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Community Events / Re: Aerodrome: TMW Week 4 Rival Contracts (Red Spawn)
« on: August 06, 2015, 09:37:25 am »
Company: Geographical Llamas Reservoir
CEO: Hillerton

Contract: 3 Raider Politics
Willing to merc: Yes

Company: Fancy Rydr
CEO: Hillerton (in case someone don't have it my steam

Contract Requested: contract 2. Fight Over Firnfeld
Willing to Merc: Yes

And of course the sign up is for Geographical Llamas Reservoir,  I messed up the team name completely by reading Daniels post while posting this to get the right format.

Company: Fancy Rydr
CEO: Hillerton (in case someone don't have it my steam

Contract Requested: contract 2. Fight Over Firnfeld
Willing to Merc: Yes

Community Events / Teaching event (Boot camp)
« on: May 04, 2015, 11:45:22 am »
So some of us in Rydr have long felt that there isn’t always sufficient resources in the game for help if you are a new player in Guns of Icarus Online. We remembered that back when we started there was a lot of high level players who were nice enough to tell us that burst gattling is not the greatest, or that kerosin damages your engines.

However with the new matchmaking system and there being more novice players lately the game becomes more difficult to understand, so we thought we would arrange a little event to educate new players willing to learn. This will involve will be a simple structure: 6 skilled players distributed among each of the ships as engineers and two in spectator slots who keep an eye on the use of pilot tools. The tutors of each ship will try and give direct feedback to the crew as well as tips and tricks for how to do different things they might need to know to better execute their station. We will also go over some simple yet functional ship builds as well as general loadouts for pilots, engineers, and gunners as we all know is more gun dependant.

With this we want to invite everyone who wishes to get a quick start in Guns of Icarus or who wants to come back and get a refresher on some of the mechanics*.

The event will be held every Wednesday at 8pm UTC+1** starting May 6th, 2015. To gain access to the event contact me to recieve the password (Any Rydr can direct you to me) or PM one of the tutors as they announce it in the general chat.

*if we believe you are too good we might ask you to leave or move to spectator, we are not hosting a pub stomp event.
**We will have a test period of about 2 months to see if there is interest in the community for something like this.

Best Wishes
Some Rydrs:)

P.S. Please observe that this is not a Rydr-hosted event and anyone interested in teaching are free to contact myself about taking part in this.

Community Events / Re: League of Assistance
« on: February 03, 2015, 06:16:25 am »
Love the idea! But one question how do we get this out to the powdermonkeys? After all most of the players on the forum are the vets and similar ideas have failed on this part as only the older players show up or to many of the older players show up (curse this community and it's wish to help others;P) if I don't remember all wrong.

Maybe talk to a mod/member of muse and have them add it to the in game calender?

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Experience Gains - Post MM.
« on: February 02, 2015, 11:58:33 am »
I very much agree! I have seen so many level 20 something with less than 100 games played. This I feel somewhat makes the levels just an number as 40-45 will be gained very fast and as such won't carry much weight in showing who is good and not.

Simply put your level should be more representative of the time in game as that will translate somewhat to skill allowing people on a ship to get an approximate idea of what everyone will be able to do. Also I hate explaining how chemspray works to people between 20-30, they should have found it out long ago when they are on that level :(


General Discussion / Re: Paritan Rumble with 3v3 format
« on: January 26, 2015, 10:44:55 am »
More chances to get to fly on Partian? Sign me up!


Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Pyramidion needs more love?
« on: January 26, 2015, 06:22:59 am »
So I haven't read all of this so this might have been said (also yes I'm very lazy when coming in to a thread like this), but in my personal experience the only thing that makes a pyra "OP" is that they have the easiest crewing. In the most basic flying of a pyramidion every single person on the ship have a designated task and only one, the pilot flies, the gunner mans only one gun, one engineer man the other and one engineer repair the hull and engines. This leads to it being "OP" in pub games and even some semi skilled games as everyone can focus on their task. This makes it a very easy ship to work with, leading to other ships (where the division is not as simple) being harder to use and therefor seen as weaker.

To back up this clam I want to point to the mobula. It lies just behind the pyra in almost all stat (not vertical movement and turning but nvm those). The mobula also have the capability to use 3 light guns at any given time. Yet I know only one person who admits to it being op, this is due to the engineers and pilot needing more awareness to use the ship as well as more teamwork over all.

Based on this a nerf would probably leave it with the squid, usable but for very specific and rare occasions... Not to mention remove one of the few ships a group of new players can use efficiently.

tl;dr pyra is not op just easy to crew making it a pub-stomper.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Leave game cooldown needed
« on: January 22, 2015, 10:28:15 am »
Me personally have long since advocated for a system of this type in any and all games where teamwork is needed. I dream of a system where the leave percentage could be used to determine your lock out time, maybe something like:
100-95% completion - It was most likely you can not join another game until the reconnect timer goes down to 0 (3 min of time)
95-70% - Maybe not all of those are dcs but not to bad (5 or 10 min lockout (can ofc rejoin the ruining game as normal))
<70% - You clearly don't care about your teammates so a longer time is valid (30 min)

Non of these are horribly long but I do think that even small punishments can make people think twice as even 10 min can be enough to kill your buss. This system also caters to players who have played more (I do believe them to be less likely to quit without a good reason). It also allows people who dc to get back in their game without penalty, and well if you have a dc in more than 30% of your games I doubt that the game is playable for you any way.

Either way I think something have to be done as right now entire ships can leave after one death and just ruin a game completely. And this game focuses so much on teamwork that just one person leaving might ruin the game for everyone... :(

PS I doubt xp loss will be enough for any one to care seeing how fast you can level and that most of these guys will stay as long as they are wining

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Better Match Options
« on: January 19, 2015, 08:10:52 am »
Doesn't 2v2 only and game type buttons already exist? The problem is what you want to have fixed last, that matchmaker just completely ignores your choice and removes any and all preferences without asking:'(

+1 for getting to choose if we want to lose preferences of not.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Ship Tour tutorial
« on: December 19, 2014, 07:01:49 am »
Yes, yes, YES so much yes to this!

I'm so tiered of the excuse "I don't know where it is" when you ask someone to repair the balloon on a fish or to get on the front guns of a pyra.

In the case of the hades/artemis I would say it is how you use the ship that defines it. Do you try to kill or is the main goal to work as a disable with the hades just adding support for another ship?

Generally I would think most people fly it more as a support or control ship than a killer however focusing more on trying to make sure the enemies can not fight back as hard as they would if not disabled. In pub games all ships are kill ships if you have a good enough crew though. 

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Carronades
« on: December 01, 2014, 07:30:02 am »
I believe that currently the carronade ans especially the heavy carronade is the only weapon that can kill on its own that does not have a high skill requirement and that I think is somewhat sad, especially with how hard to counter it is for new/newer payers.:( I do agree with everyone here who said that we need to reduce the damage of the gun. I do belive something like killing a balloon fully in 1,5 clips would be nice as that give the attacked ship time to react during the reload. Removing the possibility to destroy other weapons and engines is more or less a must in my eyes.

However I also believe that lowering the upward arc on the gun could be a good idea in addition to lowering the damage. Dodging below a carronade ship is generally exactly where they want you and allows the carronade ship to get in to a better attack position after the first dodge as all ships have balloons on the top (except ofc mob) and most guns have worse upward arc.

So how about allowing people to doge above the ship, forcing the fish to attack from the same height (much like how you dodge Artemis and Mercs)?

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: No Novice Gunners.
« on: November 11, 2014, 06:50:11 am »
I'm afraid I have to agree with everyone who is saying that this is a terrible idea, while a low level unskilled gunner can force a crew to use simpler tactics or even mess with the ships ability to work I much much rather have a bad low level gunner than a bad engineer. After all with a bad gunner you can pluck them on a flamer and tell them to stay there and if they do not handle that it is not the class that is the issue.

However mostly I'm against this as 20 matches is not enough for someone playing engineer to become a good gunner and this would make no difference other than confusing new players as to why one class is locked. So basically what we would do is the same thing novicegames did when they first came out, push the level of the bad players a bit higher making it harder to tell who is good and who have no idea of how to play their class.

Instead I would suggest that the pilot adapt the ship to the crew, use simple weapons like carronade, gattling, flamer for low level gunners, explain to them what ammo to use and why they are using it. If it turns out they are responsive and you think they can handle it you can try harder guns with them.

sorry for the rant

PS what could be good is if the gunners standard loadout didn't come with a spanner as this confuses ppl

General Discussion / Re: So about that MLG thing
« on: August 13, 2014, 07:46:26 am »
I have to agree with Skrim on the basis that it's hard to get people around (when it is specific people and not just 8 random Rydrs I need) and we can not really have them put their life on standby just cause someone challenge us (and obviously we can not do this). Unless ofc the challenge comes a month ahead or so, but I'm guessing more on a week ahead of time and so. So whit this system we would need an extremely dedicated group to a point where they might have to give up on real life obligations to complete it...

I say this as the Leader of Rydr so I have a seemingly endless supply of good players so I can for sure get some kind of team going at all times (or at least almost all the time) but what about smaller clans? I know of a few clans that during the HC tournament have needed to bring in subs as their own members could not make a set time how would they be able to meet a challenge?

Basically do we want only the gigantic and dedicated clans to at all do competitive or do we want the old system with some friends getting together and playing, cause lets face it that is what most of the clans are as non of us is getting payed to do this. So with the team heavy and really skill dependent game play of Icarus I really do believe we need more structured forms so that all 8 members of a team can take part and all teams can be their weary best.

PS apparently I agree a lot with skrim in this thread guess he has very sound opinions!

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