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Website and Forum Issues / Website & Forum Recovery 2018
« on: January 02, 2018, 03:05:02 pm »
Over the holidays, we had some server hardware issues that resulted in a large number of the static files (images and such) used by the website and this forum being lost.

As of this writing, I believe I've restored all the basic functionality of the forum.  However, any images/avatars you uploaded directly to the forum (as opposed to linking on another hosting service) are most likely lost forever.

If you experience any other lingering issues or inconsistencies, please let me know here.

Release Notes / 1.4.3 Hotfix 2
« on: October 05, 2015, 11:38:29 am »
We've just released a client build fixing a number of issues:

1.4.3 (493)

- UI: map background no longer appears over the HUD when joining mid-match
- UI: Spectator ship healthbars now render behind status icons
- UI: Pressing ‘tab’ while on the deploy screen no longer hides the score
- UI: fixed a typo in the in-match achievements list
- Fixed several particle shaders not rendering correctly when over the skybox
- Restored missing “soft edges” effect to some particles
- Fixed missing ladder-climb sounds
- Mouse sensitivity settings are now applied properly on Linux again
- Fixed transition from deploy screen to match end sequence
- Fixed Linux crash when rematch vote fails

Dev App Testing / Dev App 1.4.2 (520)
« on: June 23, 2015, 11:58:14 am »
We're testing for the release of 1.4.2, dev app build 514 is the first of this line.

Fuller release notes to come, but for the moment consider:

- The updated in-match UI
- New voice packs from the Workshop (Vladibear and Renaulde)
- AI gunners have been retired (since they didn't use gunner skills anyway)

Plus assorted bugfixes, including:
- Pilot skill effects should no longer appear unexpectedly at respawn
- The harpoon's rope no longer remains after a harpooned target dies
- Single-clicking the gatling gun no longer produces a tracer at the wrong position
- Fixed switching back to a level title after selecting a custom title

Dev App Testing / Character movement testing, build 504
« on: May 04, 2015, 04:29:26 pm »
We're getting ready to release a handful of fixes in the first 1.4.1 hotfix.

One of the ones that could definitely use some testing/feedback is player movement.  I've removed some problematic code introduced in 1.4.1 that caused what some have referred to as "magnetic railings" or "walking through mud", and have replaced it with an alternate solution to reduce getting stuck on slopes and railings.  In doing so, I'm treading dangerously close to the the nonfix to this issue released in 1.3.9, so I could use some testers to bang on it and see if things work reasonably.

TL;DR: Run around on moving ships, see if you get stuck, let me know how it feels.

Dev App Testing / Dev App 1.4.0 (475)
« on: March 31, 2015, 05:01:58 pm »
- Stamina is back for more testing
- Improved HUD: shows more information on gun, drop shadows for readability against clouds, cleaner compass and ship health
- New particles for component destruction


- Rematch: Can rematch any number of times, rematch vote threshold increased to 60% (at least some of both teams must agree), defaults to no rematch
- Flamethrower "projectiles" no longer penetrate ships (each particle can hit only one target)
- Moved Steam notification to upper right
- Character customization screen no longer changes your currently selected class
- Practice now gets match (rather than menu) music

- Balloon repair UI now shows "big fire" icon only when >8 stacks (consistent with other repair UI)
- Minotaur has its flames and damage effects again
- No more "dummy" shots when getting off the Minotaur (or carronades)
- Improved audio memory usage significantly
- Fixed delay before "invalid repair hit" sound effect
- A number of other UI and model fixes

Release Notes / 1.4.0 Hotfix 1
« on: March 16, 2015, 09:45:18 am »
Client version 1.4.0 (462) has been released, along with a small server patch you hopefully won't have noticed happening.

- King of the Hill and Crazy King modes: reduced points from kills, from 20 to 13
- Minotaur Heavy Cannon: reduced muzzle speed (from 800 to 350)
- Minotaur Heavy Cannon: reduced shatter damage per buckshot (from 35 to 28)
- Minotaur Heavy Cannon: removed arming time (which had no effect anyway)
- Fixed Minotaur not getting the “overheated” visual effect at 8 fire stacks
- Fixed music triggering at various points it shouldn’t have (loading screen)
- Fixed music not triggering correctly for spectators based on health
- Fixed capture point modes (KoH and CK) not ending when the point goal was exceeded by a kill
- Fixed Minotaur-related achievement graphics
- Fixed cases where text overflowed boundaries (Minotaur tooltip and map descriptions)

Dev App Testing / Dev App 1.4.0 (451)
« on: February 18, 2015, 11:57:13 am »
We're now testing for the imminent release of patch 1.4.0.  Major things to look for right now:

- The ship balance changes
- The new Minotaur Heavy Cannon
- New rules for capture points (team with the majority always makes progress)

Effects for pilot tools and the stamina system as a whole have been removed from this build and put back into the oven.  You can expect them to return to the dev app for further testing in the not-too-distant future, but they will not be part of 1.4.0.

Dev App Testing / Tools, Stamina, and Ramming Damage
« on: February 11, 2015, 05:13:40 pm »
During the last round of public testing, a few of you asserted something strange: that using pilot stamina and/or moonshine during a ram *reduced* the damage dealt.  This is definitely not intended behavior.

After doing some isolated testing, it's also not something I've been able to reproduce.  My simple test case was flying a pyramidion with AI disabled against another AI-disabled pyramidion, ships starting 500 meters apart and at a dead stop. 

Under these circumstances, damage dealt to both ships' armor is about the same, and rises appropriately with additional acceleration.  After all multipliers are taken into account, the results were:
  • Basic ram - ~160
  • Moonshine ram - ~240
  • Stamina ram - ~210
  • Moonshine+stamina ram - ~260

(Moonshine was used only for brief periods towards the end of the charge to ensure it was on during the impact, I wouldn't doubt you could get more damage if you timed your use of it more optimally)

My numbers are taken directly from server logs, which of course you can't see.  But if you're finding situations where you feel that using these thrust-increasing/drag-reducing tools causes you to deal/take LESS ramming damage, something may be bugged and I would like to know exactly what you're doing to get this result.

News and Announcements / Server maintenance today (Feb 9th, 2015)
« on: February 09, 2015, 10:58:43 am »
We'll be taking the servers down for some quick but required maintenance around noon Eastern (that's 5PM UTC.)  Should be an hour at most, sorry for the inconvenience.

Release Notes / 1.3.9 Hotfix 1
« on: December 23, 2014, 03:39:07 pm »
A client patch has just been released, fixing a few issues with the initial 1.3.9 release.  The new update is 1.3.9 (455)

- Fixed black commendation icon
- Fixed broken ornament textures on the Galleon
- Fixed broken clan editing UI
- Fixed animation bug that could cause repair animation to play while on the helm
- Fixed darker control point UI in King of the Hill and Crazy King modes
- Fixed missing tooltip for badges on progression screen

Dev App Testing / Dev App 1.3.9 (433)
« on: December 15, 2014, 12:27:13 pm »
We're now beginning testing for the 1.3.9 patch.  This release mostly contains bugfixes, but there are a few little features to hopefully make some lives easier.

- Map grid lines now show at fixed 1km intervals
- Ship names now included in destruction log
- Added a small delay before transitioning to the match end sequence to allow viewing the final kill, capture, etc.
- Spectators are now marked on their own map
- Skill descriptions now draw directly from configuration (so they can't get out of sync with the actual effects.)
- Restored exclusive fullscreen mode as windowed fullscreen caused performance problems on many setups.  If you still want windowed fullscreen, you can use the "-popupwindow" launch option.

- Animation for switching tools no longer delayed in 3rd person
- Fixed some cases where characters could get stuck on ship geometry
- Fixed broken highlighting in voice selector UI
- Dyes can no longer be applied to hairstyles (formerly consumed the item but had no effect)
- Made gatling gun impact sounds more noticeable
- Player context menu now closes on UI transitions
- Chat box can no longer be opened underneath social dropdown
- Debug overlay no longer shows wildly incorrect framerate when first enabled
- Player facing no longer resets when exiting Spyglass/Rangefinder zoom modes
- Options menu: resolution now reverts if you decline to apply the changes
- Removed questionable parsing of special whitespace characters ("/t" for a tab) in chat
- Fixed a rare bug that could cause multiple copies of a ship to spawn when respawning

Release Notes / Workshop Hotfix
« on: December 05, 2014, 02:16:48 pm »
We've released a small patch to the Steam Workshop tool, updating it to the most recent version of the Steam SDK. This fixes some upload issues on OSX and Linux.

Dev App Testing / Dev App 1.3.8 (396)
« on: October 07, 2014, 03:14:11 pm »
We're now testing what will be the 1.3.8 release in the Dev App.

Major new features are of course matchmaking, plus some serious revamps to progression.

There are two new 2v2 maps, cut-down versions of Fight Over Firnfeld and Water Hazard.

This release will be our first on Unity 4.5.4, which fixes a number of engine issues.  In particular, fullscreen now defaults to a borderless window, which lets us avoid a lot of past issues with alt+tabbing away from the game.

There are also a lot of bugfixes, including many minor art ones, and fixes to a number of rare-but-nasty respawn bugs.

Release Notes / Soundtrack Changes
« on: September 09, 2014, 04:30:43 pm »
We've made some changes to the way the soundtrack DLC is shipped, both because of player requests and to better support Steam Music.
  • Soundtrack install folder renamed from "Guns of Icarus Online Soundtrack" to just "Soundtrack"
  • Added MP3 versions of each track

Dev App Testing / Dev App 1.3.7 (392)
« on: July 17, 2014, 10:59:17 am »
We are now testing for the 1.3.7 release!  This is primarily a bugfix release, but there's also a few new features and some fancy new ship cosmetics.

- Clan list improvements: added search functionality and additional ranking schemes
- Added new ship themes: Valentine’s Day and The Fortress
- Added new figureheads: Totec, Sylph, and Chrysomallus

- Added additional antialiasing option, FXAA.  Faster on most hardware and fixes a number of glitchy cases
- Added 3rd-person animation for looking through the spyglass
- Added distinctive costume for AI crewmembers
- Chat commands now described by typing “/help”
- Added confirmation to all “Exit Game” buttons
- Automatically retry login from the “Login Failed” screen
- Added indicator to main-screen Progression button for unclaimed prizes
- Added descriptions to badges
- Changed labeling of customization buttons for clarity

- Fixed: no achievement progress for fully repairing a buffed hull
- Fixed: first fire stack deals more damage than intended
- Fixed: raycast weapons might not apply skill modifiers on their last shot in a clip
- Fixed: Holding down the mouse button buffs/rebuilds slower than clicking rapidly
- Fixed: Tar Barrel clouds not affected by wind
- Fixed: Crew members do not show up victory screen when their ship is distant or in a cloud
- Fixed: Signal volume slider not working
- Mine balloon hitbox matches visuals now
- Extended ship walkable volumes a bit to prevent cases of fading out while still on the ship
- Fixed: a case where you could be “respawned” while using a gun
- Fixed: text in Training achievements referring to Sandbox rather than Practice

- Fixed: some UI sounds not affected by SFX volume slider
- Fixed: choosing a dye in the ship customizer reset team color
- Fixed: text could overflow container in clan quotes and messages
- Fixed: erroneous “connection failed” message when moving into a game
- Fixed: Swapping slots from captain to crew leaves a Ready button on the screen
- Fixed: Captain’s Priority marker doesn’t disappear when the target is destroyed
- Fixed: Ship cosmetics not showing up in prematch preview
- Fixed: Chat doesn’t minimize when entering clan page from a player’s profile
- Swapped positions of “Cancel” and “Submit” buttons on the Report page for consistency

- Fixed: silhouette created by flares disappears when zoomed in with spyglass/scope
- Fixed: fog artifacts on the edges of distant objects
- Fixed: Clouds “pulsating” on some maps (when postprocess effects enabled)
- Fixed: Effects left behind on the seats of medium guns
- Fixed: Map edge effects triggering in certain spots in the middle of Battle on the Dunes
- Fixed: Flickering artifacts on certain meshes in Battle on the Dunes

- Updated novice loadouts based on community feedback
- Tar Barrel is now click-to-activate on a 3-second cooldown; damage lasts for 3 seconds after each use.

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