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The Pit / Re: Ban the User Above You
« on: April 05, 2017, 03:48:05 pm »
I ban Hamster for assuming Grump's gender.

The Pit / Re: Ban the User Above You
« on: April 04, 2017, 10:43:49 am »
I ban Shaded because 5 mines instantly exploding a ship is far more satisfying than a one-hit loch kill. Mines are the only weapons that truly matter.

The Pit / Re: Answer above, Ask below
« on: April 04, 2017, 10:41:35 am »
Harpoon, because there are some very large skywhales to hunt.

If you were to replace each of the Squid's engines with a gun to propel it forwards, which gun would you choose?

Website and Forum Issues / Re: Remove clan name in forum profile?
« on: January 29, 2017, 06:46:27 pm »
dont have pride for your clan?
I should have mentioned that the clan ceased to exist a long time ago, so I'm just curious as to whether this forum is frozen in time or if there's some way to get it to correctly reflect my current clanless state.

Sometimes it can take the forum a little while to get up to date with clan changes, but it should sort itself soon. There's nothing you need to do for it.

The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: October 08, 2016, 04:52:59 pm »
"If we didn't have allies we probably would have won this" -Olorn

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: An Open Letter to the Devs
« on: September 20, 2016, 03:58:20 am »
That's flat out deceptive and you know it Ayetach.  That free dev app lets us play alliance mode whenever we want so long as we download the dev app and purchased the dlc.  if that were truly the case we'd see hundreds maybe even a thousand or so on the dev app, all playing alliance.  Shockingly we do not see that number of players.

There have never been advertisements about Dev App being the way to play Alliance. That is not the intended way to officially access Alliance, and it's not well known about. It's used for testing, so things get changed all the time.
For there to be hundreds of people online all the time it would have to be ridiculously advertised to get enough interest from people willing to put up with the changes, bugs, and missing features.
As it currently is, the Dev App is there for testing, and that's what it works for.

The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: August 05, 2016, 06:42:59 pm »
Gunning on a Mine Squid in Paritan Rumble. Enemy Pyra is right next to a building, I shoot a Loch mine just in front of it. The Pyra floats into it, killing it.

VomAct: "They were caught between a Loch and a hard place."

The Pit / Re: War Crimes.
« on: June 15, 2016, 10:14:06 am »
This and (even better) this.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Preventing Decay / Reviving Interest
« on: May 31, 2016, 04:51:34 am »
The playercount for the game has always been low (with sales making a large boost to it). Not much has changed in Skirmish, but Alliance is getting closer and closer. I am confident that the game will easily survive another year as it currently is, although there aren't thousands of players there are enough dedicated ones that stick around. If you look at the game population since it was released (viewable here) you can see that.
If you're finding that the game feels the same match after match then I suggest trying different things, fly some ships you aren't used to or try gun combinations you haven't done before. Try different roles and see what you can do with them.

  • The issue with making AI crew members better than they currently are is that it could push players to preferring to play with the AI. If the AI out-perform players then why run with a human crew? Why not just shout at people until they leave?
    Already the AI can be worked with to a decent level of success, you just have to learn where they work and where they don't and build your ship and strategy from that.
    Also they do already respond to V-commands. I'm not certain how well it works, but I'm assured that it does.
  • I would absolutely love to see more content along those lines. I believe it's fairly likely that some guns and ships will be brought over from Alliance, but I'm not certain what the official plan is.
  • The ability to side with a faction is going to be in Alliance mode, and I believe that since Alliance and Skirmish are going to share the same data for players then any skins etc. would carry over from there. I don't know if ships are going to get specific decorations depending on factions.
    The problem with faction-specific weaponry is that it'd be a lot of weapons to add. There are already only 5 heavy guns, and you are asking that 6 more get added. What would each do? How would they be different from the rest? There's a similar issue with the light guns, what roles are guns missing? Each one is already different, what else needs to be added?
    Adding weapons and balancing them takes a long time and involves many discussions about if a gun is too powerful or not before they can be added into Skirmish. 12 weapons being added wouldn't happen quickly at all, and they'd have to be added at the same time to make it fair for each faction.
    I don't quite understand the point about customisation for crew members, what kind of abilities do you mean?
  • There would be a few balance issues with this. I don't think that this could be properly balanced to a point where it doesn't make ships overpowered but still would make enough of a difference to ships to make it worthwhile implementing.
  • I don't think this would work at all with how the game is currently balanced. Being able to change gun arcs would heavily unbalance many ships and gun combinations.
    Imagine a Goldfish with a Gatling facing quite far forwards and a Hwacha facing a little to the side, disable a ship, kill its armour with no issue, kill it.
    Recently the Mobula was nerfed by making the guns on both sides face further to those sides. Imagine just being able to turn them back, and further to the front. That Mobula could now get 2-3 Mercury guns on target. Armour dies, crew jump to upper Flak guns and the enemy dies immediately.
    Imagine a Junker with 3 Carronades facing downwards (and probably the side ones facing forwards). The downwards limitation of the Carronade would completely disappear, the Junker just flies above the enemy and kills its balloon. And kills it again. And again. The ship dies on the ground without having the slightest chance of escaping.
    There are many more examples of problems with this. The thing is that all guns have their arcs carefully set so they aren't too powerful, it's also partially what makes each gun different. On top of that ships have their gun arcs carefully set so as to not be too powerful. A while back there was a consideration for turning one of the Goldfish side guns forwards 10-15 degrees, this didn't go through because it made the ship too strong.

The Pit / Re: Answer above, Ask below
« on: May 25, 2016, 08:50:42 pm »
If I recall correctly, African swallow is ~9m/s and European ~11m/s.

So, which one? African or European swallow?

I ban Huskarr to break the Crow - Huskarr ban chain.

I ban Zill for not being prepared with chemspray.

I ban Huskarr for not putting Guns at the top of the list.

I ban Crow for not giving me the ring.

No, I good Ightrril. You bad Ightrril, that's why I ban you.

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