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Feedback and Suggestions / Re: New Lobby System Idea
« Last post by HamsterIV on May 21, 2018, 05:54:58 pm »
The thing behind the ranking system is that it would cycle the game lobby population, If we could represent skill level numerically for the purposes of this example and calculating a win. We can sort by rank (computed by past match) then alternate taking the top 4 then the bottom 4 and making teams top+bottom vs middle two.

Starting situation when Vet ship logs in:
A) Skill 21  Rank 1 -
B) Skill 4    Rank 2 -
C) Skill 32  Rank 3 -
D) Skill 18  Rank 4 -

E) Skill 99   Rank 5 (just joined at bottom)

Game 1 AD(39) vs BC(36), AD wins. The new sorted Rank becomes:
A) Skill 21  Rank 1
D) Skill 18  Rank 2 - down pick
B) Skill 4    Rank 3 - down pick
C) Skill 32  Rank 4 - down pick
E) Skill 99  Rank 5 - down pick

Game 2 DE(117) vs BC(36), DE wins
A) Skill 21  Rank 1 - up pick
D) Skill 18  Rank 2 - up pick
E) Skill 99   Rank 3 - up pick
B) Skill 4    Rank 4 - up pick
C) Skill 32  Rank 5

Game 3 AB(25) vs DE(117), DE wins
D) Skill 18  Rank 1
E) Skill 99   Rank 2 -
B) Skill 4    Rank 3 -
A) Skill 21  Rank 4 -
C) Skill 52  Rank 5 -

Game 4 EC(151) vs BA(25), EC wins
D) Skill 18  Rank 1 -
E) Skill 99   Rank 2 -
C) Skill 52  Rank 3 -
B) Skill 4    Rank 4 -
A) Skill 21  Rank 5

Game 5 DB(22) vs EC(151), EC wins
E) Skill 99   Rank 1
C) Skill 52  Rank 2 -
D) Skill 18  Rank 3 -
B) Skill 4    Rank 4 -
A) Skill 21  Rank 5 -

Game 6 CA(73) vs DB(22), CA wins
E) Skill 99   Rank 1
C) Skill 52  Rank 2 -
A) Skill 21  Rank 3 -
D) Skill 18  Rank 4 -
B) Skill 4    Rank 5 -

Game 7 ED(117) vs CA (73) ED wins

After 7 games E has sorted his way to the top and each ship has had the following experience
A) played 5 games won:2 lost:3
B) played 6 games won:0 lost:6
C) played 6 games won:3 lost:3
D) played 6 games won:4 lost:2
E) played 5 games won:5 lost:0

From this point on E has to sit out every other game (if he keeps winning). Allowing ABCD to escape him for half the future games. Also If a new ship joins the server can bump them into a 3v3 or downgrade a 3v3 back to a 2v2 if a ship is disbanded. In the event that there are 3 ships waiting to start a game and a bunch of active games those 3 ships can socialize in a tavern until one game ends and a ship close to their level is ready.

Community Events / Sunday Community Skirmish #204 (27th May)
« Last post by dionalli on May 21, 2018, 05:27:01 pm »

27th May @ 7pm UTC

Please join the Discord
to talk to the event organizers, referees, other teams, and find valuable information.

SCS is a 2v2, time limited, competitive event for not only veterans. Teams consist of 2 ships (8 players). The event lasts from 1-3 hours depending on how many teams sign up. Please do not sign up if you will not be able to produce a full 8 player team.

Sign up requirements:
Reply to this post with your Team Name and a Point of Contact that can be reached in game or through Discord.
Lobby passwords are sent to the team's point of contact.

All Interested in being a Referee or Caster this week please send an e-mail to or message dionalli or Delorum on the SCS Discord.

Official Rules

Tournament Information (updated an hour before the event)

Stream archives:
Youtube Channel
#archives in Discord
Gameplay / Re: Best Ammo for each Gun
« Last post by Long Max on May 21, 2018, 02:52:19 pm »
On Aten (Mk S), what greased actually does is reduce the shooting time from 20 seconds to 15, you sacrifice some of the damage for a chance to empty the clip before something bad happens, while the Burst or Ext only aggravates it. Perhaps a Charge is a better option if you want to literally squeeze a little more damage. Lesmok not work well because you do not just lose 30% of the clip, you lose half of the remaining clip after full charge. Normal rounds are a very balanced option here.
Feedback and Suggestions / Re: New Lobby System Idea
« Last post by BinaryDragon on May 21, 2018, 02:05:15 pm »
I agree with the "no opponents"-lobby where the pilot is in charge of what tools the crew should bring.

About the model you suggest. Where players start out on a ship with rating 0 and work it's way up - I do not agree with. Because it does not solve what imo is the biggest problem this game have. The stomping and consequently loss of new players.

Let's say we have a stack of 4 vet's playing in the system you suggest. They get the super high ratings because they kill everyone they face. To start out with they will very likely get to stomp some novice ships since in your suggestion you mention they should "start at the bottom"

Eventually the match making will not be able to find anyone who can match their ships rating and so they wont have any game to play in.

They will either stop playing, try their luck in a custom lobby or form a new ship and start stomping the novices all over again. They can do this because their ships rating is now back "at the bottom"

About the 30 sec. unstoppable lobby pregame. I really like that idea. But I think it should be a team thing. Where you can establish communication with your allies and discuss strategy. The idea that you can see what your opponents bring and who they might be could make people leave at this point effectively destroying the game for the rest of the players before it have even started.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Making new players stay
« Last post by BinaryDragon on May 21, 2018, 08:50:59 am »
In the current state of "match making". Sooner or later the novices are going to face stacked ships. They are gonna figure out that their flame thrower Pyramidion-build might not be such a hot idea after all. And that's usually when they lose interest in the game and quit.

It makes me sad, every time during a sale, to observe a population that is at least 10x of what is normally is. Just to have the sale end, and slowly but surely almost all of the new players introduced to the game leave.

To combat this, you could implement a match making system that puts players directly into the game, as (one of) their selected class(es). The load outs should be selected by the captain of the ship. So in this type of game, no lobby at all.  It would also have the benefit of players not being able to see what they are going up against before the match. Meaning that "let's try to counter whatever ship/tools our opponents are bringing" will not be an option.  When the match starts the only information you have about your opponents would be : who they are and what ships they have. You would not know what weapons they have until you fight them

I do understand that this system will suck for some people. Vet's who sit and stack with their friends and stomp anyone "dumb" enough to stay in their lobby will probably have a long wait in such a match making system.  So they would have to go into a custom game, and hope someone will venture into their lobby and play with them. The novices however will not venture into this area and for those players and the player base : that is a good thing !

Gameplay / Re: Best Ammo for each Gun
« Last post by Zetnus on May 20, 2018, 05:45:03 pm »
I'm pretty sure if you want fires with the Aten (Mk S), Incendiary is the way to go.  Here is some back of the envelope math:
4% fire chance at 160% percent of the default RoF rate (Greased) vs 29% fire chance at 70% of RoF (Incendiary).  If I normalized this correctly to normal rounds, then Greased has effectively a 6.4% fire chance vs normal rounds, and Incendiary has a 20% vs normal rounds.  Incendiary is clearly the way to go, even after reload time and clip size, which I have not considered here.

Just in general, I recommend the Wiki for considering ammo choices:

and also my Steam guide:
(although for some of my choices as debatable)
Community Events / Re: Crewcible
« Last post by Nerdhector on May 20, 2018, 05:38:40 pm »

This Saturday, 26th of May, 19.00 London time
Gamemode: DM

Countdown to Event

If you want to participate, sign up here (either as an Individual, as a crew (2 to 3 players without a Pilot) or as a ship (2 to 4 players with a Pilot)) :
Sign-up form

Sign-up closes on Thursday, 24th of May 23.59 London time! Teams will be announced shortly after.
Gameplay / Re: Best Ammo for each Gun
« Last post by Richard LeMoon on May 20, 2018, 01:36:01 pm »
For Aten, the mechanics make for odd ammo pairings.

It has two mechanics that need to be accounted for.

1. Charge time. This is the amount of SET time before the shots reach full damage. Ammos do not change this time. The current stats are 0.5 acceleration (per second) and 4 max. This means the Aten will reach full damage afer 8 seconds.

2. Falloff. Falloff starts at 300m and tapers off to 0 at max range of 1500m. This means you will be doing 50% damage at 900m.

The damages are Piercing on direct, and Fire on secondary (this comes in play in a bit).

Depending on what you want to do, this opens up several ammo options.

Greased: Not good for anything but starting fires. It dumps too much ammo before it reaches max power, and reduces the range for falloff. Greased removes most of your damage potential.

Lesmok: Good for increasing range of damage. In this case, it is not the max range you want to increase, but the Falloff start and end range. Lesmok will push the falloff start to 510m.

Extended Mag: Good for increased long term damage. With the extended fire time due to lowered rof and extra ammo, Mag will have more fully charged shots after the 8 second charge time.

Burst: What? Is he crazy? No, actually. Burst has a lowered ROF, and increased AOE damage. While this lowers the primary Piercing damage output, it increases the Fire damage output and puts more shots after the 8 second charge time. Fire is almost equal to Flechette vs Balloon. If you want a gun that will put constant pressure on the enemy balloon, Burst Aten is an odd but valid choice in some builds, and will break balloons faster than any other ammo.

Heatsink is ok if if you try to use it close range fast brawling, but you really shouldn't be since there are better guns for that, like the Banshee.
Community Guide / Re: Ship Scale Guide
« Last post by Richard LeMoon on May 20, 2018, 10:37:59 am »
I made a rough scale guide for the Player faction ships as well. These are based on screenshots of the ships at an exact distance, not the actual models themselves so are not 100% accurate like the previous images.

Community Events / Re: Sunday Community Skirmish #203 (20th May)
« Last post by Sundstrom on May 19, 2018, 08:34:07 pm »

Dmitrij's Angels signing up!
POC: Sundstrom, Delorum
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