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The Lounge / Re: The Codex of Zuka
« on: March 08, 2018, 04:53:24 am »
*In the 80s Zuka was briefly part of a big hair band and was known as Zuka Bon Zuvi. There was one concert, it never ended. Zuka's hair became self aware and continues the song of Zuka perpetually.

General Discussion / Re: Dust and Air IndieGoGo Is Live!
« on: September 12, 2017, 03:06:19 am »
You aren't really meant to know where the in world the camper sequence is. It's taking place some time in the future. We can't really say where and how the world turned out because that hasn't been covered in Muse's lore. Also if you knew where, you'd possibly know what the true end is. Although you can draw some ideas based on the type of trees present, but given that so much time has passed, it really could be anywhere. We could maybe add a note of that. Maybe make up the name of a forest. But then we'd run into the same problem.

Not feeling much for William is intentional. He's not going to be the McGyver, do everything perfect the first time, kind of protagonist at this point in the story. Most Visual Novels tend to be created within the 13-18 age bracket. There is a lot of reasons for that. One of the most common is because the main consumers of VNs in Japan are those who did not have the best high school experiences. They want to go back and do things differently. Hence why you see the vast majority of them set in schools.

Because of this, emotions and personalities are a little more wild. The maturity level of characters can often be rather low. Although there always will be one character that is the mature straight laced character. There are also some real bad ones where the protagonist is about the biggest jerk you'd ever see and there is next to no way you'd ever feel anything for them.

Dust and Air actually hits in the 18-25 bracket. You see William now as more of a screw up before you see him later after maturing. So he is intentionally a bit of a screw up right now.

William's interest in the event is simply not there. At this stage in the story, he isn't all that interested in it. His interest is in exploring the city and seeing something he hasn't gotten a chance to see back in Mole. We can rework some lines a little, but really he's a crossroads character in the NA. Hasn't decided what he wants to do, or where he wants to go.

Day 2 is probably what you'd be more interested in as we explore more of the faction interactions. Unfortunately, it is still in development. You'd have to join us as a tester to see it and, right now, we haven't released the rest of the NA to our testers yet.

Personally I feel ya on the political world building side because I'd be interested in it as well. I'm a veteran player too. That's certainly something I'm interested in knowing. Just, as one of the writers, I know there's so much more coming. A lot of the answers you want will be addressed either in the NA or the story arcs.

There is also a danger is unloading all the political at once. Which is what Lucas did with Star Wars. Some fans loved it, most just utterly hated it.

If we were able to release all of this at once, I'm sure it would answer a lot of questions and ease a lot of emotions. Unfortunately if we did that, we wouldn't need to release the VN at all because you'd know the entire story. That wouldn't just be shooting ourselves in the foot, but dropping a nuke on it. 

However, we will consider expanding the demo to include Day 2 in the future. Or perhaps chunks of Day 2. There's pros and cons to doing that. Just like there has been pros and cons to releasing just this Alpha Demo.

General Discussion / Re: Dust and Air IndieGoGo Is Live!
« on: September 08, 2017, 02:43:39 am »
Alpha Demo has been posted!

General Discussion / Re: Dust and Air IndieGoGo Is Live!
« on: August 09, 2017, 08:47:41 pm »
And we've passed $500! Thank you for those that have backed us!

One comment we caught through one of our postings that we'd like to address is whether or not this is a "dating sim".

While Dust and Air shares a romantic sub plot where you can determine the outcome of the relationship, it is a different beast. The story and world takes a bit more focus. You aren't managing stats or figuring out correct answers.

The primary goal of the main protagonist isn't to hook up. In Dust and Air it is more to survive in the world of Guns of Icarus. The story leads, the romantic sub plot flows within, you decide the ending.

Katawa Shoujo, If My Heart Had Wings, Clannad...there's quite a few fantastic VNs with a similar style. They were, in fact, great inspirations to us. However, the one major difference being, the overall scope.

Dust and Air encompasses 6 nation factions + independent cities, those other VNs stick more to a local school or city. Not that they are bad for doing that, in fact we're big fans of those VNs (Hanako Forever!). Just we considered the Guns world and figured, settling with just one city is rather boring isn't it? Given airships and some of the rich factions to see. There was too much potential that would be untapped and lost if we settled with one.

Hope that clears that up.

General Discussion / Dust and Air IndieGoGo Is Live!
« on: August 07, 2017, 03:06:22 am »
All is Fair in Dust and Air IndieGoGo Campaign

Hey all, big update time! We're now live on IndieGoGo! The Guns of Icarus VN has reach another milestone!

The Gallery / Re: Aerodrome: Fin
« on: July 26, 2017, 05:14:43 pm »
It was a nice idea in concept. I appreciate Muse trying something. Trouble is, it had some inherent problems which we discovered from the first Aerodrome VIP. Why Cargo Carrier took over (wish we had thought of a better name for it, lol). They really didn't talk to us until after it was done and in testing. Feeling I got was almost like no one knew Aerodrome ran special gametypes. Which was silly, we were the first out with VIP and each event we tried to do something new.

Granted, not a great initial VIP and most forgot about it, but we had ours to event stage sooner. But then, the other VIP event got more attention and Muse backing. Theirs was just more polished. They had people testing and refining it much more than we could. I couldn't get anyone to help theory craft or test. We had a long lead up to Aero 2 and still, I'd put in to test, nothing. I talked to Cake about running it in an Ironfork and got positive answers but then I went to the next Fork and said okay lets set it up, no one knew a thing I was talking about. They didn't want to help. Cake did help with the events in reffing. Same as others. But back then, for some reason I'd have probably had to pay people to get anything to happen. Just weird that summer. Folks were in a daze or something.

The Gallery / Re: Aerodrome: Fin
« on: July 25, 2017, 05:45:13 pm »
Thanks and your welcome.

Yeah another limitation was Muse's changes or lack of for the main game. Aero 4 would have seen Cargo Carrier return but beyond that, we hadn't figured out anything else that would really work for what we wanted to do. Part due to the lack of maps on southern nations.

Nowadays with Alliance we could do it. In fact we could have done a hybrid event with both PVP and PVE but it would mostly be for the maps in Alliance. Which many are now making their way into PVP too.

I dunno if we would have done VIP or Skyball. I doubt it. Definitely not Skyball. I've been rather disappointed with both of those. A player managed event with refs actually was more appealing to me than using those. It is a shame we didn't get gametype tools to make our own. Would have helped a lot.

The Gallery / Aerodrome: Fin
« on: July 25, 2017, 01:29:29 am »
Seeing as how I've no time to continue the event and there seems to be no interest from anyone else in picking it up. I figure I'll give it a wrap and reveal the final chapter.

Over a year and a half ago, about around the time Aero 3 ended, storyboards for Aero 4 were brewing. The first seeds of Aero 4 were to come at the end of the Letters series. The final episode which unfortunately never aired due to problems with our audio team's schedule at the time. Syco just was swamped hard with work and it didn't get better for almost a year later. Then on top of that he had some computer issues that compounded it more. It was always a goal of his to get it done and release the final episode but real life wasn't so kind, and by the time Aero 4 was discussed again, it was clear things just weren't happening.

So I'm delivering to you now, what was done of the final Letters to Home episode. There is no music score as it never got completed. Keep in mind, The Letters series takes place during Aero 2. It just aired for Aero 3: Episode Three: Thin Air

Original Signal Tower thread is here:,5225.0.html

So now...Aero 4...

The Story of Aero 4

Aerodrome 4 was scheduled to be dubbed: Fires of Revolution. It was to do a few things to build on the conflict of 3 but mostly it was the world war storyline we had planned. The Arashi would finally enter into the fray and at the same time we'd have a new conflict in the north erupting around the Baroness of Everesk. We actually had a voice actress lined up to play her too.

Here is the setting directly from the storyboard doc:

Nash’s plans are coming undone. He’s been backstabbed by an Arashi friend who has known him longer than anyone. With Nash out of the picture, his carefully laid plans for other nations also begin unraveling. Revolution begins in the Fjordlands with the Baroness of Everesk who finally wakes up and wants Nulia’s head. She is joined by the people who support her coup.

Arashi lands have just been succeeded by the son of the former chief. He’s the one who stabs Nash in the back. Instead of playing along with Nash, he decides now is the right time to begin a massive invasion of the Guild.

Yesha gets dragged into helping the Guild. Anglea in turn gets drafted to helping the Baroness in her coup attempt. While Chaladon sides with the king to fight off the Anglean aggression.

To answer the exact details of why the Arashi friend backstabs Nash, it ties into the end clip of the final Letters video which starts Nash's backstory. With the Mercantile War concluded, the focus turns to the antagonist Nash and his plots. Everything at this time seems to be on the up and up.

Nash decides to exit the after party and attend to personal matters. The Anglean hero who, still wants to kill him, secretly follows and we find Nash now in Liro Dunum on personal business visiting a grave. But who is Elena?

Elena ties in directly to who he is because the last name on her grave isn't her last name. It's his. However, they were not married, only arranged to be.

The backstory behind Nash is he was from a former noble's family in the Fjordlands. Lohengramm (+10 if you get the reference) was to be the biggest clue to his identity because the family was killed in an "accident" along with a Chaladonian family many years prior. Nash's family was gaining a lot of attention by their actions with Chaladon. So much so that there was a marriage arranged that many in Lord's Leap hoped would solidify a lasting relationship between Chaladon and the Baronies.

Trouble was, this brought about jealousy, and in the cloak and dagger society of the Baronies, those that wanted them dead found their chance at making that happen.

Elena and Nash meet when they are kids (exact age uncertain, hadn't decided. Doubtful teens. Likely younger). Nash actually isn't his real name although I forget now what his real name was finally going to be. Same with Elena's last name. But needless to say, they both were nuts about each other. The first meeting takes place in Chaladon, followed by a second meeting to decide on more concrete details back in the Fjordlands. This is when tragedy strikes.

It happens midflight on the way back. Nash and Elena actually are off playing around the ship (hide n seek/etc. Elena is hiding). Assassins act, they pretty much kill everyone else easily in their cabins. Nash witnesses it but hides and is missed. Only then the assassins realizing they've missed two. Instead of trying to find the two kids, they decide to just set the ship on fire and have it crash into the sea.

Nash gets out of there, then finds Elena but it is too late to do anything. The assassins are gone and they've sabotaged the controls. The airship does indeed crash. However the kids survive and are rescued by a trader en route to Liro Dunum. Unfortunately Elena isn't in good shape. They're both hurt in the crash, she's worse off than him.

This starts a point where Nash pretty much watches her slowly pass away while in Liro Dunum. There is a lot of heart to heart moments. She's a much more forgiving person that he is. She was very sheltered within Chaladon.

Growing up a Fjordlander is part of that background of his. He's seen more of the evils of the world even at his age.

She's heard of the bad things but never had experienced them herself. So she very idealistic about wanting the conflicts to stop and the reason for assassins to exist to end.

At the core of Nash's plots is this desire to bring a stop to the conflicts. However, he reaches a conclusion on it that she'd never agree with. Partly because he never quite gives up his desire for vengeance.

When he's older he leaves Liro Dunum. Spends a bit of time traveling and seeing the world. This is where he sees how really ugly the world is. Travels from nation to nation, working for some of the more seedier elements trying to find the assassins, which he does eventually catch up to and kill.

After getting that revenge, he pretty much loses his desire to do anything. He believes Elena would hate him now if she saw him, and ends up wandering into Arashi lands where he saves the life of the friend/chief. He's about in his 20s by this time.

There he realizes that no matter of arranged marriages or well wishing would do any good. The only way to stop the madness is to make the madness destroy itself. Or so he believes. He takes this belief to the point he doesn't care about being a villain to the world. In his eyes he'd rather be a villain than a hero with one of those nations. The Arashi friend agrees with him.

So the Arashi friend is very much in on the entire plan from the beginning. Actually backs it and helps Nash get involved with The Bully Boys, a arms dealer/semi criminal enterprise up in Firnfeld that profits off conflicts up there.

This is Nash's entire desire throughout the Aerodrome series. He learns how to manipulate nations and events. Even if something doesn't go his way, he turns it around and uses it to his advantage. One way or another, his goal is to bring down the major nations and force change. Hence in Aero 2 he suddenly starts trying to promote certain heroes of each faction. Even if they end up martyrs, it'll further his goals of changing the power structure of the nations.

So what goes wrong with the friend in Aero 4?

The Arashi friend comes to realize a lot of things with the death of his father. Many of those past ideas and plans were not what he ultimately wants. Obtaining the position of power causes him to want to help his people more. He doesn't want to be a villain with Nash after all.

So instead of following Nash's plan, he sides more with a plan that would benefit the League, his own.

Trouble is, this forces him to kill Nash. He knows Nash won't stop otherwise. But more than that, he knows the nations are weak because he knows things are still following Nash's plan. Originally this was to bring about a more peaceful future between the Arashi and Guild, but none of the Arashi trust the new Guild leadership. They see the time to strike their old oppressor The Guild, is now. The friend agrees.

The Aero 4 Trailer

In the Aero 4 opening trailer, you'd get the scene where Nash has been lured to Alleron only to be shot by the friend on the balcony of his home overlooking the city. Nash falls, presumed dead. Friend remorseful yet knows it had to be done.

This brings about a string of events where suddenly he's not there to handle the actors behind the scenes. The Baroness wakes up, The Bully Boys entice her, and she starts her revolution. In the meantime, the Arashi take advantage of the Guild's weakened forces to strike.

Princess Nulia returns in the chaos, less stuck up, and tries to save her father's kingdom. Thus it becomes a civil war in the Baronies between the old throne and Everesk's revolution. With both Anglea and Chaladon taking sides. Same as Yesha taking sides in the south.

This would have been the events teams would have played in.

Special finale

In the ending, it is revealed, the Anglean hero who's been following Nash around, saves him.

She's learned a lot about him and Elena in her quest to unravel his secrets. Which hits a chord regarding her own life. Losing someone close to her when she was young up in Anglea.

She still wants to kill Nash for what he's done, but she realizes what he was ultimately trying to do and realizes how right he is about the ugliness in the nations. Kinda sides with him to some degree at this point. Well, at the very least, she wants to kill him later, not now. Kinda would be a running gag with the two of them. Partners in crime yet she's always carrying a bullet for him.

The end!

So there you go, the closing story of Aerodrome and how Aero 4 was to go. We'll never know how the war would have ended since it won't be played, but thinking about it now, it would have made for some fun moments. Actually had planned for Nash to make an exit from the series at this time, maybe have cameo roles later. But mostly to give the story line to a new storyteller from the community, which never panned out. No one seemed to want to attempt an event like Aerodrome or create their own lore so, oh well.

Anyways, was fun writing this all up and finally getting it out. Also running the Aerodrome events. Working with VAs and the community. Then finally with artists to bring the story out from the shackles of a very low quality fan project. Hope this post wraps up some questions regarding the backstory of Aerodrome. Sadly, I'm too busy to do it again. But I've moved onto much better things so yay!

The Gallery / Re: GOIO memes
« on: April 03, 2017, 05:00:38 am »

General Discussion / Re: A wild GOIO VN appears...
« on: March 05, 2017, 06:45:39 pm »
Me! Me! Me! :D
are there any requirements? (like badass english skills)

Nah. Actually getting a time frame for people who don't have badass english skills is good. Not everyone is a speed reader.

General Discussion / Re: A wild GOIO VN appears...
« on: March 04, 2017, 07:49:54 pm »
We are currently taking on a second wave of Closed Alpha Testers for our day 1 demo. This wave I'll be accepting interested parties from the GOIO community. This is for the Windows client only at this time. Mostly testing for bugs, grammar, or other issues that might crop up in a VN at an early stage. Serious testers only plz. Either message me or post here. You'll get an invite to our Discord where we'll get you access.

the arashi are scavengers, and their desert is filled with archeo-tech that they have found, reverse engineered, and recreated. They are in fact second in technological sophistication only to the Anglean republic who has done the same.

they arent simple desert folk, they are sophisticated engineers that live and thrive in the desert

Where are you getting this new lore from? Anglea was always known to be high in tech but they'd "import" people in to solve it for them. AKA: Kidnap. Their mindset was kinda fanatical about just the old world. The ultimate fan boy/girls. The one who buys a super awesome mega gaming PC yet doesn't know jack about how it works, just pretends to know till someone catches them in a comment.

Chaladon was considered as more #2 just overall due to it's lack of destruction. Less weapon based technology, more just overall tech that survived or has continued to be refined since the old world.

Arashi, was probably 3rd due to found tech but it was never noted they were super proficient with making it. They were just smarter than Anglea with using it. They'd be more prone to figure it out rather than stand around obsessing over how cool it it.

However, Yesha it seems just keeps getting stronger despite all of them. Guild money builds them up so they have to get tech from somewhere. With their resource strength, they can easily afford to buy it or trade for it. So you have the potential where Yesha can vary quite a bit depending on who makes what or finds what. Also who buy's from whom.

Guild...well probably like Yesha but more on the lines only using something if it is of benefit to them. Probably would be the defensive specialists.

Fjordlands...I'd guess sharing with Chaladon but probably would view some types of enemy tech as "commoner filth" and wouldn't touch it.

Mines always seem silly to be under Yesha.

Yesha doesn't seem like a country that would be behind mine technology. They are too offensive minded. Although I could see them buying the tech to be used to defend border settlements.

The Lounge / Re: Am I toxic?
« on: February 01, 2017, 02:52:57 pm »
Nah, your more like a bowl of pico de gallo compared to most people on the net.

A lot of us around here are bowls of pico, just sometimes some of us toss on extra spices to liven things up. I toss red cayenne on mine at times for that quick hit of fire without the harsh taste bud destroying aftertaste.

Nah, the true secret of fun in GOIO, whether with morons or not is...

Fly with Zuka...the end.

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