Greetings Fellow Sky captains and Crews!

Week 2 begins with an eclipse.

We just released a hotfix to address a lot of the feedback we have received.  You can find all the notes here. While we squash bugs though production is not slowing down on new content and exciting features for the game!

We are now streaming our internal testing sessions (no commentary) and you’ll be able to watch them at make sure you follow to see when they appear! It’s normally Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am eastern, but times are subject to change depending on the team’s needs. The only way to stay up to date is to follow!

New Maps: Night Mode

Previous glitch is now feature! Night maps are real! We found a way to keep enough light to identify enemies while still having a powerful darkness that makes explosions spectacular and combat riveting.

This is just one of many drafts and look out for a bunch of night maps on their way.

Continued work: Voyager’s Cove and Stormbreaker

We continued working with the new stormbreaker figuring out some bug locations (no longer teleport when you go to the new locations we added) and on voyagers cove testing out different difficulties and AI decisions in there.

Thank you everyone for flying in our skies, the amazing feedback, and for being a great community!