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Community Events / Re: Sunday Community Skirmish #174 (October 15th)
« on: October 15, 2017, 05:56:52 am »
Kaktuskumpelz 9001? signing up

Point of contacts: Dementio, xedeon

Community Events / Re: Sunday Community Skirmish #168 (September 3rd)
« on: September 03, 2017, 03:27:52 pm »

Q&A / Re: Whats wrong with the detonator mk2?
« on: August 22, 2017, 03:12:25 pm »
I haven't used it myself yet, but I heard it functions a bit dissimilar to the Detonator Mk1 in that it doesn't arm unless you Right Click (or whatever your Alternative Fire button is). I also heard that its explosion radius is relatively small compared to the Mk1, so it might not be too easy to use.

You might be aiming too high with your cursor, the ship is probably falling down because you spawned it above the height ceiling, so the game pushes it back into boundaries. Try a big open map like Anglean Raider / Fight over Firnfeld 3v3 or some King of the Flayed Hills / Red Spulcher, they might be better for this sort of thing.

You can always get a buddy to pilot a ship for you and do some 2-man Alliance matches, those AIs actually move a bit, you can also always crank up the difficulty to encourage your pilot to move away from them. Getting used to how to aim a gun at range is only a small part after all, all ships are constantly moving, unless the fight is either already won or your pilot has given up.

For Hades and Lumberjack specifically I remember these two old steam guides, they should still be relevant as Hades and Lumberjack haven't been touched since and neither has Lesmok. Charged has changed though in that it gives guns a bit more projectile speed, it would be worth to find out how it aims now, I believe:

Let's do it next week then?

Trying to get people together from Experimental Crew to make a team, but a week is kinda short notice.

It works for the SCS every week.

And it isn't possible to change it to "Is there already a gunner on the ship? Don't allow a second gunner to join mid-match, no matter the slot.". I don't know if a random engineer taking the gunner slot while in the lobby is a good idea to not allow a gunner to join at all.

Note: YES, people could still fill their ship with gunners for luls. The slot 1 logic would just be applied to slots 3 and 4, but autoswitch to ENGINEER instead of PILOT. As we all know, you can easily switch your pilot to Gunner or Engineer once you have that spot. This would be no different. This is how it plays out:

1. Click slot 3 or 4.
2. You automatically become an engineer.
3. Pilot says "Hey, lets do a silly build. Everyone go gunner."
4. You click gunner.
5. You become gunner.
6. profit.

Nothing stops a player from switching to gunner. The only change is that they become an engineer when first clicking that slot. I am told this might apply to matchmaker as well, so if there are too many gunners in queue, it will put them in slot 3 and 4 and automatically switch them to engineer (they can still swtich back). Joining on friends and through the match list would also autoswitch for 1 (pilot), and 3-4 (engineer).

It is NOT a lock, however. The only class lock is not allowing pilots out of slot 1.

I like this and only switch to engineer upon joining if there is already a gunner, if there is no gunner then gunner can join as gunner.

Gameplay / Re: The Meta is dead, long live the Meta.
« on: August 05, 2017, 03:59:44 pm »
Players choosing bad stuff to test with and against is a problem with the players. During the testing for the H. Carronade buff people brought almost only Blenderfish, and who would have guessed, the second fastest ship with a heavy gun on the front was almost unchanged by the Heavy Carronade buff, because the ship was fast enough to make up for the gun's weaknesses.

I am not happy either about people bringing bad stuff for the tests or that we don't have enough interested vet players able to play during testing sessions to make for well balanced lobbies. We could complain to the developers for not joining the tests at all and help us play with the stuff, but I think we all know that they would send maybe one Muse person, aside from Inkjet who already organizes half of the testing, that would just sit in spectator mode and barely says anything, at best.

We can only try as a community to make the tests as accurate as possible. If there is a guy or stack screwing up the results, well, that's why we have multiple days and weeks of testing.

It would be interesting though to see the final results of the surveys of how many voted for and against a change in dev app, anonymously of course.

Gameplay / Re: The Meta is dead, long live the Meta.
« on: August 05, 2017, 12:07:44 pm »
I personally often recommend Heatsink and Lochnagar over Greased for my gunners on Hades and Lumberjack. Rarely do I need Greased on any of my guns. I had it sometimes for the Gatling though, especially if the gunner had to use Hades and Gatling on the same ship.

I would personally say that Greased Gat's range was a bit too forgiving for the gains it had, but I hadn't tested current Greased Gat too much so I wouldn't know if the jitter increase was too big. Carronades always had trouble with jitter and if you don't bring Heavy or Inc in special cases then you might as well not bring the Carronade at all. Greased Banshee used to be able to still hit relatively easily at its maximum range, so I am not against Greased increasing jitter. Is it too much jitter? For some guns it is, for some guns it isn't. Change jitter on Greased to 50% or change jitter on guns? +50% jitter on a gun with 2 deg jitter is a total of 3 deg of jitter, is that a lot? Does it make a significant difference? I don't mind seeing it in dev app after the upcoming patch.

I personally haven't seen most people complaining about the changes here in the dev app testing sessions, so I don't think arguing against the testing process is justified. Constructive feedback to help it get better I won't argue against, but don't be against it unless you tested the testing process. In my opinion, what we got here is also better than what the Muse developers themselves have given us.

I am a bit biased towards the current testing process, because I have seen this game sit in a state of "Why are the devs doing what they are doing?" "Are they listening to feedback?" "Does Eric play the game?" for a solid 4 years now. How long did it take for the Mobula to be nerfed? Remember the seemingly out of nowhere Spire nerf? Pyramidion is still suffering from its first nerf a few years back. Had it not been for the testing sessions, then the Heavy Carronade would still have no arc in any direction and Heavy Clip would very likely still be worthless on all guns. The current way of getting changes into the game feels much more active and much less random despite the lack of professional testers, which one could argue Muse should provide.

Got objections to changes in dev app? Voice them, there is a dev app section on the forum, you have the trello, you have Discord for more active discussions, email and even surveys for each test session are being set-up for more organizsed feedback gathering.
Want changes brought in to dev app like for example testing +50% jitter increase on Greased isntead of +90%? Voice them?

Community Events / Re: SunSet Blitz: Sign Ups: Week 4
« on: August 04, 2017, 06:39:00 pm »

Fashion Ryders signing up again
Point of Contact: Dementio

The Gallery / Re: Aerodrome: Fin
« on: July 26, 2017, 04:56:03 am »
Let's hope Skyball never sees the light of day again.

The Gallery / Re: Aerodrome: Fin
« on: July 25, 2017, 02:36:50 pm »
Probably noone could have done an Aerodrome event like you did Gilder, and everyone who helped you out with all the Aerodromes.

I liked the rpg aspects of it, I liked playing in it and I liked a, as much as it could be, competitive 3v3 capture point focused tournament. Crazy King, before Muse reworked all capture point maps, is the mode that helped me practise how to communicate in this game due to having to coordinate with your them on when to go to the next point together, communication which is detrimental for any sort of team-based competitive activity. So a tournament for that sort of thing, filled with role-playing aspects, was really cool and refreshing from the rest of the game.

Thank you for the good times and good luck with future projects!

Community Events / Re: SunSet Blitz: Sign Ups: Week 3
« on: July 24, 2017, 12:23:58 pm »

Fashion Ryders signing up again
Point of Contact: Dementio

The Gallery / Re: GOIA memes
« on: July 17, 2017, 01:46:21 pm »
How do you expect to win against someone that shanks Chaladonians and a Child Extirminator name purposefully written wrong

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