tommy, John, and Allen, since they have worked the Saloon for the pass several weeks, they are given a well deserved time of absence.

It is early in the afternoon and BdrLine is behind the counter as he chats away with Courage and serves the occasional mug or two.

"Hey Bdr," say Charles as he come out from the back room, "There is someone on the radio in the back, it sounds like your sister."

"Ok I'll take it, mind watching the counter?"

"I got it."

"Thanks," BdrLine says as he walks into the back.

Going over to the radio, he picks up the receiver and talks into it, "Hello, Ny? You called?"

"Ah Azn, good that you are at the saloon."

"Hey it's either here or back at my docks."

"I figured, I already tired your docks first and you weren't there."

Rolling his eyes, "What is the problem sis."

"Chang-ning has been attacked." she calmly says.

"What?!? When?"

"Same time the attack happened when we were in the Guild. The city is in ruins from the fighting."

"Tiger forces I assumed attacked?"

"Yes, they were looking for mom, dad, and...Emperor Xi"

BdrLine notices the slight hesitation and change of time when she mentioned the Emperor.

"What happen to Xi? He asks, hoping the feeling he has in his gut is wrong.

"He...Emperor Xi is dead. He died while fighting the Tiger second."

BdrLine places both his hands on the table trying to keep his balance at the information, "Please tell me that someone killed him."

"He committed suicide before anyone got to him. There is also some more news."

Sighing as he runs a hand through his hair, "Like what?"

"Dad got word from King Gregor, your friend Melin happened to track down another Birdman member."

"What!?! I saw their leadership dead before my eyes when I rescued mom and dad. How are they keep popping up?"

"I don't know, but he manage to escape. Both the Baronies and Empire are on alert for them with some extra patrols. He said that you should keep an eye out as well."

"Ok, I'll inform Zankief, he should know about this."

"The more the better. Sorry that I didn't have anything good to tell you."

"It's alright sis, it just make us more prepared. So when is the funeral?

"For the Emperor? It's next week, but you don't have to come, everyone knows the struggles we all been through the pass few days. They are letting you stat to rest up."

"Give my thanks to them, and give my condolences to his wife."

"I will, well hope to talk to you again Azn."

"Same, hopefully I'll come back and visit again. Cya."

Turning off the radio, he goes out back to the main floor where he left Charles and Courage. Talking to them is Althea who just got off for the day.

"Hey sweetie, you look like you had a conversation," she says to BdrLine.

Going over to the Hellfire tap, he grabs a mug and pours himself a drink, "Oh you don't know the half of it" as he takes a sip and explains the situation to them


Somewhere South of the Guild

"I don't know how we passed them sir. I thought the Guild were our allies before?"

"Looks like they have a change of mind. Off the helm, I'll guide us for the rest of the trip. Only I know the exact locations."

"Yes sir." as he hands the helm over. Before he goes below deck with the other crew members to rest, the pilot turns back to him, "Sir, what is it that we are doing?"


(That's it, finally finish the Skies have no Limit. At the moment, I don't know if there is another thread in the works, but thanks for those who waited patiently for this to end.)