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General Discussion / Dust and Air IndieGoGo Is Live!
« on: August 07, 2017, 03:06:22 am »
All is Fair in Dust and Air IndieGoGo Campaign

Hey all, big update time! We're now live on IndieGoGo! The Guns of Icarus VN has reach another milestone!

The Gallery / Aerodrome: Fin
« on: July 25, 2017, 01:29:29 am »
Seeing as how I've no time to continue the event and there seems to be no interest from anyone else in picking it up. I figure I'll give it a wrap and reveal the final chapter.

Over a year and a half ago, about around the time Aero 3 ended, storyboards for Aero 4 were brewing. The first seeds of Aero 4 were to come at the end of the Letters series. The final episode which unfortunately never aired due to problems with our audio team's schedule at the time. Syco just was swamped hard with work and it didn't get better for almost a year later. Then on top of that he had some computer issues that compounded it more. It was always a goal of his to get it done and release the final episode but real life wasn't so kind, and by the time Aero 4 was discussed again, it was clear things just weren't happening.

So I'm delivering to you now, what was done of the final Letters to Home episode. There is no music score as it never got completed. Keep in mind, The Letters series takes place during Aero 2. It just aired for Aero 3: Episode Three: Thin Air

Original Signal Tower thread is here:,5225.0.html

So now...Aero 4...

The Story of Aero 4

Aerodrome 4 was scheduled to be dubbed: Fires of Revolution. It was to do a few things to build on the conflict of 3 but mostly it was the world war storyline we had planned. The Arashi would finally enter into the fray and at the same time we'd have a new conflict in the north erupting around the Baroness of Everesk. We actually had a voice actress lined up to play her too.

Here is the setting directly from the storyboard doc:

Nash’s plans are coming undone. He’s been backstabbed by an Arashi friend who has known him longer than anyone. With Nash out of the picture, his carefully laid plans for other nations also begin unraveling. Revolution begins in the Fjordlands with the Baroness of Everesk who finally wakes up and wants Nulia’s head. She is joined by the people who support her coup.

Arashi lands have just been succeeded by the son of the former chief. He’s the one who stabs Nash in the back. Instead of playing along with Nash, he decides now is the right time to begin a massive invasion of the Guild.

Yesha gets dragged into helping the Guild. Anglea in turn gets drafted to helping the Baroness in her coup attempt. While Chaladon sides with the king to fight off the Anglean aggression.

To answer the exact details of why the Arashi friend backstabs Nash, it ties into the end clip of the final Letters video which starts Nash's backstory. With the Mercantile War concluded, the focus turns to the antagonist Nash and his plots. Everything at this time seems to be on the up and up.

Nash decides to exit the after party and attend to personal matters. The Anglean hero who, still wants to kill him, secretly follows and we find Nash now in Liro Dunum on personal business visiting a grave. But who is Elena?

Elena ties in directly to who he is because the last name on her grave isn't her last name. It's his. However, they were not married, only arranged to be.

The backstory behind Nash is he was from a former noble's family in the Fjordlands. Lohengramm (+10 if you get the reference) was to be the biggest clue to his identity because the family was killed in an "accident" along with a Chaladonian family many years prior. Nash's family was gaining a lot of attention by their actions with Chaladon. So much so that there was a marriage arranged that many in Lord's Leap hoped would solidify a lasting relationship between Chaladon and the Baronies.

Trouble was, this brought about jealousy, and in the cloak and dagger society of the Baronies, those that wanted them dead found their chance at making that happen.

Elena and Nash meet when they are kids (exact age uncertain, hadn't decided. Doubtful teens. Likely younger). Nash actually isn't his real name although I forget now what his real name was finally going to be. Same with Elena's last name. But needless to say, they both were nuts about each other. The first meeting takes place in Chaladon, followed by a second meeting to decide on more concrete details back in the Fjordlands. This is when tragedy strikes.

It happens midflight on the way back. Nash and Elena actually are off playing around the ship (hide n seek/etc. Elena is hiding). Assassins act, they pretty much kill everyone else easily in their cabins. Nash witnesses it but hides and is missed. Only then the assassins realizing they've missed two. Instead of trying to find the two kids, they decide to just set the ship on fire and have it crash into the sea.

Nash gets out of there, then finds Elena but it is too late to do anything. The assassins are gone and they've sabotaged the controls. The airship does indeed crash. However the kids survive and are rescued by a trader en route to Liro Dunum. Unfortunately Elena isn't in good shape. They're both hurt in the crash, she's worse off than him.

This starts a point where Nash pretty much watches her slowly pass away while in Liro Dunum. There is a lot of heart to heart moments. She's a much more forgiving person that he is. She was very sheltered within Chaladon.

Growing up a Fjordlander is part of that background of his. He's seen more of the evils of the world even at his age.

She's heard of the bad things but never had experienced them herself. So she very idealistic about wanting the conflicts to stop and the reason for assassins to exist to end.

At the core of Nash's plots is this desire to bring a stop to the conflicts. However, he reaches a conclusion on it that she'd never agree with. Partly because he never quite gives up his desire for vengeance.

When he's older he leaves Liro Dunum. Spends a bit of time traveling and seeing the world. This is where he sees how really ugly the world is. Travels from nation to nation, working for some of the more seedier elements trying to find the assassins, which he does eventually catch up to and kill.

After getting that revenge, he pretty much loses his desire to do anything. He believes Elena would hate him now if she saw him, and ends up wandering into Arashi lands where he saves the life of the friend/chief. He's about in his 20s by this time.

There he realizes that no matter of arranged marriages or well wishing would do any good. The only way to stop the madness is to make the madness destroy itself. Or so he believes. He takes this belief to the point he doesn't care about being a villain to the world. In his eyes he'd rather be a villain than a hero with one of those nations. The Arashi friend agrees with him.

So the Arashi friend is very much in on the entire plan from the beginning. Actually backs it and helps Nash get involved with The Bully Boys, a arms dealer/semi criminal enterprise up in Firnfeld that profits off conflicts up there.

This is Nash's entire desire throughout the Aerodrome series. He learns how to manipulate nations and events. Even if something doesn't go his way, he turns it around and uses it to his advantage. One way or another, his goal is to bring down the major nations and force change. Hence in Aero 2 he suddenly starts trying to promote certain heroes of each faction. Even if they end up martyrs, it'll further his goals of changing the power structure of the nations.

So what goes wrong with the friend in Aero 4?

The Arashi friend comes to realize a lot of things with the death of his father. Many of those past ideas and plans were not what he ultimately wants. Obtaining the position of power causes him to want to help his people more. He doesn't want to be a villain with Nash after all.

So instead of following Nash's plan, he sides more with a plan that would benefit the League, his own.

Trouble is, this forces him to kill Nash. He knows Nash won't stop otherwise. But more than that, he knows the nations are weak because he knows things are still following Nash's plan. Originally this was to bring about a more peaceful future between the Arashi and Guild, but none of the Arashi trust the new Guild leadership. They see the time to strike their old oppressor The Guild, is now. The friend agrees.

The Aero 4 Trailer

In the Aero 4 opening trailer, you'd get the scene where Nash has been lured to Alleron only to be shot by the friend on the balcony of his home overlooking the city. Nash falls, presumed dead. Friend remorseful yet knows it had to be done.

This brings about a string of events where suddenly he's not there to handle the actors behind the scenes. The Baroness wakes up, The Bully Boys entice her, and she starts her revolution. In the meantime, the Arashi take advantage of the Guild's weakened forces to strike.

Princess Nulia returns in the chaos, less stuck up, and tries to save her father's kingdom. Thus it becomes a civil war in the Baronies between the old throne and Everesk's revolution. With both Anglea and Chaladon taking sides. Same as Yesha taking sides in the south.

This would have been the events teams would have played in.

Special finale

In the ending, it is revealed, the Anglean hero who's been following Nash around, saves him.

She's learned a lot about him and Elena in her quest to unravel his secrets. Which hits a chord regarding her own life. Losing someone close to her when she was young up in Anglea.

She still wants to kill Nash for what he's done, but she realizes what he was ultimately trying to do and realizes how right he is about the ugliness in the nations. Kinda sides with him to some degree at this point. Well, at the very least, she wants to kill him later, not now. Kinda would be a running gag with the two of them. Partners in crime yet she's always carrying a bullet for him.

The end!

So there you go, the closing story of Aerodrome and how Aero 4 was to go. We'll never know how the war would have ended since it won't be played, but thinking about it now, it would have made for some fun moments. Actually had planned for Nash to make an exit from the series at this time, maybe have cameo roles later. But mostly to give the story line to a new storyteller from the community, which never panned out. No one seemed to want to attempt an event like Aerodrome or create their own lore so, oh well.

Anyways, was fun writing this all up and finally getting it out. Also running the Aerodrome events. Working with VAs and the community. Then finally with artists to bring the story out from the shackles of a very low quality fan project. Hope this post wraps up some questions regarding the backstory of Aerodrome. Sadly, I'm too busy to do it again. But I've moved onto much better things so yay!

General Discussion / A wild GOIO VN appears...
« on: December 09, 2016, 01:21:09 am »

This is just a little teaser for now that we wanted to get out before the end of the year. Which is of course, only a tiny glimpse at where we're actually at.

I do apologize as I hinted we’d be announcing something in summer. Getting the company in order took longer than anticipated. In fact there are still a few things left to do. However, we're now at a point where I feel we're able to move forward with our roll out and not leave people hanging.

Details TBA. We’ll also be doing some Q&A sessions as I'm sure not everyone from the old days is still around. But to sum it all up, the Guns of Icarus Visual Novel Project is back and yes Broken Hammer Games is a real LLC game company created for producing Visual Novels and game development that we formed out of the original TTR Studio team. Muse has been a fantastic help in not only advice but also giving us their blessing in producing this VN.

Our site is now open for all:
Our special new years video is here:

World / The Old World Theories
« on: January 24, 2016, 02:53:41 am »
So I'm sitting around thinkin and considering the old world. What could have happened? And then ideas came. Pieced some things together based on what tidbits of lore we've seen.

What we know about the calamity:

-A weapon caused it. I believe chemical in nature is what I remember reading (WWI era was big on chemical weapons).
-Before it, it was a WWI era world and in the process of a world war.
-There are at least half a dozen places now where they dig up or have fantastic old world technologies. Anglea, Arashi Desert, Chaladon, Paritan, etc
-The people were not all from the same places as they are now. Migration and relocation happened.

So first, lets consider the weapon since that is the thought that spawned the rest for me.

We know Anglea is an ice ball, but also is part of Firnfeld. Now for some reason northern Yesha isn't also an ice ball. We also know there are deserts all over the place. Some seem caused by the old war (craters), while others are questionable.

So lets think, how could chemical weapons have caused the current world? For the longest time I really couldn't think of a reason and I figured Muse was just off their rockers. Then I was considering, chemical reactions. There are reactions that can generate hot and cold. Now if we use our current world standards, I don't know if we could come up with something. But lets consider these airships and their "impossibilities" for existing.

These things shouldn't exist, too heavy. Unless of course we introduce another element in the air which makes them possible. I'm going to dub this the Valkyria element, or element V, since this is literally the same idea that Valkyria Chronicles used.

What if the old world was filled with an abundance of this Element V? Similar to Valkyria. It's the do everything, wonder element. Makes battleships fly/etc.

Now consider a world war happening. It's bloody, it's nasty, and it has gone on for too long. Both sides, if not more than two sides, would be looking for ways to gain the upper hand. Last ditch efforts, or superweapons.

What if...the solution was found to simply create a chain reaction in this element? If it is in everything, both air, water, and ground, then imagine a chemical bomb that could set off Element V and cause it to take another form.

That other form would A solid. Why not heat? Well true why not heat? Maybe it was attempted but incinerating the world just wasn't the best idea. However, freezing it would preserve technology and cities. Plus maybe the weapon designer just wanted people to "cool off" due to the level of hatred at the time?

So lets say this is a massive freeze bomb that ignited and knocked out Anglea. What about the other nations under Anglea? Well....what is to say the freeze bomb stopped with Anglea? What if it really was a doomsday freeze bomb that was intended for the entire world? That means that at one time the entire world was an ice ball. But ice melts, and so lets assume it has been melting for awhile. Which would explain why the world is so small. This is just the part that has thawed.

But that's not all true is it? What about Chaladon? Chaladon was untouched by the war/etc. Now lets consider something, if the entire world was frozen and effectively reset, then why was Chaladon spared? Chaladon is home to very advanced tech too, could that have protected them? Or...Apologies Chaladon fans but there is an answer that takes this all into account as well as current isolationist standpoints. Chaladon did it.

That's right, Chaladon was the nation which created the weapon and thus would know exactly how to nullify the effects and preserve their country. And they got away with it too by continuing to keep isolationism as their policy. What villain wants nosy people snooping around their lair? So therefore, the theory is...Chaladon still has that weapon and they still have the defensive capability to nullify that weapon.

Why don't they use it again? Perhaps things haven't gotten bad enough yet. Lets also patch in another idea. This one comes from Skies of another Overworks game. Lets say Chaladon is the Silvites. They've been watching over the people rebuilding, the whole time with their finger on the button in case they decide to plunge themselves into world war once again.

But Chaladon does have contacts and helps some people? Well true. Lets think about it. The Arashi...the Guild named the desert Arashi but the people there hate the Guild. So lets consider the techs that the Arashi dig up which Chaladon, helps oversee. Remember, Chaladon doesn't like Anglea's abuse of technology. But if the Arashi are willing to accept help with it, meaning Chaladon confiscates anything really bad...why? Unless Chaladon and the people who settled in the Arashi have an old connection.

What if the Arashi desert was the result of the old war and it originally before that was lush lands with great cities? What if they were friends of Chaladon back then? Now lets consider them being apart of the war and getting wiped out. Perhaps this would have been a final straw that made Chaladon use the weapon.

Now their Fjordlander support...if we consider the Fjordlanders as the people who lived in silver moon lands (Skies of Arcadia), then there would be some past ties to Chaladon. Maybe they were Chaladonians who went to war and fought. Even in an isolationist country, there will be those who would want to get involved in the world war. America did this. We were isolationist and we still had those who secretly supported the war effort.

The Guild, perhaps they were one of the allies of the Arashi long ago but during the war they allowed the Arashi cities to be destroyed. Or maybe they didn't do enough to protect them. Maybe the ancient Guild were jerks and refused to take in the survivors too? Meaning the war in the past definitely had infighting happening among allies.

So what of Yesha? Well we know migrations happened and that the Yeshan people came from elsewhere. We know they are asian too. Cities down in Guild lands have very Japanese names. So lets consider that the world map looked very different. That the Yeshan and Arashi/Guild people were once closer but their cultures split. Or perhaps that when the Arashi cities were leveled, the survivors went two ways. One group went to Guild lands, the other to Yesha. Or perhaps the Yeshan people come from off the map? Yesha really is an issue here because it is hard to fit them as well as figure out what side they were on.

As far as the sides go. With the level of cities and tech concentrated in the north and the Arashi lands in the south, then Chaladon to the east...lets say the main front line was in the central area. If we look at the trail of devastation, it leads to Arashi lands. So lets say what brought about Chaladon deploying the V-bomb was a massive blitzkrieg that ended in the destruction of the main capital of the southern alliances.

If Chaladon was in any way sympathetic to the southern factions then perhaps this was enough for them to gain support from their people in deploying it. Also if most of the population was wiped out then they could afford to take in some and then seal off the island to use the weapon. Any hesitation would have ceased. By this time they most certainly would have considered the blitz a genocide and seen the true nature of the northern factions.

Thus that puts Anglea as more of it's own empire. However, remember, not all of the map is shown. Perhaps Anglea consisted of many other nations that are still in ice and haven't thawed yet. Either way, Anglea was possibly winning the war which led Chaladon to use it's doomsday weapon to stop it.


Anglea was a bunch of murdering dicks and Chaladon the ultimate bond villain with the doomsday device.

So the whole ancient plot of GOIO is a mix of both Valkyria Chronicles and Skies of Arcadia. If true this means, their original writer really was freaken awesome! :D

The Lounge / The Fart Awakens (Spoilers)
« on: January 01, 2016, 04:39:19 pm »
Weird that I thought it was better than some of the prequels but bad enough I actually thought Lucas could do better.

If it wasn't for the supporting cast and some of the dialogue, Episode 7 is literally one of the worst Star Wars movies ever. Barely squeaks by Episode 2. Holy crap it is swiss cheese story with an antagonist that needs to wait another 10yrs till he gets some pubes and doesn't need pampers anymore.

First Order vs the Resistance is like watching a bad Gundam episode where we see two former powers duking it out in a never ending war while the rest of the galaxy rolls their eyes and doesn't give a damn. In fact there is such an episode in Gundam: AGE where the protagonists come across this battle still being fought by a handful of old men and its just pathetic.

Why has the First Order even gotten so big if it's ran by a bunch of brats who look like they are still waiting for their balls to drop? Assuming Snoak is Darth Plaguis like others suspect but really...Snoak? Don't even try to hide him or make him mysterious? What is this? Run out of awesome names so you rip something that seems like it should be in Pokemon?

Then..WTF Planet Deathstar beam destroys worlds in real time completely negating speed of light limits? Why are people on one world viewing other worlds in other systems blowing up? Is it the same system? If its the same system, why the flipping monkey crack did they have to hyperspace anywhere?

For that matter why is there even a planet sized deathstar now? Why? NAN DE!!!!! It's so stupid. Where are the huge fleets that the First Order should have? Don't tell me they've blown their entire budget on that planetstar and now they have what...1 star destroyer? How the hell is that scary or imposing? You can't expand a new Empire with one battleship!

I can see why Abrams wanted to continue doing Star Wars movies because he left it so haphazard that literally there is almost no way the next director is going to pull off a decent Episode 8. If the director does, holy crap they'll pull off a miracle.

Anyways, anyone else feel like venting about Fart Awakens? Son of a...they could have at least used some extended universe story and characters. A Jedi Homeworld that is not Tython? Tython?

*Makes mental note to someday kick J.J. Abrams in the crotch :D

Gameplay / Sky Drifting and Potential Gameplay
« on: November 23, 2015, 04:06:27 pm »
I know a long time back there was discussions about strafing controls in GOIO. However that isn't really feasible as the engines don't have pivot mounts.

So I'm playing some Star Citizen and I think...wait a minute, did we ever consider drifting? Star Citizen has a lot because well, its space. You drift all over the place. But I started to consider what GOIO would be if there was more drift added. GOIO has some but what if it had more? Sure there are some bumper boat potential happenings in Paritan, but imagine going full speed in and then turning and just using that power to coast and shoot while coasting. Then just keep adjusting with the turn and pivot around a target but the engines don't bring the ship to a stop right away.

So like a handbrake in the air. Perhaps this is something that could be done in the private hosting mode where we could edit variables and make a slippery mode. But just think of how engagements would change. Might potentially need to up the power in some of the ship engines or it really will be like free willy on ice every time you fly a galleon.

Community Events / Aero 3 Participants
« on: November 05, 2015, 06:27:11 pm »
Requesting event participants/teams provide a roster for distributing the badge rewards. Apologies I thought this was handled but found out today it was overlooked during the prize distribution. Either shoot me a message or e-mail with your roster. One way or another we'll make sure everyone gets their goodies. Also if you were a participant of Aero 1 or 2 and didn't receive your reward, do the same.

Feedback and Suggestions / Buff Hammer Evolves into...
« on: October 28, 2015, 10:22:52 pm »
So I was just thinking. About all the times noobs bring a buff hammer when they should bring a mallet or when they completely mix up a build and bring something even more horrific. Not knowing what the buff hammer does.

Then it occurred to me...why is it even a hammer?

Sure beating something till it goes faster sounds fun but it's rather silly to think one hammer has the ability to improve speed, firepower, and durability. So then I thought...why don't we have a ratchet? Something that makes a bit more sense for fine tuning a machine.

I'm guessing it was easier for the devs to just keep the tool swinging hammer motion so going with a hammer of some kind makes sense. That's fine and all.

But still, ratchet. Even if it's being used to beat a powder monkey's skull in...makes more sense. Maybe its about time we had more animations. A ratchet animation could possibly be doubled for the wrench and spanner.

The Lounge / To The Movies!
« on: September 15, 2015, 06:31:50 pm »
So besides GOIO, which games do you think would make awesome movies? Don't pick one that has already been done, unless you write an essay along with it about how Uwe Boll or Paul WS Anderson deserve to be stranded on some tiny little island the size of a VW, never to return or make movies again.

Me, I've been really thinking for some time that Metal Slug would make a great movie series. Granted it keeps in tact that humor and randomness of the games. If it went all serious, it would be just terrible. Kinda make it in a Sky Captain style where it has a little campy feel to it but is endearing.

Why it would work is because the canon is flexible. Fans wouldn't get pissy over it if Hollywood decided to go somewhere else with. As long as the base characters were in tact, you'd have freedom to take any of the plot ideas from the games (which get all sorts of bizarre), and make something unique.

Probably the biggest failing of all the game based movies has been the departure from the original story lines. Directors (Anderson) deciding to completely make their own story based on the original, yet fans really wanting to see the story they know and love in a live action. Metal Slug can avoid this pitfall. As long as Morden is involved in it in someway, it'll succeed.

The only way it would really fail is if the script tried to be too much like everyone else. Which is a problem with hollywood right now. They don't churn out a lot of original scripts because they don't want to risk what might not sell. Metal Slug would be a potentially risky venture. While it could really work well, if it pulled a Spiderman and kept killing off all the villains (which don't really die in the games), it would fail. But hey, it has a lore with zombies, aliens, mummies, and just about any thing you could think up so they could be killed off and cloned and it wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility.

Gameplay / Ship Design Concept: The Arashi Scorpion
« on: September 03, 2015, 04:03:26 am »
Premise of the ship is it is a desert ambusher and loot hauler. It has to sit flush with sands and be able to fly low without clipping objects easily. This would help it ambush convoys. If the Bonefish is like a battleship, the Scorpion would be a cruiser or corvette.

Concept design would borrow some ideas from the Mobula. In fact it could be a design developed from theft or salvaging Mobulas. So a more flat vessel. But instead of a massive weak balloon underneath, it would have balloons on the wing tips and maybe thinner ones that are partially exposed on the top deck. Could be similar to Goldfish, squid, or Junker balloons, something salvagable. So it would have two on the wings and instead of a massive flat area like the mobula, there would be maybe a squid balloon sticking up that connects to both decks but is clearly built into the hull. All share the same system. Altho in official lore it could be it has separate systems.

Weapon system would consist of two light guns to front, kinda like claws. Possibly near the balloons, maybe angled more like on a Mobula. Then a elevated heavy mount gun platform that sits at the rear of the ship facing forward. Which would give it the appearance of a scorpion. Could possibly make it able to raise and lower but not necessary. Ideally the gunner up on it gets a full view of the vessel below and the area around them.

If Pilot station is forward like a Mobula, then lets put the hull point back before the elevated gun, then the balloon repair point put under the pilot station in the bowels of the ship. Accessible via a hatch. You can get down to it quickly, but getting out of it and back above deck might take longer.

Engine mounts. I'd like to see quad in use. Make it easy and set them up on the top deck. Break em up with the balloons possibly. Or put them on the wing balloons. Top and bottom of them. So you can't shoot out both sets unless you really plan your shots. But then running on one set would cause the ship to be tough to control and list a lot.

Movement speed and gameplay. It wouldn't have the vertical ability of the Mobula. However it would turn better due to the quad. Weapon loadout is similar to a Goldfish so this vessel could be an answer to the Yeshan Goldfish. It wouldn't be as fast as the fish but it would have better firepower capability. Perhaps the Scorpion would have better armor/etc. So ideally it would be a design that could beat a fish in certain situations but not all.

For added appearance, could put colors and flags on the wings that fan out and look like scorpion legs.

So yeah, been on my mind for a bit now, just posting it to finally get it off my mind.

Community Events / Aerodrome: TMW Final 8/22 Details and Voting
« on: August 08, 2015, 06:25:53 pm »

First off, congrads to:

  -  Moonshine Lollipops and Phobos LLC
  -  Crimson Sky Morepork
  -  Compensate Ryders
  -  Fancy Rydr
  -  Geographical Llamas Reservoir
  -  The Bard's Trade Union

You are the top 6 finalists that will be going on to the best of 5 event on the 22nd. Also thank you to all teams who participated. Saw some great matches during these past 4 weeks.

So that said lets get the details going for the final week. First up in this thread there is a community vote for the match order for the final week. So you all get to decide what order the maps take place in. If I can get a mod to add a poll to this with all 5 TDM 3v3 maps listed, that would be awesome. Go ahead an allow multiple votes if you can.

The poll will run till next Saturday when the list will be finalized and the teams will then have a week to confer together. The top scoring team will be given spawn choice for the first match. After that, the teams will switch sides. So if they want blue spawn first, they'll get red spawn in match 2 and blue in 3 or reverse if they want red first.

As far as teams go. finalists please get together and decide your teams during this time. You'll also have till next Saturday to decide on official teams. Please think up a Conglomerate name for your new combined team. Literally multiple companies are coming together to forge one major company.

On the final week leading up till the 22nd I'll be posting the schedule along with stats of all teams. Passwords for those matches will be the same as the normal weeks.

So till then, make the most of your bye week and get ready for your best of 5 battle to decide the champions!

Community Events / Aerodrome: TMW Week 4 Match Schedule
« on: August 08, 2015, 03:36:00 am »

Special thanks to all the participants. This is the last regular season day for The Mercantile War. While signups were very light this week, hopefully it'll be the deciding factor for some teams on their entrance into the finals. The final two matches of that day that are not filled will still be played but we'll be running match 4 as a House of Hardcastle Minepoon Spectacular.

Minepoon Spectacular will be limited to light mount gun ships. So Pyra, Mobulas, Squid, and Junkers. All ships must carry mines and harpoons. No other mounts allowed.

The final will be a player's choice match where I want you all to decide what you want to do before it starts. If you want another Minepoon you can. As with special battles like this, normal merc rules won't matter. Play with friends/etc. But I will need you to signup for them so we have some order going in.

Signups for Merc boat spots will take place in this thread and will be first come first serve. So if you want to fly in another match. As long as it isn't with fellow clanmates as per the rules, add your ship in!

Reminder to all teams. The event starts at 1pm PDT/4pm EDT/8pm UTC. Please be in GOIO ahead of time and ready to join matches. The event staff will not be messaging you to round you up. You will be given names of people to join on in this thread. However, staff will not be unreachable. We will be available on the Aerodrome mumble server as well as being online in game and utilizing the global chat in GOIO.

Aerodrome mumble details will be sent via PMs to all the CEOs who registered.

Streaming will be taking place @

Refs for this weekend should be:

Captain Tomato King
Jazz Jr.

If there is a change, it will be noted in this thread.

So, to long time vets and to new comers, welcome back to the Aerodrome!

Match List


Match 1: Water Hazard



Compensate Ryders
Crimson Sky Morepork
Moonshine, Lollipops & Phobos LLC


Match 2: Canyon Ambush

Fancy Rydr
Potato Kings
The Bards Trade Union


Seriously Inc
Green Sun Trading Co.


Match 3: Fight over Firnfeld

Geographical Llamas Reservoir




Match 4: Fjords (House of Hardcastle: Minepoon)


Match 5: Dunes (Player's Choice Battle)


Matches will start going up around 30 minutes prior event. The refs will be updated if need be.  Passwords will be sent out along with the mumble in messages via the forums here. Due to the limitations on ref staff, not all of the matches may be ready from the start. I will try to start and hold lobbies so technically I myself will be able to be joined onto if I am holding a match open for you.

Those of you who stated you'd be willing to Merc on your signups. Please select now the matches you want to merc in. You can select more than one. Heck you could select all of them. There will be no limits on the number of matches you can play. In fact it would be a great help if you could fill as we do have some rather vacant matches.

Keep in mind, these matches will be under Cargo Carrier rules. So in some ways, consider this an opportunity to practice the ruleset in preparation for following weeks.

Community Events / Aerodrome: TMW Week 4 Rival Contracts (Red Spawn)
« on: August 05, 2015, 05:44:10 pm »

Alright Rivals, your turn to select your matches for this weekend. We'll do this the same way we did it for prior weeks and keep the less filled matches in the list and just merc them out. If there is a match that doesn't get filled, I think we will run a Brickamania Battle Royal match like we did last time. Harpoons and mines is a tantalizing idea.

There will be weekly prizes so be sure to keep track of your teammate names in case you win. However for this signup, all I need is your company name and CEO. Early Reg folks just need to enter their match selection. Example from the early registration thread:

Company: Zukasauce Inc
Mission Statement: "To spread Zuka's love through all the world via his sauce."
Base of Operations: Starostrog, Guild
Logo (Optional): <Artistic Zuka Sultry Grin image>
CEO: Zuka
Steam ID, In game Name: Zuka2016, Zukamania

If you registered on week 1 or pre-reg, you don't need to list all this. Now because this is the official signup week. I need you to add one more bit of vital information...your match choice.

So reply with:

Contract Requested: <Insert map name here>

Then also if you could state if you are willing to mercenary for other matches, that would help a lot too. Basically means your official match counts but the others will be bonus battles to help fill matches. So "Willing to Merc: Yes/No"

Alright, thats it. Again, there is no long term commitment with this event. Take contracts as often or as seldom as you like. Twitch streaming info will be posted later, mumble info and passwords will be sent out via pm to new teams.

Remember, all point payouts are split between ships on your team.

Week Four Rival Contracts:

Contract 1: Averna Divided?
Map: Water Hazard
Cargo: Luggage/Misc
Payout: 300

Alright this deal comes as a bit of surprise. Averna suddenly swapping it's stance and now taking interest in deals with the Fjordlanders? I don't buy it. Something must be going on with them and Blackcliff. But these matters don't concern us. We'll find out soon enough. Intercept our rivals and make sure we're the ones getting in on whatever deals are being made!

Contract 2: Rise of Militias
Map: Canyon Ambush
Cargo: Munitions/Military Parts
Payout: 300

So Yesha seems to be bending over all forms of ways to keep it's recent additions within their empire. Fluffy words have fallen on deaf ears and they now demand weaponry for loyalty. However, my contacts suggest that the locals are rebuilding their militias. One has to wonder their reasons, given the weakened tiger that Yesha is. There are no signs suggesting rebellion but this is an opportunity some folks wouldn't pass up.

Thus keep a low profile on this job. Snatch those munitions and if anything happens we'll plant the blame on our rivals. Double win for us!

Contract 3: Raider Politics
Map: Fight Over Firnfeld
Cargo: Medical
Payout: 300

So word has it that Anglea isn't escaping internal strife. Bunch of rallies turned into slobberknockers as the political ideologies duke it out. Now Anglea's supplies were already a little thin before this so for them to be asking for help only speaks of how dire matters have gotten. I'm sure they waited as long as they could before letting information like this leak.

Our rivals are already on their way with medical goods. Head on up and intercept them and see if we can get Anglea owing us a favor instead of them.

Contract 4: Fjordic Payday
Map: Fjords
Cargo: Relics
Payout: 300

I'll give the king this much, he knows that the important thing is his people. Selling off priceless relics is certainly going to win some favor from them. However the hardliners are going to want his head I'm sure.

Take care with this one. It could get messy. But the payoff for something like this is too huge to pass up. Our rivals are already there picking up the goods so you'll be hitting them on their return trip. Lets go swipe some history!

Contract 5: Headless Nalmsman
Map: Dunes
Cargo: You Don't Want To Know
Payout: 300

This one is just gross but the future of trade with Nalm is demanding it. It appears someone was indeed supplying the tribal warlord who rebelled. Thus trust for the Guild is at an all time low.

What we need to do is paint a picture that our rivals were the culprits and we're innocent. To do that, we need to swipe the remains and see this job done in their stead. The company has set aside hazard pay for this contract. Just think of that and not of your disgusting cargo. Merchants gotta do what merchants gotta do!

Gameplay / CP/CK and how to fix it
« on: August 03, 2015, 02:21:25 am »
I've said it before, Aerodrome will not feature CP/CK gameplay till Muse fixes the current CK system. Matches are even more onesided and over before they ever really start. Ideally CK should see some of the tensest and hardest fought matches because each second and point is dependent on the tactics of the teams fighting. Aerodrome has seen some truly remarkable battles which made clans who really had a well defined strategy shine. Ryders have shown this with their triple pyra machine.

So lets discuss, how can Muse fix it? Sure the easy answer is to just return the cap points to their original states instead of so few. But Muse has added an Aerodromesce kill point rule into the mix. Should it be nixed too?

Frankly if we look at it from their standpoint, they are doing this because of the large outcry from newer players who get into CK battles and get overwhelmed quickly or the battles take too long for their attention spans. So by introducing the kill for points aspect and the lower point cap, Muse figured to kill two birds with one stone so to say. This assures bliss to them but anger from more experienced players who enjoy CK. The problem is, this isn't working. I still come into matches and find lobbies empty when a CK match is chosen. Now more of it is vets who despise it or newbs who only want TDM. The changes really didn't solve anything.

So lets look at the original root cause of the problem going back the last two years. Why people hate CP/CK so much? Think back all of you, how many times Desert Scrap had been selected and the players thought it was Dunes? I actually couldn't tell you, its just been so often that Scrap would turn into a joke and a reason for me to dust off the Munker and make them learn the hard way that Scrap = CP.

Early on about 2yrs back I saw this and suggested, along with others, that the match selections needed to state TDM or CP on them. The icons being all the same were only causing confusion. Now here we finally are with this implemented and it has helped greatly. I've noticed confusion diminish quite a bit. People no longer get into matches they don't want to play.

So here is an addition that must be kept. There can be no change to this for CK/CP.

So if this is now resolving a major issue with the selection of CK battles, do we need the other changes?

I'd argue that we don't. Lower point cap totals to promote faster matches is now not needed. People who like CK/CP battles and longer fights will like them again which will differentiate them from normal quick TDM fights.

Now moving on to the kills for points addition. First of all, this was added to the Aero rules as a way for teams to earn points even when they were getting their butts kicked. It was a feature that was meant to be a bonus on top of whatever they earned. Why the point value was kept low and there was a 10 kill shared cap. It wasn't meant to be a means of farming points.

With the current system, I've noticed multiple battles where a team got within striking distance of the cap and just stopped caring about capturing. They turned to killing and farmed the remaining few points from this to get the win. This goes against the base gameplay of CK/CP.

Thus Aerodrome kill for point system, only really works on a tournament level where the kills can be calculated and awarded as bonus after the fact. That isn't to say the system couldn't be worked in, however the points awarded are high and the points to victory too low.

But where is the balance? 5 points? 10? Another idea is to just reverse things and have respawns spend points, forcing the team that lost a ship to farm more points via caps. But what do you do if a team has zero? Keep it zero? Go negative? Discuss.

Community Events / Aerodrome: TMW Week 4 Trader Contracts (Blue Spawn)
« on: August 02, 2015, 06:41:50 pm »

Welcome to the final week of regular season Aerodrome play. This is a make or break week for multiple companies. Those that didn't manage to score very well, don't get too down. This was a single ship event. These sorts of events, while more open to smaller clans and new people, can be problematic due to the number of variables in them. I can understand the frustration of being teamed up with people you either don't get along with or people who make dumb moves. Why this event was up to you on signups. Hopefully this would allow you to select matches and alleviate some of that frustration.

3v3 is also another factor that may have limited some of you. But that depends how much you do 3v3 vs 2v2. This event was originally designed with 2v2 in mind but was changed to 3v3 because 3v3 is often neglected and it can provide a superior match in terms of tactics. That extra ship factors in greatly. 3v3 also can allow less experienced to shine better as the extra ship can change an engagement around. We've already seen a match during the event where a team that was down by many and almost lost, turned it around and won.

So to those that won't be making the finals, I hope this event provided some entertainment for you. Maybe you learned a few things from it. Don't give up. Take what you learned and apply it to the next event.

As a reminder to all participants of the Aerodrome, there will be 2 signups this week. This first signup is for the Trader Contracts. Meaning you are electing to be on Blue team and start with the Cargo first. The Rival Contracts will be posted on Wednesday for Red Spawn. So brave ones, add your names in. Rivals, plot with villainous grins and creepy laughs as you wait for your contracts to open.

There will be weekly prizes so be sure to keep track of your teammate names in case you win.

However for this signup, all I need is your company name and CEO. If you did not register last week, I'll need you to do full registration for this week. Example from the early registration thread for those newcomers:

Company: Zukasauce Inc
Mission Statement: "To spread Zuka's love through all the world via his sauce."
Base of Operations: Starostrog, Guild
Logo (Optional): <Artistic Zuka Sultry Grin image>
CEO: Zuka
Steam ID, In game Name: Zuka2016, Zukamania

Now because this is the official signup week. I need you to add one more bit of vital information...your match choice.

So reply with:

Contract Requested: <Insert map name here>

Then also if you could state if you are willing to mercenary for other matches, that would help a lot too. Basically means your official match counts but the others will be bonus battles to help fill matches. So "Willing to Merc: Yes/No"

If you already signed up on prior weeks or pre-registration, just list the contract you want and merc willingness.

Alright, thats it. Again, there is no long term commitment with this event. Take contracts as often or as seldom as you like. Twitch streaming info will be posted in the schedule thread later. If you are a new team, you will get passwords and mumble server info sent to you on here via PM from me.

Remember, all point payouts are split between ships on your team.

Week Four Trade Contracts:

Contract 1: Averna's Best Interests
Map: Water Hazard
Cargo: Luggage/Misc
Payout: 300

It seems the oil deal got Chaladon's attention. Averna is now sending an negotiator to see if a more official deal would be possible. They have hired out their own passenger transport to ferry them up. However, the negotiator's luggage and various unrelated items got left behind. Wish I could say it was just a few things but unfortunately this negotiator doesn't travel light. Either that or they are expecting to stay for awhile.

Whatever it is, all that matters is there is a contract and we can see this job done.

Contract 2: Yeshan Commitment
Map: Canyon Ambush
Cargo: Munitions/Military Parts
Payout: 300

Well it seems the Yeshan Way was not as glorious through propaganda as Yesha hoped. Much of the leaflets turned into toilet paper for the locals. However, deals were reached. It seems the locals are willing to stay apart of Yesha if Yesha holds to their protection bargains. Now with their fleet still struggling, they can in no way hold true to much of this. But the locals were willing to compromise. Meaning, Yesha needs to deliver on a bunch of arms and military grade parts that the locals can use to fortify and keep regional bandits at bay.

The old Tiger would have laughed at giving weapons to locals but this new Tiger seems to be just the opposite. Hopefully it won't bite them later but for now, we've got a contract. Lets get to it!

Contract 3: Anglean Aid
Map: Fight Over Firnfeld
Cargo: Medical
Payout: 300

It appears matters are more turbulent in Anglea than we thought. There has been a series of altercations between the political parties in Anglea. One party is for a stronger more aggressive Anglea that calls for an end to all trade deals and a resumption of raids. The other is more aligned with our interests and wants to open the country.

A series of rallies turned a bit violent and what medical facilities they have are overloaded. Much of this information is late coming so I'm sure it has gotten a bit worse by now. Either way a contract has been issued for a medical shipment. Get on up there and fulfill it!

Contract 4: Fjordlander Relics
Map: Fjords
Cargo: Relics
Payout: 300

The efforts of Ettingscove only really put a bandage on the situation. The blood has not stopped and now the king is ordering some of the priceless artifacts of Fjordlander antiquity to be sold to help fund relief. It is a desperate move but one that is subsiding tensions. Whether they love or hate him, the people respect the royal family.

This move has of course also generated much criticism. Mostly from the Barons who weren't doing anything. But that doesn't matter much to us. We've got a contract to secure these priceless relics and deliver them to buyers down in Vyshtorg.

Contract 5: Justice of the Sands
Map: Dunes
Cargo: You Don't Want To Know
Payout: 300

Well, the Nalmese and their allies succeeded in defeating that upstart tribal warlord. Now in accordance with tribal laws in the area the defeated is to be paraded to all the tribes as a reminder that justice has been served.

The disturbing part is, this warlord is not all in one piece or alive anymore. We really tried to turn this contract down but the Nalmese demanded that if we wanted trade rights to continue, we must do this. For some reason they have become very suspicious of our involvement in the area. Almost as if they suspect we were supplying the warlord along with them...which is purely not true!

So, just get it done quick is all I can say. The Nalmese prepared the remains for distribution so that is one worry off your mind.

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