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Feedback and Suggestions / Cyrillic wordfilter.
« on: March 25, 2013, 05:47:45 pm »
Hey guys, good work on the last update, it's really cool and nice seeing cyrillyc text in chat instead of translit because blah-blah-blah~. Ok, straight to the point. Since i can read cyrillic and understand russian language whole chat became even more irritating than ever before. It's like being in prison or middle school all over again( i mean school . school over again. yes). I swear to lord there literally wasn't a single line of russian text without obscene language. I'm dead serious. You could aswell move to NO THAT WOULD BE RACIST NEVERMIND. So here's DASHING idea, add basic form of wordfilter for russian obscene language. Atleast few most common words (and if someone tries to avoid filter, you still will be able to recognise them and horribly murder, warn that person. Because in next couple of weeks you'll learn these words anyway. From chat). Pretty please?

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