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Community Guide / Re: Kestril’s guide to teaching new crews.
« on: December 30, 2016, 06:26:48 pm »
Hopefully some of the hardcore 2 vs. 2 lobby stackers read this and welcome one notice at a time onto each/any of their ships :D (If you think I'm talking about you... I am 8) )

Owning personal fuck-ups is my favorite mode of self-flagellation when playing with scrubs. I like my crew to know when I made a mistake so they know they can get better at the game.

I recently reorganized my macros for GOI so I can insta-spam lobbies and matches with 140-character tips with maximum efficiency. Prepare to see these often:

Macro 1 for Damage
Message 1: Weapons do 2 different damage types. When shooting: BIG hit markers = effective hits! SMALL hit markers = ineffective hits! Aim elsewhere!
Message 2: White hit markers = armor up or component alive! RED hit markers = armor down or component destroyed! So: small white = BAD! Big red = BEST!

Macro 2 for Repairing
Message 1: Once guns begin reloading, they will auto-finish with your ammo choice. Dismount & spot enemies with the spyglass OR buff nearby components!
Message 2: When ship modules are damaged, only 1 person can repair & the "cool-down clock" must refill before you can affect it again (including fires)
Message 3: When components are completely broken (RED), ALL crew can rebuild them TOGETHER! There is no repair cooldown on completely broken components

The other four macro keys are related to Chaos, #AdaptTheMaps, and the Mighty Pirate Voice Pack, so I had to condense my tips into spam that would be visible in the match chat (which is pretty limited and can't really be scrolled). If anybody wants the tip spam macros, I can upload the .mhm files somewhere (I'm using a Microsoft Sidewinder X4, if that matters).

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Hard lock ships to only have 1 gunner max
« on: December 30, 2016, 06:07:54 pm »
When there's an issue of two gunners, everyone always defaults to this rule. First gunner stays. Doesn't matter if he's crap in comparison. So long as he takes the loadout, taken in his instructions, you become the 2nd engie. End of.


I always look at what levels my crew has on the whole, then choose a ship that the lowest level player can do something on and arrange the crew accordingly thereafter. Just because somebody wants to be gunner doesn't mean they get to be gunner. First-come-first-serve is pretty selfish and greedy. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and the one. I, as the captain, select who I think will do the most effective job and purposely shuffle people away from classes they almost exclusively play, and I expect (and witness) other (good) captains do the same.

Gameplay / Re: #restorethesquid
« on: December 30, 2016, 02:49:35 pm »
I'd like to see turning accel buffed, making it easier to use without phoenix claw. It has four turning engines

Yes, please. Float like a butterfly, die like a butterfly.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Hard lock ships to only have 1 gunner max
« on: December 30, 2016, 02:48:15 pm »
Honestly, I don't think this is too big of a problem. I fear restricting class freedom would just cause more problems. For example, whoever grabs gunner first gets to keep it? Problematic already. The best weapon we have against poor crew composition and loadouts is good communication and teaching.

NEVER allow a second gunner to join a running match.

I'd be happier with just this. I hate it when I go from a relatively effecient AI engineer to a second human gunner.

As it is now, Chaos Skirmish quite often needs double gunners, and requiring the random pilots to create those very specific Chaos loadouts and then send them to their crew mates would add even more time to the lobby setup. And because I'm Lord Nub I personally run double gunner on my Dunes Mobula with great efficacy.

The Gallery / Re: A Guns Of Icarus Winter
« on: December 23, 2016, 03:12:32 pm »
I... I always thought this was just some long-running inside joke I didn't understand. But... but...

It's real.

I don't know how I feel. ;D

Props for all the effort put into it. Now posterity can bare witness to... well, I don't know what you'd call it, really.

Community Events / Re: Chaos Skirmish this Friday, December 23, 2016.
« on: December 22, 2016, 11:28:26 am »
In the above post, the description of the event was a work in progress. I've since revised it (many times) and finalized it (but can't edit the post). I always put a lot of effort into crafting the descriptions for Chaos Skirmish rule sets, and I thought I'd give you scrubs a bit of insight into my thought process. I'm particularly proud of this one for Boomstick:

"Those doggone teetotalers are here to shut down our distillery! Don't give 'em a single barrel... give 'em two! It's a good thing alcohol inspires courage. Let's pop, Loch, and drop these windbags."

1. Boomstick: the title of the rule set, a "boomstick" is often a sawed off shotgun; this type of firearm is typically used by outdoorsmen, and bootleggers are often outdoorsmen
2. doggone: a reference to the Barking Dog Light Carronade and Hellhound Heavy Carronade, the only weapons allowed in the rule set
3. teetotalers: these silly humans who refrain from imbibing are an allusion to the Spires in the rule set, which are shaped like the letter T
4. distillery: the overall theme of the description is alcohol, which is often utilized while playing the game, especially for Chaos Skirmish, and this distillery implicitly produces moonshine, which is a part of the lore and a helm tool
5. single barrel: since we're at a distillery, the barrel is a reference to a container of illegal moonshine
6. two [barrels]: a reference to a double-barrelled shotgun, the weapon the Carronade most resembles
7. inspires: Spires are the only ship allowed in the rule set
8. pop, Loch, and drop: a reference to utilizing a firearm, like a shotgun, which the players will be using against their enemies
9. pop, Loch, and drop: a reference from the awful song which gained popularity in 2007
10. pop, Loch, and drop: an explicit nod to Lochnager ammo, which will be popular in this rule set
11. pop, Loch, and drop: an allusion to popping the enemy balloon and having them drop to the ground
12. windbags: an allusion to the dirigible balloons which will be deflating during the rule set

If you're impressed, be even more impressed because everything I write MUST fit in this window:

That's how I formatted the Chaos poster. It was pretty ad hoc, but I like the challenge. Hope to see you all TOMORROW for Chaos!

p.s. hire me i gud wiht words

Community Events / Re: Chaos Skirmish this Friday, December 23, 2016.
« on: December 22, 2016, 08:48:07 am »
Typically brand-new rule sets are kept a surprise until we debut them during the third match of the Chaos Skirmish, but so much work went into this rule set's Tips and Strategy section that I thought it would be wasteful if I didn't share it with our players. So, spoiler alert: this is the rule set we'll be using for our Christmas Eve Eve Chaos this FRIDAY. Study up, chumps! I'll be there WITH MY RANGEFINDER! Also, consider it your Christmas gift (I'm still hoping for a #ChristmasMiracle from Santa Muse!). Now, without further delay (because pasting this from the Chaos Steam group was a real formatting chore), we present to you...

TL;DR: All Spires, All Carronades

Description(WIP) Pop, Loch, and drop 'em. My whole crew brought our shotties to the party, and homie don't play. Don't just give 'em both barrels: give 'em the whole damn distillery/brewery/arsenal.
What makes this special?The only weapons allowed are Heavy and Light Carronades and they are mounted exclusively on Spires. Besides that, this rule set is a stat geek's dream because of the ammunition choices, not to mention exciting for those who obsess over tactics and strategy involving target priorities.
Tips and StrategiesAlright, let's nerd out. We'll begin with a lesson on the guns themselves and how the ammos available affect them. The following data comes from The Gun Range, a "utility" I created to visually display the ranges and arcs of weapons on the in-game map. It even takes into account the effects granted by most ammos. Keep in mind, each square on the map is 500 meters. For clarity, I'm simply going to list the weapons and their ranges using the different ammos first, and then you, conscientious Chaoticâ„¢, can refer to it at your leisure. The "Max Range (mpsq)" column represents (in decimal form) how far across a single map square (mpsq) a gun can reach (when aligned with the X- or Y- axis). The list is in ascending order, organized first by range from shortest to longest, then damage from weakest to strongest. So:

Heavy Carronade
AmmoMax Range (meters)Max Range (mpsq)ShotsPellets/clipNotes
Incendiary2800.56240Starts mad fires
Greased3200.64240Reduces damage (don't use this!)
Heatsink3200.64360Reduces damage, grants extra shot, rotates quickly
Burst4000.80240Reduces fire rate (don't use this!)
Normal4000.80240Bread 'n' butter
Heavy4000.80240Increases precision by reducing spread
Charged4000.80240Increases damage
Lochnager4000.80240Increases damage and precision, self-damages (only for pros!)
Lesmok6801.36120Ineffective but annoying

Light Carronade
AmmoMax Range (meters)Max Range (mpsq)ShotsPellets/clipNotes
Incendiary2270.45464Starts mad fires
Heatsink2600.527112Reduces damage, rotates quickly
Greased2600.52696Deals reduced damage very quickly
Normal3250.65580Bread 'n' butter
Burst3250.65696Reduces fire rate (don't use this!)
Heavy3250.65464Increases precision by reducing spread
Charged3250.65464Increases damage
Lochnager3250.65232Increases damage and precision, self-damages (only for pros!)
Lesmok5521.11464Ineffective but annoying

It's very important to note that maximum range does not mean effective range. Effective range is hard to compute at worst, subjective at best, because both Light and Heavy Carronades use a shotgun mechanic when firing, which spreads out pieces of buckshot (see the table above for numbers). The farther away the target is, the farther the buckshot will spread; the closer the target, the more pellets will hit the enemy. This makes Heavy Clip and Lochnager Shot very attractive for use in Carronades because they concentrate the buckshot in a more precise area, making the guns much more effective at long (near maximum) range. The reduced jitter of Heavy (-70%) and Loch (-60%) also allow specific components to be targeted at medium to short ranges. Lochnager will be a very popular choice for experienced and confident Gunners, while the cautious and doomsayers among us (me) will likely stick with Heavy Clip. Many other interesting choices are available, however.

...But Burst ammo is not one of them. It only truly benefits weapons that have Area of Effect (AoE) damage, and Carronades do not, so we've saved you the embarrassment of ignorantly bringing it by banning Burst.

The general consensus among the community (and stated on the Wiki) is that Charged ammo is a great choice for the Heavy Carronade, but less so for the Light Carro. Greased ammo has the opposite situation; many players use it on the Light Carronade for the increased clip size and fire rate, but eschew it for the Heavy Carro because Greased reduces range and damage and doesn't increase the capacity of heavier gun's magazine. Depending on your role, either of these ammos are solid selections, but very vanilla.

Incendiary is my personal favorite for both Light and Heavy Carronades, if I have the benefit of taking more than one ammo type. Incendiary ammo significantly reduces your range, but it gives each projectile a 20% chance to start a fire. For a Gatling gun, this means a single bullet has a 20% chance to start a fire. For a Carronade? Every blast from the Heavy Carro shoots 20 pellets and the Light Carro sends out 16 pellets. This means, per clip, a Heavy Carro with Incendiary will set eight stacks of fire and a Light Carro with Incendiary will set 13 stacks of fire.

"Thirteen, Jedi? Learn to math! It should be 16." Nope. You forgot the 25% clip size reduction.

And that, dear reader, is why we're only allowing Gunners to take this ammo. Otherwise, the fires would be out of control and close-range combat would be hell. We want to encourage (but not require) the captains to get down 'n' dirty. Dozens of fires on each ship would discourage that. Heatsink is also available and attractive to Gunners to prevent pesky flames from engulfing their guns. Plus, having three shots on a quick-swinging Heavy Carronade is freaking awesome for disabling the enemy at point-blank range.

Bringing the final ammo we'll discuss, Lesmok, is not encouraged but also not forbidden. In a battle with short-range weapons, Lesmok could (could) make a difference. Typically nobody in their right mind would use Lesmok on a Carronade because, yes, while it increases the range, it also increases the spread... but the reason they never consider Lesmok Carro is because the enemy brings other weapons.. now that everybody has to use Carronades, there might be a small niche Lesmok can fit into... especially if an entire fleet brings Lesmok. A Lesmok Spire team victory is my ultimate fantasy, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Still, imaginging those glorious crews focusing fire fleet-wide to disable each enemy balloon one-by-one is intoxicating... anybody courageous enough to try it? I didn't think so. Cowards.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's talk about what you should aim for. Recall that every gun in the game does two types of damage, and every type of damage is effective against one type of component. Carros do flachette damage, which is effective against balloons, and shatter damage, which is effective against guns and engines. Many players forget that! Carronades do not do piercing damage to strip the armor and do not do explosive damage to destroy the hull. Disabling an enemy is going to be easy... destroying him will be more difficult.

Ideally, during the initial skirmish, your Heavy Carronade will target the enemy balloon to drag their crew away from their guns and ease your approach. Once your Light Carronades are in range, target prioritization becomes interesting: do you focus on the balloon to keep the enemy under pressure and at least one engineer busy? Do you knock out their guns so they can't return fire? Do you target their engines so they can't maneuver or escape? When should your crew switch their focus to slowly stripping the armor with hundreds of pellets?

Another important question is when to start shooting. I may regret this, but whenever we play Boomstick I will be taking the Rangefinder (if I'm not the pilot!). Getting that initial disable on the enemy Spire's front gun or balloon could determine the course of the entire battle. Directing your crew when to shoot and advising what ammo to use could really give a ship and therefore a team the edge necessary to squeeze out a victory. Better get to memorizing those numbers!

When the battle does unfold, pilots are going to have a rough time keeping aloft, but it won't be too awful. Drogue Chute is required so pilots can stall their inexorable descent toward the ground below. Hydrogen can be utilized when the balloon is rebuilt to gain some quick altitude, but be careful: Carronades are terrible at shooting downward, so don't rocket too high! The third helm tool (pilot's choice) can be anything, but I expect Kerosene, Phoenix Claw, and Tar Barrel to be popular, with a smattering of Moonshine and Impact Bumpers and only fools with Chute Vent. If the pilot has time and the armor is holding, it could benefit the ship to have the captain mount the slot 1 or 2 Light Carronade while the engineers are likely busy with repairs or split between decks firing guns, leaving a top slot weapon free.

Now that you've read my book, I hope you understand why this rule set is a dream come true for Guns of Icarus geeks. If you want to be a nerd like me, go check out the Guns of Icarus Wiki!
Appropriate Map ModesDeath Match, King of the Hill
Ships Allowed/RequiredSpire
Ships ProhibitedGalleon, Goldfish, Junker, Mobula, Pyramidion, Squid
Weapons Allowed/RequiredHeavy Carronade and Light Carronade
Weapons ProhibitedAll except the above
Classes Allowed/RequiredStandard Chaos Rules: 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner, 2 Engineers
Classes ProhibitedN/A
Pilot Tools Allowed/RequiredHydrogen, Drogue Chute (the third helm tool is the pilot's choice)
Pilot Tools ProhibitedNone
Repair Tools Allowed/RequiredAll
Repair Tools ProhibitedNone
Ammunition Types Allowed/RequiredAll ammo types allowed, but Incendiary can only be taken by the Gunner
Ammunition Types ProhibitedOnly the Gunner can take Incendiary; Burst ammo is banned (because it does not grant Carronades Area of Effect damage and is therefore fairly useless)

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Ship paints
« on: December 20, 2016, 03:06:36 pm »
Add more ship paints.

Additionally two look presets would be welcome. So, for example, players could switch between them if they wanted two different looks for red and blue. But this would require some actual work from muse guys.

I'd like them to do it like they do the team color paints in Team Fortress 2. It keeps blue team blue and red team red, but has a variety of shades that apply to each ship. So, light blue on a blue team ship is light red on a red team ship. Dark red on a red ship is dark blue on a blue ship. It's quite clever.

Perhaps purple and orange could be "red team" colors and green and yellow could be "blue team" colors. I just want easy visual identification while maintaining variety. And I suppose some paints could be universal (black, white).

Muse long ago admitted allowing blue ships to be painted red and red ships to be painted blue was a dumb move. I wish they'd retread this idea and overhaul the system.

Community Events / Re: Chaos Skirmish this Saturday, December 17, 2016.
« on: December 14, 2016, 06:55:23 pm »
Also, for those looking at the loathed Newbageddon rule set and saying "OMG NO NEVER AGAIN," we've made some pretty hefty changes. I'll attempt to paste them here. Big changes are in bold/italics:

Ships Allowed/Required: Each team must have at least 2 of the following ships: Galleon, Spire, or Squid (no repeats!)
For the remaining ship(s), each team can choose from the remaining previous ship or the following additional ships: Junker, Goldfish, or Pyramidion (no repeats!)
Teams can choose which crews fly which ships.
Ships Prohibited: Mobula is banned; see the convoluted rules above
Weapons Allowed/Required: All except Gatling Gun, Hades
Weapons Prohibited: Gatling Gun, Hades
Classes Allowed/Required: Standard Chaos Rules: 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner, 2 Engineers
Pilot Tools Allowed/Required: Pilots must bring a Spyglass
Pilot Tools Prohibited: Non-pilot players CANNOT take the Spyglass
Repair Tools Allowed/Required: Engineers must take a Pipe Wrench; they also need a Mallet OR a Spanner (but NOT BOTH); the third tool is their choice
Repair Tools Prohibited: Gunners cannot take the Pipe Wrench
Ammunition Types Allowed/Required: Gunners must take Lochnager

The shortlist and result?

The required/allowed ship rules have been modified and simplified. Mobulae are banned. Spires are now on the required-to-choose-from list.
No more double-gunner. Now repairs are still complicated but "easier."
Crews should have more time to learn how to deal with the repair tool situation because of weapons restrictions; there's less damage being dished out because there are no Gatlings or Hades.
The Metamidion/Mobula dominance should be gone.

The discussion thread to improve Newbageddon can be found here:

Now the the GUI changes have ceased in Guns of Icarus, I've pushed out an update (1.3.3) to support them. I've also improved the screenshot loader so that the resulting images are sharper and not as squished.

Feel free to contact me with any bugs or feature ideas you have. Thank you for everyone's continual support of this project, most notably Atruejedi. This wouldn't even exist without him!  8)

To put it succinctly...


I'm not the one who deserves thanks. You answered our call and have made Chaos much less chaotic during the lobby setup, in which our namesake is our enemy. So thank YOU, GOOD SIR! #PraiseBe

Community Events / Re: [NEW] Friday Night Brawl! #1 (Dec 16, 2016)
« on: December 12, 2016, 06:21:15 pm »
Good luck! But be careful with your themes... sometimes it can be very hard to "enforce" those rules and make the lobby go smoothly. Try to design them in such a way that they're fool-proof and nobody can screw them up for you.

The Gallery / Re: Here there be Monsters.
« on: December 09, 2016, 04:01:16 pm »
I just discovered this and I am bumping it because Richard is god.

Richard, you might want to edit the title of the thread a bit to give forum-goers an idea of the treasures hiding here!

General Discussion / Re: Community event idea for this Christmas: Caro-ling
« on: December 09, 2016, 04:56:21 am »

That... that is genius.

*retreats to the corner contemplating a Christmas Chaos Skirmish rule set that wouldn't be a gimmick*

General Discussion / Re: A wild GOIO VN appears...
« on: December 09, 2016, 04:54:54 am »
This interests me. Looking forward to seeing what's cooking.

P.S. If you need any voice work done, I'm available to help out and I'm sure Renaulde would be interested as well.

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