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The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: May 26, 2015, 03:28:35 pm »
Extirminator: After more than 5000 matches I can tell you how many buckshots are in the carronade. Heavy carro has 20, light has 16. Minoutaur has 5. I can tell you that vertical drag coefficient of a mobula is 0.025921052768005.
But I can´t fucking  remember what is port and starboard, I am not even kidding.

The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: May 16, 2015, 09:46:05 am »
Extirminator: you know that feeling when you join a squid and it is dying and you are just standing there pretending to be still loading, waiting for it to die...and then you feel awkward.

The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: May 14, 2015, 06:26:02 am »
Allien: your clan tag makes you look fat.

....: like this guy,with 2500 games:
....: "merc is soo much better than hades. a good merc gunner is incomparably valuable to a good hades gunner"
....: uhm whatever what ammo do u want me to use on merc
....: "use incendiary"
....: k cya

RolandTelcontar: what do you use for recording?
SapphireGold: I use potato
SapphireGold: potato.exe

FredTheFifth: Ehm what should I fly...what is better than hwachafish...
RethBurn: double hwacha fish

*after a match with 4 flare mobula full of lag and blindness*
RethBurn: we won with our superior computers and lack of eyes.

Aayra: that galleon lasted for long to be fair
Extirminator: it lasted longer than I would

*dicsussion in lobby about ammo or something*
TazmanianBear (6): everyone´s all argumentative
TazmanianBear (6): I want to argue
TazmanianBear (6): but I don´t know shit

TazmanianBear (6): I ´ve only lost 2 games boys
TazmanianBear (6): if u make me lose a third
TazmanianBear (6): I ´ll eat all of you
TazmanianBear (6): I am super fat
TazmanianBear (6): I can do it

General Discussion / Re: Top pilots
« on: May 10, 2015, 05:24:43 pm »
I will name my firstborn after him. Even if it is a girl.

Release Notes / Re: Release 1.4.1 Notes
« on: April 30, 2015, 10:11:41 am »
From a few hours of playing, I like it. I like it all.  It made the game interesting again.  I like stamina, not on engi so much, but I can get used to it, but it is a huge buff for gunners for example, being a gunner was never so much fun. Also pilot. With stamina, you have to think what and when to do even more than before. I don´t know how to feel about the flamer, we will see. But with its nerf and extinguisher buff, I hope it will stop being used only for pub stomping and lower lvls will have bigger chance in matches against flamers and will enjoy the game more. Carro nerf was needed a long time ago.

Instead of finding problems, people should enjoy the game how it is more. Devs are doing everything they can for the game and people playing it, and not just vets but also new players, something that some people can´t understand for some reason.    They can never satisfy everyone completely, there are always some individuals who will be whining about something. Or acting like 10 year olds, calling devs "bunch of fucking assholes" in polish (I hope you will get banned or something). And I am sick of opinions like "omg this is baaaad, change is baaaaad, reverse to old paaaatch". Would people like it more, if the game was stagnating at one place for years, being perfect and balanced, with the same meta? It would get boring after 2-3 months.

I like basically everything. New rematch system, being able to see spawn point,  what tool is the pilot using-super useful for crew, new(old) reload mechanics, fixing getting stuck on stuff, it was pain, spotting improvement, all the little cosmetic improvements. And so on. I can´t find anything I would dislike so far (if yes, it is just a cosmetic change, not even worth mentioning). It will maybe need some minor rebalancing in the future, but I don´t see anything wrong with that.
This patch made the game more interesting for me again, with a lot of new possibilities. I like it.

The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: March 08, 2015, 08:42:35 am »
*MM into 4v4 match with red side full russian*
Xemkobankavareniya: face the reds! red army FTW!
Aayra: I knew you would  make that joke
Xemkobankavareniya: yeah, I am pathetic

RethBurn: why don´t we just go into pub lobby?
Lueosi: it is already pub if RethBurn is here

*4v4 match started, all ryder blue side, 4 all flak spires*
*5 seconds in game, 16 people on our team disconnect*
Extirminator: omg we broke the server

Dementio: I have returned
Extirminator: shut up

*after laggy match on Oceania server*
Xemkobankavareniya: no more kangoroo

Extirminator: can you stop reporting me?!

mezhu: come pilot me and frost
mezhu: there's only lvl 5 pilots around and we dont have friends
mezhu: too late man
mezhu: we're in a galleon
mezhu: with engi pilot
mezhu: and 2 gunners
Aayra: you are gonna die
Aayra: I am gonna join enemy team
mezhu: wow ur master traitor elite

The Lounge / Re: Glorious Quotes from Guns of Icarus Online
« on: February 27, 2015, 07:04:08 pm »
random new player: pick a nice ship and make it strong

*2v1 situation, we are on the ground, no balloon, no hull, 2 people trying to keep the hull up, panic on the ship*
Extirminator (main engi): DON´T WORRY I AM GETTING A PHONE CALL!  *goes afk*

*shot the nose of the fish and it turned right into a building and bumped*
Extirminator: now kiss!

.......: can we do 16 minotaur match after this?
DJ Logicalia: did that, it was hell
DJ Logicalia: Like, imagine fun
DJ Logicalia: And then forget it


*after 2 clips of minotaur constantly making ship turn*
enemy in the chat:
.......:  is that a light breeze that is pushing us?

The Lounge / Re: Show us your face!
« on: January 23, 2015, 12:04:18 pm »
he has a point though, you have to admit  :D

The Lounge / Re: The most glorious Quotes ever
« on: January 20, 2015, 04:50:59 am »
Deltajugg: *singing* "Last Christmas, I gave you my...
Deltajugg:... "Last Christmas, I gave you my cat, but the very next day... you bought another two dozens so it doesn't matter"

Dementio: so you would not fuck me....
Lueosi: this topic again, great
Replaceable: I am not saying I wouldn´t, I am just  not... literally in

Dementio: we are going for the fish.
Dementio: we are going fishing.
Dementio: and what will we have for dinner? Bread.

Ayetach: I rubbed anti-noob lubricant all over mah body
Ayetach: my body is ready

Hillerton: he is german, he doesn´t have a heart
Lueosi: I have a heart full of sausage

The Lounge / Re: The most glorious Quotes ever
« on: December 23, 2014, 10:21:20 am »
Extirminator: flak and yellow, flak and yellow...

Extirminator (after several perfectly synchronized ready ups in 3v3): we intimidated the enemy!!!

SCS29: "password is polka." *Lydia starts playing polka in mumble, Lueosi immidiately starts to make sounds into the rhythm*

Lueosi: GERMAN
Aayra: OH

Ayetach: goio is like an orgy - its just so irresistable

Aayra: *jumped down to side engines on fish the exact second our balloon died to too many carronades*
Aayra: FUCK.
Extirminator: I saw what happened Aayra!
Lueosi (pilot): what happened?
Aayra/ Extirminator at the same time:  nothing?

Extirminator: So I am gonna play farming simulator witrh Allien today, he is gonna use his mic. He bought headset and all. I am gonna train him and teach him at the art of microphone

Almanium: I wrote you a christmas song.
Almanium: Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day your body rejected the transplant and you died.  Merry christmas my love

Lueosi: I will send my spider army to you Delta
Deltajugg: you are french, you may send snails, but it´s not like they´re going to reach me till I die of old age

Lueosi: pictures!
Deltajugg: you are not getting anything cuz you don´t deserve it for being disrespectful
Deltajugg: but aayra earned it so she can ask and it shall be given to her
Lueosi: psst Aayra, best friend
Lueosi: best gunner


Aayra: Fred why do all thralls hate you
Fiasco: it is something we teach to our new recruits, how to hate fred
Mezhu: lesson 1: fred is bad

*Extirminator disconnected right before we won the match*
GeoRmr: ext get a leave count now haha
Epsilon-Eagle: What´s the count so far?
Mysterious Medic: 99% scrub

Lueosi: during the matches please close other applications
Aayra: do I have to close all the porn running in the backround? dammit Lu
Lueosi: I am your porn Aayra

Xemkobankavareniya: we have mlged em

Mezhu: fiasco calls me names when I ram

*we have been outflied by french pilot*
Xemkobankavareniya: we have been baguetted

*accidentally reloaded burst into light carro*
Xemkobankavareniya: noscope420burstcarroAayraedition

Dementio: Request denied
Lochnagar: request danieled*

The Lounge / Re: The most glorious Quotes ever
« on: November 09, 2014, 05:57:02 pm »
Skrimskraw: that russian ship disconnected...
Ayetach: russians don´t disconnect. they retreat and burn everything behind them

JarmenKell: where is your mumble Aye and Aayra?
Aayra: mumble is overrated
Aayra: we use telepathy now
random: hipsters

Skrimskraw: I should play this squid on saturday
Mezhu: y count me out

Extirminator: Look at Alliens face, that is the face of masturbation.
Aayra: I am gonna write this down
Extirminator: No Aayra, no one can know we saw Allien, and I am totally not prinscreening this like 7 times in a row

Lueosi: I am going to fly....
Dementio:  FULL SPEED???
Lueosi: ...south.

The Lounge / Re: The most glorious Quotes ever
« on: October 24, 2014, 01:10:37 pm »
Deltajugg: where are they?
Lueosi: I can see our pyramidion...
Deltajugg: good job, Lu.

Dementio: you are fu***d
Dementio: I hitting

Replaceable: what´s a Rydr?
Deltajugg: state of mind
Deltajugg: freedom
Lueosi: CsM

Ciashi: Entertain me, bitches
FredTheFifth: Language, Scarlett
Ciashi: English.

Lueosi: Lydia if you snipe my gun one more time, I will say very rude things in chat.

Allien: /kickLueosi

Admiral Ushakov: flak is the real deal
Extirminator: your mom is the real deal Ushakov
Admiral Ushakov: thank you
Lueosi: m l g
Deltajugg: mom league gaming

Mezhu: there should be an obligatory IQ test before being allowed into the game.

Llamas Unite: Fixed outfit, is now equally terrible
Aayra: omg Llamas please no
Llamas Unite: # Fashun

Lueosi: CsM ready
Aayra: what is CsM
Lueosi: Aayra reported and blocked
FredTheFifth: idk, some clan that was a thing on 2013
GeoRmr: you probably haven´t heard of them
GeoRmr: hipster clan

FredTheFifth: it died before i got to the banshee
Mezhu: i think the term for that is scrub

General Discussion / Re: goio's great community
« on: September 21, 2014, 02:41:22 pm »
I feel like I want to reply to various things in this thread and threads related to this one.

1. First of all, as has been written here, you simply can´t count 12 years old trolls that have to boost their little ego by insulting and harrassing people as a part of the community. Harassement is pathetic, annoying and humaliating, no normal adult person can agree with it. But trolls were always here, and always will be. Accept the fact. "Female gamer" is not a rarity anymore, but in is not anyone´s fault that some people can´t see it yet and behave accordingly.

2. Deal with it. Fight back, ignore, block, report, your choice. But don´t feed them. And it is the fact that fighting back would be in most cases just feeding more. I think ignoring is the best option here. They will get tired eventually if they won´t have the attention. This is literally all you can do. Report people, describe the problem, make evidence, if necessary and let mods and devs deal with the problem, nothing else can be done here. Posting it on the forum maybe make people pay more attention to it but it won´t solve the problem. It also opens a big discussion full of arguments and offensive posts, like can be seen here and in related threads.

3. It works both ways. I witnessed a lot of random female individuals in lobbies, that were basically taunting the trolls. Absolutely attention who....seeking, provoking them and then whining and complaining about harassement, trying to get support from other people in the lobby, to save their dignity. But again, I don´t consider these players a part of community either. They are rare, but that doesn´t mean they don´t exist. The point I am trying to make here is, that there are black sheeps on both sides, that are making all the others in the group (in this case female and male group) look bad. The female ones are just more noticable.

4. BORG. I can clearly see the point they are trying to make. And by all means, go for it. Make it work, have fun. Honestly, it would be a great achievement if you managed to make it work.  But don´t be surprised that some individuals don´t want to participate.
Personally, the idea of separating myself from the others and playing with random girls I don´t even know, just because we have the same genitals, instead of playing with friends, seems a bit silly to me. But that is just my opinion. And I think it is more than understandable that not all people share other people´s opinions and points of view. I can see it clearly, I understand, but I don´t share it, sorry.

Also maybe if you stopped making us all look like a little birds, fragile creatures that need to be shielded under BORG (I know this not the primary idea of BORG, but some things that I saw in that post and also here are sending this exact message), that need to be approached carefully, that need to be protected by others, and instead of that try to deal with the situation, it would help. If you want all that respect and "equality". I am aware that I am being really straight forward here, but like you are bothered with certain things, this is bothering me. I know it sounds pretty offensive, but I don´t really know how to write it in a more sensitive way, and honestly, I wouldn´t, because I am not making this post to write meaningless sentences and not actually saying what I want to say. I hope you can see my point.

Nevertheless, I am not against the idea as a whole, and I hope you will make it work. I am just sad that it became such a big deal and a subject of unnecessary discussions. It is just a group of people that happen to be females, that wants to play together, let it go. It can be considered sexist, but just...let it go. Do people really need to argue about everything?

5. MORG. It is a joke. Good or bad, that is up to everyone individually to consider. It is clear that it was a response to BORG post, everyone can see it. But I still think it was pretty hilarious, with or without the context. Although I can see how offesive it must be for some people, and it is understandable. It is basically mocking the idea of BORG, which is not nice, but again, do we have to take these things so seriously?

Also, B´Elanna, giving people orders (yes orders, these are not suggestions or advices) how to behave towards women? Really? You are talking to the community here, not the trolls.

My last thought is that it is actually really nice to see people considering this as a real problem, and willing to make the situation at least slightly better, that is what makes this community great to be part of.

The Lounge / Re: The most glorious Quotes ever
« on: September 20, 2014, 02:59:20 pm »
Skrimskraw: Delta do you want to watch 50 shades of grey with me?
Deltajugg: no!!!
Skrimskraw: what about Twilight?
Skrimskraw: comon, I will hold your hand. I will be nice to you. Treat you like a true lady. Not just any lady, the classy one.

Imptrooper: What's with this WANTED thing anyway?
Lueosi:public nudity
Deltajugg: getting all the ladies
Lydia:I am the ladies
Deltajugg: You're lydia lydia
Lydia: Lydia lydia?
Deltajugg: Moon Moon of ryders

Lydia: I'll try harder...
Deltajugg: That's what it means to be a Ryder
Deltajugg: Remember our motto
Lydia: "Farm flayed" ?
Deltajugg: "We could do better" lol

Lydia:it does not feel good being the least useful member in the clan
Deltajugg: Fear not, there's always Fred
Deltajugg: and remember, if you ever feel useless, remind yourself that North Korea has a hotel

Skrimskraw: soooomewheeere over the Skrimskraaaw...

Lydia: I used to be good and then I joined Rydr...

Dementio: eeehm....spotted.........I am.

(random 404 clan guy joins the lobby)
RPG monkey: WOW he was playing for a while
RPG monkey: HE WAS LVL 404

Skrimskraw: Daniel you scrublord

The Lounge / Re: The most glorious Quotes ever
« on: September 15, 2014, 12:49:53 pm »
Skrimskraw: squid sqid squid... squid sqid squid! squid your booty...squid your booty!

Skrimskraw: some buttsex in front of us...Aayra...buttsex is flare.

Aayra: is this true?
Lydia: well, according to thomas; so I give it a 50/50 chance of true/completely wrong

Extirminator: what did you say, Lu?
Lueosi. Nothing. I just insulted you in german.

Aayra: I don´want to be in this lobby
Extirminator: then why are you here
Aayra: I don´t know, go find another lobby
Extirminator: IIIIII can shooow youuu the woooorld...

Dementio: Thomas are you betraying me with her? Are you straight all of the sudden?!

Deltajugg: can anyone explain to me why do I have mercury on the side of my fish?

Hillerton: Medic, do you get erotic pleasure by flying carro fish?

Extirminator: I want to touch the texture of your soft polish skin, Delta...
Deltajugg: why is there for every girl that likes me 7 other guys that like me?

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