1.4.8 is Live!

The Aerial Sport of Kings

2016-09-20 (1)
The most unique Guns of Icarus Game mode ever

For months we’ve been testing, tweaking, and creating for Skyball with the help of our testers and community ambassadors.

This newest mode pits our flying death machines in an violently-unfriendly fight for the ball. Use your wits, speed, and firepower to dominate across three novel maps.

Maim, Kill, Score!

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 Novice Deathmatch vs AI

Half the players, twice the fun!
Half the players, twice the fun!

All the work that has gone into Alliance has given us an amazing opportunity to use the AI pilots to create a new game mode. While vets would find the AI to be easy targets, they’re perfectly skilled to fight novices and give them a safe place to learn and improve.

Novices will now automatically be placed in these bot games through the matchmaker, though they may manually switch to regular games at any time. With half the required players, it should now be easier to get these bot games up and running!

We are looking at making a vet capable AI to fight against for the next patch and as we get closer to that goal we’re going to need great pilots and crew to test against!

Revamped VIP!

We've heard your frustration and fixes are in.
We’ve heard your frustration and fixes are in.


VIP has had its fair share of supporters and detractors, but everyone agreed the game mode could be very frustrating with a cowardly lead ship and the wrong ship combination could turn a joyous brawl into a 50 minute cat and mouse game.

We’ve made changes based on feedback of our players and we’re really excited to improve this game mode!

Escorts are now worth points, VIP ships are worth even more. This way a constant meatshield can’t be used while the VIP bunny-hops around the map, while still keeping target priority an important factor.

#Adapt The Maps

Eight ships join the ruins of Paritan
Eight ships join the ruins of Paritan

While the average player doesn’t do a lot of 4v4, there are many players that would call for adapting maps every week. With our newest patch players can now play Paritan with eight ships total for what will definitely be an exciting and destructive fight between the skyscrapers.

New Player made items in game!

22 Items to turn yourself from a World War 1 to a World War 10


The store now has a bunch of new player-made items for you to check out. Along with all these great premium items, some creators have chosen to give away their items for free. So if you sign in you’ll find five decals and two hats in your inventory.


  • -Wrought Iron Manticore (Free, created by Skletch)

  • The Valknut (Free, created by Technoholic)

  • Profiled Pup (Pay, created by ashenlion)

  • Steam Rose (Free, created by Huckleberry Finn)

  • Harpoon (Pay, created by Addam)

  • Roman Insignia (Free, created by JubJub)

  • The Pouncing Fox (Pay, created by Little Miss Nuke)

  • Phenixian (Free, created by NextgenZ-)

  • Mad Hat (Pay, created by Dabzy)

  • The Liberator (Pay, created by Hue C. Sosnitsky)

  • Kabuto Musha (Pay, created by nebe)

  • Solaris (Pay, created by SteelShark)


  • Mrs. Mad Hatter (F) (Free, created by Mr. Vibe)

  • Parrot’s Tricorn (M) (Free, created by Akuu)

  • Bohemian Dreadlocks (F) (Pay, created by philsip)

  • Picklehauber Pith (M) (Pay, created by A_Harmless_Fly)

  • Picklehauber Pith (F) (Pay, created by A_Harmless_Fly)


  • Green and Gold Aviators (F) (Pay, created by A_Harmless_Fly)

  • Half Rim Glasses (M) (Pay, created by A_Harmless_Fly)

  • Half Rim Glasses (F) (Pay, created by A_Harmless_Fly)

  • Cedar Cifar Holder (M) (Pay, created by Jonasspil)

Voice Pack:

  • Mighty Pirate (M, English) (Pay, created by ATrueJedi)