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The Lounge / Re: Prove you're oldfag
« on: April 07, 2016, 04:36:47 am »

Blenderfish rule and carronade OP
Hellish flamers
Flaks with no arming time
Loooooong booooooooring sniiiiiiiping dueeeeeeeels
No Paritan Rumble

And hellish bug with instakill components with tar. -_-

The Lounge / Re: Fond Memories:
« on: October 30, 2015, 04:56:50 am »
Well.. i'm, maybe, not the competitive player and my clan never have been seen in tournaments (mostly because my crew, he-he, is my parents and my brother), but we still have a lot of good and fond memories.

I remember my first flight as gunner for Lockhart.
Remember how i first captained my ship in first match, trying to make it work.
I remember how i argued with my father, the all-mighty Mirage, about how we should shoot, and when.
Remember how we first battled with Polaris against some old-time vets. And how awesome it was!
I remember first 3vs3 match, where i had to take a fleet commander role and almost got an mental BSOD. xD
And, of course, first time in Paritan Rumble, map with which i fall in love momentarily.  And first victory there against two hwacha fishes.
And i can't forgot a good match there against Polaris with theyr good-damn-my-balloon lumberfish.

I think there was too much good moments.)

So yeah. It's an awesome game. And it gave me and my family a lot of fun moments.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Taunts
« on: August 06, 2015, 04:49:38 am »
Nice thought.

And i just want a little, clean shout to the enemy..
You know.

Something like: "Stahp touching mah teammate! I'm kill gonna that ignorant buck mahself!" he-he..

Well yeah, having in game taunts with no real word abuse would be a fun thing.

General Discussion / Re: Looking for vectors
« on: August 04, 2015, 06:55:23 am »
Well, i 'm know what vectors and bitmap, i'm just lacking the skill to make a good vector out of that bitmap. Mostly because, when art involved, my hands suddenly attaches themself to mah butt.

General Discussion / Looking for vectors
« on: August 04, 2015, 01:47:05 am »
Good day\evening\night\morning

Well, here i am thinking to make to myself and my crew some badges or sumthing-sumthing from GoI, so i fired up my laser graver and starting to look for ideas... and met one big problem. I can't make icons, which i have on my hand, to vectorized graphic. -_- Which is bad to me.
So... is there any way to find, somewhere, and vectorized pics of gunner\pilot\engineer classes? I'm tryed to google it, but with no luck. -_- And i'm not a good artist to make one myself. So i'm asking a community for help - maybe someone has those?

General Discussion / Re: First Times
« on: August 01, 2015, 10:43:46 am »
So.. okey. Me and mah mighty crew can't forget our first meeting with a good munker ship in paritan rumble. Damn those munkers, i say!

Gameplay / Re: Dual hwatcha galleon stun lock.
« on: July 01, 2015, 04:54:52 am »
Well, it is strong, that i can tell. But you still can counter it.

First - if you flying something, that not Galleon or Pyramidion - you can outrun and outmaneuver double hwacha side and get in front, or behind it. Behind is better.
Second - gatling and mortar with burst can damage guns pretty quickly.
Third - Tar cloud and Vent tools can give you an edge against double hwacha galleon.
Four - you still can use disable builds. Spire, with hwacha or merc gun can be a something, that enemy galleon should fear.

So in my opinion double hwacha galleons is not as fearsome, as they may be

Обновил мануал в сответствии с последним патчем.

Ну по нашему времени у них день и начнется. Да и я не стороник чего-то грубого иль нетактичного.

Я думаю можно обойтись чем-нибудь более простым. От раскраски кораблей\экипажей в красный, до полетов под названиями городов или мест важнейших столкновений на территории СССР.

Итак, поднимаю тему не флуда и не холивара ради, а рационального предложения токмо.

Суть в чем - 70 лет победе, как ни как, и если к правительству тех лет можно относиться по разному, то к самому факту я предлагаю относиться как есть. Как к важной победе как в истории наших народов, да и мира в целом.

Ну ладно, то была преамбула, а сама мысль таковая: будем-ли устраивать в честь этого праздника флешмоб русских игроков, аль нет?

Release Notes / Re: Release 1.4.1 Notes
« on: May 02, 2015, 08:59:33 am »
Another issue with engineer stamina, is that if you a little bit lagging or playing on ping over 100 ms, then you get, sometimes, teleported back a few steps. Thats kinda annoying.

Release Notes / Re: Release 1.4.1 Notes
« on: May 01, 2015, 06:23:57 am »
I don't... feel sure about stamina. Sure, it's fun against, say, bots and etc. But in PVP? When junker became a kinda nullifier for squid (with stamina and claw you can keep enemy squid on needed side long enough to kill it's engines)
Speed boost for engineer is kinda... idea. But only if you non lagging.

And yeah, they.. fixed the Heavy Carronade. And then give gunner Stamina, which nullifies all nerf from patch. Brilliant.

But i like changes for new flamer mechanics and extinguisher. But UI is really very big. Why do i ever need a class sign in my left lover corner?

Feedback and Suggestions / Laser Guided Missile
« on: March 29, 2015, 02:03:32 pm »
Yeah-yeah, i know, that we have steampunk, but... what da hell? I think there is a way, to make this idea more "steampunkish"

So... the point is, that we have gunner, who have, actually, a little work for him, ya? So let's make him work! Let's give another ammo type, named "Laser Guided missile" that affects only missile type and the tool, named "Laser Guide" let those rockets, that can be guided be guided.

But there is more fun in this... i remember in Half-Life Deathmatch was a fun bug with Rockert Launcher.  There was a possibility to guide missile, which was shoted at you. If you used your laser guide ability after enemy missile was shot... so let's have it in GOI? Let's give another player possibility to guide rocket he does not shoot?

Well, i gues it's a terrible idea, but.. why not? What you think?

The Lounge / Re: Random question from Russian guy
« on: December 27, 2014, 02:11:38 am »

My mother use to open up rooms for exchange students. I do recall the rich russian kids being complete bastards (japanese, saudi arabians, not so much). So that's an actual thing?

Actually even at Uni there were russians like that... suffice to say they were very argumentative but weren't very smart. One me and my friend referred to as "Cancer" complained to the Tutor (a goddamn king's college film theory phd professor) that his Lecture's weren't interesting enough to learn anything.

This... is said from the class representative of our class *facepalm. Suffice to say... me and my friend vehemently disagreed with that attitude, as we knew that our teacher isn't there to do our studying for us.

Well, idiots happens to be in every nation. ) There enough smart russian kids, who just dont rich enough or don't have right connections to study in other countrys. So yap...
About "motherland"... considering, that we think of family as alliance between woman and man (and no man-man, or woman-woman family considered normal), most of us quite respectful of theirs mothers and we prefer to be tight contact with our fathers and mothers. And if a successful man lives with he's mother - its not considered as bad thing.

The Lounge / Re: Random question from Russian guy
« on: December 25, 2014, 11:23:02 pm »
Thanks for all the replies and i actually was prepared for shitstorm, but still don't want it. Just, well, opinion on my country.
And concerning "rude russians", well in our country we use term "schololo" for them - couse mostly it's students from school and we, adequate russians, hate them even more than you. ) For obvious reason.
Still, i'm really glad that you different government from people.

Why do russions say motherland? What folktale roots does it stem from?

Well, we tend to talk about our land as of Woman, Mother, who feed us and treat us as it's children. It was started even before our country accepted the Christianity.
And that was thing, actually. "Motherland calls!" shout bring more people to fight against Nazi in World War 2, than "For Stalin" or something like that.

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