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The Gallery / Re: The GoIO Catwalk - Your Favourite Outfit
« on: July 15, 2017, 04:00:40 pm »
I think I posted my male outfits somewhere else on here already, they haven't really changed, but I redid my female outfits:

Community Events / Re: Sunset Blitz! Sign Ups!
« on: July 15, 2017, 12:52:25 pm »
Team logo for Fashion Ryders

Dev App Testing / Re: Dev App Testing change-log: 14 July, 2017
« on: July 14, 2017, 09:30:52 pm »
Extended Mag Artemis is not that good for Artemis vs engines and heavy guns unless you bring double Artemis and your gunners work well, in which case it doesn't matter what ammo you bring. But it does make a single Artemis good vs light guns. It becomes even weaker when a Mallet repairs agaist a Mag Artemis.
Lumberjack normally has 6 shots out of 9, but has -damage per shot and extended mag ammo doesn't affect arming time in anyway. For a singular gunner it may seem alright, but he may have to sacrifice an ammo for a different set of ranges (heatsink has -projectile so less arming time and has no -damage anymore, Incendiary gets buffed and Greased may still be good on it too, also Lochnagar is a thing, so is Lesmok Rounds) or he will need other ammo types for a second gun he may be shooting.

Aten doesn't really do any significant hull damage anymore and keeping triple Aten in arc on Mobula is similar to keeping triple Hades in arc, which does way more armor and hull damage.

Incendiary at AcceleratedFires 150 doesn't set many fires though.

Community Events / Re: Sunset Blitz! Sign Ups!
« on: July 08, 2017, 08:36:38 pm »
Teamname: Fashion Ryders
Point of Contact: Dementio
Team logo will follow here when I get it done

Release Notes / Re: 2.0.3 Ammopocalypse Update!
« on: July 04, 2017, 04:21:22 pm »
Extended mag ammo was supposed to be in this patch, but it was insisted that it gets some art done (ammo picture, visual affects). Unfortunately this couldn't be done in time for this patch, but it was thouroughly tested before, so I hope Muse manages to bring in a hotfix that features the extended mag ammo.

General Discussion / Re: Bartle's Taxonomy Ignored?
« on: May 31, 2017, 11:50:05 pm »
I rank about 80% Explorer on some tests. I filled this gaming need in GOI by never taking meta, and constantly trying new techniques. That being said, the exploring possibilities are limited, and quickly run out.

Quickly run out? It took me two years before I thought to myself that I am running out of ideas. Then Squids showed up everywhere opening a new meta and then there were Junkers with mines. And somewhere in-between Alliance betas were happening, opening up even more possibilities.

Maybe we just see the result of trying to make a game for explorers that really have to be socializing killers/achievers to like the game mechanics.

The Gallery / Re: GOIO memes
« on: May 22, 2017, 11:55:05 am »

I would be happy with going with option 1.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: dev plan?
« on: April 10, 2017, 12:18:34 pm »
I must compliment Muse on not giving players the ability to remove other players from the game and sticking to this decision for ever since Guns of Icarus was in developement.

I want Muse to come up with another random gun for Arashi so Anglea can get the Cavitation cannon.

But maybe I am also biased towards Anglea.

Dev App Testing / Re: Dev App Testing change-log: 24 March, 2017
« on: March 27, 2017, 02:09:06 pm »
Lobby UI:
make the loadout preview of crewmembers (the little window after clicking the icon left of the name) close by clicking anywhere except the window. I dont want to click close-button before I can see the toolset of the next. A minor thing, true.

As a captain, this is the single most annoying thing.

General Discussion / Re: New addition to my library.
« on: March 27, 2017, 02:05:47 pm »
It is a branded a seperate game so Muse can get bigger and better marketing out of Steam. Guns of Icarus Online itself is very old for an indie game, so branding Alliance as a DLC is not going to get Muse a lot of advertisement out of Steam. That is what they said.

Dev App Testing / Re: Dev App Testing change-log: 24 March, 2017
« on: March 24, 2017, 10:11:54 pm »
Carronade plus Heavy Clip was good (a Carronade could now actually counter the other Carronade) and Harpoons were good damage-wise too, rather weak actually. As a Junker, I barely noticed armor damage from a Hades/Harpoon Pyra and the only time my balloon died was due to Carronades and scraping against enemy ships.

The Harpoon pull I found was actually really weak too. I don't remember that it was always this weak, but the only time I really felt it do something, was when ships tried to move away from each other once harpooned, so the Harpoon forced them back together.

Independently on how much pull force it has, I want the Harpoon's reel-in to go from "holding right click to reel-in" to "clock right click to toggle auto-reel-in". More often than not the Harpoon is used by an engineer who needs to repair. Since it doesn't do a lot of damage and takes a while for its effective to really be noticable, the person on the Harpoon should be able to leave it and fix stuff. A broken Harpoon should obviously deactive the auto-pull.

Gameplay / Re: Major and Minor Playstyles
« on: February 22, 2017, 01:53:03 am »
These terms can be one way to explain why something worked or didn't work so well. They are the options a team has when coming into the game. I personally see them as an after-the-fact analyzing tool, it can help break stuff down.

I would say that they have become less relevent, but not because they are irrelevant, rather because too many apply too often. A forward facing ship is naturally aggressive, because it has an easy time flying aggressively, but put a Hades/Artemis on it and now it is aggressive and passive, but Artemis also heavily weights into the control aspect. Your average Mobula can easily fit into all three playstyles. Goldfish and Squid can easily switch between aggressive and passive gameplay too if they have an ally that is able to compete in long range.

What's also to note is that teams at the time of this thread, people focused on one single strategy or used ships that are either the same or very similarto each other: Charges with double Pyra, camping with or slowly pushing with Junker/Galleon or double Junker, hardcore non-stop flanking or more a more vague example: engaging from safe distances with an Artemis on both Squid and Pyra, building up that poke damage, which is still the same base strategy on both ships.

As the competitive scene went on, teams started switching things out. For example: Pure double Metamidion worked well for a time, but you risk getting easily shut down, so double Pyramidion teams decided to have one Pyra be some form of support fire, either via disabling/slowing down their enemy's movement to give the kill ship as much advantage as possible or via helping breaking armor and hull from a much safer distance, a different angle, making it much for difficult to shut both ships down at the same time.

Some of the support Pyras turned into the Goldfish, Hwacha and Heavy Carronade. During that, Mobulas kept coming up, fully replacing either the kill or support ships. With five forward facing guns, the Mobula had enough options to fit the loadout of two different Pyramidions on its ship, massively increasing the available options a team has mid-game, mixing in all sort of playstyles. After the Metajunker made the Hades/double Art trifecta so famous, people quickly found it easily fits into the Mobula. At that point, the Mobula, as a single ship, had the ability to use the playstyle of two different ships, had the superior long range firepower from the Metajunker, is a forward facing ship so can easily switch between flying aggressively and passively and had the highest vertical mobility so one had almost no chance of beating it in brawling either.

And that's about it, really. Mobula > everything cometitive did before using the Mobula.

(tl;dr:) So I guess what I am trying to say here is: With the developement of the meta, the classification of major and minor playstyles has become difficult to apply since teams started bringing ship compositions that can easily change to a different playstyle, on the fly. The position of the gun on the ship (left or right, who shoots it) and ammo types further blur the lines between those playstyles, which are only made a bit more clear again by certain maps when put against very specialized teamcomps, which would then get countered by other specialized teamcomps, making this classification system a bit more relevant again.

Speaking of applying multiple playstyles at once, boy, do I have a treat for those that are actually somewhat interested in this kind of stuff.

Heavy Carro tested with Heavy Clip seemed good to me. I am not against testing Heavy Clip without clip size reduction, which had no effect on the Heavy Carronade, but would help a lot of other guns that could make use of Heavy Clip's jitter reduction.

The tested Harpoon was not good. You can snipe Squids with it at almost maximum range without Lesmok, it was constantly one-shotting Squid armors and doing out of proportion balloon damage. Carronades and Lumberjack are almost entirely redundent by bringing one quick double Loch Harpoon and your ship lost balloon and armor in that instance. Although the testing was probably bringing results that are out of proportions, because a lot of people brought either double Loch Harpoon, Loch Harpoon/Carronade, or Loch Harpoon and Hwachas (good job on testing actual gameplay, guys) and in a comp match you won't see double Loch Harpoons. But that won't mean it is going to result in good gameplay in pub matches or generally a good idea for good gameplay.

I like the sound of the new proposed stats for the Harpoon a lot more. It doesn't kill Squids by one-shotting armor, but I am not against keeping the current piercing values, the reload is a lot shorter than before, but not too short and the reduced pull duration is not too little so it still allows the Harpoon to actually pull. I don't mind a bit more balloon damage on the new proposed stats, closer even to the tested values, but not on the value that it invalidates the light Carronade.

If at all possible, I would love it if the pull was a toggle, so after pressing right click once, it starts pulling on its own, pressing it again would stop the pull. There are multiple reasons why I would consider that a good thing and only have yet only heard one counter-argument: a player didn't want it to be an idle gun. Getting on, clicking twice, and getting off the gun again almost immediately doesn't sound particularly exciting, but the Flare is no different either and both are utility guns.

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