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Community Events / Re: Live Tutorials [ Need Volunteers ]
« on: May 23, 2014, 07:51:02 am »
I really like the idea! However I will say already that I'm probably the totally wrong person to help with any thing other than possibly arranging it as I'm about as trust wordy as a rabid squirrel when it comes to handling new player;P. I could sit on the sideline a few times yelling things in match chat to pilots tho if you needed that:)

But how do you plan to pull it off?

My idea would be starting out in the sandbox with maybe one engineering ship, one buff ship, a pilot ship and possibly a gunner ship. This way you put one experienced player in as a teacher and starts with showing them what to do, talk about different tools and ammo and simply do a run threw of what they are expected to do. (Should take about 15-30 min)
After this you guys could jump out to "real" games where they get to test out what you have talked about still with some help from older players but where the focus isn't on the older players really doing much of the work as this might shift balances, make the matches boring and take away from the people learning(will be hard to implement maybe they only get to spectate and give tips?). (maybe for 1-2 hours so it really sinks in)
(Idea based on how Rydr teaches chem spray circles so it is somewhat tested)

Does this sound like a good idea? It might (will) get boring but I feel that Icarus is to advanced to just throw people in to the frame of battle and this will still be more interactive than the tutorials.

Any how no mater how you do it remember to focus on the new players and don't let the old ones have to much action, after all any one can sit and look at someone else  running repair cycles doesn't mean they will get a feel for it. This must not turn in to a glorification of the older players if it is to work!

I'm gonna be that guy again and point out some flaws here and some general dis trust to humanity.

First of if you want this to be a semi casual event the refs will be more important than in a serious tournament as players can be from a lot of different skill levels in the game. And lets face it we have all met newer clans where the entire clan would verify that someone is haxing as they can hit with a hades for 2000 m. There is also common practice to blame lag, and sometimes it is to much to play but you need someone you trust to make this call.  You don't want to deal with this after the match when there is money involved.

And regarding time any one up for a all mobula all snipe dunes game? I have a few hours free;P
No but as they sad you need rules especially about time as some teams (mine included) have a few maps where we like to sit back and snipe leading to one match taking about 1 hour or more depending on the enemy.

As a help on the way I think velvets rules (here,3972.0.html) are really good for a more casual event with the recent change of adding 3 min for every kill rather than 5.

Also what is central time? Central standard time (GMT -5) or central European time (GMT +1).

Community Events / Re: Guns of icarus tournament with prize1
« on: May 20, 2014, 05:07:54 am »
Wait you mean there is something else to it than hoping your enemy have a worse internet connection than you yourself do? ;P

No but in all seriousness, where I'm from playing games for money have a tendency to fall under our gambling laws as e-sports isn't any thing the people making the laws really understand. I just assumed it could be the same in other countries and that it could become a problem. And to be honest I'm actually old enough to gamble (I'm a big boy now:P) so even with that it's cool for me, just fleet silly having to ask for age to enter my team in a tournament;) 

Community Events / Re: Guns of icarus tournament with prize1
« on: May 19, 2014, 05:27:04 am »
Just to be that guy but if you offer up money as a price it will due to different countries laws be illegal for most people under 18 (or what ever is the legal age for gambling is in that country), this and the fact that it will be difficult to actually pay out to people in other countries will most likely put a lot of people of.

Have you seen any thing about the previous tournaments? If not go and cheek those out (here are some of them, and do look up the rules for those tournaments in this forum (most of the skilled players are really picky with rules and will not sign up for any thing they don't approve of).

In short, more deatails, more rules and a "safer" price is what I would like to see. Also specific dates as there is another tournament ruining at this point (,3965.0.html)

Hope this helps to get more people interested in this:)

Community Events / Re: Hephaestus Challenge Sign Ups
« on: May 18, 2014, 05:23:04 pm »
Rydr reporting ready and willing to fight!


A special shout out to Tanya Phenole for designing and drawing this for us, huge thanks coming from Rydr!

Contacts; Hillerton ( and GeoRmr (

Additional members; Llamas united, Allien, Jarmenkell, RolandTelcontar, Astako, Aayra and many more.

See you all on the battle field (or what ever you call the area for a sky battle?). :)

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Crew cosmetic slots..
« on: May 09, 2014, 06:23:05 am »
I like the idea (and generally any thing with RP elements) but I sadly have to say I see several things that could go wrong with it.:(

First off as you yourself stated what happens when several crew members brings the same thing or things that takes up the same space? Will we then see things glitch in to one another trying to take up the same space?

Secondly and more important this would surely be super cool whit friends that you know, but what happens when you fly with randoms? What if I play the game as a ruthless pirate captain and all of a sudden my random crew brings vases or clothing laying around in a corner. I see this as something that could cause a lot of conflicts if you don't always fly with friends sadly. (I know I'm picky enough about my ship to be enjoyed if someone placed some stuff not matching my them on the ship).

I'm affraid Rydrs will not be able to make it this Sunday, Sundays are generally a bit iffy for our team atm but we will try to participate later on and like the idea (we really missed the rumble).

here's a question for everyone:
Should any rule, eg. a predetermined "picking order" (one team has to finalise their loadout before the other) be implemented to shorten lobby times and avoid "standoffs" where teams scramble around trying to counter each other's counter builds?

I just want to point out that a time limit or some thing like that might be a bit more fair to both teams. Counter picking can play a big part in wining and forcing one team to pick ships without knowing what the other team will bring and then allowing the other team to pick after will give a huge advantage to the second team I feel. Say you where up against Rydrs and you pick first, then you take something to counter our Pyramidion due (or most commonly used ships) but then we are free to pick something completely different to counter your counter. Or even worse that you are up against a team that don't always fly the same ship then what do you pick in order to have a good game?
Maybe something like a 1 minute time limit from that all pilots join could work in order not to drag it out?

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