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I'm hoping we do better against you this week ^.^ good luck ^.^

Good luck to you to, and with some luck we can meat in the final again:D

Rydr will partake:)

Contact Hillerton or any of the other normal contacts just grab who you find;)

Community Events / Re: Titles, who has them, and what they do.
« on: August 08, 2014, 04:34:41 am »
I have to agree with skim here as people (at least several rydrs I know) care more than expected it might be a good idea to either create some clear rules or just kill the system entirely

Community Events / Re: Titles, who has them, and what they do.
« on: August 05, 2014, 03:41:05 pm »
We feels like the situation got out of hand quickly, which wasn't something we intended.
In our opinion, the title system was just a fun clan related mini-game, something to be looked at like we do with WANTED.
We thought it would be fun to actually play with other clans for these titles and by no means did we anticipate or want the controversy that this has caused.

On behalf of Ryder I would like to apologies for our part in this.

Kind regards

General Discussion / Re: So about that MLG thing
« on: July 17, 2014, 01:17:19 pm »
I have to agree with Skrim and Pieman their is a lot of work to do before any form of actual play can be done. I really hope someone is going to fix some great sets of rules, but until I have seen them I don't trust them to exists (yes I'm most likely paranoid thanks for asking;P)

And I'm also gonna voice concerns about cash prices and subs vs regular team members. Up until now all tournaments have been about the honor and maybe a new fancy hat at best. During this time taking in a random sub or moving ppl around on the teams have been fairly easy, sure you couldn't play this week but we will only be gone an hour and then we can all play with our friends again. But with a cash prize this might change all of a sudden the clan mates selected can get (even is small) an actual reward that wont be given to everyone. It might mess up the friendly and still slightly casual atmosphere that our tournaments have had up until now. Just something I think we should all bear in mind when talking about this... Things might get bigger, cooler and better but are we willing to pay the prize if we become to competitive and all that can bring in hostilities and disputes (like did that lag give you a win or not..?)?

PS I don't really think this will be a problem and I like this well upgrade in general. I just want to make sure that we all think about where we might be going if things go the worst possible way;)

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Control the lobbies
« on: July 07, 2014, 11:21:48 am »
I have to agree with Cheese here and take it even further. If someone don't speak English and thus can not understand his/her crew mates this can destroy the match for the other three people on that ship. So by that logic it is better to allow that one guy who cannot/will not work with the team a free pass and thus award damaging behavior. This does feel very wrong as those three that did want to work their best to win will be punished by it.

This game is so teamwork focused so I do actually believe that not being able or willing to communicate can and should be allowed to lead to that player being removed from that match. After all it is one persons enjoyment over three others. Ofc if they all just want to go without saying a word and just play that is fine and then no one will ever know if any one of them are their.

(again don't assume for everyone in casual lobbies just wanting to jump in to the game, some ppl still have tactics and specific things that needs doing that requires teamwork. Most likely they will also win the match in a pub)

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Control the lobbies
« on: July 02, 2014, 06:27:40 am »
So let me off rail this topic completely, but what if instead of a kick function they make it clearer who to talk to, and easier to find the CA button? (like a huge button placed somewhere where it is not camouflaged as a part of the schedule thingy) I know it took me for ever before I meet my first CA and learned what they where when I first started, so maybe that is the actual problem? If you don't know who to turn to and have trouble in a lobby then a kick function will seem nice. When you know that the CAs are there then you can do something, and that changes things around.

I've actually never seen real trolls, and never seen a high(er) lvl player to discriminate or humiliate the low lvl player.

Lets be honest here I would accredit this almost entirely to the fact that their is no kick function (the nature of the game helps as well but patients drys up fast after a few games with bad randoms). The fact is that high lvl players can't discriminate but instead have to teach. And I'm sure to somewhat degree it would still be done but I do believe more often than not the time-span you would have to adjust equipment and get an idea of what should be done in the lobby would be much, much smaller than it is now (as in one line in crew chat small). Not to mention the fact that more often than not high lvl players have one or more friend in the lobby, and then kicking the newer/random player and getting your friend in that slot will be really tempting, on all lvls I would believe.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Control the lobbies
« on: June 30, 2014, 08:43:43 am »
Should probably clarify that I'm not arguing for a kick funktion or forcing any thing, but rather against the part that you shouldn't take pub lobbies seriously. As for newer players that is all their is.

I have seen this argument been used a lot to justify trolling or other behaviour that can ruin the fun for some players. I'm all for pll having a laugh but not sure if it should be on the cost of someone else's fun.  And arguments like "don't take pub lobbies to serusily" can easily be used as an excuse to do so.

So you are totally right about kicks and controlling the lobby. Just don't like to see arguments that can and have been used to support trolling and running the fun for players used as an excuse from muse why to not have a kick (I do count you as muse even if it's your personal opinion)

And of course a difference has to be made between newer or unknowing players and trolls;-)

But yes I totally see what you mean to say and is just nitpicking as I don't like that one part of your argument and have 3 hours to kill;-P

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Control the lobbies
« on: June 30, 2014, 07:52:12 am »
Even tho I agree that a kick function would be bad I have to say it's a really dumb stance to take that pubs "are just for fun don't take it seriously".  Some people my self included loves the challenge of perfecting their play, as such we have more fun being serious. I don't feel jokers/trolls should be given a free card to mess with that just because it's a pub lobby.

As well not we everyone have the time to dedicate or even the skill to partake in the competitive seen. They will most likely get the skill in time, but maybe they want to play "competitively" on a lower skill level and not be trolled or hated on?

Ti;dr don't use pub lobby's as an excuse for trolls or hostile behaviour.

Best wishes Hillerton:-)

Ps no hard feelings, just seen this excuse a few to many times from ppl trolling:-(

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: English to Spanish translation in-game
« on: June 30, 2014, 07:39:15 am »
My concern here is, is the Spanish community large enough to operate on its own? If yes, great idea! If no, wouldn't this hinder communication? If I bought a game with my original language in it, then I would only know it in that language. Or even only know that, forcing everyone else to adapt to that language:-S

Rydr signing up. Don't have a complete roster but I will find some ppl before the match:)

Fair winds and clear skies to you all

So since no one here really seem to addressees the problem and help I guess I will have to:(

You can currently change your name if you go to the "social page"(or what ever they changed it to in the last patch, don't really remember) in game, then press "my profile" (a round button on the right side). There you will see that you have a "change" button next to your name, if you press this you can change your name how ever you like:)
The first two times are free after that it costs a small amount, not sure about how much atm.

But yeah changing your name from the first one you picked is doable just not obvious

Fair winds and clear skies!

Ps I agree with the others Dr. X is a really cool name compared to a lot of others;)

Community Events / Re: Live Tutorials [ Need Volunteers ]
« on: June 01, 2014, 08:01:23 am »
Just a thought, but it can be several things that creates trouble. First of this is a mixture of two widely different things, we have the learning/tutorial thing then we also have some sort of tournament which I'm not so sure mixing is a good idea. Secondly the time is bad for everyone not European I do believe, 8 pm GMT is 4 pm EST or around 4-6 am for our friends in Asia or Australia. This could hamper a lot of the older players.

I'm also not sure about your idea of having 4 good pilots with a new crew, wouldn't it be better to put in engineers and gunners or what ever you find to teach, this way I do think that you could get more volunteers and also a better teaching plan as pilots are not necessarily good engineers or good teachers;)

So in short try to redo this in to a training event rather than a Tournament plan, and don't expect any thing other than having to find the trainees in the general chat. Make it a casual thing with a dedicated training "crew" helping you rather than trying to find a whole bunch of interested players

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Pilot tool: Yoke
« on: May 26, 2014, 11:59:55 am »
Just popping by to say, it might be a really cool idea (it is) but it would really mess up the game-play. Currently playing with height is the only way to limit a sniper (if they hang in the right area). Having a tool like this that would allow for extra arc on guns like merc and artemis could be really bad. Unless enforcing some high damage like kersonin or moon shin where instead it might become useless...

Feels like it would be a hard thing to implement in a good fashion if you ask me:S

Rydrs signing up! (late as allways)

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