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The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: February 16, 2021, 04:49:46 pm »
Aayra: Fred chem the balloon pls
FredTheFifth: Aayra its been 5 years
Aayra: Fred we lost against SPQR because of it
FredTheFifth: you cant prove that
Aayra: do I have to pull out the videos Fred
FredTheFifth: I wasnt aware my mistakes were being filmed
FredTheFifth: This is bullying

MightyKeb: rules for gunning a carronade front squid
MightyKeb: 1. Do not underestimate heavy clip component disables
MightyKeb: 2. Do not underestimate heavy clip component disables
MightyKeb: 3. Refrain from disregarding the component destroying capacities of heavy ammunition

Aayra: Kira you are on fire today
Kira: I wish
Kira: me being on fire would imply me being hot for once
Kira: hell, I would be hot for the rest of my life

Hadush Dongus: next match we can hardcounter and fight in our own spawn
Artimis: Sundstrom do you have a tissue box pilot tool?

Whereami: why is game alive on Monday night?
TearsRfuel: game isnt more alive
TearsRfuel: we are more dead

Aayra: maining corsair is the only time I feel alive

Zyx Freelancer: brb
Bob le Sponge: please dont be

Frostbound: did you just give me wrench mallet
*(Crew): Frostbound has left

AhtwoDtwo: playing GoIO at 6 am is fun
AhtwoDtwo: Im out to buy breakfast in 1-2 games

Bob: guys just give up we have mr. Ghosts bathwater
Bob: unfermented I hate this game
Frostbound: **sip**
D.lo-res: **sip sip**

TearsRfuel: good job not throwing
MightyKeb: fuck you
MightyKeb: stfu

*on squid*
Disgruntled scrub: pls no turner buff
Frostbound (buff engi): Eat my ass

Soul.less: russia vodka balalaika vladimir putin
Kira Wa Nai: soviet invasion confirmed
LightTrack: Kirov reporting in!
*changes name*
Kirov Wa Nai: ??

Aayra: I miss shrike
Analus: Congrats Miss Shrike

The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: February 08, 2021, 04:31:52 pm »
Frostbound: Bound is my name, angy is my game

*on spire*
Huskarr: Im the best power bottom! Top me, Frostbound!

*got pyra front gun sniped by superlong nem shot by Koek*
Frostbound: after that long range nemesis gun snipe I just had to resign my goio career
Frostbound: I will never be as good as captainkonk

Freddyyy: I just opened a beer with my harmonica..... *long silence*
Freddyyy: *harmonica sounds*

Flebe Tyronian: I love most of you, I hate half of you, you know who you are, goodbye. *leaves the lobby*

Bob: fuck you Hardstrike
Hardstrike: bob noob

Lieutenant Space: pog stands for person of gaming

Captainjan: aayra and frost count as 3 crew
Artimis: they unlocked dual weilding
Frostbound: when sober

Fynx: Im thinking big brown and furry
Koek: Fynx decribing his ideal partner?
Fynx: die

Empress Asuna: 3v3?
Rensen: no
Rensen: stay 2v2
Analus: contact your local DdCo rep for 3v3 upgrades

Analus: impact diapers

Kira: CA stands for Canyon Ambush
Kira: simp stands for skillful innovative magnate picker

The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: August 29, 2020, 03:41:55 pm »
Frostbound: Like I hate when they constantly change names, like, suddenly Pomelos are like whatever the fuck Im gonna call them Skyborne next time.

Marza: Lore come here!
Lore de Spades:
Marza: you broke my heart...
Lore de Spades: thats fine.

Analus: Carronade is a gateaway drug to lumberjack

Aayra: big PP gameplay
Kruegerz: what,  big PP?
Aayra: yes.
Kruegerz: thank you.

Portable Grump: Kira carries, I nyoom
Kira: and other hilarious jokes grump tells herself before a stomp

Frostbound: How does it feel to be on the ship of the captain who single handedly got shrike nerfed?

Kira: I wanna go bully the stormbreaker...
Frostbound: yep. Ortagon, your ass is mine.

Kira:  *playing against triple crusaders* so many flat bois! Fucking pancake ships!

Ah2: Im just trying to make new friends in crewcible. It is like guns of tinder.

Frostbound: we have a severe case of where the fuck is team
Aayra: yes, how to tank 3 enemies on stormbreaker while allies are 1 km away – the tutorial.

*Kira reffing crewcible, after pause*
Kira: Hewwo and wewcome back to The Cwecibwe úwú
Kira: now that we pissed off frostbound, we can go to map votes

The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: June 02, 2020, 04:31:45 pm »
KapiteinKoek: Kickstart my private parts

TearsRfuel: who voted crazy king tho
Kruegerz: satan

HelFyre: Ana, wanna play for us this scs?
Analus: They say Im obsolete

Aayra: Sign us up for crewcible! What is the animal of the week? I think is chinchilla, becase it looks sad and we are sad.
Frostbound: I think it is actually hedgehog.
Aayra: You need  to be able to defend that decision.
Frostbound: eeeh...because they have spikes outside but they have a soft heart.
Aayra: FINE.

Frostbound: Im gonna give this ship a sad out of 10.

HulaTroopa: mortar on a mobula is like top mid bottom close, and snipey.

Aayra: I like this guy, he is pretty funny
Frostbound: do I need to unmute the voice chat?
Aayra: no, he is not that funny.

Pilot: *getting doubleteamed* I feel like Im getting bullied by like... 2 fat kids in the primary school man...

Aayra: how did you manage to lose keys from your keyboard?

Analus: I love you Valhalla, I love you. You are my son...............SUCK MY DICK!

FredTheFifth:  *picking ship for crowns gambit* What should I take?
Aayra: painkillers
Aayra: this map gives headache

Aayra: *Fred joins lobby and people start leaving* Fred you killed the lobby
*lobby actually dies*
FredTheFifth: My work here is done *leaves* ghost: ez win

*70 players online*

The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: April 05, 2020, 02:59:13 pm »
Kira: *joins pilot slot*
Kira: I came here to eat hot chip and cry
Kira: and Im all out of hot chip

Kira: where is Frost?
Aayra: in bed
Kira: this early? Is he ok?
Aayra: he ate too much chicken and is now tired
Kira: I respect that

Hungover Engie: Welcome to Corona Clash
Hungover Engie: No password, just wash your damn hands

Aayra: you have a dog?
Analus: imaginary
Analus: I have 2 robot vacuum cleaners tho

Aayra: I need a shot after this match
Analus: 9 mm?

Krybon: Bob with his shipful of GwTh gfs
Krybon: Big malet gwth gf

Extirminator: I have you blocked Fred
FredTheFifth: I know Tom
FredTheFifth: its been 7 years

Kira: *aggresively clicking, setting up loadout* Aayra, what do you want, gatling or arty? Arty of course, you slut.

Kira: who do we get as 4th for scs
Kira: can we three get like
Kira: another friend

Sly: I used to speedrun some games back in the day...
Kira: wanna join our SCS team? We are speedrunning the lower bracket

Analus: here is a picture of ingame Aayra having a wig. Hold up, those are not black hair, those are your gas mask straps.
Analus: Exactly HOW FAR UP are you shaved, Aayra?

Bob: the only thing Im able to kill with Storm is myself with enviro

The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: February 29, 2020, 05:54:36 pm »
Kira: woo I threw a match singlehandedly!

Kira: *giving roles on spire* may I introduce you to the concept of being a bottom

Kira: *us taking a beating in an engagement* OOF! THAT WAS NOT BREATHTAKING AT AL!!!!

The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: February 22, 2020, 04:09:07 pm »
Frostbound: You can two-shot heavy engines right?
Frostbound: Im just doing a sanity check right now
Frostbound: Like am I fucking insane

Bob: If they shut down the Goio server the players can fund it
Aayra: Yeah like guys all of you paypal them 50 cents and we can play SCS for 2 hours
Frostbound: Like an arcade game
Kira: SCS - Sunday crowd-funded servers

Bob: I like playing with you guys. It is like a perfect mixture of ....wholesome toxicity.

Rensen: is Inkjet in the Thralls server? Invite her
Aayra: ye she got purged. After joining again, she has couple of months until the spring cleaning of the members.
Frostbound: Yeah, fucking thrallocaust

Ser Duck the Quack: we are e-girls
Ser Duck the Quack: we will suck dick for skins

Frostbound: Casuals using virgin spyglass
Frostbound: Then theres me using CHAD RANGE FINDER

Aayra: can you hit?
Frostbound: hard but doable. Just like Frostbound.

Random pilot with heavy russian accent *Kinforth map*:Is this a new map?
Aayra: yes my comrade. This is where babushka lives. In north Russia, Siberia. We are visiting babushka.

Aayra: we took a fat dick in the face from the judgement
Kira: you make it sound like thats a bad thing!

Aayra: We are on 28, one break and we go down...
Kira: No need to talk about your age or your mental health condition!

The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: October 13, 2019, 04:16:43 pm »
Aayra: how can you be bad at being a whore
Lore de Spades: I have standards

Aayra: Huskarr get bigger hands!

Ryansilky: Frost please swap, Im not a good captain
Frostbound: Stay
Frostbound: *sprays water*

Alien: remember the last match in Aerodrome  when they mirrored our builds and Daniels build was completely stupid?

Aayra: sorry if you are religious or something...?
Lore Do Spades: Pffft my dude fuck that hail Satan!

Ally captain: could you please give us one kill??
Aayra: *to crew*guys dont shoot, shoot only for disable
Frostbound: *fucking destroys the enemy with buffed loch detonator*

Frostbound: Did you know that the person getting detonated is called a detonant?
Tuxfanturnip: arent they the detonee
Frostbound: no detonee is the person using the detonator

Analus: CS: GOIO

Frostbound: it is the rule of iron fork.
Frostbound: team with most cakes lose the match.

Frostbound: Lobby: we want Canyons!
Frostbound: Zennoch: we have canyons at home
Frostbound: Canyons at home: *Alleron Affray*

Aayra: if you com here, Red can whisper in your ear
Blackhand: SOLD

Hungover Engie: Did you use that dc´d pyra as bait?
Analus: sorta
Hungover Engie: You sorta fuckers
Analus: language
Hungover Engie: Pardon
Hungover Engie: You sorta fornicators

FabianOZ: it is all fun and games until the clouds start speaking vietnamese

Analus: Brawling in my scrim, these wounds they will not heal

Bob on squid: technically this is a long range fight, the galleon is long range and they are the mothership. We are just a drone.

The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: July 18, 2019, 04:03:50 pm »
*Kira trying to get the SCS team together*
Kira: oh my god how many dicks do I have to suck to get this team going?!

Kira: I will probably crawl back to bed
Aayra: why tho
Kira: I have a terrible russian accent so after my prayers to become thicc i became sicc instead

D.lo-res: Dio teach me how to pilot
Dionalli: why the hell would you think I know

SlyCrossFox: New York used to be New Amsterdam
Frostbound: *in a very sensual voice* did somebody say........Hamsterdam?

Frostbite: what is the CA?
Lore de Spades: come.asshole!

SlyCrossfox: This is my kind of coaching. Just suck harder!

Dolly: I love all of you!
SlyCrossFox: See this is the problem, there is too much love going around here
Dolly: Shut the fuck up.

freedom-man: what is a sundstrom
Kira: an alpaca

Aayra: I need to cook my food before we start drinking because when Im cooking drunk I always make a huge mess in the kitchen
Kira: because YOU are the huge mess in the kitchen

Kira: Pause please Guras is googling what yeet means

*silence for like 5 minutes, loading screen of graveyard rumble*
Analus: mmmmmmmm, skyball.......

Frostbound: Kira go to nearest Lidl and buy a mic

Kira: imma fry a schnitzel real quick

Frostbound: ah time for sniping, where is my alcohol

MightyKeb: Oh hey Kira I see that since the last time we spoke you switched from normal mic to german radio receiver from the 50s

Frostbound: Kira why havent you played Papers, please?
Kira:  no I have PTSD. I had to deal with eastern european bureaucracy enough
Frostbound: Aayra, did you play Papers, please?
Aayra: no one time I had to get my health insurance done for Denmark, I have PTSD too

WATERitsME: well this is  a dream team, one of us cant see, ally is metally challenged and the rest of us are drunk.

Frostbound: Chad detonator vs virgin hwaka

*to lobby with Pony´s Tears in it*
Frostbound: we would like to recruit that small horse from your team as our captain

The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: September 07, 2018, 03:34:59 pm »
Delorum: Sundstrom is the only one I like to pilot with
Frostbound: Why? Is he the only pilot that can carry you?

Aayra (on judgement): Im just following you around watching you buff the whole ship alone. Im the moral support. Share some pain with me.
Frostbound: Im about to share some pain with you if you dont get back to the bottom deck now! GET OFF MY DECK, SLUT!

Kira Wa Nai: If you cant handle me at my magnate, you dont deserve me at my corsair

GurasOguras: *playing agains Spuds double banshee-carro junker*  all we need to do is doubletank the balloon...
....ok all we need to do is tripletank the balloon...Kira come top deck

The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: September 05, 2018, 05:37:35 pm »
Frostbound: every time someone makes a Marco Polo joke in this game, a puppy dies and a noob loads burst into gatling.

SapphireGold: Isla is 2/3 of an island

Corpsehatch: wow ryders are actually friends

Extirminator: ok guys Im gonna use the mosturizer on my face now hold up
*fading sounds while he leaves the pc*
Extirminator: ...Im not gay!!!

Kira Wa Nai (to me and Frostbound): like you know there are some people with very tryhard attitude to life. Like me.
And you two are just like eh whatever and dick jokes.

The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: June 24, 2018, 03:17:44 pm »
MightyKeb: So does any of you sometimes have these goio shower thoughts?

MightyKeb: Talk to me again, when you have a photo of a girl next to your dick
MightyKeb: I accept the pthotoshop too because, you know...

RethBurn: what is you favourite ocarina
Lockheart: eeeehm... the blue one.....or......the one of time

Corsair is like playing doomfist in overwatch. Someone gets next to the wall and you instakill them.
And then you do rising hydrogen.

MightyKeb: he protecc
MightyKeb: he attacc
MightyKeb: but most importantly
MightyKeb: he stacc

Frostbound: I dont have to play with low levels if I dont want to. Nothing says I have to. I can play with my friends too.
Aayra: are you saying we are your friends?
Frostbound: no fuck you. It was hypotethical. If I had friends, I would play with them.

Extirminator: if ryders get 2000 thumbs up we kick Daniel from the clan

*...canyons, silence, looking for enemy ships...*

TyberiusTheThird: *about lens array* First thing that came into my mind on this guns the word „gayray“. It tickles the balls of enemy ships until it gets too uncomfortable

Aayra: JOIN
Aayra: ME
Aayra: DADDY
Appetite Ruining Kebab: i will join on my own time
Appetite Ruining Kebab: which is right now

Frostbound: I would like to inform you, I am playing from the bed
MightyKeb: that feeling when you dont have a girlfriend, so you play goio in bed
Frostbound: goio is my girlfriend

Aayra: Daniel are you still hiccuping?
Dementio: it wont go away until the SCS is over...
MightyKeb: Just imagine something that scares you. Like mine mobula.

The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: April 01, 2018, 11:43:03 am »
*****NSFW warning******

Skrimskraw: I just dont get how 2 ships are attacking pyramidion and it doesnt die
Skrimskraw: what is our ally?
Skrimskraw: ............THE FUCK IS A MAGNATE??!!

MightyKeb: swipe me on tinder
Frostbound: Any boys on Omegle with the tag „crossdressing“?
MightyKeb: I want your index finger running sensually through your greasy iphone screen
Skrimskraw: looking for young grill must be dtf
RethBurn: find me on chatroulette

Skrimskraw: jack me off with a cheese grater
Frostbound: Im reporting this entire lobby

Captain Squarepants: you guys clearly need to speak to the Lord Jesus Christ, ive actually got some bibles if you would like
Skrimskraw: this is a protestant game, please take your jesus back to Israel

SapphireGold: /Cum
SapphireGold: *everyone cums*
Skrimskraw: are you okay sapphire?
Skrimskraw: like in real life
SapphireGold: /pleasehelpmeihavecancer

RethBurn: *notices bulge* OwO
RethBurn: I look at your face and smile, a bulge signifying confidence grows in my pants
Captain Thiele: fuck this lag


Aayra: P spawns a catgirl next to you to suck your dick
Aayra: try it
SapphireGold: p
SapphireGold: didnt work
MightyKeb: you need to be a CA
Frostbound: hello this is ca

SapphireGold: ok i have a deal for you mr ca
SapphireGold: ill let you block me
SapphireGold: if I can eat your ass
SapphireGold: was I too direct?
Skrimskraw: please leave
SapphireGold: shudup skræmsav

Aayra: report me daddy
SapphireGold: /report
Aayra: /arewedatingnow
SapphireGold: /yes
Aayra: /nice
SapphireGold: /press f for marry
Aayra: /f
SapphireGold: /very nice

The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: February 25, 2018, 02:09:22 pm »
MightyKeb: Frost you are gonna be gunner
Frostbound: I love memes

Frostbound: did you see that sick play when we spawned next to you
Frostbound: very skillful use of game mechanics

Urz: kill me irl pls
LefterisT: stay and suffer life like a normal person

Aayra: are you high, Keb?
MightyKeb: no this is my normal self

I need to protecc mlady. Tips fedora
Aayra: yeah literally white knight gunner - attacc and prottecc

Delorum: Wtf Huskarr I told you to bring double spanner and dual wield
Huskarr: but Im holding it with both hands so I can hit harder

AbbyTheRat: Rydr is one of the most highly skilled clan in game
Delorum: *suicides with a merc squid into terrain*

Skrimskraw to Strakha: Well hello, welcome to the clan, I am your clan leader, I am never here. And right now im on my alt account, because i got banned.

Loken Moon: can we change our pilot? We are suffering from autism
Stygimoloch: here, have a fidget spinner

OverlordGlaucus: I SEE YOUR LVL

Jewsername: bazinga
Frostbound: zimbabwe
Frostbound: sorry Im drunk

Aayra: someBODY
SapphireGold: once
Frostbound: Sapph spamming month old memes
Frostbound: Dissapoint.

The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: January 03, 2018, 11:10:39 am »
*random lvl 40*: why did this ship suddenly get stacked?
Frostbound: you are lvl 40, you are not part of the stack

Frostbound: we dont make mistakes, we just have happy accidents. I wish I was a happy accident
Aayra: oh Im sure you were
Frostbound: no, Im not happy

MightyKeb: sorry I got cornered

JoneKone: if you turn the ship while everybody is shooting we cant hit anything
JoneKone: my 8 year ols don understands that
JoneKone: who btw was the captain of the other ship

JoneKone: Pyry speaks only finnish and bad english
Analus: *simplified english (US)

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