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The Pit / Re: Forum Suggestion: Keyvias Lounge
« on: April 24, 2014, 07:47:25 pm »
Keyvias >> Real World Sightings

This reminds me of a fun fact that I used to have a childhood friend that resembles Keyvias alot, that has very similar facial features, hairstyle and is named Matthew as well. The thing is, I didn't see him for 7-8 years, but he would be 17-18 years old right now, which confirms it that Keyvias wasn't my actual real life childhood friend (also the fact that I live in Poland might(or might not) be a little hint), but the resemblance between the two is uncanny @.@

The Pit / Re: Ban the User Above You
« on: April 24, 2014, 03:44:06 pm »
I ban Cheesy Crackers for not praising the Inventors of the Shish-Kebab with their traditional song while making his post.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: The Real Goldfish Fix
« on: April 24, 2014, 03:07:14 am »
An additional set of guns, one more for each side, as suggested before, does sound nice, as long as combinations like gat/mortar are at least nigh impossible to not create a second Junker. Or how about 2 back guns that somehow don't get in the way of the main engine but can be twice as useful in an attempt to escape!
To be honest, I am even starting to think about switching the Goldfish's side guns with medium guns and its front gun with a light gun... Who knows, that might actually do the trick.

Pretty much this :P

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: The Real Goldfish Fix
« on: April 23, 2014, 07:45:27 am »
We all clearly agree that the problem with Goldfish is, aside from tough repairs, its reliance on the main gun, that can be easily disabled for quite some time, because it's a large, heavy weapon, doesn't have an effective arc for a bifecta, and its side guns alone can't do much.
The tricky part in making it viable is to either do something that will prevent the weapon from easy breaking, or something to make the Fish not as reliable on its main gun in the first place. Either way, the fact remains that some people (Daniel for example) find Goldfish a viable ship, so what should be done to maintain the balance between making it useful for everyone while not making it too overpowered in certain situations?

There's a few options and ideas already mentioned a few times:
1.Reduce repair time for heavy guns overall (which will probably cause imbalance for other heavy weapon reliant ships)
2.Provide Fish's Main gun with additional coverage (that may or may not work fine depending on the amount of weapon cover, if it comes down to considering the idea it needs to be tested before making a final judgment)
3.Give the Fish a full bifecta (basically one gun facing front, but this may end up being overpowered second pyramidion with disable hwacha, armor breaking gat and kill hwacha)
4.Give the Fish a semi-bifecta (similar to Squid's, but working only at certain, smaller arc, which seems like an idea for me, as Squid, with its light guns with wide rotation arcs can make full use of its maneuverability, while tight heavy weapon arc denies goldfish some movement, cause even if you go for a bifecta you have to more or less face your enemy up front for heavy gun to be in range, thus not enabling you to circle around him with constant crossfire from main-side guns)
5.Place another weapon on the Fish's side (in case of front gun disable a Fish can be left with an option to turn for its side guns, thus not being as reliant fully on the heavy weapon, not to mention with engie splits often being one guy on hull/side engines/starboard gun and the other being balloon/main engine/port gun the balloon engie could use weapon closer to the balloon, with gunner taking the front port gun, leaving starboard engie on the hull, which in theory seems like it could work)
6.Leave it as it is(with some people considering the Fish a useful ship as it is now, that's always an option, and it may end up with the ship simply being used differently)

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Bright Buffs
« on: April 22, 2014, 06:48:19 pm »
I'm not sure if there's THAT much need for that. Taking buffkit hampers your total repairing capabilities after all, and unless it's a pre-buff at the start of a match there's not much time for re-buffing all parts. For all those benefits of a buff there's already a plenty of a cost from taking it. I mean, chem spray is used all the time as well, making your whole ship fire immune, should it also glow in the clouds just because it's used alot?

The Pit / Re: Ban the User Above You
« on: April 22, 2014, 06:41:38 pm »
I ban Abby for that ramming Spire on the last Fork :D

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Make use of 3v3/4v4 exlusive maps
« on: April 22, 2014, 07:55:05 am »
We could use another community event where lots of higher lvls gather and play on bigger maps :o

while you are at it, make it possible for me to make a private game and start it without 4 captains so i can practice flying without pissing off an entire lobby when I test flight paths and so on.

Also I second that one

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: The Real Goldfish Fix
« on: April 22, 2014, 07:49:14 am »
This may or may not be a good idea, all depends on how effective a blenderfish will be. All things considered, it's not hard for a balloon popping ship to stay above the enemy, so the question is how much cover can a front gun have for it to be effective, but at the same time not overpowered for a carrofish.

If that won't work as one can hope for, I think that another step could be making goldfish a semi-bifecta ship. Slightly setting ONE of the guns under the right angle so the side gun and front gun could cross-fire in a small, even minimal arc, similar to current Squid bifecta, but with more firepower, as I believe Goldfish should have just for the very reason it has a heavy gun on the front. This grants it enough firepower to be considered a threat, but not enough to be overpowered like it would be with a trifecta people used to propose.

Quote from: Captain Phil
1: regarding guns: Where are you guys in agreement and disagreement regarding the heavy guns of the galleon also being one of its major banes? As a gunner, do you find it easier to shoot a Fish's gun then a galleon's?
I personally think it's not really about the guns being heavy or not, because I believe the only thing that would happen in case of replacing the gun spots with light guns would be less effective fire power. I definitely agree that their placement is a bane for Galleon, though, as neither you can defend your ship's balloon up high from any popper attacks, nor you can properly aim in a longer distance battles during the time the ship is moving. As already said, Goldfish is much easier to aim with because of it's straightforward flying method, simply charging forward and shooting hwacha, and Galleon, despite having two guns on the side will be less effective most of the time, unless you stop the ship, but then it is even easier to snipe the Galleon down.

Quote from: Captain Phil
2:As an engineer, how difficult is it to keep all 4 guns functional, shooting, and keep track of the engines all at the same time?

It's definitely easier to repair Galleon than Spire, Squid or even Mobula, that's for sure.
If we just say about keeping them fully repaired all the time, there's not really much problem. No matter how you look at it, Galleon is a huuuuuge ship, and it's guns are always deadly, so most of the time there's more focus on taking down guns rather than engines, and the engines can't really be taken down by a random shot on the guns, as they are too far away from eachother, completely separate targets. Because of that, it's rather easy to maintain the lower deck, unless you are attacked from both sides. If there is a problem with repairs, it starts when main guns are completely taken down AND the ship is attacked at the same time during the repairs, repairing heavy guns takes alot of time to bring back, with it's repair time nicely covering with another hwacha shot coming to destroy them again. Taking down the guns completely gives enough time to deal damage to the engines, and then, even with help of the gunner, you can't maintain the repairs with enough efficiency.

Quote from: Captain Phil
3:positive aspects: What other bonuses do you think the galleon has, and dose it and the ones I list have many downsides to go along with it?
As I said, Galleon is huuuuuuge, so engines and guns being far away from eachother might be treated as separate targets, I'll even say that this feature makes lower deck guns and upper deck gun two different target, being unable to disable them both at the same time most of the time. Because of that, and relatively strong hull armor, it's relatively easy to maintain most parts of the ship in good health, despite balloon's vulnerability and quite a bit of a problem with bringing the disabled parts back to work.
I also like the ability to transition from long range to close range mode. The same reason I like junker, having two powerful heavy guns on both sides of the ship gives a little bit more strategy options for the ship, using mercgun+flak/lumberjack, and dealing with carro/hwacha against advancing ships. That, of course, works only against ships that don't have long range guns themselves, but depending on your teammate being able to take the focus on themselves, the long ranged bombardment is viable and devastating tactic.
It's been said already, but high hull durability really is a plus for Galleon. Sure, you might not be really happy about squid/goldfish popping your ballon down, but if they want to keep it down, they can't really do much more than that either. I once had a game where a squid kept popping our balloon down, and we spent 10 or 15 minutes on the ground, trying to go back up all the time, and we were able to maintain the hull long enough so our ally would take down other enemy ship enough times for us to win. I know it's funny, but with ships that are heavily focused on balloon popping, it's quite easy to just stay on the ground and hold this ship at bay, while your teammate does the job for you  :D

Quote from: Captain Phil
4:Final question on Galleon: Where do you think the galleon sits in the Meta? Do you consider the galleon a difficult ship to Pilot/Crew? And, do you think the galleon needs some love (squid does too, but later on that one) and if so, what do you think can be changed to help the galleon become easier to use and/or not so easily beaten as it currently is.

It is definitely one of the most difficult, if not even THE most difficult ship to pilot, and despite being relatively easy to maintain most of the time, if something's disabled, it's really troublesome, not to mention that you either become an easy target for other ships or you're unable to shoot properly, so that's that as well. I definitely agree that galleon could use some buffing, what comes to mind at the spot is increasing balloon's health, but, having asked this on yesterday's stream, Eric said they don't plan to touch their health on skirmish "to maintain the balance", even though I say that this is exactly the reason why something about balloon's health on particular ships should be changed. It definitely wouldn't hurt if galleon's heavy guns were a little bit harder to disable, but not to the point of buffing heavy guns overall, like suggested by Thomas, cause that would also buff other Heavy Gun reliant ships, and some of them don't need any more buffing. I would suggest covering them with the hull more or MAYBE (a man can dream) providing the ship with a mechanic that could hide and uncover guns by pulling the lever (something like cannon windows in standard ships). Also, to give people some way of protecting their ship's balloon, it would be nice to have one or two additional light gun slots on the upper deck. Those are my thoughts about it right on the spot, I'll try to think of something more later.

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