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Feedback and Suggestions / Re: A cry for change
« on: January 18, 2017, 02:04:45 pm »
Do we have any other ideas?

A public Trello board would be nice to have.

I believe there is one. Let me get back to you on that

You mean this?

Ha. Lip service.

Gameplay / Re: Exclusively using Burst in the Heavy Hwatcha?
« on: January 18, 2017, 09:40:55 am »
I think it comes down to how the pilot flies whichever ship is equipped with the Hwacha.

On a Galleon, Heavy Clip is a great supplemental ammo after Burst because you're never really sure at what range you'll be engaging. If paired with a Heavy Flak and a Gatling Gun, for example, the Hwacha on a Galleon can absolutely benefit from Heavy Clip when engaged at medium ranges. The problem is... if there's a Gunner on that Galleon, he/she is most likely using those multiple ammo slots to take Greased/Lesmok/Burst to make the Heavy Flak easier to fire and to address arming time. Because of this, the poor ol' Hwacha doesn't even get a chance to use Heavy Clip. "But what if you have Quad-Hwacha Galleon, Atruejedi?" Well, if you have even a single side stacked with more than one Hwacha, why bother engaging the enemy at anything more than point-blank range? So, again, Heavy Clip is rendered moot, even when carried by that Quad-Hwacha Galleon Gunner.

On a Spire, you have a situation similar to the one described in the previous paragraph. If your Spire pilot is taking a Hwacha, what are his/her other three light guns? Usually you'll end up with at least one Gatling (and more likely two), which is a closer range gun, even when paired with Lesmok... so, yes, while Heavy Clip can and will, on occasion, actually be loaded into a Hwacha on a Spire, it's a rare occurrence.

With a Goldfish, however, some pilots (myself included) insist on loading Burst because of the flanking potential and devastation the Burst-loaded Hwacha can have upon an unsuspecting enemy. There's no point in hitting them from afar with Heavy Clip if it's just going to alert them to your presence, fire fewer rockets, and have less AoE spread. It pays to wait until you're close enough to give them a punch in the gut with the Burst Hwacha.

Just another reason for Muse to #NerfBurst by removing the clip increase ;D That way, players might actually be encouraged to use other ammos in weapons like the Hwacha and Artemis.

Or, perhaps Heavy Clip needs an ever-so-slight buff by not reducing the clip size as much. Even a 5% change would help.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: HEY SCRUBS! I have a ship for you.
« on: January 18, 2017, 08:39:49 am »
I am a huge fan of this ship for so many reasons already mentioned by Richard in his original post. It really is a brilliant design, and I think it's the simplicity that makes it brilliant. Typically I shut Richard down on his pipe dreams (#ThanksMuse) after complimenting his incredible efforts and talents, but I'm going to humor him right now and engage in flights of fancy because I love the potential lore behind the ship design so much.

The front gun "forks" have a Millennium Falcon vibe to them. I imagine them lifting and transporting cargo. I assume that design choice is quite on purpose, but if not, perhaps the model could be tweaked to explicitly resemble cargo lifting forks. I do think the claws were a bit too much and I'm glad they've been removed. And I think Brig is a better name than Raven, which I'll get to in a bit...

The heavy gun mounted on the rear of the ship also gives me a "cargo hold" feel. I'd magnify that design aspect as well, somehow. Perhaps put the heavy gun on some sort of (obviously static) pneumatic lift that would (theoretically) lower to the ground while docked during civilian transport duties?

Is the balloon elevated so you'd have to look up at it to repair from below without jumping? I like that idea because it trains scrubs to think of repairs in three dimensions instead of only two. Could naturally enlighten novices to repair the hull and balloon of, say, Junkers, from below.

Finally, the name. Brig? I like it, but with reservations. Kind of short. Kind of similar, phonetically, to the Squid, which I don't like. Apparently "Brigadore" was a mythological horse. Perhaps go with that instead, since you know it'll be nicknamed the Brig anyway 8) And, after all, this ship is gonna be a workhorse for pilots like me engaged in my never-ending penance training scrubs. I can only assume the simple name "Brig" is a reference to the n00b prison it will become for the pilot, already trapped in a cage. More metaphors, please.

This all being said, I agree that the balloon is too small for all the heavy lifting and dragging I imagine this ship doing, lore-wise. A large balloon as a target would also help to balance it. I see it having pretty similar stats to a Goldfish as a basis for development. Bread-n-butter. I look forward to checking this thread in the future to see the minor tweaks!

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: New Spire Tank (Spank) proposals.
« on: January 18, 2017, 08:04:31 am »
Tell the newbie pilots that. The devs too. Kept telling Keyvias or however it's spelt that I needed help rebuilding. Tried hinting that the pilot should help rebuild. Didn't get the hint. Spire captain absolutely has to be mobile for the ship to be effective.

Yup. I always bring a Pipewrench as pilot on the Spire, although with the proposed #TankSpire changes I'd likely bring a Spanner now 8) This is also why I bring a Spanner as a Pyramidion pilot... I cannot count the number of times I've quickly helped rebuild the hull out of the red and saved my skin. Literally thousands of times.


Here are the most recent proposals from this thread stated again because OCD and pretty and visual and clear:

- Armor: 900 HP (was 400, is now most armored ship with 100 HP more than Galleon)
- Hull: 1500 HP (was 950, is now most hardy ship with 100 HP more than Galleon)
- Acceleration: 4.50 m/s² (same)
- Max Turn Speed: 12.08 deg/s (same)
- Top speed: 24 m/s (was 28 m/s, is now the slowest ship)
- Forward acceleration: 4.5 m/s² (same)
- Vertical acceleration: 6 m/s² (was 3.75 m/s², is now the most vertical ship)
- Top vertical speed: 17 m/s (same)
- Slot 1 Gun (Heavy Gun) angled 0° from center (same)
- Slot 2 Gun (Top Left) angled 10° to port (was 0° offset from center)
- Slot 3 Gun (Bottom Left) angled 60° to port (was 40° to port)
- Slot 4 Gun (Top Right) angled 10° to starboard (was 40° to starboard)

Hope this is helpful! For posterity.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: New Spire Tank (Spank) proposals.
« on: January 17, 2017, 06:23:48 pm »
New combinations will be possible (and likely OP), being dual Hades, and dual merc, making the Spire its own worst enemy.

YES. Yes. This. Yes.

This ship has some of the easiest to disable weapons in the game, with them being closely packed, towards the center of the hull, and completely unprotected. This is what makes burst Artemis such a strong counter to the Spire, as 5 shots can easily disable every gun on the ship, and it's possible to hit multiple guns with one shot.

#NerfBurst by getting rid of the clip increase. Would really help a lot of things, I think.

While technically the third heaviest ship in the game (tied with the Goldfish), it is only 150 tons compared to the (absurd) 300 tons of the Pyramidion. This combined with the largest hull profile in the game (and low amount of armor on the current version) makes this ship both easy to ram and easy to kill with a ram.

I agree... I think the Pyra could use a SLIGHT nerf to mass and a SLIGHT buff to forward acceleration, but that's a discussion for another time.

To both pilot and bring full firepower to bear, you have to give up speed of repair. Two engineers up top and gunner rotating bottom guns means the balloon is going to be extremely vulnerable.

I imagine one of those engineers hopping to the bottom at closer ranges as the ship "twists" into another gun mode, utilizing guns 1, 2, and 3 instead of the "opening" guns 1, 2, and 4. But we'll see!

To have full firepower and efficient repairs, the pilot has to get off the helm and use the second gun and assist in armor repair. This method is likely the most optimal, but this method requires a lot more skill from the pilot as they need to set up the ship to drift favorably before they leave the helm.

Doesn't this already happen? As a Spire pilot, I'm CONSTANTLY rushing to the hull to repair it, even if it's not destroyed, as my crew put as much firepower on the enemy as possible.

There is a barrier preventing jumping from the helm to the hull quickly. Attempting to jump to the helm will result in bonking this wall and falling straight down with no forward momentum. This makes it faster to walk down the ramp of slowness than to do what is normally the optimal thing and jump over it. Probably the one detail that makes me never want to fly the Spire no matter what they do to it, especially since I would have to be using that ramp a lot.

I haven't noticed this. I just do a 180 degree turn and run to the damn thing ASAP.

I suggest bumping the weight up to at least 200 while maintaining its maneuverability. This will improve its resilience to ramming and terrain collision.

I'd also increase the turning acceleration to make Phoenix Claw superfluous, or at least overkill.

On the wiki, Mobula's vertical acceleration is 4.5 m/s2. So the proposed vertical acceleration will be pretty crazy.

I think Richard made a typo when saying it would be the same as the current Mob. Yes, it would be BETTER than the current Mob, and that's the idea, because physics. The Mob is a pancake and shouldn't be rising/falling so easily.  I'm (fairly) happy with the current state of the Mobula (although I would keep its wonky turning but make it begin turning even more quickly and even harder to stop turning).

The proposed change to speed will push the Spire further into its support/sniping role. It was already the third slowest ship, faster only than the Mobula and Junker. Being slower than the Junker, it may have considerable issues keeping up with the battle outside of sniping.

I agree and disagree. Will it push it into sniping? No. It can snipe, but it doesn't have to. Will it push it into support? All ships should support each other anyway. I agree the speed reduction is a big issue, quite on purpose. If the #TankSpire is going to be so formidable, attacking it should be tempting and allies should stay near to support it as well.

The proposed changes to the hull and armor may give more viability to having two top-side engineers for tanking, but will demand even more that the pilot help rebuild the hull as it remains the closest hull to the helm on any ship but now takes a ton of work to rebuild.


The proposed changes to arcs makes the gun placement comparable to the Pyramidion, but with a heavy gun. Quad is still possible by angling ship to the right during engagement. Expect to see double hades/merc + Hflak with lower left artemis/banshee.

You read our minds :) Hopefully the decreased horizontal speed will make up for that firepower...

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: A cry for change
« on: January 16, 2017, 06:05:55 pm »
#InTheTrenches #BalanceToTheForce #NerfGreased #NerfBurst #RestoreLoch #ChangeCharged #HowAboutAHowitzer #AdaptTheMaps #SupersizeSpectate #SkyballOverhaul #AuditTheSpawns #LuckOfTheSpawn #BalloonLivesMatter #TankSpire

Even if you disagree with any of the ideas posted above... you do agree Skirmish needs love or Skirmish will die. A shot has already breezed across our bow: Blackwake is on the horizon and our beloved Skirmish might soon be sent to the murky depths. The fact that #AdaptTheMaps has been begging for simple adaptations and has been (largely) ignored for almost a year is incredible to me. We have 4 vs. 4 Water Hazard VIP... yet Muse makes us wait months and months and months for a 4 vs. 4 Water Hazard Death Match version? Muse has completely mis-prioritized what's important to their actual success, and our game, which we actually play, suffers daily for it. Honestly, at this point, I wish Muse would outsource development of Skirmish to another company. My vote goes for Coffee Stain. They could make GOI great... and not again, because Muse never allowed GOI to become great. And that's what's so frustrating. The community knows this game could be an astounding, popular, critical success if only it was given the attention it deserves...

Dev App Testing / Re: Tanky Spire Beings for Wild Week!
« on: January 13, 2017, 04:29:59 pm »
For clarity (and because I used symbols!):

- Armor: 900 HP (was 400)
- Hull: 700 HP (was 950)
- Acceleration: 4.50 m/s² (same)
- Max Turn Speed: 12.08 deg/s (same)
- Top speed: 24 m/s (was 28 m/s)
- Forward acceleration: 4.5 m/s² (same)
- Vertical acceleration: 6 m/s² (was 3.75 m/s²)
- Top vertical speed: 17 m/s (same)
- Side guns fanned outward from 40° to 50°

Personally, I'd like to see the top speed reduced further (to become the slowest ship in the game) and turning speed increased. I want a spinning death dreidel. Can I hashtag that? #SpinningDeathDreidel?

Pre-testing session thoughts:

50° is too much. It disallows FlakSpire with Double Gat and Heavy Flak. I think 45° is acceptable because the closer the enemy gets, the harder it will be to "cross the streams" with Gatling fire and hit him. But, honestly, I don't think gun arcs need changed.

News and Announcements / Re: Short Server Maintenance Now for an Hour
« on: January 06, 2017, 05:17:00 pm »
Sorry Jedi, but scoreboard and spot bug status are not that vital compaired to the situation when nobody in the red team can spawn their bloody ships.

Oh, trust me, I agree. I reported the Paritan VIP 4 vs. 4 "why the hell can't we spawn?" bug as soon as it came out. I requested the entire Chaos lobby email bomb Muse to get it fixed. And Muse did fix it... but took way too long, in my opinion. Fixing the Flayed Hills spawn issue is good, yes, but the scoreboard should be paramount as well, especially because the scoreboard affects ALL matches and shouldn't be that freaking hard to fix. Just roll back the UI to when, you know, it didn't do that. Goodness. The fact that it'll be 10 days of no scoreboard by the time it's fixed is absurd. Absurd. Especially when the game is on sale, your population has swelled, and your game isn't shining.

Gameplay / Re: Burst ammo, oh no. Artemis, why you so good?
« on: January 06, 2017, 01:50:24 pm »
Perhaps by giving it an arming time and then introducing a new short-range shatter-disable gun as a light weapon.

[ Light Carronade with Heavy Clip glares at you ]

News and Announcements / Re: Short Server Maintenance Now for an Hour
« on: January 06, 2017, 01:48:56 pm »
Fixes for both the scoreboard [...] beginning of next week.

Next week? Seriously absurd.


News and Announcements / Re: Short Server Maintenance Now for an Hour
« on: January 05, 2017, 03:31:10 pm »
Is the scoreboard finally fixed?

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Swag Yolo's Perfect Plan to Fix Skirmish
« on: January 04, 2017, 07:53:12 pm »
Testing for 1.4.5 occurred over an unprecedented three weeks, with each week met by unanimous negative feedback about two topics in particular: mobula gun arcs and the changes to loch. After the feedback, the mob nerf was increased and loch was made more unbalanced. The release of 1.4.5 showed a complete disregard of player feedback and lack of game knowledge

To be clear, there's an important difference between a bad change and a broken change. Remember the contentious pyra nerf? Truth was, the pyra needed a nerf in pub matches. The forthcoming change was too harsh and took way too long to be addressed, but there was at least a modicum of thought behind it. The mobula gun arc nerf was asinine and broken. It had no effect on the meta, hades art/banshee, and only hurt non-meta builds and pub players whose 50 degree bottom guns no longer worked. Similarly, loch was changed so that it deals higher dps than greased on some guns, and is useless on all heavy weapons - where it was previously vital

Muse was well aware of all these facts as they were flooded with feedback from the three weeks of testing the same failed changes. There were plenty of good alternatives offered for the mob and loch, but week after week nothing changed. I'm unaware of any other patch that took three weeks of testing, or was so overwhelmingly negative

So freaking depressing, and I know I'm a broken record, but I'll take any opportunity to post about how I'd revitalize Skirmish.

General Discussion / Re: An open letter to Muse
« on: January 04, 2017, 02:19:05 pm »
Interesting point, pies, I'd love to go over this in more detail in a second thread. I'm coming from the angle of player retention and the "knowledge burden" new captains often get saddled with.  Good point with how it does seem to escalate tension. And there ARE less captians then crew in any given match. So there'd be less players overall that make loadout mistakes. I'll chew on this for a while.

But yeah, I don't see what's wrong with a message saying "The captian has changed their ship. Your loadout has been modified."--or something along those lines, as long as engineers can modify their load out after the ship has been changed.

It may bring some frustration to new captians that don't know what ammo/loadout is needed. But to be fair that's an issue already with ship loadouts.

I don't mean that players should automatically be given loadouts based on the captain's setup, rather the same system of giving out loadouts but without the ability to decline - the notification of the loadout pops up with an OK button (or similar). There are plenty of times where you don't want to give out loadouts, like if you don't have one ready, are using an alternate setup, or the crew already has an acceptable loadout

Interesting concept. I, the captain, design the ship and the loadouts. My crew mates are automatically sent those classes and loadouts, passively and without obstructing notifications. If I change the ship or loadouts, they receive a passive notification. If they alter their loadouts, I receive a passive notification. I could get behind this, at least to try it out. But, as it stands, this is not a priority for me and I think the system is pretty tolerable. I'd rather we #AdaptTheMaps and #BringBalanceToTheForce--, pardon, Game-- with nerfs to certain ammos. Oh, hell, just dropping these hashtags here: #NerfGreased #NerfBurst #RestoreLoch #ChangeCharged #HowAboutAHowitzer #SkyballOverhaul #AuditTheSpawns #LuckOfTheSpawn #BalloonLivesMatter

General Discussion / Re: An open letter to Muse
« on: January 03, 2017, 06:41:58 pm »
I'm some great, powerful, force that forever scars the helpless children that are unfortunate enough to play a video game with me.  The countryside shall burn and the rivers run dry at the fire and might of my rage.  Lo great misfortune follows me, and no place under the entirely of heaven shall escape the poison of my tongue! My tyranny boundless! My injustice cruel!  I lure in the pure and innocent and defile them with great foulness!



I wish forum signatures existed.

General Discussion / Re: An open letter to Muse
« on: January 03, 2017, 05:29:56 pm »

This man says everything we're thinking and is (un?)fortunate enough to not hold back. I respect him and his tirades. It is cathartic to hear unfiltered frustrations and know you're not alone.

Completely agree with "third party reports" being a huge problem. When Muse "sat me down" to chide me "officially" for the second time in nearly four years (during which I asked for and received a two-day ban), it was sparked (PUN) because somebody reported me for someone else and the person being "defended" didn't have a problem with me. Absurd and frustrating. Muse needs to #GetInTheTrenches and play their own game outside of the twice-weekly dev games. They need to experience what really happens in lobbies. Would also help to hear the obvious frustration with the devs and the easy fixes to improve the game.

[cue Muse's entry into the thread claiming secret accounts and how they're actually in-touch with the community]

It's also freaking baffling that the scoreboard has been broken for a week and Muse claims they didn't know about it. Boot up your game and actually play it.

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