Alliance Open Alpha Ends Tuesday 6 am Eastern

[ujicountdown id=”Unveiling” expire=”2016/08/09 06:00″ hide = “true”]
Massive Explosions take a break as we go over your feedback.

Hey Everyone,

The Guns of Icarus Alliance Open Alpha ends Tuesday at 6 am Eastern. So when that countdown hits zero, your ability to fight hordes of ships, vicious bosses, and monolithic bases returns to the classic PvP game (which will have an update coming out for it soon.)

That means this is your last chance to affect the war of Icarus! This is your last chance to put your points in and be a permanent part of the lore. We’ve already started going over all the great feedback that people have sent in and we’re going to be releasing both the history of the first war and our thoughts on the successes and failures of the first Open Alpha. We learned so much and got to see so much passion from our players for Alliance, thank you for making this both an educational and amazingly fun week for us!